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Image.Introduction to DRM (Digital Rights Management) •  What’s digital content? –  Music. digital content can be easily copied and distributed to a large number of recipients Authors and Organizations that store digital content need a system that prevents unauthorized access and manages content usage rights of their IP (Intellectual Property) and manages their copyright at the same time Integrated e-Solutions .. •  Motivation of DRM (Digital Rights Management) –  Many digital service providers sell their digital content over computer networks ( internet ) –  Without protection and management of digital rights. Video. Books. and Games.

and the convention requires its member states to provide protection for every production in the literary.1710. which includes films.History of Copyright – from the beginning Before copyright there were only „privileges and monopolies” •  England . scientific and artistic domain Integrated e-Solutions . passed a law to protect authors’ works –  prevent another person from re-producing a book and putting their name on it •  France. United States followed in the 18th century Early internationalisation •  The Berne Convention was first established in 1886 –  relates to literary and artistic works.

–  it criminalizes production and dissemination of technology. the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet. Integrated e-Solutions . In addition. whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself.History of Copyright – modern times World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by United Nations. –  WIPO was created in 1967 "to encourage creative activity. devices. –  It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control. or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world„ Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

mobile phones. flash memory) Core concepts in DRM •  The use of digital licenses •  Purchases a license granting certain rights What’s a License? •  a digital data file that specifies certain usage rules for the digital content •  Usage rule defined by a range of criteria •  •  •  •  Frequency of access Expiration date Restriction of transfer to other devices Copy permission Integrated e-Solutions . PDAs. tablets. laptops. …) •  Control access to content delivered on physical media or other distribution method (CD-ROMs.DRM system overview Flexibility of DRM •  Manage usage rights and protect for different kinds of digital content across different platforms (PCs. DVDs.

.DRM system overview Supported business models –  Rental –  Subscription –  Try-before-buy –  Pay-per-use –  Etc. Digital content distribution methods –  Client / server –  Super-distribution –  Digital audio / video broadcasting –  CDs Integrated e-Solutions .

Where are DRMs applied? Typical DRMs are B2C or B2B models •  Video Content (package & streamed) •  Audio Content (package & streamed) •  Computer Software (professional. libraries etc) Integrated e-Solutions . open learning. consumer & games etc) •  Electronic Publishing (eBooks. business Intelligence etc. news.) •  Educational (training programmes. entertainment.

Typical DRM Model Paying Royalty fees clearinghouse Usage rules Paying distribution Requiring license and fees Digital license content provider Protected content consumer Protected content distributor information money Payment solutions already exist in Viet Nam •  Pay e •  ome Mobile Micropayment solutions s Integrated e-Solutions .

then many people in the world can download that content without reduction in quality Essential security requirements •  Data protection –  to protect against unauthorized interception and modification •  Unique identification of recipients –  to enable access control for the digital content •  Effective tamper-resistant mechanism –  to process protected data and enforce content usage rights Integrated e-Solutions . because if the recipient can save and copy the content in an unrestricted form and put the digital copy onto the Internet.Security in DRM -1 General Requirement –  Persistent content protection Protection has to stay with the content.

•  It is not possible to separate honest and dishonest user Malicious user •  Cracker may break the security system to make a profit through selling cracked software and digital assets •  An attacker has a chance to break the system with unlimited time and resource Integrated e-Solutions .Security in DRM -2 Simple cryptographic model •  Two trusted parties who own a shared secret key are exchanging encrypted information and an attacker sitting in between tries to intercept and recover the data In DRM •  One communication party ( consumer ) can not be trusted with a shared secret key or even unencrypted data •  Internet provides an open distribution channel for consumers who wish to share their digital content with their friends.

Cryptographic mechanisms -1 Symmetric key encryption •  Use same key in encrypting/decrypting messages •  Security through obscurity –  Keep encryption process and algorithm details confidential Integrated e-Solutions .

Cryptographic mechanisms -2 Asymmetric key encryption •  Usage a pair of keys – public / private –  Mathematically related –  One key can only be decrypted with the other key Integrated e-Solutions .

Digital Signature and Certificate Digital signature •  The clearinghouse as well as the digital content provider digitally signs licenses then the player can verify the •  correctness of the usage right and •  keep the signature as a proof of right purchase •  Used to identify one’s identity –  Usually combined with one way hash function –  One way hash function : a function whose reverse function actually does not exist –  For integrity checking Digital certificate •  To ensure that the packaged digital content is from the genuine authorized content distributor Integrated e-Solutions .

Digital Watermarking Integrated e-Solutions .

audio. and image files •  multimedia content. content management Integrated e-Solutions .e. retrieval and re-use of digital files •  all types of text. which is becoming an increasing issue for many libraries •  A variety of off-the-shelf solutions are now available •  DAM tends to be viewed as mainly an issue for librarians/ information professionals i. video.DAM (Digital Asset Management) for Libraries What is DAM? •  “A set of coordinated technologies and processes that allow the quick and efficient storage.

Digitalization – the 1st Step Why libraries should digitize their assets? It is part of the service mission of the library to protect the community's collective memory… Integrated e-Solutions .

Finland and Norway are undertaking their own efforts. •  France is spending 750 million Euros (21. The most recent LRG study (US 2011) shows a strong increases in spending on DAM. Ebooks.Digitalization – International trend All over the world major research libraries have started to digitize parts of their collections. other digital content collections and information services.3 trillion VND) to digitize its cultural treasures •  the National Library of the Netherlands is trying to digitize every Dutch book and periodical published since 1470 and Australia. 72% of libraries seeing increased demand for digital resources! Integrated e-Solutions .

•  Do you know exactly what information is flowing through your institution? •  Do you know its origin. they should be at the heart of managing the institution's information resources as well Within most organisations there is no clear responsibility for managing all this digital information. and what rights go with it? •  Does anyone in the organisation know. or manage the flow? •  •  It is high time to take action! Integrated e-Solutions .DRM for Libraries Managing DRM is becoming a core aspect of the librarian’s job since librarians are intermediaries and managers of third-party electronic content •  •  The changing technological environment is also opening up new opportunities for librarians Librarians as institutional content managers •  instead of just buying in externally produced information resources and managing those.

libraries in Viet Nam Integrated e-Solutions .Integrated e-Solutions (IeS) already has the expertise to provide: •  Digital Rights Management solutions •  Digital Certificates & Signatures •  Content Management and Protection. content Transfer with encryption •  Understanding of Cultural Heritage value of Vietnam to orgainzations.

authorization / access hierarchy on each type of application / data Integrated e-Solutions .DATA SECURITY AND APPLICATIONS – for computer systems Secure SSO login.

virtual disks.DATA SECURITY AND APPLICATIONS – for computer systems Encrypted access to applications. exchange of decentralization policy and intervention data. encrypt data during the exchange. shared system file Integrated e-Solutions . the encryption / data warehouse (on hard drives).

state department for Culture. present and collaborate digital cultural assets in 2D.Comprehensive solution for libraries. collect. virtual reality. Self-design visiting scenarios. museums. 3D. content providers to manage. Google map view and much more! Integrated e-Solutions .

Integrated e-Solutions .

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