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Request for Proposals
Microsoft Office 2010 Training
Wendy Robinson – Owner/Managing Consultant 6/13/2011

all rights reserved. Purpose Aspire to Plan is seeking proposals from vendors who will provide training for its employees on Microsoft Office 2010 software. associates should be able to create an Operations Manual based on their training for future associates and as a reference guide for their day to day use.com Copyright © 2009-2011 Aspire to Plan™. They should also be trained on how to seek additional resources after this training is completed. 2.2. At the end of the training. Finally.MS Office 2010 Training 1 1. 2. Introduction 1. Arizona 888. associates should be able to create a variety of documents in each of the Microsoft Office 2010 products. Its clients are solo professionals and small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is also the goal of management to operate the company with software that is mainstream and compatible with the market and in order to create the various business documentation needed for internal and external clients.316. using real examples of client requests and operating documentation. The consultancy coaches and advises its clients through the business planning and marketing planning process while in the startup phase of their businesses. This RFP will also outline step by step instructions to vendors wishing to submit a response so that it meets the needs of the company. Company Background Aspire to Plan is a business planning and marketing support company based in Phoenix Arizona.8430 • wendy@aspiretoplan. Aspire to Plan™ • Phoenix. .2. 1. Business Goals The main goal of the company is to have a staff of associates that display proficient computer skills so that the company is operating in line with the latest technology. Goals The project goals are to train associates in their own environment.1.1. Project 2.Request for Proposal ATP . This Request for Proposals (RFP) is intended to establish guidelines and define requirements for submission.

com Copyright © 2009-2011 Aspire to Plan™.e. Aspire to Plan™ • Phoenix.MS Office 2010 Training 2 2. 2011. Budget The budget for the training program is not to exceed $2. Proposal for training should be based on 2-4 associates.316. Administrative Information 3. Timeline The desired start date of the training will be September 1. The contract awarded for this training will be for 90 days with an option to extend it another 30 days if needed.Request for Proposal ATP . 2. i. geographical location and employment status. all rights reserved. Qualification descriptions are to include educational background. Arizona 888. part time or contractor. Submit resumes for each trainer. Trainer Qualifications Provide trainers’ availability. . • wendy@aspiretoplan. work experience with the products they’ll be teaching and any other related certifications.500. full time. Training Specifics and Materials Requirements Provide training descriptions and workbooks for the following MS Office 2010 modules:      Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Excel 2010 Microsoft Access 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 3.3.4.

on a disk or portable thumb drive). signature and title of the individual responsible for authorizing the contract for this proposal. 3. 3 original copies and one electronic copy (via email. Reproduction of any section of this document must include this legend. disclosed or reproduced without the prior written authorization of Aspire to Plan and those so authorized may only use the information for the purpose of evaluation consistent with authorization.com 3.316. Aspire to Plan™ • Phoenix.6. Proposal Specifications Include the following for each proposal:    Legal name and address of the Proposer Name. 2011. .2.Request for Proposal ATP . Contact Information for Clarification or Questions Include the name. of the proposal are to be sent to: Wendy Robinson Aspire to Plan 20021 N 38th Lane Glendale. These services must have been delivered within the last 12 months.3. Confidentiality Notice This document contains information confidential and proprietary to Aspire to Plan. The information may not be used.8430 • wendy@aspiretoplan.MS Office 2010 Training 3 3. July 20. all rights reserved. Submission Deadline All proposal submissions must be received or post marked by midnight. title and daytime phone of main contact person authorized to answer questions about this proposal or to clarify information in the proposal. 3. Arizona 888.com Copyright © 2009-2011 Aspire to Plan™.5. References Include at least four (4) letters of recommendation and reference from other companies that have used the proposer’s training services.4. 3. AZ 85308 888316-8430 wendy@aspiretoplan.

316. responsiveness to inquiries and follow up Flexibility and ease of training scheduling Implementation plan Pricing Timely and complete response to RFP Feedback and results from formal presentations Aspire to Plan™ • Phoenix. 2011 August 7-8.7.Request for Proposal ATP . 7. 2011 December 31. 6.com Copyright © 2009-2011 Aspire to Plan™. 2. Vendor Selection Timeline RFP distributed to vendors Deadline for responses Invitations for formal presentations Vendor presentations Selection of vendor/contract discussion Training implementation Training conclusion July 1. 5. 2011 August 20. 8. Technical capability of the trainers References Vendor support. Selection Criteria Contract award will be based on the following criteria: 1. 2011 July 31. 2011 July 20. . Arizona 888.MS Office 2010 Training 4 3.8. 2011 September 1. 4.8430 • wendy@aspiretoplan. 3. all rights reserved. 2011 3.

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