Open to: Students, post-graduates interested in professional and personal development, employment and networking Date and Venue

: Saturday 19th November in Ljubljana at the Faculty of Economics, Dvorana Mobitel Time: 8.00 – 16.30 Fee/Costs: 5€ Application link: y=dDcyRElidDdBckJncDZNNHpTZ2RCUGc6MQ



Slovenian Youth to Business Forum provides a unique platform for young people and the corporate world to connect and overcome the gap by coming together to discuss global trends that affect our society, the educational system and the way we do business. It includes two series of interactive workshops and a discussion panel where business leaders will share their knowledge and listen to what the youth has to say on those topics. The Forum presents a chance to companies to present their organizations, culture and vision and to associate their brand with future leadership and social responsibility among talented students. It is a brilliant opportunity for companies to attract top talent and involve their potential employees from the start, signal the key strengths and skills that they look for. Overall it is an opportunity for connecting and expanding the network for all involved. Key note speaker: Current Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, will have an opening speech and set the ground of why it is important for our young generation to take the initiative and make the first step towards a better tomorrow. Discussion panel guests: Chaired by Nataša Tovornik from Inspiris and Alumni of AIESEC Lj Christof Droste General Director of Hella Saturnus (Manager of the year 2011) Biljana Weber General Director of Microsoft Slovenia Davor Fabčič General Director of Mercuri International Slovenia Igor Maroša Principal (Senior Partner) of A.T. Kearney SE Europe

AIESEC Slovenia | Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana | |

Introduce the participants with the framework on how to lead sales processes and moreover a sales team by a business case example. More information on the workshop will be added online. A. Deliver an approach on how to scout the appropriate talent. Introduction of the strategic approach to business decisions support and identifying the role of key positions within an organization. Kearney and answer their questions regarding a career in top management consulting.T.T. Introduce participants to A. Ljubljana | www.d.Workshop Partners: Workshop information: Workshop Delivery Workshop name Business problem solving Workshop information Introduce participants to a structured approach to business problem solving.Kearney Mercuri International Leadership in sales NLB d.aiesec.slovenia@gmail. Preparation and execution of an HR selection process on a business case example. Enable participants to develop problem solving skills. Supporters and organizational partners: AIESEC Slovenia | Kersnikova 4. Understanding of business sales and the strategies behind . HR selection process Microsoft PricewaterhouseCoopers Innovation with current technologies Leading a global More information on the workshop will be company added | y2b. team work and presentation skills.

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