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Standard and optional equipment available may vary for grades and individual markets.

Please enquire at your dealers, as specications and illustrations may refer to models not available in your region. Specications in non-metric units are approximate. SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION reserves the right to change, without notice, prices, colours, materials, equipment, specications and models, and also to discontinue models. All photographs in this catalogue were taken with relevant permission. Images of the vehicles without number plates on public roads are composite photos.
300 Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, JAPAN 432-8611
CELERIO CATALOGUE (G) 99999-B1S02-031 0912 Printed in Japan

Another beautiful day is brewing.

City life pulses with energy. Drive right into the heart of it in the Suzuki CELERIO. A unique environment-friendly, urban-happy compact car thats as smart as it is cute, the CELERIO is a wave of fresh air. Open four doors to fun and step into another beautiful day.
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More to enjoy. Less to schedule.

From the moment you turn the key, you embark on a drive down easy street in the CELERIO. Whether youre driving on busy or quiet streets, great performance makes getting from one place to another a simple pleasure. And the CELERIO treads lightly, sipping fuel and cutting down on emissions. So take some time for yourself and schedule a day of fun.



Live in the moment. Live out your dreams.

Feel great about looking great. The CELERIO is a perfect match for your sense of style. Casual when you are, yet with the air and originality to make a smart fashion statement. Wherever your favourite things are in life, the CELERIO will surely become your favourite accessory for enjoying them.
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Emotion moves from inside.

If you love driving, youll discover more reasons to love the CELERIO. And even if driving has never been among your favourite activities, here are a few of the many great reasons to change your mind: Supportive, adjustable front seats. Simple, intuitive controls and dials, including a high-legibility speedometer in which a digital display shows up-to-the-minute driving information. And a sportily styled steering wheel and shift lever. From the moment you slip inside, the emotion starts to move.

The CELERIO is loaded with conveniences, all smartly designed.


Meter cluster

The big single-dial speedometer incorporates a liquid-crystal display showing an odometer/tripmeter, a fuel gauge, and a clock. The centre tray is illuminated for convenience.

Centre tray

Storage pocket
(Passenger side)

The pocket on the passenger side is ideal for maps, personal organizers, and similarly sized items. The centre lower box can hold ve compact discs. The cup holders can each hold a 500ml beverage bottle or a slim can. The front doors each have a pocket large enough for A4-size documents such as road atlases. The pocket on each rear door incorporates a holder thats large enough for a 500ml beverage bottle.

Meter cluster

4 5 6

Centre lower box Cup holders Storage pocket


Storage pocket

Centre tray
3 4 5 6 7

Storage pocket (Passenger side) Centre lower box Cup holders Storage pocket (Front) Storage pocket (Rear)


Time out. Happiness in.

In a world that never stops spinning, the CELERIO makes the perfect timeout. Its great to just drive, but theres plenty of space to carry stu you need to enjoy a day, or a few days, o. Better yet, recruit some friends for the occasion. Theres plenty of space to accommodate up to four happy people.

Neither side of rear seatback folded

One side of rear seatback folded

Both sides of rear seat folded

Two adults sit comfortably in the CELERIOs wide rear seat, which has a 50:50-split seatback* that allows you to recongure the cabin space. If you need to carry both a rear passenger and bulky luggage, simply fold down one side of the seatback. Just as easily, you can fold down both sides and create a huge luggage area with a at oor. The CELERIOs four doors are a big plus for passengers. And a wide tailgate opening with a low lip takes much of the eort out of loading and unloading luggage.
* The rear seat may be a non-split bench type depending on grade.



Big step. Small footprint.

Balancing the demands of eco-friendly operation with the need for satisfying performance is a matter of addressing every detail, so the CELERIO combines low weight with a peppy, fuel-ecient engine and a shape that reduces aerodynamic drag. The CELERIOs lively performance is a big step forward for a compact car. Better yet, its environmental footprint, like its impact on your pocketbook, is small.

Engine performance curves

Output(kW) 50 40 30 20 1000 3000 5000 Engine speed(rpm) Torque(Nm) 120 100 80 60 7000

Maximum output

Maximum torque

50/6,000 kW/rpm

87/4,500 Nm/rpm

Power with economy

The CELERIOs newly developed 1.0-litre engine has a three-cylinder design for low weight and high eciency. It delivers peppy performance together with low fuel consumption.

Smooth progress
The smoother the airow over a cars body, the lower the cars fuel consumption and emissions. So Suzuki designed the CELERIO using cutting-edge ow simulations and extensive wind-tunnel testing. A further benet of the CELERIOs low drag is a quieter drive.



Safety for peace of mind

In case of an unavoidable mishap, the body is based on Suzukis proprietary Total Eective Control Technology (TECT) system, meaning that it resists impact forces and directs them away from the driver and passengers. And for even greater peace of mind, the cabin has dual front airbags, which form another layer of protection.
Note: The SRS airbags are shown inated for descriptive purposes.

Automatic choice
Unusually for a small car, the CELERIO is available with an automatic gearboxthe ideal option for city driving.

Easy manoeuvring
A minimum turning radius of just 4.5 metres provides excellent manoeuvrability and an ability to slip into tight parking spaces.

Uniquely scaled to city size.

While the CELERIO is great fun to drive anywhere, its natural environment is the city. Nimble handling makes it easy to slip through trac. And compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability make parking a breeze on crowded city streets. So while other drivers are circling the streets looking for larger spaces, youre already sipping a coee in a caf or shopping.

Stopping power
Large front disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) ensure plenty of stopping power and condenceinspiring control.

A smooth, stable ride

Suspension thats tuned to give a smooth, level ride and a light steering feel makes driving enjoyable on urban roads.

Smooth rolling
Tyres with a special rubber compound help to ensure smooth progress and low fuel consumption and emissions.



Look forward to a long partnership.

Trust the CELERIO to meet your everyday needs large and small while making your busy lifestyle feel a little more spacious and free. The CELERIO brings harmony to life by balancing your priorities. With an eye on the future and the CELERIO as a partner, youll enjoy a long, comfortable journey ahead.



More sparkle and shine.

Theres always something happening in the city. And with the CELERIO, theres no reason not to enjoy it. The CELERIO is a unique way to express your own sense of style. It matches the urban environment, uptown and downtown, and adds sparkle and shine to every street along the way.