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Credentials Evaluation

O n addition to actually earning the educational credits required, the llinois Board of
Examiners requires applicants for the CPA Exam to submit their transcripts and any
relevant educational information for an official evaluation. The Board will then
approve the individual to take the exam or send him notification of any educational
deficiencies that will need to be supplemented before taking the exam. You can
request an academic evaluation up to three years prior to submitting your
examination application. There is a fee of $175 for those whose coursework was
completed entirely in the U.S., and a fee of $250 for individuals who have any foreign
coursework or transcripts that must be evaluated.
Application & Fees
O A completed official application packet must be sent to the llinois Board of
Examiners by anyone wishing to take the llinois CPA Exam. ncluded in this
application is basic information such as name, contact information, and verification of
U.S. Citizenship or eligibility to live and work in the U.S. The application also asks
you a number of questions about whether or not you have taken the CPA Exam in
llinois or any other jurisdiction and if you are licensed in another location as a CPA.
n addition to the completed application, including the official credentials evaluation,
you will need to submit the fees required to take the CPA Exam. Since the exam has
four parts, you do not necessarily need to take all four parts at the same time, but it is
more cost-effective. f you choose to take one exam, the fee is $40. Two exams is
$76, three is $108, and the fee to take all four exams is $120.
Application Process
O Once CPA candidates make the appropriate payment they will receive a Notice to
Schedule. This document, which is an authorization to sit for CPA testing, is
generally valid for six months from the issue date. The next step is to contact a
testing center and arrange a testing date. Candidates taking the CPA exam for the
first time are encouraged to submit their credentials well in advance of the testing
date. CPA requirements in llinois permit applicants to become eligible for testing
during their final school term. However, the official school transcript must be in to the
BOE within 120 days of the candidate sitting for the first part of the exam.
O CPA candidates must take the "Professional Ethics" course offered by the
Association of nternational Certified Public Accountants (ACPA) after passing the
CPA exam. They must receive a minimum score of 90 percent on the exam, which is
usually an open book test.

1. Complete an Academic Credentials Evaluation Application.
a) Go to the online system and create an account unless you have previously
submitted an application or other documents to the Illinois Board oI Examiners as
an online account has already been established Ior you. Contact the Board to
obtain your account inIormation.
b) Log on to the online system and complete an academic credentials evaluation
application. On the application list all educational institutions you have attended.
Pay the Iee online via a credit card. The evaluation Iee Ior domestic academic
credentials is $175. The evaluation Iee Ior Ioreign academic credentials is $250.
c) Have oIIicial academic transcripts sent to the Illinois Board oI Examiners
oIIice. Documents required Ior Ioreign institutions: original transcript in native
language, mark sheets, degree certiIication, and certiIied English translations oI
all documents.

2. Complete an Initial Examination Application.
Log on to the online system and complete an Initial Examination Request. The
primary purpose oI this application is to speciIy which sections oI the exam you
initially wish to take. You may take as Iew as one section and as many as all Iour
sections. Pay the Iee online via a credit card. The Iee varies based on the number
oI exam sections:
All Iour parts $120; Three parts $108; Two parts $76; and One part $40
You can submit the exam application right aIter submitting the credentials
evaluation application. You need not wait to receive evaluation approval beIore
submitting your exam application.
1. Receive Approval letter Irom the Illinois Board oI Examiners.
II you have submitted only your academic credentials evaluation you will receive
a letter Irom the Board indicating you may now apply to take the exam. Complete
the online initial exam application. The Board will review your exam application
and send you a letter approving you to take the test.
II you have submitted both your academic credentials evaluation and your exam
application you will receive a letter Irom the Board authorizing you to take the

2. Receive Payment Coupon Irom the National Association oI State Boards oI
Accountancy (NASBA)
The Illinois Board oI Examiners notiIies NASBA that they have approved you to
take the test and which sections you will be taking. NASBA coordinates all
aspects oI the exam. NASBA will send you a payment coupon either by e-mail or
US mail depending on the preIerence you selected on your initial exam
application. (II you selected e-mail be sure to add these addresses to your address
book to prevent spam Iiltering interIerence: and The payment coupon is Ior Iees associated with
administering the exam. The payment coupon is good Ior 90 days. II you do not
pay the Iees within 90 days your authorization to test will expire and you will
have to submit a re-exam application. You can pay your payment coupon online
at NASBA`s website.

3. Receive Notice to Schedule (NTS) Irom NASBA
Once NASBA receives your payment they will issue you a Notice To Schedule
(NTS). You will receive the NTS either through e-mail or US mail depending on
the preIerence you selected on your initial exam application. The NTS instructs
you contact Prometric, the testing provider, to schedule a date and time Ior
testing. You should receive your NTS within 4 business days oI paying your
payment coupon. II you do not receive it within this timeIrame call the NASBA
candidate service representative at 866-MY-NASBA or e-mail

4. Schedule Test Site, Date, and Time with Prometric.
Go to the Prometric Testing scheduler and schedule your testing location, dates
and times. You can schedule to take each exam section on a diIIerent date and in
any order. The NTS is valid Ior six months Irom date oI issuance. This means you
must schedule and take the exam sections Ior which you were authorized within
that six month timeIrame.
There are Iour testing windows in a calendar year. Each testing window is a 60-
day period. The earlier you contact Prometric to schedule, the greater your
chances oI getting the time, date and place you want to test. Per Prometric, iI you
request your choice oI time and date 45 days or more in advance oI your desired
test date, your chances are greatly enhanced Ior getting the dates you want. All
weekend and the two weeks at the end oI the testing window Iill up Iirst.
Testing Window No Testing
anuary February March
April May une
uly August September
October November December
5. Take CPA exam at Prometric Testing Center.
a) Arrive at test center at least 30 minutes beIore your test time. A digital photo
will be taken as part oI the check-in procedures. Late arrivals may not be able to
take the exam.
b) Bring the correct NTS. Make sure the NTS lists the exam section you are
taking and that it has not expired.
c) Bring two Iorms oI identiIication. The same version oI your name must appear
on your application, the NTS and the two Iorms oI identiIication.
Acceptable Forms oI Primary IdentiIication:
- Valid government issued driver`s license with photograph and signature.
- Valid state identiIication card with a recent photograph and signature
- Valid government issued passport with a recent photograph and signature
- United States military identiIication card with a recent photograph and signature.
Acceptable Forms oI Secondary IdentiIication:
- Additional government issued identiIication Irom the above list
- Accountancy Board-issued identiIication
- Valid credit card with signature
- Bank automated teller machine (ATM) card with signature
- Valid bank debit card with signature

6. Receive Exam Scores Irom Illinois Board oI Examiners
The American Institute oI CPAs (AICPA) is responsible Ior scoring the exam.
Testing data is sent Irom Prometric to the AICPA on a daily basis. When scoring
is complete the AICPA sends advisory scores to NASBA. NASBA produces score
notices which are sent to the Illinois Board oI Examiners in two cycles oI each
testing window. Scores Irom exams taken early in the Iirst month oI the window
are received by the Board during the seventh week oI the testing window. The
remaining scores Irom the Iirst month and all Irom the second month are
received by the Board two to three weeks aIter the testing window end.
You will receive an oIIicial letter Irom the Illinois Board oI Examiners reporting
your exam scores. II you wish to see your results earlier you may go to the online
system to view your unoIIicial advisory scores. Scores are loaded to the online
system as they are received Irom NASBA.
II you were provisionally approved to take the exam you will receive your exam
scores only aIter the Board oI Examiners has received your Iinal transcript.
Provisionally approved means in order to meet the educational requirements you
had course work in progress at the time you took the exam. The Board needs
prooI that you completed these courses thereIore transcripts showing posted credit
Ior these courses are required. The Iinal transcripts must be received in the Board
oIIice within 120 days oI taking the Iirst section oI the exam, or scores Ior all
exam sections authorized with provisional approval will be voided.
The passing standard Ior the exam will be set at a scaled score oI 75 Ior each
section. Pass credit Ior the exam is 18 months. This means that starting with the
date that you passed your Iirst (earliest) section oI the exam you have 18 months
to pass the remaining sections. For example, iI you took and passed the FAR
section oI the exam on May 15, 2009, then you must take and pass the remaining
three sections on or by November 15, 2010.
To re-take sections Irom your initial application or to take other sections you will now
need to submit a Re-exam Application.

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The professional designation award encourages colleagues to achieve
professional designation relevant to expertise.

To obtain a professional designation award:

1. Complete the Professional Designation Award Application and obtain
management approval.
2. Contact the sponsoring organization to order study materials, register for
classes or exam. Submit invoices or check requests to A/P for payment
processing or submit a colleague expense report.
3. Upon receipt of designation, submit approved Professional Designation Award
Application and verification of designation or certification to HR. Award payment
is taxable and processed through Payroll.