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Mobile Game using Unity3D

The group will simulate a small game development studio seeking a publishing contract. They will create a game prototype using the Unity3D game engine and C#. Ideally, the game should incorporate non-trivial AI and be targeted for mobile (iOS and/or Android) devices. The group will prepare to pitch the game to a local game publisher. At the discretion of the course instructor, this pitch may be included in the final course presentation. Project Objectives a) b) c) d) e) Develop a game Learn Unity3D and C# Explore Game AI Experience with mobile devices Entrepreneurial experience

Success Factors a) A completed working game prototype (placeholder art/audio is acceptable) b) Demonstrated competency with non-trivial game AI c) Prepared a publisher ready game pitch Milestones 1) Demonstrate competency with Unity3D/C# (October 11) 2) Research device capabilities, AI techniques, design game (November 1) 3) Implement game prototype (on PC) (February 20) 4) Complete and polish the game (March 19) 5) Port to a mobile device (Last day of classes)