Directors Journal- Jaspreet Hanspal

The experience: Taking on the role of the director was a good choice for me, as I am capable of taking on this responsibility because I am very organised and able to manage my time effectively. I have also found throughout this experience I am easily able to delegate roles to my team members and voice my opinions. I knew the role of the director is very hard, and it is crucial the director is always observing everyone else along as him/herself; which is why I was firstly in two minds about if I wanted to take on the responsibility. However, becoming more organised helped keep everything in order, and I was able to utilise my best skills in this area, being a team leader, delegating roles, being organised, and stating my opinions. I also have good knowledge on films and film-making, so I was able to advise my team on what could be done for improvement on the video itself. Through my experience as a director, I have discovered that being director requires you to not only have skills on time management, and team management, but also requires you to have skills in the editing and filming field, and also the acting field, to therefore obtain the best results from your production. I am an ex-GCSE drama student, and on the day of filming, I helped Ahmed on his acting, to get the tough body language in the beginning of the video, and then later illustrate his vulnerability through his facial expressions by the end of the film also. I felt as if being director really pushed me to do things I would not have normally experienced, and proved to be a huge learning curve for me. Day of filming: 1st November 2011, Tuesday evening’s filming sessionFilming was hard work, and quite time consuming, however I am satisfied with the footage, and hope we can utilise it to the best of our ability to get a high quality video. We had to change the script in the beginning, as I had come up with a simpler, newer idea which would be easier to film. I found doing the hair and makeup quite fun, as I have knowledge about makeup artistry, and wanted to give my actor a white base for her face using powder, and black daunting eyes to mirror ‘the joker’ from batman. I used red lipstick to draw on the bloody smile, and black eyeliner to further intensify the eyes and tear-drops on the cheeks. Makeup and hair was not as challenging as I thought. However, filming also required a lot of concentration, and I had to be fully engaged about what was going on in the shot, and also what was going on outside the shot, and remove or discard any obstacles. There was not a lot of interruption from after-school cleaners, which was a good turnout. Filming itself was repetitive, and I had to give Ahmed tips on acting, to intensify the scenes and make it very scary. We took more than one take of each shot, to insure we always would have a backup. Furthermore, the whole filming experience was very tiring, especially as director, as there is a lot of responsibility! As it is essential you create a good relationship with your cameraman, so that they are able to capture exactly what you want, and also with your actors, to get good quality, believable acting from them. Setting up the equipment was a long and repetitive process as we had to keep moving the tripod around the location, ensuring it is straight to capture a range of shots. It was also essential to remove the camera from the tripod, to get shots such as POV- (point of view) shots, to make the video more believable and realistic for the audience, and I thought this was very innovative and worked very well. All in all, I feel as Director of the production, I have contributed very much to the video, and at times found it difficult to keep all the work in order, but have

realised that all my team have created healthy working relationships so that we are able to express our views and opinions openly, to give our own criticism and praises, and work upon them. Overall I would say I have thoroughly enjoyed my post as a Director, as I have explored many skills and techniques I can apply to Media itself, and film-making.

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