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Leinster Leader THURSDAY 19TH JUNE 2008


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The Society for the Irish Motor Industry believes motorists are
getting the best of both worlds with VRT and road tax changes.
At the time of the budget the History Check Certificate, which will
Government announced the changes in be available for each checked vehicle,
VRT and road tax that will take effect confirming its history."
from the 1 July. The new systems The SIMI Car History Check
being based on CO2 emissions rather Certificate is designed to inform a cus-
than engine size (cc) as previously for tomer on details of the car they are
VRT and road tax, have produced far buying including: outstanding finance,
reaching changes and have created a the number of previous owners, NCT
fair degree of confusion among con- information, and the odometer
sumers as to how they will affect them (mileage) reading as well as additional
in buying a new car. The Minister for details on imported vehicles.
the Environment has since implement- Clocking is a major issue for con-
ed the concession that gave the benefit sumers in Ireland and is a real concern
of lower road tax to those who buy when purchasing a used car. The SIMI
more environmental friendly cars Car History Check is designed to col-
before July but there is still a lot of lect mileage information on Irish vehi-
confusion among consumers.SIMI has cles, which will build up over time into
received calls from many potential an accurate database. Should a check
new car customers seeking clarifica- reveal that the car was imported,
tion as to whether they might be better details of the country it came from will
advised as to buy now or wait till after be included. In the case of a vehicle
July. imported from the UK, the check will
It believes at the present time con- show if the vehicle has been stolen,
sumers have a great opportunity to has outstanding finance, whether it
take advantage of the best of both was previously written off and details
worlds, the best bargains under the old of mileage previously recorded.
and the new tax systems. By shopping Jim Cusack notes that; "The website
around now, you could get a great deal has gained great attention already in
and take the opportunity to get out into the motor industry with hundreds of
the various dealerships around the dealers having signed up to the system
country. Check out for in recognition of the need for such a
further information. service."
SIMIs also has a car history check, a He points out "There has already been
new website designed by the motor one instance where a dealer discovered
industry, which provides professional through Car History Check that a used
dealers with the possibility of offering car being traded in had previously
greater peace-of-mind to used car buy- been written off." The service will pro-
ers. vide great protection for the customer
Using data from a number of sources and of course for the dealer, who may
in Ireland and other countries from previously have been caught with such
which used vehicles are imported, vehicles. will allow a
vehicles history to be checked based
on its registration number.
SIMI President, Jim Cusack said this
will “give customers great reassurance
when they are purchasing a used car.
They should look for the new Car

Sizzling Summer Campaign Miss Ireland Blathnaid

McKenna promoting the AXA Insurance giveaway
which was launched this week.
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T.P. Waters Ltd., based at Monasterevin Road, Kildare, Hemi engined model to join the successful 300C range. A
was started by Tom Waters 35 years ago and became one family size saloon, the Sebring followed. The Chrysler
of the leading farm machinery suppliers in the area. Tom range includes the Grand Voyager, transport of choice for
diversified into the motor trade over 10 years ago and has the stars, and the cool PT Cruiser.
sold SEAT cars since then. The company were SEAT Jeep, the original 4x4, has a new Wrangler to come in
Dealers of the Year 2005. both 2 and 4 door models. The Jeep range will be further
It is very much a family business with Tom being sup- broadened by the Compass and Patriot models later this
ported by his sons, Peter and T.J. This progressive motor year. These new models will join the successful
dealer has just moved into a state of the art 20 car show- Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Commander, the first
room with 50,000 sq.ft. of open space for displaying pre- ever 3-row 7-seat Jeep.
owned cars. The company is very quality conscious in all Dodge, the third brand of the Chrysler Group just intro-
aspects of customer service and are ISO 2000/2001 duced the Caliber saloon to Ireland. This iconic brand
approved They offer 24 hour breakdown assistance and features bold assertive styling and powerful engines. Two
have a fully equipped diagnostic workshop with fully new models, the Nitro SUV and Avenger saloon will be
trained technicians. added this year.
T.P. Waters appointment is timely as the Chrysler Group
introduced a wide range of exciting new models in 2007. So with three new brands and lots of new models,
Chrysler launched the awesome Chrysler 300C SRT 6.1 2008 will be a busy year for T.P. Waters in Kildare!
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Volvo will also be launching a limited locations and enjoy the thrills and spills
edition range of cars to celebrate the of life at the extreme.
Volvo Ocean Race.The new Volvo To commemorate the race launch,Volvo
Ocean Race Edition encompasses three brought a race simulator to Ireland last
models: the Volvo V70,Volvo XC70 and month. Speaking about the arrival, David
Volvo XC90. New is that customers can Baddeley, Managing Director,Volvo Car
David Baddeley, Managing Director of Volvo Car Ireland with Martin Cullen TD, Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism,
Debbie Hadwen, Chief Duty Officer of the Volvo Ocean Race and Jamie Boag, Chief Executive of Let's Do It Galway at the choose between two exterior colours: Ireland, commented, "We are delighted
official countdown of 12 months to the race stop-over. Ocean Blue and Electric Silver. to welcome the Volvo Ocean Race simu-
The Volvo Ocean Race is the world's lator to Ireland and are really excited
most grueling ocean adventure. An that it will be touring the country. It
extreme race that consists of 10 legs, provides the public with the opportunity
the vessels start off on 4 October from to see and feel exactly what it will be
Alicante in Spain.The finishing line is in like for the sailors involved in the Volvo
St Petersburg, Russia, on June 27, 2009 Ocean Race and experience what life at
after stops in Cape Town (South Africa), the extreme is really like."
Kochi (India), Singapore, Qingdao The simulator started its Irish tour in
(China), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Boston Eyre Square in Galway on the 22 May; a
(USA), Galway (Ireland), Göteborg year to the day the Volvo Ocean Race is
(Sweden) and Stockholm (Sweden).The due to arrive in Galway Bay. It then trav-
2008-09 event also includes an inshore elled to Dublin where it was the main
race in most of the ports. attraction at the Maritime Festival in
The Volvo Ocean Race
Be sure to drop by any of the above Dublin's docklands.

Watch out for emergency vehicles

Driving tips from Irish Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Deciding what to do when you hear an emergency vehicle emergency driver has specialist training. Bus lanes and box junc-
approaching can be a dilemma. Do you stay where you are and tions can be problems too, but let them resolve the problem of
potentially block the progress of an emergency vehicle? Or do breaking the rules - not you.
you move into a position that may put you or other road users If you are moving it may well be that you can continue at a rea-
at risk? sonable pace and the emergency vehicle can follow you out of a
Unfortunately, some drivers over-react to emergency service pocket of congestion (such as a blocked one way system). In that
vehicles travelling on "blues and twos" (blue lights and two-tone scenario, attempting to pull over too soon, or slow down, might
horns). This is often because they don't hear or see the emer- just cause a needless obstruction and so hamper the progress of
gency vehicle until it's too close, and then take drastic action to the emergency vehicle.
get out of the way.
Irish Advanced Motorists says that good driving practice will Indicate your intentions clearly. Don't pull in opposite other
alert you early to emergency vehicles: regular mirror checks obstructions, such as centre bollards. If you are thinking about
(side and rear) for example, and keeping the windows slightly pulling over across an entrance to a school or factory, you may
down around town, so you can hear sirens approaching. be unwittingly preventing the emergency vehicle reaching its
Don't panic and just brake. It's natural to want to react. But destination.And do think about where you are asking the emer-
instinctively putting your brakes on immediately in front of an gency driver to overtake you - on the brow of a hill or a blind
emergency vehicle doesn't help: it slows the progress of the bend can be placing him or her in a very difficult position.
emergency vehicle and jeopardises other road users. Get out of the way as soon as you can do so in safety.
Think about where you are on the road. You should deal with
the problem in the same way that you deal with any other IAM is Ireland's leading advanced driving organisation. IAM is
potentially hazardous driving situation.What is the safest option part of the Institute of Advanced Motorists the UK Road Safety
available to you? Charity dedicated to raising driving standards and reducing the
Don't cross red traffic lights or speed to get out of the way.The number of accidents that occur on our roads.
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Volvo's only four cylinder C70 could
be the one to have. Jonathan Crouch
on the 2.0D variant....

It wasn't very long ago that the concept of a diesel- Impact Protection System (SIPS). As the IC cannot
powered convertible was a very foreign one. How be fitted in the roof, as with the rest of the Volvo
things have changed. Now, the best diesel drop- range, it has been innovatively fitted in the door to
tops are usually preferable to their petrol-powered inflate upwards instead of downwards. Volvo's
counterparts. Volvo's C70 is a case in point. The safety engineers have also fine-tuned the IC to be
variant to have in this line-up is the 178bhp D5 extra stiff, so it can stay upright and help protect
version. the head more effectively. In addition, the curtain
This 2.0D engine is used across almost every other then deflates more slowly to provide additional
model that Volvo makes but it's especially well protection if the car rolls over.
suited to the C70, with plenty of lazy torque - Volvo claim the C70 to be the only four-seater pre-
320Nm to be exact. You can expect a top speed of mium convertible with a folding steel roof and as
127mph and 0 to 62mph in 11 seconds. At the such, the Swedes believe they've stolen an impor-
pumps, this older engine doesn't quite match up to tant march on any perceived competition. Indeed,
its more powerful D5 stablemate, recording a top brass reckon that the range as a whole will
46.3mpg combined fuel consumption but CO2 continue to double the sales of its predecessor and
emissions are much better at 161g/km. Like all that the UK will continue to be the C70's second
Volvo C70s, this one is available in four trim lev- biggest market after the US.
els - S, Sport, SE and SE Lux. The standard equipment levels on the C70 leave
Many owners will order their cars with Volvo's little cause for complaint. If the British weather
clever Powershift gearbox. Available on the 2.0D does its worst and the hood has to remain in place,
engine only, it reaches 0-60mph in 10.5 seconds, there's electronic climate control to fall back on.
features a combined mpg of 44.8 and boasts a All models also receive cruise control, powered
167g/km CO2 figure. This Powershift six-speed heated door mirrors, 17" alloy wheels and a good
unit features twin wet clutches to provide the gear quality CD stereo. Over and above the Sport, the
changing comfort of a fully-automatic transmission SE adds an auto-dimming rear view mirror, a pow-
with the performance of a manual gearbox. As well ered driver's seat with memory functions, wood
as offering gear changing comfort and high per- trim, leather upholstery, a CD autochanger and rain
formance, Powershift also contributes to delivering sensing wipers.
improved fuel efficiency. The SE Lux lays on a cargo net, a ski bag, a pow-
The C70 is no slouch but it's not a particularly ered passenger's seat, a further upgraded stereo,
rewarding car to drive fast. The pleasure with the 18" alloys which look great but firm the ride-up
C70 is to be gleaned from folding that roof down considerably and folding door mirrors with lights
and going for a leisurely cruise on a sunny day. to illuminate the ground as you exit the vehicle.
The throttle response is quite lethargic and the The generous specifications are extremely well
steering isn't particularly sharp but wind-buffeting integrated in to the C70's high quality interior.
is minimal when the roof is stowed and engine Build quality is solid throughout and the controls
noise is far from intrusive. are refreshingly easy to use without recourse to the
Volvo's designers have done a commendable job of owner's manual. The latest models feature a multi-
styling the C70. With the hood in place, you proba- function storage area between the front seats and a
bly wouldn't guess that the car is capable of flip- more compact handbrake design.
ping its lid at all. The rear deck isn't overly long In the C70, Volvo have produced an extremely
(the usual giveaway) and the roofline is smooth well-executed luxury convertible with a beautifully
and beautifully integrated with the rest of the unhurried feel to it. Buyers seeking real dynamism
bodywork. The old C70 coupe used to sell within and sharp handling from their drop-top may need
five seconds of customers clapping eyes on it and to look elsewhere but in terms of refinement, build
there's no reason to think this car will be any dif- quality, safety and style, the big Swede comes up
ferent. trumps. The 2.0D diesel engine is well suited to
After all, many of the basic ingredients are much the C70's relaxed character with its abundant
the same. The stance and proportioning are similar, torque making for effortless cruising and decent
it'll still sit four adults in comfort and it still straight-line performance. Overall? Well the only
adheres to Volvo's impeccably high safety stan- four cylinder engine in the C70 line-up could well
dards. Volvo has developed the C70 to offer new be the one to have.
standards of preventive and protective safety in the
convertible market, the car includes an advanced
body structure, greater torsional rigidity and sever-
al innovations that make it unique among open-top
"This 2.0D engine is used across almost every
other model that Volvo makes but it's especially
well suited to the C70..."
An example of this is the door-mounted Inflatable
Curtain (IC), part of the C70's integrated Side
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The Finlay family name has been synonymous with the a high tech heating system which services the whole
Kildare motor industry for decades but with the opening building.
of the largest Ford dealership in Ireland, brothers Mike The company has also employed an innovative new sys-
and Gary are taking the business to new heights. tem in the workshop, which allows customer's cars to
Its new state of the art premises on the outskirts of be serviced while they wait without excess delays. Each
Naas covers a massive 42,000 sq.ft. with the equivalent mechanic and apprentice operate two bays, which means
of an acre in floor space. more complicated jobs can be processed along side
"We are really excited about the opening. Its going to be smaller repairs.This allows the work to be carried out in
fantastic. Our Newbridge showroom will remain open as a super efficient manner.There is a professional team of
well. It will be like the shop window, the high street win- six technicians working alongside six apprentices. Karl
dow if you like, for our premises here.This will be the Dolan is one of just eleven Ford Master Technicians in
main dealership," explained Mike. the country and he is based at the Naas facility.
The ultra modern headquarters at the M7 Motor Park "We can do all the basic repairs and service while you
has a vast used car showroom with a capacity for 60 wait.We can also do a full NCT specification test and
vehicles, a new car showroom, an impressive top class get computer print outs for customers," said the busi-
workshop with all the latest equipment, and comfortable nessman.
offices. When it comes to motors, to say the business is in the
"We have one of the best workshops in the country Finlays blood would be an understatement.This is the
with the highest spec technology - its very much state- third generation of the family to serve the motoring
of-the-art.We can test suspension, brakes, four wheel needs of people across the region.
alignment, headlights, and emission tests.We have a full "Our grandfather was actually known as Captain Michael
automatic air condition service and we have branched Finlay. In 1936 he set up in the Finlay dealership
out into tyres.We have really competitive rates on tyres Monasterevin and then he joined the Irish Army during
and we've had a great response," added Mike. the "Emergency" in 1939 where he served his time as
With today's emphasis on green energy and reducing the captain and the name stuck with him when he left," said
carbon footprint, the Finlays have come up with a unique Mike.
Gary and Mike Finlay at their new state
and impressive way of reusing the waste oil removed In 1972 the Newbridge showroom and garage opened
of the art showrooms in Naas. from the cars they service. It is filtered and pumped into its doors and was run by Mike and Gary's well known
motors S U P P L E M E N T Leinster Leader THURSDAY 19TH JUNE 2008 9

father, Mick. It was later awarded the Ford agency mission," he said.
in 1987. Today, the Naas showroom is now one Servicing costs have also been slashed with the
of the biggest in the country.The fact that 60 introduction of a standard set fee. A Ford Focus
used vehicles can now be displayed indoors will cost just 130 for its annual service for the
means they are ready to be sold and driven out first two years of its life.This means that people
the door straight away. will know exactly what it will cost them to get
"Traditionally the used cars stock was displayed their car serviced.
outdoors which meant that they had to be It's been an exciting time for the family business
cleaned regularly and were exposed to the ele- with the launch of the new Kuga earlier this
ments.With our new 50 car used showroom cus- month. Meanwhile, the Finlays are not concerned
tomers can view our large range of used cars in with the introduction of the new carbon based
the comfort of the fabulous new surroundings.W Co2 tax. In fact, this will mean 80 per cent of the
have put a system in place where we service and Ford range will be cut in price.
fully recondition every used car within 8 days of On the commercial side of the business, Ford
coming into stock.This means that the majority of have the largest share of the market in Ireland.
our used cars can be purchased and driven away Transit vans have been Ireland's number one com-
on the same day. Supreme efficiency is also the mercial seller for 40 years with 26 per cent of the
key to the new parts department. market.There are over 140 different models of
"We have an overnight parts department service various types on offer.
from the UK. If we get an emergency order, we
can send it in before 5.30pm and we should have So why not call down to the Naas
the part by 5am the next morning.We are also showroom and check it out for yourself.
the main supplier of spare parts to the Irish army Finlays Naas, M7 Motor Park, Exit 10,
and we were recently involved in the Chad Naas. 045-431725


Take M7 northbound at the Curragh – Take Exit 10 - At roundabout take 1st exit – take 1st left

Take Newbridge road past B&Q – At roundabout take 3rd exit to cross motorway - At roundabout
take 1st exit – take 1st left

Take Exit 10 - At roundabout take 1st exit – take 1st left

Take Exit 10 – Turn right at to cross motorway – At roundabout take 1st exit – take 1st left
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Child Safety


seat meet the very latest safety standards?
Fortunately, it seems that the populace at large is now
getting the message. Sales of second-hand seats have
dropped considerably in recent times. “This is excellent
IF you’re a parent of a small child, you’ll know only too news for our campaign,” says a spokesperson for the
well just how easily the costs add up. Clothes, high BPA. “Our initial research showed that at least a third of
chairs, cots and car child seats. pushchairs, car seats and other nursery products are
Of course, you could save yourself money by buying bought or passed on second-hand. These ‘bargains’ can be
some of these items second-hand. And for all but one cru- dangerous, even fatal, to a small child. The fact that sec-
cial item, that would be fine. The crucial item? The child ond-hand sales are at their lowest ever indicates that con-
seat for your car. sumers are now more aware of the hidden dangers and
Want to know why? Then you want to talk to the Baby are making more responsible decisions for their chil-
Products Association (BPA). They’ve been doing some dren.”
research into the hidden dangers of buying second-hand
car seats and child restraints. Unfortunately, even new children’s car seats can be dan-
BPA is a charity, backed by Mother & Baby Magazine, gerous if not used properly. A recent survey threw up
set up to make parents aware of the risks they take with some surprisingly worrying answers. One in two parents
their children’s lives if they choose to follow the bargain wrongly believe that a passenger airbag offers extra pro-
basement route. This is even true when it comes to home- tection for children in rear- facing child seats on front
based children’s items. Around 15,000 kids under five are seats. The shocking truth is, in the event of a collision,
injured in home accidents involving nursery equipment the airbag can inflate with such force as to cause severe
in the UK every year. When it comes to buying these or even fatal head injuries.
items second-hand, there are all kinds of hidden dangers, If you have any doubts about the passenger airbag fit-
such as worn fittings and harnesses and hairline cracks. ted to your car and the effects it could have on any child
Buy a used child’s car seat and the problems can be seat fitted, then contact your local main-dealer. There
even greater. If the fitting instructions are missing, can may even be a very simple solution, since many cars are
you be sure that both the seat and your child will be held now fitted with airbags that can be de-activated to
secure in the event of an accident? And does that bargain remove any possible danger.
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The new 2008 Tribeca was developed with an enor- centre console and cup-holders. The centre console is
mous amount of input from consumers in the luxury dominated by an information centre that groups the
SUV segment who were very clear about the features readouts for the audio system, clock, fuel economy
they want at this level of pricing and prestige. With and outside temperature. A seven-inch touch screen
powerful new styling, a new, larger displacement 3.6- information centre is standard.
litre H6 engine, and improved performance and fuel Comfort for five or seven passengers
efficiency, the new 2008 Subaru Tribeca delivers a The Tribeca is available as a 7 passenger model with
unique balance of style, safety and functionality in a standard 50/50 split fold-down third-row seat with
progressive SUV form. integrated headrests and carpeted back surface. For
The exterior design of the new Tribeca is both stream- added passenger comfort it features an auxiliary rear
lined and powerful, with a new, wider and taller grille, cabin air conditioner with fan speed control in the sec-
new front fenders and new hood design. The grille is ond row.
now integrated into the front bumper, featuring a new the rollover test.)
chrome spread-wing design, with the Subaru star clus-
ter badge as the focal point. Occupant safety a top priority
A raised hood line, deeper front valance and new head- The new 2008 Tribeca was designed to achieve the
lamps visually widen and heighten the Tribeca, estab- highest ratings in the auto industry. The previous gen-
lishing greater road presence with a more SUV-like eration B9 Tribeca achieved top honours in the U.S.
appearance. The new grille flows into a powerful sil- Department of Transportation's National Highway
houette, enhanced by new rear three-quarter windows. Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) New Car
The rear quarter windows and the addition of new Assessment Program (NCAP) crash tests with 5 stars
larger side-view mirrors improve side and rear vision in both the frontal and side-impact crash tests for both
as well as increasing visibility for third row passen- the driver and passenger seating positions. These
gers. The side profile also features powerful fender results are in addition to the 4 star rating in the
and wheel forms that enhance the Tribeca's signature NHTSA tests for rollover resistance. (No SUV to date
rising character line. All-new rear styling includes a has earned 5-stars in the rollover test.) In addition, the
new rear valance below the tailgate and new, wider Tribeca features Brake Assist on its standard ABS
taillamps. brake system, Vehicle Dynamics Control and four-
The sophisticated twin cockpit design features a flow- wheel traction control.
ing, sculpted dash and centre console design. For the 2008 model year, Subaru has equipped the new
Aluminum-look trim highlights the sculpted shapes of Tribeca with an all-new 6-cylinder 3.6-litre SUBARU
the dashboard. Electroluminescent dials and subtle BOXER engine that delivers more power, more
ambient interior lighting provide a sophisticated torque, improved fuel economy and emissions per-
touch, illuminating the front and rear footwells, the formance - all on regular gasoline.
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New Ford Kuga

takes on the compact

The battle is about to begin as the new space.The 2.0 litre Kuga diesel model Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD),
Ford Kuga revs up to take on all the comes with full-time, intelligent All- both significant driver assistance tech-
compact SUV’s and in particular the Wheel-Drive (AWD), while a (cheaper) nologies, plus all Kuga models are
trendy Nissan Qashqai.The new Ford Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) model is equipped with a ‘Ford Power’ start
Kuga was first shown at the Frankfurt available for drivers not requiring AWD button.
Show last September, went on sale in (off road) capability.
Ireland in June, and is well worth waiting With its best-in-class CO2 emissions Finlays of Naas and Newbridge
for. In fact when motorists see and drive performance of 169g/km, the Kuga will are quoting n32,565 ex works.
the Kuga, there will be a rush to buy this be placed in the 28 percent VRT band. They got a great response
very stylish and compact SUV, which Under the pre-July VRT regime, the car when they launched the new
arguably is the best and certainly the will attract a VRT rate of 30 percent. ESP
model earlier this month.
most versatile of all the current Fords, (Electronic Stability Programme) is stan-
and that even includes the Mondeo and dard. Ford now offers six passenger mod-
Focus! With it’s handy car-size footprint els with ESP as standard on the Irish
and user-friendly character, Kuga is set to market making Ford the leader in the
be a big time rival to other compact provision of this safety technology which
SUV’s and the extremely popular Nissan will be compulsory on all passenger cars
Qashqai in particular. Let the battle com- in Europe by 2012. In addition to ESP, the
mence from the forecourts to the high- Kuga features combined Anti Rollover
ways and byeways, and the street fight for Mitigation (ARM), and ABS with


Thirty of local Mazda dealer P.G Duffy and weight, resulting in low CO2 emissions of as savings on road tax and lower running To find out more about the full range of
Sons most popular models will be cheaper in 114g for the 1.4D model and 129g for the 1.3 costs," said dealer principal Gerard Duffy. exciting July reductions or to arrange a test
price from July 1, following significant petrol model, placing these Mazda2 models "Thanks to its low CO2 emissions, the year- drive call P.G Duffy and Sons on 045-431
changes to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). in the lowest VRT bands of A and B respec- ly road tax for the Mazda2 1.3L petrol model 340 or visit the company's showroom on the
The changes, announced last December, tively. Mazda2 1.3L petrol models will see a has been reduced to n150, while delivering Naas Road, Newbridge.
mean that VRT rates will now be based on significant fall in VRT with prices starting at excellent fuel economy of 5.4L per 100km *Retail prices exclude metallic/mica paint
CO2 emission levels rather than engine size, n14,495*. (54mpg). Similarly, road tax for the new and dealer related charges.
which is good news for Mazda buyers in Mazda6 1.8L and 2.0L petrol models will Mazda6 1.8L petrol model falls to �430
Kildare. also enjoy noteworthy reductions with prices while it delivers beneficial fuel consumption
Thanks to the light-weight strategy adopted for the former's Executive model starting at of 6.7L per 100km (42mpg)," he added.
by Mazda when developing its newest mod- just n26,995*. Its rigid, light construction The Mazda3 is Ireland's most popular Mazda
els, the prices for many popular models and vastly improved aerodynamic perform- model, thanks to its stylish design, excellent
including the Mazda6 and the 2008 World ance, due to its sleek design, has resulted in dynamics and spacious interior. Mada3
Car of the Year, Mazda2, will be reduced. it having one of the lowest CO2 levels of its petrol models will also benefit from low
For example, the Mazda2 bucked the trend class, 159g for a 1.8L petrol model. CO2 emissions ensuring no price increase
from many competitors in the super-mini "This summer, Kildare customers will bene- for the majority of petrol models.Prices for
segment by shedding up to 100 kilograms of fit from significant price reductions as well the Mazda3 range start from only n20,495*.
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the fifth
The fifth generation Volkswagen budget. Hence Volkswagen's more Diesel buyers can opt for the proven previous generation Golf models handsome piece of car design, but
Golf aims to distance itself from recent attempts to set the record 75PS SDI engine or the slightly was that although the cars offered a the fifth generation marks probably
the family hatchback competition straight in this respect by reducing more modern 105PS 1.9-litre TDI ride and refinement package that the biggest evolution in the Golf's
with higher quality, lower prices prices and increasing specifications powerplant. was hard to beat, they never really design language since the Mk 2
and an air conditioned specifica- (which now include climatic air con- If you want something sportier, then offered the sort of infectious han- became the chubbier Mk 3.
tion. Andy Enright checks it out... ditioning as a standard feature). the GT Sport series offers a choice dling that many rivals could boast. Everything is just that little bit
What is a Volkswagen Golf? Twenty In the standard three and five-door between 140 or 170PS versions of The fifth generation car adopts a curvier, sleeker and more elegant.
years ago, that would have been a hatch range, there's a choice of two the 1.4-litre TSI turbocharged/super- pragmatic tactic in 'benchmarking' Volkswagen have made great strides
simple question to answer. The Golf trim levels - S and Match. The charged petrol engine or 140 or the suspension of the Ford Focus concerning the refinement of these
was an inexpensive, no nonsense car Match level that many customers 170PS 2.0-litre TDI diesel units. The and first impressions are promising. TDI engines and the effects are pal-
that ran and ran. Nowadays howev- choose looks particularly tempting next step up is the GTI series, where The body is eighty per cent stiffer pable as soon as you turn the key.
er, Volkswagen have loftier aspira- thanks to a leather steering wheel, as you'd expect, the pace hots up a than its predecessor and the new The TDI system was once derided as
tions for their staple family hatch- cruse control, automatic headlamps little more. Here you get the superb electro-mechanical steering feel and being far less effective than the new
back and the question is far trickier and wipers, a trip computer, a multi- 200PS 2.0T FSI engine. Of course, composed body control are leagues wave of 'common rail' diesel engines
to tackle. In fifth generation guise, function steering wheel, an MP3- if the GTI models don't do it for ahead. that have become popular and in
the car has been taken even further compatable CD stereo, 15" alloy you, there's always the option of the The styling is evolutionary rather terms of refinement, Volkswagen's
upmarket with an even higher quali- wheels and a full complement of range-topping R32. Here you get a than revolutionary insofar as most solution has lagged behind. No
ty look and feel but it also reprises a body-coloured exterior addenda. 248bhp 3.2-litre V6 with the will know it's a Golf they're looking longer: the difference is now
strand of Golf DNA that seemed to Need more practicality? Volkswagen 4MOTION transmission system. At at without recourse to clocking the virtually negligible.
have been an evolutionary dead end offers the Golf Plus and the Golf the other end of the economy scale badge on its rump. As company boss
- driving fun. Estate. is the BlueMotion derivative which Bernd Pischetsrieder explained:
If this Golf has had a problem, it has Aside from the entry-level 80PS 1.4- eeks maximum economy and mini- "The only mistake the Golf can
been that some customers have litre engine, petrol buyers have the mal emissions from the 1.9-litre make is to stop being a Golf."
equated quality of build and driving choice of a 1.4 (90PS) or a hi-tech diesel engine. There's little doubt that the fourth
experience with a price outside their turbocharged 122PS TSI engine. One criticism levelled at the two generation Golf was - and is - a


Road users are being warned to expect keep left where possible to allow other road. Be particularly careful when trans-
an increase in the number of agricultural vehicles pass safely. I would appeal to porting material such as silage, slurry,
vehicles using the roads over the summer other road users to show patience when sand and gravel so that it does not spill
and autumn period. encountering farm machinery on the on the road and pose a road safety risk.
The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and road. With understanding on both sides, All tractors must be fitted with safety
the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) have the roads can be safer for everybody." frames. This is to protect the driver from
issued a joint road safety appeal. This is Noel Brett, CEO, Road Safety Authority being crushed underneath if the tractor
the busiest time of year for farmers as it also advised farmers that "Your driving overturns.
coincides with silage and harvest season. mirror must provide an adequate view of For large vehicles consider whether there
All road users are being advised to watch the road to the rear. Do not carry a pas- is a need for advance warning of other
out for tractors, trailers and other farm senger unless the tractor is equipped to road users and whether an escort vehicle
machinery exiting from fields and farm carry one and the trailer should not be is required. Make sure that the drivers
yards and to exercise caution when trav- used for transporting people unless it has you use are competent and that tractors
elling behind or meeting such vehicles provision for carrying them." are driven at an appropriate speed for the
on the public road. Watch out for agricul- He added; "all agricultural vehicles must road conditions. Watch out for vulnerable
tural vehicles and only overtake them have proper working brakes on both trac- road users especially children, pedestri-
when safe to do so. Road users are tor and trailer units and must be fitted ans, cyclists and motorcyclists.
advised to expect the unexpected. with lights, reflectors and indicators. In All road users should remember that this
Drivers of agricultural vehicles are being addition a vehicle should not be loaded is harvest time. When using roads espe-
reminded that they are governed by road in such a way that would make it unsta- cially in rural areas expect the unexpect-
traffic laws on driver licensing, insur- ble on the road, and beware of low ed, danger could literally be around the
ance, standards in relation to vehicle bridges, overhanging trees, overhead next corner. Look, listen and keep your-
roadworthiness, vehicle lighting and cables and uneven road surfaces which self safe.
motor tax. could cause the load to shift and possibly For more information on legal require-
IFA President Padraig Walshe said "I am overturn." ments and road safety regarding agricul-
advising farmers to be safety conscious Drivers of agricultural tractors and trail- tural vehicles using the public road
whenever bringing a farm vehicle onto ers are reminded to ensure that wheels please contact the RSA at
the public road. Farmers should be aware are regularly washed down to avoid car- Or view the rules of the road at
of traffic building up behind them and rying mud and stones onto the public
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brings it's A game
S afer, greener and slightly better looking,
the latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class contin-
ues with its unorthodox approach to the pre-
remains instantly recognisable in its latest
form but anyone looking to tell the original
second generation car apart from this
mium hatchback sector. Unlike its rivals, it's facelifted model has a far tougher task on.
not sporty in any meaningful way and the For the record, the usual facelift suspects of
engines that flattered to deceive in that light clusters, grille and bumpers have been
regard have been dropped. Today's A-Class is tweaked but we'd be lying if we said that the
content to offer comfort, quality and interior alterations are groundbreaking. The MPV
versatility and should continue to find a shape of the exterior remains, as do the peo-
ready market. ple carrier design features that make the A-
With its tall shape and MPV overtones, the Class interior so easy to use.
Mercedes A-Class has always looked some- The A-Class looks more attractively priced
thing of a misfit in the premium hatchback these days and that's despite the unceremoni-
sector. While Mercedes stuck to its guns, ous axing of the entry-level Classic trim
developing the first generation model's prac- level.
tical themes to create the superior second Perhaps the most salient addition to the latest
generation car, its big German rivals were A-Class is the BlueEfficiency package which
busy perusing more dynamic directions with aims to regain some of the ground lost to
their entry-level products. Now buyers are BMW's outstanding EfficientDynamics ini-
presented with the facelifted version of the tiative. The name might be less catchy but
second generation A-Class. Its core values the results could be similarly compelling.
remain but the hope is that the package is BlueEfficiency runs to aerodynamic
now even more persuasive. improvements to the radiator grille and a ride
The engine range gives UK buyers four height lowered by 10mm that will also
choices to mull over. Two petrol options are reduce drag. There's a generator management
the most straightforward: there's the A150 system that charges the battery with energy
with its 1.5-litre 95bhp unit and the A170 that would otherwise have been lost on the
with its 1.7-litre lump producing 116bhp. engine overrun and, the highlight, a stop/start
The diesel options are more vocal than the function that turns off the engine when the
refined petrol units but have extra strength at petrol A-Classes are stationary. An A150
low revs for launching the A-Class about with the BlueEfficiency modifications can
town. The A160 CDI is an 82bhp 2.0-litre return 49mpg and emits just 139g/km of
affair while the A180 CDI has that same CO2 but an A160 CDI with the technology
capacity and 109bhp. gets an outstanding 63mpg with 119g/km
The A-Class prioritises safety and comfort emissions.
over power and exhilaration. As a result, it's The latest A-Class largely sticks at what it
well suited to the kind of driving most of us does best but the BlueEfficiency technology
are forced to do most of the time. The car keeps it competitive with BMW's finest.
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How many people will use the option for families who wish to opt for luxury living
motorhome? for extended
It is very important first of all, to establish who will periods of time. If you are challenged from a mobility
use the motorhome. If you are purchasing with the point of view it is advisable to choose a motorhome
intention of accommodating guests, choose a layout with a low habitation entry step and a fixed bed with
that suits your immediate requirements as a first port easy access.
of call, with the option to accommodate more people
as a second. It is more important that you choose a
motorhome that suits you 90% of the time as New motorhomes Vs used motorhomes?
opposed to purchasing something that doesn’t match New motorhomes are becoming more and more
your requirements and regretting that decision later. price competitive each year! New models feature the
latest design concepts and are very well equipped,
insulated and feature more comfort options as stan-
What type of motorhome should I dard.The engines are also the latest on the market
choose? and can be more economical regarding emissions etc.
If the motorhome is to be used predominantly by two
people – recommended options would include low Used models are a very good option for first time
profiles and A-Classes which accommodate from 2, 3 buyers! It provides you with the opportunity to invest
or 4 people depending on your budget and your in a motorhome that still meets all your requirements
motorhome layout requirements. but at a lower cost. It is also easier to upgrade to a
newer model once you are happy that this lifestyle is
If you have a family, the Luton overcabs are the most the right choice for you. Used motorhomes are often
popular with the choice of bunk beds, u-lounges and fitted with extras which could include solar panels,
raised fixed bed layouts. A-Classes with raised fixed satellite dishes, reversing cameras and awnings, making
double or twin beds to the rear can also be another them very good value for money.