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Music Production & Engineering at Berklee - MP&E Bundle Information

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MP&E Bundle Information Bundle Pickup Information for Fall 2011

Bundle pickup times: Monday September 19 - Monday September 26 between 10:00am and 7:00pm 1. Upon declaring the MP&E major, your tuition bill will be adjusted to include the cost of a bundle. (see the FAQ section for the cost of the bundle) This will enable you to use financial aid resources to cover this important class materials expense. 2. Go to Berklee's bookstore (BerkleeBooks, 1080 Boylston Street) during the only bundle payment and pickup period for the current semester. 3. Show your Berklee ID to a bookstore salesperson who will confirm your enrollment in the major and the bundle you need to pick up. You may only purchase the bundle for your specific major. Dual majors combining two of the tech-heavy majors receive one bundle that includes the items supporting both majors. 4. You should begin installing and registering your software immediately, and let us know if you encounter any problems with it.

Bundles FAQ
Who can buy a bundle? Only students accepted into the 'tech-heavy' majors at Berklee: Contemporary Writing and Production, Film Scoring, Music Education, Music Production and Engineering, Electronic Production & Design (formerly Music Synthesis), and Songwriting. NOTE: The bundles for each of the tech-heavy single and dual majors may only be purchased once and only at the beginning of a student's first semester in the major. How much will the bundle cost? The actual cost will vary from semester to semester, but you should budget about $1,000 + 5% MA sales tax. The price of your bundle will still be well below retail costs and the best street prices. You can see the updated prices here. The price of the bundle will be reflected in your tuition bill for the semester in which you declare MP&E as your major. What's included in my bundle? See this link for the most current listings of bundle items. Future bundles may contain different products, depending on the curricular needs of the major. Who decides what's included in my bundle? The department faculty, the Chair(s) of the department, and the Division Dean determine the bundle for each of the six "tech-heavy" majors. When can I buy a bundle? Bundles will be available for purchase at the beginning of each semester. Exact dates may vary, but it has generally been Week 2 of every semester. A bundle will be ordered for you in the first semester you begin MP&E classes. This is the ONLY time you will be able to buy a bundle. Dates and other relevant information will be emailed to you if you are eligible for purchasing an MP&E bundle. How do I get serial codes? Most codes are included in the factory packaging of your new products. Some items will require an additional serial code - currently this is true for Waves, Chronosync, and Transmit. These serial codes will be emailed to you, at your email account immediately after purchase. I lost my serial codes, what do I do? You will be emailed the codes for Waves, Chronosync, and Transmit once, following your initial purchase of the bundle. After this time, it is solely your responsibility to retain these codes and maintain all future updates and installations. We do not maintain records of serial code assignments beyond the current semester. Other codes will be included with the software packaging. These also are your responsibility to maintain. Print a copy of your codes, save the data somewhere in your computer, backup your data frequently. Remember that this is part of being a professional! My serial code for Waves / Chronosync / Transmit is not working, what do I do? You should visit our divisional bundles support staff, they're located in room A-87 in the 150 building. They can help answer any questions about components of your bundle, both hardware and software. Their current hours are listed here. They will advise you about any further action you need to take. I already own my own software and gear, do I still need to buy the bundle? Yes. It is important that you own the same hardware and software, including the current versions in use by our department. (Note, sometimes this is not the most recent update!) I'm a dual major, what do I need to do? It is important that you inform us of your dual major at the MP&E office when you are filling out the Declaration of Major forms. If you are entering both majors at the same time, a new dual major bundle will be ordered for you. If you already were declared in another of our 'tech-heavy' majors and purchased a bundle for it, you will still be expected to purchase the MP&E bundle. How do I install Waves? Manufacturer's websites are listed on your emailed serial codes. Follow instructions from this email, and the website to install the special Berklee bundle software.

Other questions? Please contact Natasha Busse in the MP&E Department at or call 617-747-2931.

Music Production & Engineering Hardware and Software Bundle:

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Music Production & Engineering at Berklee - MP&E Bundle Information

Product Mbox 2 Pro Factory, ProTools LE Waves Berklee Bundle (Ren, Compressor, Reverb, EQ, C1) Peak Pro Toast ChronoSync Download Download instructions Transmit Download Digidesign Waves Bias Roxio Econ Technologies Panic


You will receive your key code(s) and instructions for the downloads via e-mail

It is recommended that students purchase an external Firewire hard drive, according to the following specifications: External Firewire Hard Drive* (1394 protocol) with enclosure 7200 rpm minimum speed Oxford 911 controller chipset, necessary for the continuous data transfer demands of digital media 60 GB or greater storage capacity recommended The exact brand and model may be determined by the student.

*The Firewire Hard Drive is not included in either the Berklee Laptop Package or the MP&E Hardware and Software Bundle. If desired, it must be purchased and financed by the student separately. While not yet strictly required for beginning MP&E students, such a drive will be required for later coursework.

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