Spring 2011
Very high preference for all positions will be given to students who have passed the SPEAK test. Students who have not passed the SPEAK test will be selected only in circumstances when no other applicants are available. Check the English Language Center web page (www.odu.edu | A-Z Index | E) for SPEAK test dates. Note: the Department no longer authorizes payment for any Master Student SPEAK tests. Students may also meet this requirement by their score on the Internet Based Toefl (iBT). Additional preference will be given to students who have completed the GTA training and been certified. Only students likely to receive Lab Instructorships will be invited to participate. The next training will probably be available approximately the first week of January. Students who are awarded Lab Instructor positions but who have not taken the GTA training must take the training when it is offered approximately the first week of January. Awardees who fail to take or complete the training will have their awards withdrawn. Students who have good grades in the ODU CS program will also receive some preference. A GPA of 3.0 or better is necessary to obtain a position. We are reluctant to hire students with GPAs close to 3.0 (especially if they have incompletes) because they may too easily become inelegible. Generally we will give preference to students who have been previously hired as graders or lab instructors for the department so long as their performance has been satisfactory. All awardees, whether of lab instructor or grader positions, must report to campus two days before the semester begins, namely by Saturday, January 8, 2011.

If you do not have an ODU CS account, fill in the ODU CS LOGIN field with a
made-up identifier based on your name which includes an intial capital letter and which is eight characters long.

ENMA. IT IS VERY ANNOYING. CS. PLEASE DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE FORM.edu MS CS Eligibility ODU Graduate Grade Average (all semesters) : Total Graduate Credit Hours Completed by end of this semester : Expected Graduation Date (MM/YYYY) : If you have a Visa. enter your scores Paper Based TOEFL Scores(0-68) Listening/Writing/Reading : Computer Based TOEFL Scores(0-30) Listening/Writing/Reading : Internet Based TOEFL Scores(0-30) Listening/Reading/Speaking/Writing : Date you took GTA Training (MM/YYYY) : 0. CIS.ECE) : Ritesh Red Kanuganti rkanugan 0083381 CS rkanu001@odu. etc) : Date you took SPEAK test (TSE) (MM/YYYY) : Numerical Score (0-60) on SPEAK test : If you took any version of TOEFL.0 6 08/2012 F1 NEVER 0 0/0/0 0/0/0 20/20/19/21 NEVER . enter Type (F1.g.J2.Suggestion: make a copy of your answers to this form so you will more easily be able to fill it out when you apply again next semester. Suggestion: Save a copy of your answers for next semester's application First Name : Last Name : ODU CS login ID : University Identification Number : Undergraduate Major : Non-ODU CS Email Address : MS or PhD Student? : Graduate Major (e.

What undergraduate computer science classes did your letter of admission require you to take? For each one state whether you have completed the course (show Grade). There are so many applications that I am forced to make my decisions on the basis of what you put into this form. If your undergrad degree is in Computer Science. This is your only chance to supply information. Resumes will generally be ignored. titles and grades Courses without grades will be ignored): NONE . If you show no grade. Courses without grades will be ignored. just note "Undergrad CS": NONE What graduate level computer science classes have you completed at ODU and elsewhere? (include course numbers. or when you plan to take it. 2011 What is the first day in January 2011 you will be available on the ODU campus : NO 8 Experience Be sure to include all pertinant information which will make me want to hire you. are currently taking it.: NONE If your undergrad degree is not CS.Were you officially Certified? : You are expected to be available by Saturday. what other undergraduate computer science classes have you completed at ODU or elsewhere? Include titles such as Data Structures or Operating Systems and show Grade. I assume you have not completed it. January 8.

CS 795 What programming languages do you know? (give your experience in each): C C++.What graduate level computer science classes are you now taking? (include numbers and titles): Introduction to netw orks and communicationsCS555 Database Systems-CS550 What graduate level computer science classes do you plan to take in Spring and Summer? (include numbers and titles): Computer Architecture-CS665 Distributed Systems-CS775 Algorithms and Datastructures .CS 600 TOPICS IN .NET SECURITY.javascript.php With what visualization/animation/simulation technologies are you familiar? (give your experience in each): photoshop flex and rational rose .learnt as a part of course w ork in undergraduate With what web technologies are you familiar? (give your experience in each): html.

supervisor. most of the times i scored above 95% of marks in Math. course. Laplace Transforms etc. Give details including: number of months or years. course. Your Experience as a teacher at ODU Give semester. Were you Lab Instructor or Tutor?(Do not include grading here): NONE Your Experience as a Grader at ODU Give semester.What is your administrative and application development experience with databases?: Idea on plsql and sql as a part of course w ork and i used sql server 2005 in my undergraduate project What special qualifications in math do you have beyond that expected of a CS grad student?: I excelled in math at every stage of my academic life. supervisor: NONE Your Experience as a Classroom Teacher Elsewhere. I am good in Math even from simple Matrix calculations to high level differential Equations. subject and size of class you lectured to : NONE .

I worked as a Lab Instructor Fall 2010 I worked as a Grader Fall 2010 I worked as a Paid Assistant on a Research Project Fall 2010 . subject and nature of instruction (lab instructor.Your Experience giving One-to-One or small group tutoring or lab instructing Elsewhere Give details including: number of months or years. or volunteered: NSF marinetech. which professor. Research Project work for faculty members Give details including: which project. Web developer and designer. Summary of Work for Department. In my Intermediate(10+2).Alok k Verma I w as hired as graduate research assistant All Other Relevant Information or Experience we should consider in deciding whether to hire you: having good programming know ledge. whether you were hired. one-to-one. Dr. i w orked as a tutor for school children(group of 10) for Math And Science w hich helped me financially. got course credit. 15 august to 18 december. Fall 2010 only.strong in Academics and experience in dealing w ith students. i hope my application w on't be turned dow n. etc): I w orked as a lab instructor in " C/C++ Programming Lab" in my undergrad for one year. I helped students to learn the basics of C and C++ w hich helped me to develop my programming skills also. what dates. Your contribution.

you must report to campus by Saturday. If you see Thank you very much. after you submit this form that means your form has been received. Only your most recent application will be considered.. January 8.. You may wish to make a copy of the information you submit so you do not have to retype everything in future semesters (or in this semester if you decide to resubmit).Supervised by Nobody and Nobody I worked as a Volunteer on a Research Project Fall 2010 Note: if you accept a position.. . Please do not ask for any further verification. Submit Form Fri Nov 19 17:27: application ibl ta ta-spr11 9999 . Lab instructors who have not been GTA certified must return in time to attend the GTA institute approximately approximately the first week of January . for your submitted form. Failure to do so may result in loss of pay or employment... You may submit your application more than once. This was submission number . 2011.

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