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May 25th to 31st, 2009

To become familiar with the Amazon environment, observe its vegetation closely, understand its ecology better and for
anyone who wants to learn to draw or paint flora species in watercolor: this is the trip programmed with Dulce
Nascimento, a Botanical Illustrator and a graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro, orienting and teaching
the techniques of collecting plants and how to adapt oneself to field work. Dulce improved her technique at the Royal
Botanic Gardens, Kew, as a scholar of the Margaret Mee Foundation and has gone on several botanical expeditions in
the Amazon.

Objectives: Furnish the students with fundamental information on the drawing of elements of nature.

Develop and stimulate observation of the forms, colors and textures of nature and artistic
skills of the students.

Teach basic technical norms applied in Botanical Illustration.

The trip will be from May 25th (a Monday) to May 31st (the following Sunday) and will be accompanied by
Gilberto Castro, a biologist with wide experience in the Amazon. This is not only a Botanical Illustration trip, but
also a wonderful opportunity to see and explore nature in the Amazon, in virtually untouched areas.

Since 2006 we have upgraded our accommodations and are now doing our trip in a boat that has been built by
Gilberto Castro. We will still enjoy the advantages of a small group (maximum of 18 passengers), but with a whole
new level of comfort. The “OTTER” is 88 feet long and 24.6 feet wide, has four decks, nine passenger cabins, 8
double cabins with large twin beds, one with a large double bed, individual air conditioning units in each cabin, all
with private bathrooms with hot water showers. On the first deck we have the command, five passenger cabins,
crew quarters, kitchen and service areas. On the second deck we have 4 passenger cabins, a 350 square foot
enclosed dining room, a small open veranda, and service areas. On the third deck we have 2 covered verandas, one
in the front and one in the back, one sun deck area with a Jacuzzi tub and showers, a bar, a toilet and a nice 250
square foot enclosed living room. The fourth deck is a 360° panoramic sun deck.
Flights: There are several flights from various companies, both from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, leaving in the
morning, arriving in Manaus in the early afternoon between 1:00 P.M. and 2:00 P.M. Return flights should be
bought for the planes leaving Manaus in the early afternoon after 1.00 P.M. as the boat returns around 11.30 A.M.
on Sunday. There are also direct daily flights coming from Miami on TAM airlines ( and 5 days
a week on COPA airlines (, with a possibility of connections in Panama for those coming from
the west coast or central US.

The cost of the boat part of the trip is US$1,900 per person in a double cabin and includes Botanical
Illustration lessons, transfers in Manaus from the airport to the boat and from the boat to the airport, all
meals on board, mineral water, excursions in the canoe and walks in the forest. The cost of the airfare is not
included in the above price. If you are coming from abroad, a valid Passport will be required, as well as a
Visa for certain countries (such as the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, etc.).

Special offer: for one person accompanying an artist participating in classes US$1,800. For others not
participating in the classes but that want to join the trip, US$1,800. Passengers of previous trips pay the
promotional price of US$1,800.

Prices do not include: alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, personal and baggage insurance, laundry, tips, airline
tickets, hotel costs in Manaus and entrance fees to the Manaus Opera House and museums.

For reservations or other information contact Lorraine Kaminsky Martins

Telephone/Fax: (55-21) 2257-1510, E-mail:

Visit Dulce’s website at

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