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In the year 1994, November 28, a woman was bought to the hospital at Zamboanga City to give birth. Around 2:00 am, she successfully delivered a beautiful and healthy baby named Earlyn Kate. And here I am, the baby is now a lady.

Im Earlyn Kate S. Grimares, came from a middle class family, not rich and not that poor. Im just a simple girl, who likes to eat, sleep, play guitar and listen to music in my spare time. Im cunning and I like to express my imagination by my drawings and paintings. They say Im chaste and silent but Im really a gay person, buoyant and gleeful, sometimes Im lunatic and insane, especially when Im with my friends. Sometimes Im glum and my attitude depends on the people around me. Im also pious, my family and me devout God and my religion is Iglesiani Cristo. I like to advice and inspire people. I antipathy people who are sadistic, egotistic, and showy and I dont like people who are pretentious.

On the other hand, I have wonderful siblings. A big sister named Russel Jane and two half brothers, Ryan and Arnold. Russel is now working as a call center agent in Cebu City and Ryan is working in Manila while Arnold is in Cebu, they both have their own families. They are kind and very supportive siblings. I didnt grow up together with my two older brothers and I barely see them visiting to our place, but every time was together, we cherish and seize the moments.

I have a loving mother, her mane is Erlinda and I love her so much. Shes a kindhearted and a very protective mother. Recently, working as a government employee in an agriculture office. Lastly, I have a thoughtful father named Ruperto, his very supportive and helpful father and his so precious to me. Sadly, he passed away, the most painful memory of my life. He suffered colon cancer and he died on November 13, 2007 at Zamboanga City. Now as days go by, and I still miss having a father, but life goes on, trying to make my family proud.

Anyways, in my childhood life, I studied at Central school at our place when I was a kindergarten and when I was elementary I studied at Marian Grade school. Im those times I was a very silent kid, always awarded as the most obedient student. I dont talk that much but when a teacher called my name and asked ne a question, I didnt fail to answer. During palaro, I joined every parlor game with my classmates. I love playing games and win them. I have six best friends, Kimberly, Czarina, Ella, Ara and Veeraya, when I was elementary

When I was in high school I studied in Mariam College in our place. I could say high school life is the best stage of my life but Ive got ups and downs. First, I was an active student and Im not that silent anymore and I dont receive the certificate being the most obedient student, like old times. But Im still obedient in our school but naughty, like cutting classes with my best friends and so on and thats the one reason why I enjoy my highs cool life.

I ran for governor in our school when I was in 4th year and I won. I joined organizations and played different games. Maybe Im mot good at sports but Im useful in so many ways. My favorite subjects are MAPEH and English and I hate the subject Math. In my high school days, I also have same crushes as they say puppy love. And they add some colors of my high school life. In 4years in high school, finally I graduated in the year 2009-2010.

Mow, Im a 1st year college student in foundation university of Dumaguete City, taking up BS-Agriculture. Well, it was my mothers decision because she wanted me to work in their office. I accepted it and now Im living with it. Im starting to like the course and Im having good friends in school. Im mew to this place, Dumaguete city because unlike to my hometown, Ipil ZamboangaSibugay, this place is peaceful and alluring.

I have dreams and I have goals. I have a lot of things I want in my future. But I just want a simple life and I want to be happy and contented. Where every people wanted, a permanent job, a house and a family.


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