Materials: Green yarn Optional white yarn if you want snow on the branches Crochet hook 5mm for

tree Crochet hook 1mm for decorations Needle Stitch marker Note: -The entire tree is crocheted in back loops only, at the end the branches will be added to the front loops. -To make the tree nice and firm, it’s best to use 2 strands of yarn held together for the base. For the branches you can use 1 strand! Rnd 1: magic loop, 6sc in loop (6) Rnd 2: sc around (6) Rnd 3: *1sc, 2sc in next st* 3 times (9) Rnd 4: sc around (9) Ch Chain Rnd 5: *2sc, 2sc in next st* 3 times (12) Sc Single crochet Rnd 6: sc around (12) St Stitch Rnd 7: sc around (12) Dc Double crochet Rnd 8: *3sc, 2sc in next st* 3 times(15) Rnd 9: sc around (15) Rnd 10: sc around (15) Rnd 11: sc around (15) Rnd 12: *4sc, 2sc in next st* 3 times(18) Rnd 13: sc around (18) Rnd 14: sc around (18) Rnd 15: sc around (18) Rnd 16: sc around (18) Now turn the tree upside-down and work in the front loops that you see circling around the tree: *sc1, ch4, sc1 in next, ch3, sc1 in next, ch2, sc 1 in next, ch3* Work this way all around the tree, leaving the the last 4 stitches without branches (this is the top of the tree). If you want snow on the branches you just change color every round, one round green and one round white. Cast off and weave in ends! Garland: *ch4, 1 sc in 3rd loop* repeat till garland is long enough. Star: Rnd 1: magic loop, 10sc in loop, join with a slip stitch. Rnd 2: *1sc, ch1, 1dc, ch3, 1dc, ch1* repeat 4 times more and end with a slip stitch. Cast off and sew on top.

If you have any questions you can always contact me. I’d love to hear what you think about this pattern and look forward to seeing what you’ve made of it!

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