Missing! Introduction This story has no ending. It is your job to finish the tale of the mystery.

Dug Hall’s discovery It all started when Dug Hall, our hero detective, was walking from the large kitchen garden down to the orchard looking for his gardeners when he saw the car speed off down the long drive from Hartingwell Manor. Dug didn’t recognise the car and it was flying down the drive. He ran as fast as he could to get to the large ceremonial gates at the end of the drive to get a good view of the driver. The windows were blackened. He couldn’t even tell how many were in the car. He was worried. Dug walked back to the house and headed for Cal Meakin’s office. He would know what had happened. The office was empty, a very unusual thing, so Dug flipped open his mobile phone and dialled 1. The speed dial worked and Cal’s voice came over calm but worried. “Dug, we have a problem. Wait for me in my office and I’ll come and find you.” Cal suggested before ringing off. Dug sank into Cal’s heavy leather office chair and waited. About two minutes later he saw Lord Hartingwell walking into the office with Coney and Boyle (two of the gardeners). The Lord explained that they had been chatting about the time when they had worked in South Africa when they heard the car. Boyle said he thought it was Jenson Blast showing off again. But then their boss’ phone had rung and they found out that there had been an intruder. What really happened. Jenson and Jackie The story begins just before 10 o’clock when Jenson Blast, the chauffeur, was driving Jackie Oliver into town to buy some things for dinner that night. They were chatting happily when Jenson slammed his brakes on. A car with blacked out windows had come round the corner of the sharp bend too fast but sped on. “Ooh I wonder who it is coming to see the Lady!” Jackie squealed excitedly as she thought about whether she would need to buy some more food in. “I bet it is one of those girl groups she is advising,” grumbled her driver “which means lots of giggling and shouting all night.” They continued towards the shops with no thought of the car. The Mysterious Car and the raiders The black Mercedes turned into the gates of Hartingwell Manor. It cautiously made its way up the long gravel drive. The driver didn’t stop at the front of the house but drove to stop outside the doors to Jackie’s now empty kitchen. The driver stayed in the car. Two passengers got out and jogged into the back of the house. They ran through the kitchen, up the stairs, through the hall and up the main stairs taking them two steps at a time. They were back outside the house in less than two minutes and the only sign was a dirty footprint in Lady Hartingwell’s dressing room.

Donnie Sparkle During the meeting in the office Cal and Zak told the group in the office that they had been waiting for something to happen for the past few weeks. Cal had been warned that Donnie Sparkle, the world famous jewel thief, was in England. They had installed cameras around the house and had hired a private detective to trail Sparkle whilst he was staying in London. They also said that they had been into the house and there was nothing missing. Absolutely nothing. Dug suggested that they should go through the house with a fine toothcomb and check to see if this was true. Dug Hall Detective During the day everyone searched the house whilst Dug talked to all of the people at Hartingwell Hall. He had always enjoyed being a detective and it was like being back in his old job. By the end of the day it was clear that no-one had been hurt and nothing appeared to have been taken. Lady Hartingwell was very shaken and kept telling everyone how she had been metres from death as they had been in her dressing room whilst she was in her room with Dolly Wilson, her maid. Everyone thought that she had been lucky as all of her diamonds were in the safe when the raid took place. Dug felt very sorry for Dolly as she was only young and had been worried for the ladyship. She was very loyal and had been grateful for Lady Hartingwell’s offer of some time off.

Mrs Jenkins was more cross than she was upset. She didn’t like the idea of someone coming into the house without the permission of Parkin. Both of she and Parkin were working on the plans for next week’s big party.

Mike Rush had been in the paddock at the time of the raid with the llamas.

Cal Meakin said that he was in his office all of the time talking to Zak (one of the gardeners.)

Lord Hartingwell was talking to Coney and Boyle. They say that they saw nothing at all.

Watching the film Dug decided that the best thing to do was check the CCTV films and see who had been into the house. Dug turned on the main computer and went into the security system. He watched the film feed from every camera and leant back with a furious sigh. He called Zak and Cal through. He said that they were about to watch made no sense at all. The three of them sat in silence as the film showed the car, black and speedy, moving down the drive. Dug pressed a button and the screen showed the stop on the gravel. He could see the driver’s face. He had a cap and dark glasses and so it could be anybody. Was it someone in the house? Watching the screen, it was clear that something strange had happened. Every time Dug pressed a button the raiders were just out of the picture. When he switched cameras again to show them the views from the kitchen all the way to the upstairs rooms, something amazing happened. As the raiders moved near a camera they appeared to stop working or became misty. “How can every camera stop working just like that?” demanded Cal glaring at Zak. “They didn’t,” he calmly replied “camera 3 looks like it has hairspray on it and the picture on number 6 looks as though it has bubble gum on it.”

There was a short silence. Dug looked at Cal and Zak and said “It looks like someone in the house did this.” Dug is on the case Dug was excited. He was a detective again. He called Lord Hartingwell and asked him to join him, Cal and Zak in the kitchen. Jackie cooked dinner pretending not to notice them. Dug told them what he thought had happened. He asked his Lordship if he would take them up to his safe in his dressing room. Lord Hartingwell asked why they were going to a room which hadn’t been visited. “Your Lordship, we simply don’t know where they went as each camera appears to have been broken or switched off. Someone inside this house knew what was happening.” He looked at Lord Hartingwell “We only know that they went to your wife’s dressing room as there is a dirty footprint inside. No-one saw them go in and no-one has found anything missing,” Dug took a deep breath and continued his long explanation. “If someone put bubble gum on a camera lens, is the footprint real?” The group of the four men walked up the back stairs looking for new clues whilst they talked about what could have happened during the break in. They stopped as Cal found a piece of gravel from the drive stuck in the carpet pile. Dug pointed out a small stud earring lying on its own. His Lordship looked upset as they reached the door of his dressing room. He looked at the four faces staring back at him and took a deep breath. “Right then Dug. What are we looking for?” Dug paused. He knew that he could lose his job if he upset Lord Hartingwell. He answered hesitantly “Well...erm...firstly I need to ask you what we should expect to find in the safe, Your Lordship.” “There is only one thing in there, Dug and that is the Khanda Diamond.” They all took a breath as Lord Jonny Hartingwell turned the dial for the last time and swung the door of the safe open...

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