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Hi there!

We couldnt be more excited that youve decided to give a presentation on OpenDNS. Whatever
the reason youve decided to encourage others to set up OpenDNS, were delighted that youll be
giving them the tools to make their Internet faster, safer, smarter and more reliable.
The materials in this package a slideshow, presentation notes, a factsheet, and our logo should
be a great start for getting the right information out there about OpenDNS. However, if there are
other tools thatll help you Id love to get them out to you. Feel free to give me a shout should you
need information, statistics, stickers to giveaway, or even a t-shirt to wear.
Were here to help!
Erin Symons
About the Company
0penDNS was founded n aLe 2005 by DNS experL Davd UevLch wLh Lhe snguar goa of
mprovng Lhe InLerneL.
IL`s a growng, profLabe company wLh fnanca backng from eadng Scon \aey venLure frms
Sequoa 0apLa and 0reyock ParLners.
There are currenLy T4 daLacenLers are operaLed around Lhe gobe and Lhe company s growng
OpenDNS Factsheet
About the Service
0penDNS s coud-based, a aspecLs of Lhe servce are managed va Lhe web, wLhouL an
30 mon+ peope acLvey use Lhe servce Loday neary 2% of Lhe word`s InLerneL users LrusLs
The word`s mosL LrusLed brands, ncudng ForLune T0 companes, and more Lhan T n 3 U.S.
K-T2 schoos, choose 0penDNS.
FeaLures offered ncude.
o The word`s fasLesL and mosL reabe DNS resouLon
o word-cass securLy ncudng Lhe mosL nnovaLve approach Lo combaLLng maware,
boLneLs, evovng InLerneL LhreaLs and phshng
o web conLenL fLerng wLh whLesL/backsL opLons
o RobusL reporLng and sLaLsLcs LhaL aow you Lo spoL Lroubesome Lrends before Lhey Lurn
nLo probems
T00% upLme. No ouLages ever.
0penDNS has servces for every possbe neLwork confguraLon, ncudng homes, schoos and
sma busnesses and gobay-dsLrbuLed enLerprses.
0penDNS creaLed and operaLes PhshTank, a communLy-based cearnghouse for phshng daLa.
PhshLank daLa s used Lo hep 0penDNS bock T mon phshng aLLempLs per monLh.
Slide 1: Introduction
Your opportunity to welcome your audience and introduce the topic of your presentation OpenDNS!
Provide some basic history and information about OpenDNS. If relevant to your audience, you can also mention
that the company has been protable since 2007, and is funded by leading Silicon Valley venture rms Sequoia
Capital and Greylock Partners.
Here you can explain the dangers of phishing to your audience and how OpenDNS operates the largest
community-powered anti-phishing effort on the Internet.
If your audience isnt a technical one, this is a good time to explain what DNS is. Note many people dont know
they have a choice in DNS and simply use their ISP. When an ISPs DNS server goes down, accessing websites
becomes nearly impossible. Thats just one of the reasons millions of people have chosen OpenDNS.
Heres a good time to explain how it can be difcult to spot the details in a phishing email that are signs of fraud
and how OpenDNS takes the guesswork out of recognizing the clues.
Heres some context for what being the worlds largest and fastest growing DNS provider means: Were doing 30
billion queries per day and we serve up more DNS than even the worlds largest ISP. If your audience is more
technical, now is a good time to tell them that OpenDNS uses Anycast routing technology. No matter where you
are in the world, your DNS requests are answered by the closest datacenter, making your Internet faster and
more reliable.
This is the meat of the presentation why would you want to use OpenDNS? Quickly run through some of
the key features OpenDNS offers and let your audience know youll go more in-depth on these features in your
*Note: If you are presenting to an audience of educators, mention that OpenDNS can allow you to achieve CIPA
compliance. The two requirements for CIPA compliance are 1) ltering adult content, and 2) being able to make
reports on whats been accessed on the network. Both are possible.
Slide 2: Meet OpenDNS
Slide 6: What is Phishing?
Slide 3: Getting Technical: What is DNS
Slide 7: What Does a Phishing Email Look Like?
Slide 4: Getting Technical: The Worlds Largest DNS Service
Slide 5: Why OpenDNS?
OpenDNS Presentation Slide Notes
You can help your audience understand how pervasive and devastating malware is today because it can steal and
distribute passwords and personal and nancial information. You can also share that it has the power to quickly
cripple all entities regardless of size, from a home network to a globally distributed enterprise.
If your audience still needs convincing that OpenDNS is the most easy-to-use and hands-down effective solution
to make their Internet faster, safer, smarter and more reliable, share what the experts are saying with them.
Here you can explain how OpenDNS is the single smartest way to secure your network from malware because of
its innovative, market-leading technology that cuts off malware at the knees.
Slide 8: What is Malware?
Slide 10: What the Experts are Saying
Slide 9: How Does OpenDNS Protect You from Malware?
Slide 11: Q & A