My Words 2011 Part of my role as a coach is to motivate players to come to training and perform to his best during training

and games. It is not easy to make that players and parents believe in themselves, what they are capable of, and what we can achieve. This season our manager created a weekly newsletter that was sent to parents before every game and I had a column, a space to write what I needed to say. These were my words.

Sent after the grand final, before trophy day

We will be champions We are Winners! And We will be champions soon! This year we formed a team from scratch, a team that became more competitive, playing with passion, courage and never giving up. We stepped up and shone when required and with honour defended our colours and defeated the opposition in turn to get into the Grand Final. A great achievement, a goal planned at the beginning, a dream made true. An everyone success. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to coach this group of players; also glad, proud and very happy for what we have already achieved. Our triumphs against East, Sunnybank, Redlands, Norths and Browns Plain were a challenge that we passed with team effort, hard work, and enjoyment. Everyone's desire, determination, dedication and discipline made our success possible. This, our first season together, was a fantastic journey that I really enjoyed, with highs and lows, victories and defeats, but that's part of the learning experience and I would never forget the changes and challenges that we went through, and how we grew together. Thanks everyone for the enormous help and support, specially Brad Greentree who during the initials days helped with his experience and advise to built this team. To our manager the Big Fella Warren Locke for his tireless help and voice in and out the field, for the newsletter, a great idea that contributed enormously to keep everyone on the same page. Stephen Holzapfel for his time and dedication coaching the boys. Billy Hodges, for his commitment strapping and helping the boys when it was required. Our trainers Peter and Tony who where responsible for our players hydration every time they needed it during our games. Our touch ref, Tony Lyndon. our ball and kicking tee boys, and all our parents, who

believed and supported me and my project since day one. Also to all parents who have voluntarily raised their hands to tireless help with the coordination of fundraising, sponsorship and communications for the LondonParis Tour 2012, specially Cheryl Williams, Kate Holpzafel, Rick Leadbetter. We will come back next year, stronger, faster, more committed and ready to embrace new challenges and win. 2012 is a very important year for all of us, We got the London-Paris tour, a fantastic project, a life experience, a rugby trip that we will not forget, and to make it possible it is vital to have everyone's help and support, with hard work, sacrifice and commitment. We will also play the season with the only idea of developing and improving our performance as individuals and as a team to win games and therefore the grand final. And hopefully to get more players involved in the 2012 Brisbane North Rep team.

This year we finished strong with a victory in our sight

Thank you all, Leonardo Mohamad

Sent on 27/8/2011 (evening) before the preliminary final game

Get into the Grand Final!!! We did it again, we stepped up again and we finally beat Browns Plain 29-3. I agree with you guys: "Up to today this is the best game so far this season". Oops, I know I have said so before, first was Sunnybank, then Redlands and finally Browns Plain and tomorrow will be Norths, I know that. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us,we will have to opportunity to get what we have been dreaming and working for: to get into the grand final. We have improved so much since day one, and last night in our last training session I watched a different team, a very competitive one, with players able to run, pass, kick, attack, tackle hard and defend. We got twenty two players with great skills, vision, speed and, more importantly, that are committed and supportive.

We got the skills to win against Norths, but we need to step up and shine again since minute one to the end of the game as we did it greatly last week against Browns Plain, our big mistake would be to give it for granted, and to not give our best effort. To beat Norths again we must play focused on our game plan, do our very best and play as a team, always together, supporting and helping, communicating with each other. Remember we are a team, the best one, and feel proud of what you have done, and you will do, believe in yourself and play one more time with courage, passion and without fear because tomorrow is a special day, a day for success; we play at home and our field there is no space for a loss. You, we, deserve to be in the grand final because we all have the desire to be there, the determination to never give up, our dedication to do our best and the discipline and commitment to do so. Tomorrow be brave and with anger defend what we deserve, what we have been working for: get into the Grand Finals! and do not allow Norths to take our joy.

Lets do it again, yes we can! Lets go Green to the Grand Finals Leonardo Mohamad

Sent on 20/8/2011 before the semi final game

It is our time!!! Well done boys, a well deserved achievement. A big applause for all of you. This result is product of a great team work that includes you all and your parents. But the season has not finished yet, we have one more game in front and remember that we all we want to get into the grand final, so everyone hard work, commitment (specially in the tackle and breakdown), support and effort is highly needed this Sunday to get the result that we all want. We have played great rugby during the season with a lot of highs and few lows, and we have learnt from both victories and defeat, and this time is not space for

a loss, if get beat we are out of the race for the title, in the fourth place, a place where we do not deserve and neither want to be. We are a great team, with fantastic players, with very good skills, so I am expecting to play our highest level this weekend, a performance similar to the games that we played against Sunnybank and lately Redlands (our best performance this season so far), this victory 48-0 was a demonstration of the right attitude, fantastic support, speed, tackle, good pass, fantastic line out and great scrum, excellent communication and team work. Can we do the same this time? YES WE CAN!!! To win, we need the WINNER ATTITUDE; As individuals we need the Desire to win, Determination to never give up, and keep going to the end of the game, playing 150%; Dedication to improve and doing it one more time until it is done correctly and Discipline, as you train you play. And as a group, most importantly, we need to play as a team: talk, support, help, commit to each other Remember We are a team, everyone has an important role to comply with in attack and in defence; we count on you, on each other, your commitment is very important. Boys It is time to step up, shine again and play our best to beat Browns Plain, this is our last chance, it is not another day, another season, tomorrow is the day, it is our day, do not allow others get your joy, what we deserve: A victory!! A victory will put our team into the preliminary-finals. Let’s go Albany Creek Green, we can do it!!! Leo
Published on 24/07/ 2011

A successful weekend! What a great success we had last weekend. Thanks all of you (players and parents) for a fantastic result. Individually and collectively it was our best performance, our best game so far this season. All players’ performance was excellent; everyone performed at 120%, watching you all doing what we planned, as we wanted, was amazing. I was so happy; trying to control my emotions during the game was hard, because finally, all of you were playing at your best. We beat Redlands 48-0, wow and as a result of the team effort, thirteen players from Albany Creek invited to trial for the U14 Brisbane North. This group of players did quite well on Monday night in competition against players from seven other clubs. They stepped up, shone and their talent was recognised by the selectors with eight players from the Green team and one from the Blue team making into the U14s Brisbane North squad.

Great reward for everyone’s effort, even those who did not make it, without everyone’s support this would not be possible. We are at home this weekend and we play Brown Plains and a tough one, we must step up again and play our best to beat the visitors! Come on boys, we can do it again; you showed on Sunday against Redlands that you are the best players and the best team. We are the strong contender to win not only this game, but also the Championship. Let's go Green, we can do it again Leonardo Mohamad
Published on 16/07/ 2011

It is Redlands' turn. We have a fantastic week ahead, after the Super Reds' victory and celebrations, we are all back to training together both days, Wednesday and Friday. This weekend we face Redlands, a team that is not easy to play against, even if we have already beat them. This is a different game and our goal is to win. We need to work harder to control the ball, especially in attack and defence from set pieces. We got new backs’ moves and we need to practice them. We need to play our best on Sunday, as we did against Sunnybank, so far our best game this season, not only because of the score (the biggest margin), but most importantly for the team' s positive attitude, we supported each other and communicated. We must play as a team to get the result that we are expecting, please avoid playing as individuals, because being selfish will affect our team and it will not impress coaches or selectors. A victory will put our team into the semi-finals, a great achievement, but to win this game we must put all our effort and focus into the game and the opposition we have in front, that's it. Concentrate on the task at hand and don't even think about what's happening outside of the field. Last year some players desperately tried to impress coaches and selectors, but they were so worried about their performance that they did a pretty poor job, hence they were not selected. What selectors look for are team members, players with the right attitude (commitment, discipline and support for their team mates). This year we are trying to be fairer with the players, so all coaches from U14s Brisbane North have been watching games and players from the seven teams

we have to select from during the season. In previous years selection has been based in only one game, and that's not an accurate and fair process and at the end we do not get the team and result that we were looking for. Unfortunately not all our players will be selected. If they are not, please feel proud of your boy, he is a great player in learning and developing process. Remember that success takes time; be patient, selection and success will come, some players learn faster than others, that’s the reason for different skills but they all have the potential to be great players. Let’s go Green, we can beat Redlands! Leonardo Mohamad

Published on 17/06/ 2011

Two in a row Fantastic game, we beat Easts, our second victory in a row. We got a lot of positives from it and we got the result that we were looking for and that's very good, of course there areas that we must improve, but as winners we never give up and we are working on them. We gave our last game's performance a score of 7, which is low considering the big potential we've got; if we want to beat Wynnum we need to improve this score. To do that, we must improve our attack, keeping it simple, supporting each other and sticking to our game plan. Communication, discipline and commitment are a must!! This weekend we have a good challenge ahead; we are facing the first team on the table, a team with strengths but also weaknesses, a lot of weakness. Those areas are the ones that we must attack and take advantage of. It is going to be a physical game, so we must be prepared for a battle in the breakdown and we must step up the stronger. Only the stronger will win this contest. Importantly, we need to support each other, never attack alone, do it with someone else, in pairs, threes, fours, but never alone, we are a team and that's how we will play. We have the physicality and speed which is advantageous because we can play as we wish combining forwards and backs in our attack and defence. It is 15-man rugby, where everyone participates, each player has a role, and it is not only forwards cleaning out or backs running with the ball, everyone on the field has the skills to contribute. Everyone has a role to comply with, a task to

complete, and each of you is vital to achieve our goal. Let's get a performance score of 10! Let's go Green! Leonardo Mohamad
Published on 9/06/ 2011

Well done boys!!! What a game last Sunday, I think that my blood pressure was high and I nearly exploded. It was a hard game. We were better in the breakdown, moving the ball, attacking the space, supporting each other, tackling, defending, but we had difficulty handling a few balls; therefore it wasn’t easy to get the result that we wanted. Wow, a high adrenaline way to finish the first round, winning...strong. Well done boys! A great effort! Since day one we have been working hard to improve our skills and at this stage just a few details need harder work to achieve the top level. The result of our dedication and determination we have won four and lost only two games; a very positive balance. We are second on the table not far from the top, and to get there we need to focus on our game plan, believe in ourselves, never give up and keep very disciplined. T his weekend we are back at home, we play against East, the first game of the second round. We will take this game away if we catch, pass and control the ball! Can we do it? Yes we can! It will be difficult if we do not keep the discipline, stick to the game plan, if we do not keep it simple and we have doubts about what we can achieve. We have got a good solid pack of forwards that are able to push hard and win a lot of balls in the scrum, the breakdown, the maul, and we have got a back-line that runs, passes the ball and tackles - without doubt or exaggeration it is one of the strongest and fastest in the second division. We are a great team, a serious contender for the finals but we still have five more games ahead, this weekend we must step up again, play at our best to beat Easts, can we do it again? Of course we can! Let's go Green!

Leonardo Mohamad

Published on 2/06/ 2011

Believe in Yourself

You are your greatest asset; there is nothing you can't do. No one can keep you from dreaming; only you can make then come true. What you achieve is determined by the desire you possess. There is no better feeling than the feeling of success. Believe in who you are and what do you do. Don't leave things up to fate, it's strictly up to you ************************************************************ I gave this to you all at the beginning of the season, and I think that is a good time to give it to you all again. (this poem was published in a Rugby Magazine and distributed by South Africa coach to his players) Leonardo Mohamad

Sent on 23 May 2011 11:11:40 PM AEST

We are ONE TEAM We beat Sunnybank 46-10 playing beautiful rugby, I was over the moon watching you guys, playing as ONE TEAM, running into the space, passing balls, supporting each other, wining line outs and scrums, and scoring 26 uncontested points. We were shaken up at the beginning of the second half with 10 points against, but we never gave up and we bounced back strongly and scored another 20 points. What a great response! Well done boys. Do I think that you played well? Yes, absolutely; but not because of the amount of points, which has been the biggest margin this season, but because of the way we played as a team. Specially the forwards whom squeezed and pushed harder and won most scrums and fixed our throwing and jumping timing and won nearly

all balls in the line out, not only ours also opposition's ones. We sticked to our game plan, also the communication improved and we had a much connection between forwards and backs and therefore we got more clear balls that we needed to run into the space and score points. Our defence was better, still not our strength but we will work harder to improve it. This week we are travelling to Albion to face Brothers, a good team in a higher division, and I think that we have the skills to have a good and enjoyable game again, what we need to do is to have the same positive and supportive attitude, keep our communication, discipline and composure inside the field and play our best to beat them. Each week we are improving and I strongly believe that we are able to beat as individuals in one on one situations ,and also as a team,whoever is in front of us. It does not matter they play in a higher, same or lower division, we got the desire and determination also the skills and most importantly we are ONE team, we are Albany Creek, lets go Green! Leonardo Moahamad
Sent on 15 May 2011 8:57:52 PM AEST

Our victory or our failure What a sad loss today, nail biting, heartbreaking. Deserved it? Difficult answer. We had a good second half, even though it was not the best in the season; we attacked well, we took some opportunities and we scored, but in rugby it is difficult to win when you are not able to win your own balls in the line out and scrum, and tackles and kicks are missed in crucial moments. Also, to be successful, good decision and opportunities must be taken, and communication is a pivotal. We were weak in some areas and it is pointless to blame individuals to justify our failure, we all made mistakes today, even myself. When we win or loose it is our victory or our failure, and together we must learn from them in a positive way. We must take our victories as a reward to our effort and our failure as a motive to keep trying and improving. We have a talented group of players, with fantastic abilities and skills, and we must be proud of them, for their effort, determination and desire to be better players. We got a long season in front, and another game this weekend and another chance to show how good we are. This Sunday is Sunnybank. Let's go Green we can do it better, we are the best!

Sent on 11 May 2011 9:03:59 PM AEST

Team's effort What an effort, last weekend we left behind the game against Wynnun, and with only one session, we step up, improved our attitude, never gave up and we beat Redlands 19 -10. A big applause for the boys that shown mental strength and determination. Support to each other is a vital part in our style of play an it is a must at all levels. Last week a group of dads wearing shorts and runners came to training and help carrying bags and defending. That was great, very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you very much for that. We are a team and we are all part of it, we are players, parents, coaches, medical staff, trainers, water boys, supporters and whatever we do on the field is result of everyone's effort, support, commitment. As result of it we won our second game, a great result. Thanks everyone for make it happens. Now we must focus in our game against Browns Plain, it would be a physical game, as difficult as every game, so we must work hard, harder to improve our performance and win again, I think that nothing is impossible and I believe in what players are capable of. let's do it again Green!

Sent on 3 May 2011 9:48:09 PM AEST

Switched off Last Sunday we played against a difficult team. It was tough; tougher because, even tough we made an effort, we were switched off and we could not play at our best level thus the result was one we did not like the most. We have the skills and abilities to be a winner team, but we must switch on, move on and look for improvement in those areas where we could not excel. But to improve we need to believe in what we are capable of, work harder, keep the discipline, commit, support each other and give 100%. As we train we play.

As part of our preparation we must turn our heads forward and not look back, and be positive, because failure is a learning experience and it is also the reason for success, and success can not be achieved without it. I have learnt from my

mistakes and I hope we all do, we will be a different team, with different attitude, playing a different game this weekend. Our objective this week is to beat Redlands at home. A new challenge. A new opportunity to step up and show them how good we are. We can do it again, Green!
Sent on 12 April 2011 9:50:30 PM AEST

Can we do it? Can we do it? Yes we can! Does it Sound familiar? It is not Bob the Builder or Obama's campaign slogan. Before the game I asked our players to step up, to shine and they did it brilliantly last weekend. Well done boys! They all showed determination, desire and they won. It was fantastic to see how they stood firm and bounced back to score two tries, two conversions and not allow any other point in the second half, this, winning our first game 26-5. I would like to make a special mention to those boys who played in a position they are not used to play in and did it very well. Thanks guys. And to Lachlan Young what a performance in the line out, superb! It was a difficult game, and more difficult games will come, so we must work harder to improve what we did not do very well, become stronger, and play our best. Nothing is impossible, can we beat Wynnun? Yes we can! Go green!
Published on 5/04/ 2011

It is show time!
The season starts this weekend, so it is time to step up. Do you know what you want? Do you want it badly enough? Do you want to win? YES!

It can come can do it, we can do it. So never give up, act in a positive way, get the winner's attitude, do not allow anyone or anything to steal your joy, KEEP MOVING TOWARDS YOUR GOAL. Remember that to achieve something, anything, takes time, practice makes perfect. TRY, TRY, TRY. To be successful in rugby we need desire, determination, dedication and discipline. It's time to show how good you are, we are one team, the power of one. Go Green! Leonardo Mohamad
Published on 28/03/ 2011

Thanks! Thanks, Warren, and all parents for your support during the last eight weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, as I still have not met all of you. This is my second year coaching at Albany Creek, and I am really enjoying it. I have been coaching since 1996 and the last five years in Australia. I have coached U9, U10, U12, U13, U14, U15, Colts and a representative team from North Brisbane for the past four seasons. My personal goal is to become a professional coach and make a lifestyle of my passion for rugby. Spanish is my first language. I am a journalist from Venezuela, one the most beautiful countries in Latin America and the world; sadly we also have one of the worst governments, part of the reason for having moved to Australia with my wife five year ago. Our son, Cristian, was born in Brisbane. I am very happy to be at Albany Creek and coach this group of boys. My philosophy is not based on winning at all cost, but on making our boys better players and human beings inside and outside the field. Victory will come as a consequence of this. Welcome to the 2011 season I hope you enjoy it immensely. Cheers Leonardo Mohamad

Welcome to 2011 season
There is nothing in the rugby field we cannot do. There is no goal we cannot tackle and have success! If your mind can conceive it, and you head can believe it, then I know you can achieve it. Our goal is to have fun, learn as much as we can, and develop our skills, and with enough hard work, total commitment, determination, dedication and discipline, I know we will reach it. I know there will be difficult times and we will have to work harder to achieve our goal, but never give up, you are a winner, keep moving towards your goal!!!
Leonardo Mohamad U14s Green Albany Creek.  

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