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HAPPINESS IS AN INVISIBLE THING Genuine happiness is establishing a harmonious relationship with God as well as applying His words to my life

and sharing them with others. As a student, I was shy and unpopular. I hated my constant hiding in my shell. Eventually I fought it off especially when I have classroom reports. My teachers keep reminding me so with my classmates to perform like true teachers because we are going to be teachers someday. I believe that being an elementary teacher is not an easy task, you have to exert efforts to gain a good result. But before that, I will let you know why until now I am still pursuing my studies. First and foremost, I am not dreaming of

having a family at the age of 18 but to due some family problems and confusions I thought that marrying is the solution to my problems because I am thinking that this is my only way out. So, I got married and it is almost 9 years when I stop studying. Do you think I was happy? Interestingly and frustratingly, I was not. For a while I thought I was nuts. But as I scanned books on human behavior, I discovered I wasand still normal because in marriage, it is not all bed of roses. I experienced many trials and circumstances but despite all odds, I am proud to say that I was able to overcome it by the help our Almighty God. Im so thankful because my husband encouraged me to pursue my study

because our kids were already grown up. That is why until I am still studying. Feeling low and dejected after getting what you want is normal. Sure, you are happy after a dream comes true. But the feelings fleeting. You may feel sad and purposeless subsequently. Therapists say that this is a phenomenon. Moreover they admit that this has become more common nowadays. A case in point Dicel, a friend of mind, has long been dreaming of Delfin, a call center agent, to be her man. For her, he is the best of an ideal husband. She tried everything to get him from the lure of being demure to the art of flirting. Finally Delfin noticed her, and they became steadies. After a couple of weeks

Decil said, I dont know why, but I have this unexplained daunting feeling. For a long time, I thought that I would be the happiest woman in this world if Delfin would fall for. But Im not. Why I include this? Because this true to life story will guide me on how to achieve dreams which you are freely chosen without regrets. Eva Kantor, Ph. D., a New York Psychologist, says that theres a reason for this. She explains As long as youve got a dream, you can shape it in fantasy just as you want it to be. But once something becomes reality, you can see the flaws. Decil found out about Delfins negative traits, like being moody and strict, which she strongly dislikes. To the real extent, Dicel get pregnant

and problems arises, they keep on quarreling because Delfin reason out that he is not yet ready get married. Until such time that they jump into a critical decision, which is the separation. Dr. Kantor says, It takes time to figure out how to adjust to the real thing. Sometimes dissatisfied people who are wanting of internal changes in their lives resort to physical changes. Sheena, as an example, has long been relating how she dies of envy when she looks at girls with svelte legs. She thinks that had her legs been smaller, too, her life would be a lot better. And know what? She had the fats in her thighs liposuctioned. Slim thighs. To Sheenas delight, shes still not happy. She deluded herself into thinking that slim thighs were

all she wanted. But, in fact, what shed been longing fort are a guys attention and date proposals. Having slimmer thighs, among other things, does not give one the assurance of a happier life. As Carol Saturasky, Ph. D., A clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles, attests: Many people are looking for an internal change, but that cant be brought about by an outside experience. We dream of something, set of goal, work for it. When we attain it, comes the unbidden emptiness, subliminally we long for a change we dreamed ofthe very goal where we have structured our whole lifeis achieved, we start to lose perspective. We ask, whats next? This way is why

there are a lot of lonely young people. Poverty abounds and in an effort to make their children happy, like me, as parent I try to give everything to my children for their convenience. In the process, kids dont experience the joy of getting they want through their labor. They wonder what else they would look forward to after having everything. A thorough examination of ones own mental and emotional process is necessary to determine what were really looking for. Some go into sexual promiscuity, others strive for riches, accolades or popularity when what they are truly after is love and security. I longed for happiness in my pursuit of worldly things. Instead I got annoying of

the spirit and emptiness. Jesus of Galilee was right. A man shall not live by bread alone (Matthew 4:4). I found real, lasting happiness neither in the things visible to the eye nor in worldly honor, but in heeding the call of God who has put me in this world on purpose. I found genuine happiness by establishing a harmonious relationship with Him, by applying His words to my life, and sharing them with others.