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rice for sushi (must be bought just because it is sticky) - Rice vinegar (also, it must have rice vinegar,

and where it can and writes for sushi) - Umeboshi (required, these are prezervirane plum orchards in the jar) - Package-two norija (seaweed which dries the curls. Nori Many often confused, t hinking that the skin of tuna or other fish because it has a sea smell and taste reminiscent of the fish skin) - Ginger in vinegar (optional, jar, purchased, prepared, acidic and pink) - Official-shogi - Wasabi, cream (optional, it is that green horseradish paste angry like poison, without which one can not imagine dipping sushi) - Soy sauce (with less sugar and salt in it!) - Avocado (ripe) - Carrots - Japanese or English cucumber (because there are no seeds) - Spinach - Can and cucumber or asparagus instead of spinach. - Bamboo mat (very necessary detail for the bending of the rolls!) Later you will add your own ingredients to taste and what is found in the refrig erator. 1Pirinac cook the rice in kuvalu, and if you do not have it in the traditional w ay. The ratio of water and rice is the same as in obicnog.2Kada is cooked (is st icky), add vinegar (to taste, depending on the mixture), sea salt, and 1 clove c rushed garlic luka.3Za time to turn the hotplate and the red-hot plates sweep li st of nori-I to 'turn green'. It takes a second, as you lepezom.4Skuvali carrots , cut along the thin (less than 1cm. Tapes) are peeled cucumber cut in thin slic es as well, along the clean and peeled avocado and cut into thin slices along al so cooked spinach, cleaned, cooked cleaned asparagus (Be sure to remove the back of the handle by hand tear off the part that separates the pressure I) .5 Share in two ljivice.6Postavite nori on a bamboo mat and wet hands grasp the amount of water needed to cover the box norija with what you will leave intact the upper part (3 cm) .7 The thickness of several millimeters, just to cover nori.8Na dist ance of 5 centimeters from the bottom with rice norija less horizontal row of ca rrots, cucumber, red, red avocado, a little of it as spanaca.9Sve roll condition s, controlling the strength of bamboo rolata.10Nori of moisture and warm rice an d immediately soften skin as rolat.11Iskoristite joined the 2 / 3 of rice for th e rest of the rice rolate.12Od (hands must be wet!) make a plum-sized balls (our , but the smallest size) and has the group a finger hole in the middle and put h alf of the plum orchards close, so now you have a ball of pirinca.13Nori cut int o 4 parts, you get 4 tracks. Every ball and wrap nori strip dno.14I plateau top and so on until you spend pirinac.15Stavite roll back the bamboo mat and a sharp knife cut 3-bits wide 4cm.16Slu i in small bowls to put the soy sauce, wasabi pas te a little, and a little sour d ind era.17Slu ite with chopsticks, they are not used to it by hand, never, never a fork, or God forbid no .18Ono you can not eat, put i n bowl, cover and disposed in the refrigerator, can be eaten for three days with immutable ukusom.19Nigiri drying process is the same with rice, but you have to ask your butcher to give you a thin, paper-cut fleece as salmon or tuna (not co oked, of course) and then put over it formed elongated balls with pirinca.20Slu i same ingredients, same nacin.21Po me, the healthiest, most beautiful, exquisite cuisine, a very refined and easy to drink, to pripremanje.22Zaboravih: saki or a green tea and tea may jasmina.23Prijatno and sayonara!