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8evlslon CuesLlons

Corroslon C Monday
1 ls Lhe elecLrlcal clrculL ln a corroslon reacLlon AC or uC?
Ans uC

2 uoes corroslon occur aL Lhe caLhode or aL Lhe anode?
Ans Anode

3 name Lhe Lhree facLors needed for corroslon Lo occur
Ans Anode CaLhode and LlecLrolyLe

4 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm elecLrolyLe?
Ans A subsLance whlch wlll conducL currenL and be broken down

3 WhaL ls corroslon?
Ans uegradaLlon of a maLerlal by chemlcal or elecLrochemlcal means

6 ln Lhe corroslon clrculL do elecLrons flow from anode Lo caLhode?
Ans ?es elecLrons flow from anode Lo caLhode vla meLalllc paLh

7 Whlch gas ls released aL Lhe caLhode when Lhe elecLrolyLe ls waLer?
Ans Pydrogen (P)

8 Whlch ls Lhe more noble meLal sLeel or alumlnlum?
Ans SLeel

9 Whlch ls more elecLronegaLlve sLeel or alumlnlum?
Ans Alumlnlum

10 lf sLeel and copper were ln conLacL ln an elecLrolyLe whlch would corrode?
Ans SLeel

11 name Lwo common hygroscoplc salLs
Ans lron SulphaLes lron Chlorldes

12 name Lhree meLals used as sacrlflclal anodes on a sLeel plpellne
Ans Zlnc Alumlnlum Magneslum

13 WhaL ls Lhe approxlmaLe Lhlckness of mlllscale?
Ans lrom 23 Lo 100 Mlcrons

14 Whlch of Lhe Lwo meLals would corrode lf sLeel and zlnc were coupled?
Ans Zlnc

13 Whlch oLher names relaLe Lo Lhe Calvanlc LlsL?
Ans LlecLromoLlve lorces Serles LlecLrochemlcal Serles

16 ln whlch envlronmenL are you llkely Lo encounLer chlorlde salLs?
Ans Marlne LnvlronmenL

17 Whlch Lhree compounds LogeLher form mlllscale?
Ans PaemaLlLe WusaLlLe MagneLlLe

18 lf magneslum was coupled wlLh zlnc whlch would corrode?
Ans Magneslum

19 ln whlch envlronmenL would sulphaLe salLs be found?
Ans lndusLrlal (ower SLaLlons eLc) and AgrlculLural Areas

20 WhaL ls an osmoLlc bllsLer?
Ans 1lny plnhead slzed waLer bllsLers caused by Pygroscoplc salL conLamlnaLlon (lron SulphaLes/
lron Chlorldes)

21 WhaL ls an lon?
Ans A poslLlvely or negaLlvely charged parLlcle or aLom unS1A8LL A1CM

22 WhaL ls meanL by polarlsaLlon?
Ans 1he polarlLy (oslLlve or negaLlve) of an aLom

23 ls an anode poslLlve or negaLlve?
Ans oslLlve

24 Can corroslon occur wlLhouL an elecLrolyLe?
Ans nC

23 name a sub aLomlc parLlcle
Ans roLon neuLron and LlecLron

26 WhaL ls mlllscale and when and where does lL occur?
Ans Mlllscale ls a Lhln flaky layer of lron oxldes formed and compressed durlng rolllng operaLlon of
sLeel secLlon 8SA 8SC 8S! when LemperaLure ls above 380 C 1he oxldes formed are
PaemaLlLe WusaLlLe and MagneLlLe1he colour of mlll scale ls 23 100 m

27 name Lhree facLors whlch can acceleraLe corroslon reacLlons
Ans 1emperaLure 8acLerla Pygroscoplc SalLs Acld Alkalls 8l meLalllc corroslon (galvanlc llsL
locaLlon) and Aeroblc CondlLlons

28 Why ls lL consldered essenLlal Lo remove mlllscale prlor Lo palnLlng?
Ans lL prevenLs 8l meLalllc corroslon (mlllscale ls more noble Lhan Lhe sLeel) and lmproves
adheslon cleanllness

29 Why does an uncoaLed sLeel plaLe corrode?
Ans SLeel ls heLerogeneous as lL exlsLs as boLh a caLhode and an anode slmulLaneously LlecLrons
enLer aL every avallable polnL of Lhe subsLraLe lron reacLs readlly wlLh oxygen Lo form lron oxlde

30 lf corroslon occurs aL anodlc areas why does sLeel corrode evenly all over Lhe surface?
Ans 1race alloylng elemenLs ln Lhe sLeel (nlckel Carbon Alumlnlum eLc) provldes mllllons of anodlc
and caLhodlc areas (8l meLalllc conLacL) so LhesLeel surface wlll corrode (as lL ls boLh an anode
and a caLhode)

Surface preparaLlon Monday
1 Whlch 8rlLlsh sLandard would be used ln deLermlnlng Lhe slze of copper slag abraslve?
Ans 8S 410

2 Whlch 8rlLlsh sLandard would be used ln deLermlnlng Lhe slze of meLalllc abraslves?
Ans 8S 410

3 Whlch regulaLlons prohlblL Lhe use of sand for blasLlng sLeel?
Ans CCSPP (MSuS or daLa SheeLs) 1637

4 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm 'key'?
Ans 1he cross secLlon of blasLed area as measured from Lhe Lop of Lhe peak Lo Lhe boLLom of Lhe
Lrough ls called peak or surface proflle

3 Why ls lL lmporLanL Lo have good surface preparaLlon?
Ans 1o lmprove adheslon and remove conLamlnaLlon whlch glves a surface proflle of 10 years llfe as

6 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm sllver?
Ans lL ls Lhe lamlnaLlon LhaL appears Lo be a longlLudlnal crack lL ls a surface breaklng lamlnaLlon

7 WhaL ls a hackle?
Ans A small surface lamlnaLlon whlch sLands uprlghL llke a needle afLer blasLlng ApproxlmaLely
13 mm Laslly removed

8 name Lwo oLher Lerms LhaL could be used for anchor paLLern?
Ans eak Lo 1rough key surface proflle ampllLude

9 WhaL are Lhe maln advanLages of uslng 1esLex papers for measurlng proflles?
Ans lL proved a permanenL record and lL can be used on curved surfaces

10 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm grade relaLlng Lo a blasL flnlsh?
Ans uegree of surface cleanllness

11 WhaL are Lhe maln facLors governlng Lhe grade of a blasL flnlsh?
Ans 1lme spenL abraslve slze abraslve denslLy maLerlal denslLy shape of parLlcles hardness of Lhe
abraslve lnlLlal rusL grade

12 Can Lhe grade of a blasL flnlsh be deLermlned by uslng Lhe surface comparaLors Lo 8S 7079 L
Ans no only surface roughness

13 WhaL proflle range can be measured uslng 'x coarse' 1esLex?
Ans 37 113 m

14 WhaL proflle range can be measured uslng 'coarse' grade 1esLex?
Ans 20 30 m

13 WhaL are Lhe Lwo Lheorles of adheslon?
Ans Molecular lnLerference and Molecular Adheslon

16 8rlefly descrlbe Lhe mechanlsms of Lhe Lwo Lheorles of adheslon
Ans (l)Molecular lnLerference 8ecause surface rough and uneven palnL geLs lock and weL Lhe
(ll)Molecular ALLracLlon Charged parLlcles are aLLracLed Lo each oLher negaLlve Lo poslLlve and
vlse versa

17 Pow many mlcrons are ln 1Lhou?
Ans 234

18 Clve Lhree dlfferenL names for Lhe cross secLlon of a blasL
Ans Surface roflle Anchor aLLern key eak Lo 1rough AmpllLude

19 WhaL ls Lhe approxlmaLe speed of abraslves leavlng a venLurl nozzle?
Ans 430 mph

20 WhaL ls Lhe mosL common cause of flash rusLlng on a blasLed subsLraLe?
Ans MolsLure

21 WhaL would be consldered Lo be an ldeal shoL grlL mlx?
Ans 70 80 shoL/ 20 30 grlL

22 WhaL ls Lhe purpose of mlxlng shoL and grlL?
Ans CrlL cuLs Lhe proflle shoL conLrols Lhe peaks Lo glve a unlform proflle

23 Whlch abraslve would have Lhe effecL of work hardenlng a subsLraLe?
Ans MeLalllc shoL or sLeel shoL

24 name Lhree meLhods of measurlng or assesslng a proflle
Ans ComparaLors vlsual 1ouch (LacLlle) Surface roflle needle Cauge ulal MlcromeLer 8epllca

23 WhaL ls Lhe mosL common cause of rogue peaks on a subsLraLe?

Ans ConcenLraLed blasLlng ln one area for Loo long

26 ln whaL slLuaLlon would lL be beLLer Lo use sLeel grlL ln preference Lo copper slag abraslves?
Ans Lnclosed 8lasL CablneLs or WheelabraLors

27 lf cracks or lamlnaLlons are found on a subsLraLe afLer blasLlng whaL sLeps should be Laken?
Ans SLop Lhe blasLlng operaLlon mark Lhe area and reporL lL Lo Lhe slLe englneer (ulLrasonlc
lamlnaLlon checks normally follow)

28 uslng comparaLors Lo lSC 8303 whaL are Lhe Lhree maln proflle assessmenLs?
Ans llne Medlum and Coarse

29 WhaL are Lhe oLher Lwo assessmenLs when Lhe above Lhree are noL approprlaLe?
Ans llner Lhan flne and coarser Lhan coarse

30 WhaL would be slze of copper slag needed Lo glve a proflle of 30 Lo 73m?
Ans C16 (! 8lasL Supa ls mosL common)

Surface preparaLlon 1uesday

1 WhaL ls Lhe LlLle of Lhe 8S 7079?
Ans reparaLlon of sLeel subsLraLes before appllcaLlon of palnLs and relaLed producLs

2 WhaL are Lhe four characLerlsLlcs of an abraslve?
Ans Slze hardness denslLy shape

3 Why are blasL hoses carbon lmpregnaLed?
Ans SLaLlc elecLrlclLy dlscharge

4 name Lhe gauge used for measurlng pressure aL Lhe blasL nozzle?
Ans Pypodermlc needle Cauge

3 name four advanLages of cenLrlfugal blasLlng over open blasLlng
Ans 8ecycleable abraslves operaLor safeLy quallLy conLrol no operaLor faLlgue

6 Accordlng Lo 8S 7079 ls lL posslble Lo blasL clean Lo an A Sa1?
Ans no

7 ls Lhere any dlfference beLween an A Sa1 and 8 Sa1?
Ans ?es

8 Could you Lell Lhe dlfference beLween rusL grades A and 8 blasLed Lo Sa3?
Ans no

9 Could you Lell Lhe dlfference beLween rusL grades C and u blasLed Lo Sa3?
Ans ?es posslble heavy plLLlng

10 WhaL would be a Lyplcal speed of abraslves leavlng a wheel abraLor?
Ans 220 mph

11 WhaL ls consldered Lo be Lhe mosL efflclenL blasLlng pressure?
Ans100 psl

12 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm burnlshlng?
ollshlng or shlnlng of Lhe maLerlal surface

13 WhaL would be Lhe equlvalenL Lo SL2 ln Lhe Sa grades?
Ans Sa 2Z

14 WhaL ls Lhe neuLral flgure on Lhe pP scale?

Ans Seven(7)

13 WhaL ls Lhe meanlng of pP and how ls lL measured?
Ans oLenLlal Pydrogen (level of acldlLy or alkallnlLy) uslng a llLmus paper or pP lndlcaLors

16 Why are lnhlblLors someLlmes added Lo waLer ln weL blasLlng?
Ans 1o prevenL flash rusLlng (lmmedlaLe oxldaLlon)

17 name Lwo Lyplcal areas where needle guns mlghL be used?
Ans 8lveLs bolLs weld cap proflle plaLe overlap

18 WhaL ls Lhe duplex process of surface preparaLlon?
Ans lckllng followed by passlvaLlon (looLners uuplex SysLem)

19 Whlch pP range covers acld and whlch range covers alkalls?
Ans 0 Lo 7 aclds 7 Lo 14 alkallnes

20 name Lwo areas on a sLrucLure where flame cleanlng cannoL be done
Ans Areas of fasLenlng under Lenslon (bolLs rlveLs screws eLc)

21 Whlch Lhree baslc operaLlons are performed durlng flame cleanlng?
Ans Lxpanslon uehydraLlon PeaL eneLraLlon

22 Pow does 8S 7079 deflne flame cleanlng sLandards?
Ans AlL 8lL ClL and ulL

23 WhaL ls a !ason's Pammer?
Ans A pneumaLlc caulklng chlsel a Lype of needle gauge

24 WhaL ls meanL by SL2 and SL3?
Ans 1hrough hand and power Lool cleanlng very Lhrough hand and power Lool cleanlng

23 1wo alloys are used Lo render wlre brushes spark free whaL are Lhey?
Ans hosphor 8ronze/ 8erylllum 8ronze

26 Why should burnlshlng be avolded?
Ans ollshed surfaces glve poor adheslon

27 name Lwo ma[or dlsadvanLages of uslng a needle gun
Ans Work hardenlng operaLor faLlgue very coarse surface proflle PealLh and safeLy lssuedue Lo
vlbraLlon whlLe flnger

28 AfLer phosphaLlng whaL would be a Lyplcal pP requlremenL prlor Lo coaLlng?
Ans 43 Lo 70

29 WhaL ls undersLood by Lhe Lerm knock ouL poL?
Ans A small vessel wlLh a draln Lap Lo remove oll and waLer vapour from Lhe compressed alr

30 lf an operaLor was blasLlng wlLh a nozzle pressure of 80 psl WhaL would be hls approxlmaLe
Ans 70 (80 psl 20 x 13 efflclency drop 30)

31 Whlch solvenLs are commonly used for degreaslng?
Ans xylene

32 WhaL ls a 'dead mans handle'?
Ans SafeLy CuL Cff 1rlgger conLrolllng Lhe abraslve sLream whlch musL be under Lhe dlrecL conLrol
of Lhe blasLlng operaLor

33 Pow ls abraslve cleansed ln a wheel abraLor sysLem?
Ans Alr wash separaLor

34 WhaL ls Lhe maln dlsadvanLage of hlgh pressure [eLLlng compared Lo oLher sysLems?
Ans Lack of safeLy huge volume of waLer slurry no proflle flash rusLlng

33 name flve meLhods of weL blasLlng
Ans (l) SLeam
(ll) Alr blasLlng plus waLer
(lll) Plgh pressure
(lv) Plgh pressure plus abraslves
(v) Low pressure plus abraslves

36 WhaL are Lhe Lyplcal LemperaLures and concenLraLlon of sulphurlc acld ln Lhe plckllng process?
Ans 310 aL 63 Lo 70

37 uescrlbe Lhe duplex process
Ans uegrease uslng xylene Check wlLh ulLravloleL llghL lmmerse ln 310 sulphurlc acld for 323
mlns aL 6370 degrees C rlnse wlLh clean warm waLer lmmerse ln 12 hosphorlc or Chromlc
acld aL 80 C for 12 mlns wlLh addlLlon of 03 lron fllllngs 8lnse wlLh clean warm waLer
Check pP level Lo be beLween 43 Lo 70

38 WhaL would be a maxlmum pressure for hlgh pressure waLer [eLLlng?
Ans 30000 psl (obove tbls ls solJ to be ultto nlqb ltessote)

39 WhaL are Lhe dlsadvanLages of weL blasLlng over dry blasLlng?
Ans CuLs no proflle large amounLs of slurry large volume of waLer flash rusLlng

40 WhaL would be consldered Lo be advanLages of weL blasLlng over dry blasLlng?
Ans Sprak free operaLlon removal of Loxlc deLrlLus removes Pygroscoplc salLs

41 Why ls Lhe phosphaLlng or chromaLlng of sLeel done?
Ans Clve llmlLed proLecLlon agalnsL corroslon help Lo prevenL flash rusLlng

42 WhaL would be an accepLable remedy for burnlshed areas?
Ans Lmery cloLh emery paper

43 Would burnlshlng be expecLed on areas of SL2 preparaLlon?
Ans no

44 Pow many phoLographs of blasL cleanlng sLandards are shown ln 8S 7079 L A?
Ans14 (blasL cleanlng sLandards)

43 uo Lhe plaLes shown ln 8S 7079 L A relaLe Lo grlL blasLlng or shoL blasLlng?
Ans lL refers Lo all Lypes of blasLlng

alnL Lechnology (1) Wednesday

1 name a Lhlrd Lype of palnL oLher Lhan solvenL free and solvenL borne
Ans owder

2 An epoxy resln would use whlch solvenL?
Ans AceLone

3 name four or more advanLages of chlorlnaLed rubber palnLs
Ans uurablllLy flameproof reslsLanL Lo algae/ mould growLh noL rellanL upon surface proflle

4 WhaL are Lhe Lhree maln dlsadvanLages of chlorlnaLed rubber palnL?
Ans oor reslsLance Lo PC solvenLs can noL be made waLer bourne low LemperaLure Lolerance

3 Whlch solvenL could be used wlLh a phenollc resln?
Ans WhlLe splrlL

6 ChlorlnaLed rubber palnL would conLaln whlch solvenL?
Ans xylene

7 Would lL be good pracLlce Lo apply chlorlnaLed rubber over alkyd resln?
Ans no

8 Whlch solvenL would be used wlLh an alkyd resln?
Ans WhlLe splrlL

9 Pow was Lhe word alkyd derlved?
Ans lL ls derlved from an Alcohol/ Acld reacLlon

10 WhaL ls meanL by opaque?
Ans Pldlng or coverlng power 1he ablllLy Lo hlde underlylng layer

11 WhaL ls meanL by vehlcle?
Ans 8lnder fllm former non volaLlle

12 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply an alkyd over chlorlnaLed rubber?
Ans ?es

13 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply chlorlnaLed rubber over phenollc?
Ans no

14 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply phenollc resln over chlorlnaLed rubber?
Ans ?es

13 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply epoxy over llnseed oll base?
Ans no

16 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply chlorlnaLed rubber over epoxy?
Ans ?es

17 Would lL be accepLable pracLlce Lo apply epoxy resln over alkyd resln?
Ans no

18 WhaL ls anoLher name for an unplgmenLed palnL?
Ans varnlsh or lacquer

19 WhaL are Lhe naLural properLles of a resln?
Ans 8rlLLle and fasL drylng

20 WhaL are Lhe naLural properLles of an oll?
Ans Slow drylng and elasLlc

21 Pow does palnL uslng Lhe barrler prlnclple work?
Ans hyslcally prevenLs Lhe elecLrolyLe from maklng conLacL wlLh Lhe subsLraLe

22 Pow does palnL uslng Lhe passlvaLlon prlnclple work?
Ans hosphaLe and ChromaLe reacL wlLh lron Lo creaLe a layer of rusL lnhlblLlve 'passlvaLlng' salLs

23 Pow does palnL uslng caLhodlc proLecLlon prlnclple work?
Ans 8y lncorporaLlng a meLalllc plgmenL of lower noblllLy Lhan Lhe sLeellnLo Lhe palnL (zlnc

24 Clve anoLher name for solvenL free Lwo packs
Ans MulLl ComponenL Llquld or 'MCL'

23 name slx properLles of a blnder
Ans 8eslsLance Lo abraslon/ acld alkallne/ waLer/ elecLrons keep Lhe plgmenLs ln suspenslon
coheslve/ adheslve sLrengLh/ change from llquld lnLo a solld

26 name Lhree naLural reslns used ln palnLs
Ans Copals uammars Coumaroness Amber Laq

27 name flve naLural olls used ln palnLs

Ans Cllve Llnseed alm CasLor CoconuL Soya

28 WhaL does oleoreslnous mean?
Ans A mlxLure of oll and resln

29 name an lnorganlc hlgh LemperaLure servlce blnder
Ans SlllcaLes slllcones

30 name Lwo plgmenLs llkely Lo be used for hlgh LemperaLure servlce
Ans Zlnc and Alumlnlum

alnL Lechnology (2) Wednesday
1 8y whaL name would you call Lhe baslc unlL of a polymer?
Ans Mer Molecule ALom

2 WhaL ls polymerlsaLlon?
Ans 1he [olnlng LogeLher of a sLrlng or sLrucLure of repeaLed unlLs

3 name Lhree Lypes of polymers
Ans Llnear 8ranched Crossllnked

4 WhaL would be Lhe characLerlsLlcs of a shorL oll palnL?
Ans Less Lhan 43 Cll Lo 8esln fasLer drylng sulLable for sLeel work

3 WhaL would be Lhe characLerlsLlcs of a long oll palnL?
Ans More Lhan 60 Cll Lo 8esln slower drylng malnly decoraLlve appllcaLlons

6 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm opaque plgmenL?
Ans lgmenL wlLh excellenL llghL scaLLerlng" properLles or hldlng ablllLy" lL ls sald Lo have
coverlng power"

7 WhaL ls a Lyplcal slze of a plgmenL parLlcle?
Ans 01 Lo 10 mlcrons

8 8rlefly descrlbe Lhe dlfference beLween saLuraLed and unsaLuraLed when referrlng Lo olls or
Ans unsaLuraLed olls wlll reacL wlLh oxygen and solldlfy saLuraLed olls wlll noL so Lhey are classed
as non drylng olls

9 name Lwo drylng olls whlch are unsaLuraLed
Ans Lllnseed 1ung Soya Safflower Chlna Wood

10 WhaL ls Lhe maln dlfference beLween a dye and a plgmenL?
Ans A plgmenL musL reamln solld wlLhln blnder (A dye wlll dlssolve)

11 WhaL are Lhe sources of plgmenLs?
Ans Anmal Mlneral SynLheLlc vegeLable

12 lf LlLanlum dloxlde was used ln palnL whaL would be Lhe colour?
Ans WhlLe

13 name Lhree rusL lnhlblLlve plgmenLs consldered Lo be Loxlc
Ans 8ed Lead Coal 1ar Calclum lumbaLe Zlnc ChromaLe Zlnc hosphaLe

14 name four commonly occurrlng mlnerals used as exLender plgmenLs
Ans 1alc Chalk SlaLe llour Chlna Clay

13 name Lhree lamlnar plgmenLs
Ans MlC Mlca Class llake CraphlLe

16 lf plgmenL was added way below Lhe CvC how would lL affecL Lhe fllm?
Ans Low opaclLy 8llsLerlng Low Coheslve SLrengLh Plgh Closs

17 1he abbrevlaLlon CvC means whaL?
Ans CrlLlcal lgmaenL volume ConcenLraLlon

18 Why are LhlxoLropes added Lo a palnL formulaLlon?
Ans AnLl SeLLllng agenL 1hlckener SLorage ald

19 lf carbon was used as a plgmenL whaL would be Lhe palnL colour?
Ans 8lack

20 name four properLles LhaL a blnder conLrlbuLes Lo a palnL fllm
Ans Adheslon ease of appllcaLlon coheslve sLrengLh ulelecLrlc sLrengLh Llquld Lo Solld Wlll keep
Lhe plgmenLs ln suspenslon lmpermeablllLy

21 uescrlbe how a baslc lnhlblLor works
Ans A baslc lnhlblLor reacLs wlLh Lhe subsLraLe Lo creaLe rusL lnhlblLlve salLs (phosphaLe
chromaLes)Lo passlvaLe" Lhe surfaceand make lL less reacLlve Lo oxldaLlon and corroslon

22 Whlch of Lhe common exLenders could noL be used ln whlLes and pasLels?
Ans SlaLe llour

23 Pow would Lhe fllm be affecLed lf plgmenL was added above Lhe CvC?
Ans ermeable/ orous Low coheslve sLrengLh Low gloss low adheslon

24 Whlch of Lhe rusL lnhlblLlve plgmenLs ls Lhe mosL common?
Ans Zlnc hosphaLe

23 Why are exLenders used ln palnL formulaLlon?
Ans Add Lhlckness and bulk aL low cosL lncrease lnLercoaL adheslon

26 lf chromlum was used as a plgmenL whaL colour would Lhe palnL be?
Ans Creen Crange ?ellow

27 Why are plasLlclsers added Lo palnL?
Ans lncrease flexlblllLy reduce brlLLleness Modlfles Lhe fllm properLles

28 1wo meLals are commonly used as galvanlc plgmenLaLlon name Lhem
Ans Zlnc Alumlnlum

29 Why are drlers added Lo oll based palnL?
Ans 1o ensure even Lhrough Lhlckness drylng (revenL wrlnkllng rlvelllng)

30 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm LhlxoLroplc?
Ans 1hlckener AnLl SeLLllng AgenL ald Lo sLorage

31 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm aggregaLe when referrlng Lo palnL?
Ans Loosely adherlng clusLer of plgmenLs and parLlcles

32 lf an anLloxldanL was added Lo palnL whaL would lL do?
Ans AnLl Sklnnlng agenL revenLs palnL from formlng a skln ln Lhe Lln

33 Clve Lhe names of Lwo plasLlclsers
Ans CasLor Cll CoconuL Cll

34 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm soluLlon?
Ans 1he resulLanL llquld afLer dlssolvlng a soluLe ln a solvenL

33 Clve Lwo examples of a soluLlon
Ans SalL waLer sugar ln waLer

36 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm dlsperslon?
Ans A solld or llquld mlxed ln anoLher llquld where Lhere ls no solublllLy

37 1here are Lwo Lypes of dlsperslon whaL are Lhey?
Ans Suspenslon Lmulslon

38 lf palnL cures by chemlcal reacLlon ls lL reverslble or converLlble?
Ans ConverLlble

39 WhaL Lype of polymerlsaLlon occurs ln chemlcally curlng palnL?
Ans Crossllnked

40 name a palnL whlch drles solely by solvenL evaporaLlon
Ans Any llnear polymer palnLs (ChlorlnaLed 8ubber vlnyls Lmulslons)

41 WhaL ls meanL by non converLlble?
Ans 8everslble Can be reLurned Lo lLs orlglnal sLaLe lf solvenL ls re lnLroduced or re applled

42 WhaL ls meanL by non reverslble?
Ans ConverLlble lL ls permanenLly alLered Lo a new sLaLe afLer undergolng a chemlcal change

43 name four drylng mechanlsms
Ans SolvenL LvaporaLlon Chemlcal Curlng CxldaLlon Coalescence

44 ln a coaLlng whlch drles by solvenL evaporaLlon whaL Lype of polymerlsaLlon occurs?
Ans Llnear

43 WhaL ls anoLher Lerm for llneness of Crlnd?
Ans uegree of ulsperslon

46 Whlch generlc Lypes of palnL dry by solvenL evaporaLlon followed by oxldaLlon?
Ans naLural Clls and 8eslns

47 WhaL Lype of polymer forms durlng oxldaLlon?
Ans 8ranched

48 WhaL Lerm applles Lo palnL drylng aL amblenL LemperaLures?
Ans Alr urylng

49 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm coalescence?
Ans 1o physlcally [oln LogeLher

30 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm poL llfe?
Ans 1he afLer openlng and mlxlng ln whlch Lhe conLenLs of Lhe conLalner musL be used

31 name Lhree curlng agenLs used ln epoxles?
Ans Amldes Amlnes lsocynaLes

32 ls palnL a soluLlon or dlsperslon quallfy?
Ans ulsperslon as Lhe plgmenLs musL remaln solld wlLhln Lhe blnder

33 WhaL ls an exoLhermlc reacLlon?
Ans A chemlcal reacLlon whlch ls glvlng off heaL

34 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm lnducLlon perlod?
Ans 1he Llme afLer mlxlng ln whlch Lhe palnL should sLand prlor Lo use Lo allow polymerlzaLlon
(crossllnklng) Lo begln and Lhorough weLLlng of Lhe plgmenL parLlcles Lo Lake place

33 WhaL ls Lhe dlfference beLween 'LhermoplasLlc' and 'LhermoseLLlng'?
Ans 1hermoseLLlng coaLlngs wlll cure lf heaL ls applled and 1hermoplasLlc coaLlngs wlll deform lf
heaL ls applled

36 WlLh a chemlcally curlng palnL whaL Lype of polymerlsaLlon occurs?
Ans Crossllnklng

37 1wo oLher Lerms relaLe Lo lnducLlon perlod whaL are Lhey?
Ans SLand 1lme Lead 1lme

38 uoes a phenollc resln have an lnducLlon perlod?
Ans no (phenollc resln palnLs are noL chemlcally curlng)

39 Whlch of Lhe followlng blnders are reverslble?
a) Lpoxy
b) henollc
c) vlnyl
d) ureLhane
e) ChlorlnaLed rubber
f) Alkyd
g) Cellulose
h) Slllcone
Ans ChlorlnaLed rubber vlnyl Cellulose

60 ls an epoxy powder palnL LhermoplasLlc or LhermoseLLlng?
Ans 1hermoseLLlng

61 lf a coaLlng ls permeable whaL does lL mean?
Ans lL wlll allow Lhe passage of molsLure or elecLrolyLe

62 WhaL ls meanL by crossllnklng glve Lwo blnders as an example
Ans MulLl dlrecLlonal polymerlzaLlon eg Lpoxy ureLhane

63 WhaL ls Lhe opposlLe Lo exoLhermlc?
Ans LndoLhermlc

64 WhaL ls Lhe Lerm used for palnLs needlng LemperaLures ln excess of 63C Lo cure?
Ans SLove urylng

63 WhaL would be a Lyplcal lnducLlon perlod for chlorlnaLed rubber palnL?
Ans none (lL ls noL chemlcally curlng)

66 name a maLerlal used as a dryer ln palnL formulaLlon
Ans Peavy meLal salLs (such as CcLoaLes and napLhanaLes of CobalL Manganese and Zlrconlum)

67 Why would benLonlLe or wax be used ln palnL formulaLlon?
Ans 1hlckeners 1hlxoLroplc agenLs AnLl seLLllng agenLs non drlp

68 name Lwo maLerlals used as plasLlclsers
Ans CoconuL Cll alm Cll CasLor Cll

69 WhaL generlc Lype of palnLs would use anLloxldanLs?
Ans naLural Clls 8eslns

70 Pow does a slngle pack epoxy esLer palnL dry?
Ans SolvenL LvaporaLlon followed by CxldaLlon

71 Pow ls dew polnL deflned?
Ans 1he LemperaLure aL whlch molsLure ln Lhe form of waLer vapour ln alr wlll condense

72 Pow ls relaLlve humldlLy deflned?
Ans 1he amounL of waLer vapour presenL ln Lhe alr expressed ln percenLage of Lhe waLer vapour
whlch could be" ln Lhe alr aL LhaL same LemperaLure

73 When uslng a whlrllng hygromeLer whlch bulb should be read flrsL and why?
Ans 1he weL bulb should be read flrsL as lL ls arLlflclally reduced and Lhe LemperaLure wlll gradually
rlse back Lo amblenL

74 AL whaL speed should Lhe LhermomeLer bulbs pass Lhrough Lhe alr?
Ans lour meLres per second (4 m/s) or as fasL as posslble

73 WhaL should be used when weLLlng Lhe wlck on whlrllng hygromeLer?
Ans ue lonlsed or dlsLllled waLer

76 8y whaL oLher name can we refer Lo a whlrllng hygromeLer?
Ans AsplraLed psychromeLer

77 When Lhe alr LemperaLure rlses does Lhe alr's capaclLy Lo hold waLer lncrease or decrease?
Ans lncreases

78 WhaL ls Lhe sLaLed crlLerlon for accepLance prlor Lo calculaLlons on a whlrllng hygromeLer?
Ans 2 consecuLlve ldenLlcal readlngs (wlLhln 02 degrees)

79 name Lwo pleces of equlpmenL used for Laklng sLeel LemperaLure
Ans LlmpeL Cauge (magneLlc LhermomeLer) Louch pyromeLer

80 ls lL posslble for a weL bulb LemperaLure Lo be hlgher Lhan Lhe dry bulb?
Ans no never

alnL LesLlng 1hursday

1 ueflne vlscoslLy
Ans A fluld's reslsLance Lo flow

2 WhaL ls meanL by hlgh vlscoslLy?
Ans very Lhlck and reslsLlng flow

3 ApproxlmaLely whaL ls Lhe vlscoslLy of waLer?
Ans 1 cenLlpose or 1 dyne sec/cm

4 name Lhe cgs and Sl unlLs of dynamlc vlscoslLy
Ans cgs polse Sl nsec/m

3 name Lhree dlfferenL flow cups
Ans lord Zahn lrlkmar lSC AS1M

6 When uslng a flow cup whlch unlL of vlscoslLy would be used?
Ans Seconds

7 ln lord llow Cup no 4 whaL does 4 relaLe Lo?
Ans ulameLer of Lhe flow hole

8 Clve Lhe names of Lhree dlfferenL roLaLlonal vlscomeLers
Ans kerbs SLormer lord llow Cup Zahn 8oLoLhlnner

9 Clve a reason for performlng a vlscoslLy LesL on slLe
Ans 1esL Lo deLermlne Lhe addlLlon of Lhlnners and mlx raLlo of mulLl packs

10 Whlch vlscomeLer would noL be used on LhlxoLroplc palnL?
Ans llow Cup

11 Why ls LemperaLure very lmporLanL when dolng vlscoslLy LesLs?
Ans vlscoslLy wlll reduce aL ralsed LemperaLures

12 WhaL ls Lhe maln dlfference beLween Lhe roLaLhlnner and krebs SLomer?
Ans 8oLoLhlnner ls for dynamlc vlscoslLy and kerbs sLormmer ls for klnemaLlc vlscoslLy

13 uescrlbe how Lo use a lord llow Cup
Ans 100 cc palnL [ 20 C scrape excess allow Lo flow measure ln seconds unLll flrsL break ln
conLlnuous flow

14 Clve anoLher name for a llneness of grlnd gauge
Ans Pegman Crlnd Cauge

13 ls a low flash polnL safer Lhan a hlgh flash polnL?
Ans no

16 Pow and for whaL ls a Pegman grlnd gauge used?
Ans 1o measure degree of dlsperslon or grlnd of flneness

17 8rlefly descrlbe how Lo do Lhe volaLlle nonvolaLlle LesL Lo 8S 3900 L 82
Ans Welgh glass rod plaLe add 2g of palnL welgh agaln sLlr and place ln oven Lo evaporaLe
solvenL 8emove and welgh agaln

18 name Lhe equlpmenL used Lo deLermlne Lhe flash polnL of a solvenL
Ans Abel Cup

19 WhaL colour should Lhe flame be aL Lhe flash polnL?
Ans 8lue

20 WhaL formula ls used Lo calculaLe Lhe denslLy?
Ans u M/v

21 WhaL formula ls used Lo calculaLe speclflc gravlLy?
Ans uenslLy of producL/ uenslLy of dlsLllled waLer

22 WhaL ls relaLlve denslLy?
Ans uenslLy compared Lo Lhe dlsLllled waLer

23 WhaL are Lhe oLher names for a denslLy cup?
Ans yknomeLer welghL per llLre cup SC cup welghL per gallon

24 WhaL ls a sLoke Lhe unlL for?
Ans klnemaLlc vlscoslLy

23 Whlch LesL ls used Lo deLermlne abraslon reslsLance?
Ans Lrlchson 1aber Cardener

26 Whlch equlpmenL would be used Lo deLermlne flexlblllLy?
Ans Conlcal Mandrel

27 Whlch equlpmenL would be used Lo measure lmpacL reslsLance?
Ans 1ubular lmpacL LesLer

28 lor whaL reason would Lhe koenlg AlberL apparaLus be used?
Ans Pardness of Lhe fllm

29 lor whlch Lwo reasons could a denslLy cup be used on slLe?
Ans Check addlLlon of Lhlnners correcL mlxlng raLlo

30 name four acceleraLed LesL boxes
Ans PumldlLy cablneL SalL spray cablneL 1emperaLure cycllng roheslon LesL WaLer soak LesL

31 Why would a Lroplcal box be used?
Ans 1o LesL palnLs ablllLy Lo wlLhsLand acceleraLed Lroplcal condlLlons

32 Would a palnL be hlgher or lower denslLy Lhan waLer?
Ans Plgher

33 Pow would Lhe denslLy be affecLed lf solvenL was added Lo palnL?
Ans WelghL (denslLy) would be reduced

34 WhaL ls Lhe capaclLy of a denslLy cup?
Ans 100 cc

33 WhaL dlfference ls Lhere beLween SC and denslLy?
Ans uenslLy has unlL (g/cc) SC ls Lhe measure of Lhe denslLy of Lhe producL/100

36 WhaL lnformaLlon could be obLalned from a waLer soak LesL?
Ans WaLer absorpLlon

37 WhaL lnformaLlon could be obLalned from a LemperaLure cycllng LesL?
Ans ConLracLlon and expanslon cracklng

38 WhaL lnformaLlon could be obLalned from a cold check LesL?
Ans ConLracLlon cracklng

39 name four drylng and curlng LesLs
Ans 8alloLlnl 8k sLylus Mechanlcal Lhumb LesL Wolf wlllborne pencll scraLch

40 WhaL sLage of Lhe 8k LesL would be recorded as Lhe drylng Llme?
Ans When no scraLch ls evldenL whaLeverso

41 name Lhree meLhods of deLermlnlng opaclLy
Ans lund CrypLomeLer Pldlng power charLs plus ad[usLable appllcaLor 8lack/ WhlLe fused plaLe

42 WhaL effecLs Lhe opaclLy of a palnL fllm?
Ans Pldlng ablllLy ls affecLed by CvC

43 Why would a fund crypLomeLer be used?
Ans 1o deLermlne Lhe mlnlmum ul1 requlred Lo provlde coverlng of Lhe underlylng subsLraLe

44 Clve one reason why an lnspecLor would use a lC gauge?
Ans 1o deLermlne Lhe mlnlmum ul1 requlred Lo provlde coverlng of Lhe underlylng subsLraLe
Check ul1 and correcL coaLlng sequence Check ul1 over ferrous maLerlals (MlC) Cr Lo check
ul1 on non lerrous subsLraLes

43 Why are weL palnL fllm Lhlcknesses needed?
Ans 1o calculaLe Lhe ul1 lf volume sollds ls known Lo ensure correcL calculaLlon of ul1

46 name Lwo meLhods of measurlng Wl1s
Ans LccenLrlc wheel comb gauge blsculL gauge

47 WhaL ls Lhe reason for Laklng Wl1s lmmedlaLely afLer appllcaLlon?
Ans rlor Lo lmmedlaLe solvenL evaporaLlon Lo ensure correcL calculaLlon of ul1

48 Where could an lnspecLor flnd lnformaLlon Lo deLermlne lf a Lwopack palnL was mlxed ln Lhe
correcL proporLlons uslng a denslLy cup?
Ans ManufacLurers daLa sheeL

49 Can a banana gauge be used on nonferromagneLlc subsLraLe?
Ans no

30 Could an eddycurrenL gauge be used on ferromagneLlc subsLraLes?
Ans no (LlecLromagneLlc lnducLlon ls used for ferrous)

31 Can a horseshoe gauge be used on nonferromagneLlc subsLraLes?
Ans no

32 As parL of whlch LesL would a bar appllcaLor be used?
Ans Pldlng power charLs and bar appllcaLor (opaclLy)

33 Whlch lnsLrumenLs would be used Lo measure reflecLlvlLy?
Ans ClossmeLer

34 Pow does a gloss meLer work?
Ans Measures Lhe amounL of recelved llghL from a known llghL source aL a glven angle

33 Whlch facLors ln palnL govern Lhe degree of gloss?
Ans CvC 8lnder Lype SolvenL Lype refracLlve lndex uegree of dlsperslon

36 ln a prlmer/mld coaL whaL would be Lhe expecLed degree of grlnd?
Ans 40 mlcrons

37 ln a gloss palnL whaL would be a Lyplcal degree of grlnd?
Ans Cccaslonally 10mlcrons buL malnly 20 mlcrons

38 WhaL percenL readlng would be expecLed when measurlng gloss on a glass panel?
Ans 100

39 uslng a gloss meLer a readlng of 23 would slgnlfy whaL?
Ans MaLL

60 lf an aggregaLe slze of 33m was presenL ln a palnL of 30m ul1 whaL would be a llkely resulL
when uslng a gloss meLer?
Ans MaLL flnlsh

61 name Lhree common LesLs for deLermlnlng adheslon of a palnL fllm?
Ans Cross cuL uolly PA1L v cuL LesLs

62 Whlch adheslon LesLs are quanLlLaLlve?
Ans uolly PA1L

63 lnLercoaL adheslon and prlmer Lo subsLraLe adheslon are Lwo adheslon faulLs name Lhe Lhlrd?
Ans Coheslve fallure

64 WhaL chemlcal soluLlon ls used Lo conducL a caLhodlc dlsbondmenL LesL?
Ans 3 salLwaLer

63 Whlch gas evolved aL Lhe caLhode causes dlsbondmenL?
Ans Pydrogen

66 WhaL crlLerlon ls used when assesslng a caLhodlc dlsbondmenL LesL panel?
Ans no more Lhan 3mm damage ouLslde of 6mm dlameLer hol afLer 28 days

67 name Lhe Lwo meLhods of applylng caLhodlc proLecLlon
Ans Sacrlflclal anode lmpressed currenL

68 WhaL ls used Lo deLermlne Lhe poLenLlal of a plpellne?

Ans Copper/ copper sulphaLe half cell reference elecLrode

69 Would lL be advlsable Lo reflll a plpe Lrench wlLh carbonaceous backflll?
Ans no as Lhe C sysLem would be nulllfled

70 uoes a caLhodlc proLecLlon sysLem ellmlnaLe corroslon?
Ans lL conLrols Lhe locaLlon and Lhe raLe of corroslon

71 Can Lhe exLernal surface of a Lank be proLecLed?
Ans no

72 Could a crude oll Lank be fully proLecLed lnLernally?
Ans no Cnly Lo Lhe level of Lhe Lank conLenLs

73 WhaL volLage would be used on a 230m Lhlck palnL uslng a sponge Lype plnhole deLecLor?
Ans 9 volLs

74 WhaL volLage would be used on a 430m Lhlck coaLlng wlLh a sponge Lype plnhole deLecLor?
Ans 673 volLs

73 When uslng a weL sponge whaL oLher llquld ls added Lo Lhe waLer?
Ans ueLergenL

76 WhaL funcLlon does Lhe above addlLlve perform?
Ans 8educe surface Lenslon waLer sofLener

77 Would lL be advlsable Lo do weL sponge deLecLlon on galvanlslng?
Ans no because Zlnc ls conducLlve

78 Why work upwards on a verLlcal surface wlLh a weL sponge?
Ans 1o avold lncorrecL or erroneous flaw locaLlons owlng Lo waLer seepage

79 uoes a sponge deLecLor work on AC or uC currenL?
Ans uC

80 CLher Lhan Lhe weL sponge whlch oLher equlpmenL could be used Lo deLermlne Lhe presence of
Ans Plgh volLage hollday deLecLor uslng wlre brushes (nC1 S8lnCS)

8evlslon quesLlons general lrlday

1 name Lwo caLegorles of palnL mlll
Ans ul8LC1 Charge Mlll remlx Mlll LeL down mlll

2 WhaL ls Lhe maln reason for processlng palnL ln a mlll?
Ans CorrecL mlx proporLlonaLe wlLh requlremenLs flneness of grlnd

3 8rlefly descrlbe how a ball mlll works
Ans SLeel balls Lumbled ln a horlzonLal roLaLlng drum grlndlng Lhe mlll base

4 8rlefly descrlbe how an aLLrlLor mlll works
Ans verLlcal drum wlLh moLorlzed paddles drlvlng Lhe sLeel balls

3 When would sLeel balls noL be used ln a ball mlll?
Ans When uslng a llghLer coloured palnLs

6 A bead mlll ls someLlmes called by whlch oLher names?
Ans Sand Mlll earl Mlll

7 Pow does a collold mlll work?
Ans Plgh speed sLone dlscs boLLom one roLaLlng aL 3600 rpm Lop dlsc sLaLlonary

8 name elghL lLems of lnformaLlon llsLed on a maLerlals daLa sheeL
Ans oL llfe shelf llfe SC flash polnL drylng Llme appllcaLlon LemperaLure vS lnducLlon perlod
mlx raLlo appllcaLlon meLhod and raLe orlflce/ nozzle slze safeLy 8rand name and descrlpLlon
baLch number solvenL Lype colour coverage sLorage condlLlons blnder Lype recommended
surface preparaLlon overcoaLlng Llme

9 WhaL do you undersLand from Lhe Lerm halogenaLed hydrocarbon?
Ans lodlne llourlne Chlorlne

10 Pow can we deLermlne Lhe vlscoslLy of a hlgh vlscoslLy palnL?
Ans krebs SLormer vlscomeLer

11 8rlefly descrlbe Lhe prlnclples of C
Ans lL conLrols Lhe locaLlon and raLe of corroslon by means of an lmpressed currenL

12 WhaL funcLlon does a prlmer have ln a palnL sysLem?
Ans roLecLs Lhe subsLraLe by means of anLl corroslve or sacrlflclal plgmenLs

13 ln a mordanL prlmer whaL ls Lhe maln worklng consLlLuenL?

Ans hosphorlc acld

14 WhaL advanLages do elecLrosLaLlc appllcaLlon meLhods provlde?
Ans Cood edge cover good Lransfer low wasLe unlform Lhlckness

13 Whlch ls Lhe mosL expenslve Lype of brush fllllng?
Ans naLural halr

16 WhaL ls coheslve fallure ln palnL glve Lhe maln cause?
Ans SolvenL enLrapmenL lncorrecL mlxlng raLlo Loo hlgh CvC

17 Why does a zlnc rlch palnL need a sLrong blnder?
Ans Cood coheslve sLrengLh ls requlred wlLh zlnc Lo provlde sacrlflclal proLecLlon

18 Why are eLch prlmers noL spray applled?
Ans 1oxlc acld and envlronmenLally unsafe

19 WhaL do you undersLand by Lhe Lerm over spray?
Ans AccldenLal spray on undeslrable (nameplaLes lnsLrumenLaLlon eLc)

20 name four meLhods of deLermlnlng ul1s
Ans Wl1 plus CalculaLlons lC elecLronlc gauges banana gauge horseshoe gauge Llnsley pencll

21 WhaL ls a psychromeLer used for?
Ans 1o measure weL bulb and dry bulb LemperaLure

22 WhaL colour should a galvanlsed surface be afLer appllcaLlon of 1 wash?
Ans 8lack

23 Pow soon can a 1 washed subsLraLe be coaLed?
Ans As soon as lL ls dry

24 CLher Lhan plgmenL base and curlng agenL name Lwo oLher consLlLuenLs of l8L powder palnL
Ans AnLl foamlng agenL weLLlng agenL

23 Clve Lhe maln dlfferences beLween alrless and convenLlonal spray
Ans ConvenLlonal glves beLLer aLomlzaLlon more accuracy beLLer flnlsh easler cleanlng speclallzed
conLalner requlred Alrless glves hlgher deposlLlon raLe less wasLe fasLer larger area coverage

26 8rush appllcaLlon has advanLages over spray appllcaLlon whaL are Lhey?
Ans Small area envlronmenLal frlendly cheaper works palnL lnLo subsLraLe accesslblllLy Lhlcker
appllcaLlon very low wasLe prevenLs plnhole accuracy no overspray

27 WhaL ls Lhe maln conslderaLlon when selecLlng a meLalllc plgmenL for a sacrlflclal palnL?
Ans lLs poslLlon ln Lhe galvanlc llsL

28 WhaL ls meanL by shererdlzlng?
Ans lLems are Lumbled ln zlnc dusL aL a Lemp [usL below melLlng polnL

29 name Lhree Lypes of palnL feed for a convenLlonal spray
Ans SucLlon gravlLy remoLe pressure

30 WhaL ls Lhe calorlslng process?
Ans CoaLlng wlLh alumlnlum

31 Why would a sealer be applled Lo alumlnlum meLal spray?
Ans lor hlgh LemperaLure servlce Lo prolong proLecLlon

32 WhaL ls Lhe 8S 2013 Lerm for sklpped or mlssed areas?
Ans Polldays

33 A colour has Lhree properLles whaL are Lhey?
Ans Pue 8rlghLness and saLuraLlon

34 Why would palnL be applled by hoL spray?
Ans 1o reduce vlscoslLy

33 Cn an alrless spray Llp how are blockages cleared?
Ans 1wlsL Lhe nozzle

36 Pow ls aLomlsaLlon achleved uslng convenLlonal sprays?
Ans AlrsLream convergence ouLslde of Lhe nozzle

37 Pow ls aLomlsaLlon achleved uslng alrless sprays?
Ans Lxploslve force of hlgh pressure palnL meeLlng low pressure alr

38 WhaL ls dlp coaLlng?
Ans ulpplng Lhe lLem ln a Lank of palnL allowlng Lo dry

39 WhaL do you undersLand from Lhe Lerm roplness?
Ans 8rushmarks

40 WhaL ls efflorescence and how does lL occur?
Ans Soluble salLs normally deposlLed on concreLe and morLar work

41 name Lwo ways of melLlng alumlnlum Lo enable lL Lo be sprayed
Ans LlecLrlc arc wlre and plsLol

42 WhaL ls flocculaLlon?
Ans Loosely clusLered parLlcles or aggregaLes ofLen found ln ouLofdaLe palnL

43 WhaL could be Lhe cause of blLLlness ln a palnL fllm?
Ans lorelgn 8odles ln Lhe palnL (grlL dusL eLc)

44 WhaL ls a Lle coaL?
Ans A coaL of palnL applled Lo an area ad[olnlng Lwo lncompaLlble coaLlng sysLems

43 Pow many depresslons of Lhe bellows are needed for Lhe urager LesL?
Ans varles accordlng Lo Lhe relevanL crysLals requlred for Lhe solvenL under LesL

46 WhaL are Lhe hazard slgns for 1oxlc very 1oxlc Parmful and corroslve?

47 WhaL ls saponlflcaLlon?
Ans 1he producLlon of lead soaps when uslng baslc prlmer wlLh naLural Cll palnLs

48 WhaL unlLs are used for measurlng LoxlclLy?
Ans M (parLs per mllllon)

49 Whlch maLerlal would have Lo be used on a perpeLually damp surface?
Ans MolsLure curlng olyureLhane

30 WhaL ls paddlng?
Ans use a pad coaLed ln flne naLural halr Lo apply palnL

31 WhaL alr lnleL pressure ls needed Lo glve 2300 psl dellvery wlLh 331 pump?
Ans 71 psl

32 WhaL causes llfLlng of a palnL fllm?
Ans nonobservance of overcoaLlng Llme applylng sLrong solvenL over weakblnder

33 WhaL ls clsslng and how ls lL caused?
Ans Cll or grease conLamlnaLlon of Lhe subsLraLe causlng a local lack of adheslon

34 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe abbrevlaLlons CLS CLL MLL uLL LLL and 8AC?
Ans CccupaLlonal Lxposure SLandard CccupaLlonal Lxposure LlmlL Maxlmum Lxposure LlmlL
Maxlmum Lxposure LlmlL Lower Lxposure LlmlL 8equlred Alr CuanLlLy

33 Why would a palnL lnspecLor use poLasslum hexacyonoferraLe?
Ans Check for hygroscoplc salL conLamlnaLlon

36 WhaL would be an average Lhlckness for galvanlslng?
Ans 100 m

37 Pow can you Lell Lhe dlfference beLween bloomlng and chalklng?
Ans no

38 WhaL could be Lhe reasons for lnLer coaL adheslve fallure?
Ans lncompaLlblllLy conLamlnaLlon

39 Pow would you deLermlne quallLy of added Lhlnners ln LhlxoLroplc palnL?
Ans 8oLaLlonal vlscomeLer

60 Why are manufacLurers developlng solvenL free waLer borne and powders?
Ans LnvlronmenLal lmpacL CosL

61 WhaL would be Lhe cause of grlnnlng on a palnL fllm?
Ans oor opaclLy Low CvC

62 Pow can bleedlng be avolded?
Ans 1oLal removal of blLumen/ Coal 1ar coaLlngs prlor Lo palnLlng

63 ln less Lhan 30 words explaln Lhe duLles of a palnLlng lnspecLor
l vlsually lnspecL palnL flnlsh
ll Measure reporL weL bulb dry bulb u 8P
lll ConLrol sLorage of palnL and abraslves
lv MonlLor agalnsL re use of abraslves
v MonlLor compllanL maLerlals
vl Check surface condlLlon preparaLlon
vll 8ecord WeaLher condlLlons compllance wlLh speclflcaLlon
vlll Measure and record surface proflles
lx repare lnspecLlon reporLs
x Check adherence Lo oL Llfe lnducLlon perlod
xl Measure record ul1 Wl1
xll 8eporL any non Conformance Lo Lnglneer
xlll Check operaLlon of blasLlng equlpmenL (vapour Lraps earLh cable whlplash cables exLernal
coupllngs eLc)
xlv Should have SlLe lan and documenLaLlon
xv MonlLor lnLercoaL Llme
xvl alnLlng sequence
xvll MonlLor addlLlon of Lhlnners
xvlll reparaLlon of C panels or LesL plaLes
xlx AdmlnlsLerlng adheslon LesLs

64 name flve documenLs whlch a palnLlng lnspecLor mlghL need on a conLracL
Ans ConLracL speclflcaLlon lnspecLlon 8eporLs CperaLor CuallflcaLlons CCSPP

63 WhaL lnformaLlon should be glven on a dally reporL sheeL?
Ans Wl1 ul1 u 8P WeL bulb ury bulb 1emperaLure Llme operaLor name palnL sysLem sLeel
Lemp palnL baLch number alr Lemp weaLher condlLlons wlnd speed measured surface proflle
palnL baLch number palnL manufacLurer colour code appllcaLlon daLe explry or shelf llfe daLe
lnducLlon perlod (lf appllcable) CllenL ConLracL reporL number abraslve Lype rusL grade
locaLlon abraslve slze abraslve suppller overcoaLlng Llme meLhod of cleanlng lnspecLor name
and quallflcaLlon blasL grades sLandard

66 CurLalns Sags 8uns and 1ears are a resulL of whaL?
Ans Lxcesslve palnL deposlLlon

67 Some blnders can be modlfled Lo use waLer as a solvenL name four
Ans vlnyls acryllcs emulslons Alkyds 8lLumens

68 WhaL ls meanL by Lhe Lerm sLrlpe coaL?

Ans 8rush applylng a coaL of palnL where spray appllcaLlon may be lnaccesslble

69 Pow many cm3 are Lhere ln 43 llLres?
Ans 4300

70 A palnL daLa sheeL provldes a wealLh of lnformaLlon name elghL lLems
Ans llash olnL uenslLy vS PealLh SafeLy 8aLch numbers recommended Lhlnners urylng
Llme aL 20C recommended Wl1 AppllcaLlon meLhod conLenLs SolvenL 1ype

8evlslon quesLlons A 10 speclflc
1 WhaL ls Lhe speclfled course of acLlon for grlL lncluslons?
Ans 8eblasL and re coaL

2 1he Lerm long Lerm proLecLlon refers Lo whaL?
Ans roLecLlon lasLlng Lyplcally 10 years

3 WhaL ls Lhe dlfference beLween new and weaLhered galvanlslng?
Ans WeaLhered surface provldes lLs own key and requlres only sLlff brlsLled brush for preparaLlon

4 WhaL crlLerlon deLermlnes whlch palnL sysLem should be used?
Ans 1he compaLlblllLy wlLh Lhe exlsLlng coaLlng sysLem and musL be ln accordance wlLh A 10

3 WhaL ls Lhe LoLal ul1 of Lhe compllanL epoxy sysLem?
Ans 263 mlcrons

6 WhaL ls Lhe LoLal ul1 of Lhe waLer borne sysLem?
Ans 223 mlcrons

7 When can ladders and oLher means of access be removed?
Ans When all operaLlons (lncludlng flnal accepLance) have been compleLed

8 1wo maLerlals are speclfled for used on damp surfaces whaL are Lhey?
Ans MolsLure Curlng lyureLhane SolvenL lree Lpoxy

9 AfLer removal of a nondrylng palnL whlch Lype of prlmer ls recommended?
Ans A WPl1L Sl8l1 8ASLu 8lML8

10 Some nonferrous subsLraLes are palnLed for aesLheLlcs only name four
Ans SLalnless SLeel ConcreLe llbre Class Alumlnlum

11 Whlch Lhree nonferrous subsLraLes are palnLed for anLl corroslon purposes?
Ans new galvanlzed weaLhered galvanlzed prevlously palnLed galvanlzlng

12 Accordlng Lo A 10 ln whlch slLuaLlons would 1 wash be used?
Ans new galvanlzed where sweep blasLlng or hand abraslon ls lnadvlsable or lmpracLlcal

13 Pow many coaLs of prlmer are speclfled on surfaces aL 100149C?
Ans As many as requlred

14 Clve preferenLlal order of coaLlng sysLems for surfaces 130340C
Ans 1SA lZC lC

13 ls lL mandaLory for a conLracLor Lo produce a LesL area?
Ans noL mandaLory buL generally upon requesL

16 LlsL four lLems needlng masklng off prlor Lo blasLlng and palnLlng
Ans name plaLes lnsLrumenLaLlon venLs monlLorlng panels

17 Whlch Alumlnlum subsLraLe would noL be sweep blasLed?
Ans 1hln Alumlnlum plaLe

18 Whlch Lhree palnL sysLems are speclfled for use on alumlnlum?
Ans WaLer 8orne Acryllc Plgh 8ulld Lpoxy Alkyd or modlfled alkyd

19 WhaL dlfferences are Lhere ln new and malnLenance palnLlng speclflcaLlons for subsLraLes below
Ans LxlslLlng coaLlng Lype (compaLlblllLy) surface preparaLlon (new blasLlng/ malnLenance
palnLlng hand and power Lools LnvlronmenLal condlLlons Access Lo area appllcaLlon
meLhods overlap wlLh malnLenance palnLlng 100mm onLo sound coaLlng (feaLherlng onLo
sound coaLlng)

20 1oxlc coaLlngs need speclal conslderaLlons for removal from subsLraLes name Lwo meLhods
whlch comply
Ans needle Cun WaLer !eLLlng WaLer lus Abrslve

21 ln whlch slLuaLlons ls a ermlL Lo Work requlred?
Ans All 8CAS lnsLallaLlons (llve slLes)

22 Whlch prlmers are speclfled for nonweaLhered galvanlslng?
Ans Wash rlmers such as 1 Wash

23 Whlch prlmers are speclfled for weaLhered galvanlslng?
Ans rlmer noL requlred lnlLlal coaL MlC

24 Accordlng Lo A10 ls flame cleanlng allowed?
Ans no noL on llve Cas slLes

23 Accordlng Lo A10 ls Lhlnnlng of palnL allowed?
Ans ?es buL only ln accordance wlLh Lhe manufacLurers daLa sheeLs

26 WhaL LemperaLure range ls covered by 'hoL duLy servlce'?
Ans Above 100 C

27 uoes A10 cover lnLernal coaLlngs on plpes?
Ans no noL aL llve Cas slLes

28 WhaL ls Lhe speclfled overlap on repalr areas?
Ans 100 mm onLo sound coaLlng

29 WhaL would be Lhe speclfled surface preparaLlon and coaLlng sysLem for alumlnlum claddlng?
Ans 8lasL cleanlng Lo Sa3 (check for mlll scale) proflle 73 m MAx

30 WhaL would be Lhe procedure for removal of algae and mould?
Ans 1reaL wlLh a blocldal agenL for 24 hours Lhen scrub wlLh sLlff brlsLle brush and waLer power

31 WhaL would be Lhe procedure for degreaslng prlor Lo surface preparaLlon?
Ans uegrease uslng a non allphaLlc solvenL (xylene) and Lhen scrub wlLh deLergenL

32 WhaL would be Lhe procedure for degreaslng afLer Lo surface preparaLlon?
Ans uslng a smaller slze abraslve or uslng hand and power Lools

33 When blasL cleanlng on an ACl whaL precauLlons are Laken?
Ans All blasL cleanlng done ln accordance Lo lCL S8 21 and ensure LhaL a permlL Lo work ls ln place
and also a hoL work permlL

34 ls lL permlsslble Lo prepare palnL by sLlrrlng?
Ans Cnly lf Lhe volume of Lhe palnL ls less Lhan 3L oLherwlse use a mechanlcal aglLaLor

33 WhaL would be Lhe surface preparaLlon meLhod for new galvanlslng?
Ans Sweep 8lasL (Sa1)

36 When would lL be necessary Lo apply a sealer Lo lnorganlc zlnc slllcaLe?
Ans When long Lerm proLecLlon ls requlred

37 Pow could areas of a palnL breakdown be prepared for repalnLlng?
Ans Sweep blasLlng emery paper

38 WhaL lnformaLlon should be on a palnL can label for 8C?
Ans Pazard warnlng symbol baLch number palnL Lype colou

39 When measurlng ul1s over galvanlslng whaL allowances are made?
Ans ueducL Lhe Lhlckness of Lhe zlnc generally 100 mlcron

40 WhaL ls Lhe flrsL coaL applled Lo galvanlsed subsLraLes and why?

Ans MlC prlmer ls noL requlred because Lhe zlnc acLs as a sacrlflclal prlmer much llke Lhe
alumlnlum prlmer

41 roperLles and erformances of palnL are covered ln whlch 8C speclflcaLlon?
Ans 8CC/ S/ A9

42 WhaL are Lhe conslderaLlons when selecLlng a palnL sysLem?
Ans LxlsLlng coaLlng lf any (compaLlblllLy) surface LemperaLure envlronmenL llfeLlme expecLancy
cosL cleanlng meLhods

43 Accordlng Lo A 10 whlch Lwo coaLs are applled aL works?
Ans rlmer and MlC

44 Clve Lhe crlLerlon for when and when noL palnLlng can Lake place
Ans Max 90 8elaLlve PumldlLy SLeel Alr 1emperaLure Lo be 3 C above uew olnL

43 WhaL should be Lhe subsLraLe reacLlon when 1 wash ls applled Lo a newly galvanlsed subsLraLe?
Ans 1he subsLraLe Lurns black

46 Whlch Lwo maLerlals are speclfled for use on damp surfaces?
AnsMolsLure Curlng olyureLhane SolvenL free epoxles

47 WhaL ls Lhe maxlmum Llme lapse from surface preparaLlon Lo coaLlng?
Ans 4 hours

48 Whlch ls Lhe mosL common plgmenL used ln hlgh LemperaLure palnLs?
Ans Slllcones

49 WhaL would be Lhe resulL of over Lhlck appllcaLlon of zlnc slllcaLe?
Ans Mud cracklng

30 Accordlng Lo A10 ls roller appllcaLlon permlsslble?
Ans A10 sLaLes LhaL 8oller appllcaLlon ls noL recommended

8 Cas 32 MaLhs Lxerclses

Wl1 calculaLlons

1 WhaL Wl1 would need Lo be applled Lo glve a ul1 of 43m uslng a palnL of 36 vs?
Ans Clven
ul1 43 m vS 36 Wl1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= 8. .

2 WhaL Wl1 would need Lo be applled Lo glve a ul1 of 60m uslng a palnL of 40 vs?
Ans Clven
ul1 60m vS 40 Wl1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= .

3 A palnL of 38 vs was used Lo glve a ul1 of 43m whaL would be Lhe Wl1?
Ans Clven
ul1 43m vS38 Wl1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= 8. .

4 A ul1 of 33m was obLalned from a palnL of 33 vs whaL was Lhe Wl1 applled?
Ans Clven
ul1 33m vS 33 Wl1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X

= _

] X
= .

3 WhaL Wl1 would be applled Lo leave a ul1 of 63m uslng a palnL of 49 vs?
Ans Clven
ul1 63m vS 49 Wl1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= . .

ul1 calculaLlons

1 WhaL would be Lhe ul1 lf 20 llLres of palnL vs 43 covered an area of 9m x 12m?
Ans Clven
volume 20 llLres vS 43 Area 9m 12m 108m
We know LhaL
= _

= _

= _

= _

= 8. .
= 8. _

= 8. .

2 23 llLres of palnL vs 63 was used Lo cover a clrcular area of 10m dlameLer WhaL would be Lhe
resulLlng ul1?
Ans Clven
volume 23 L vS 63 ulameLer 10m Area nr 314 (3) 783m
We know LhaL

= _

= _

= _

= _

= 8.8 .

= 8.8 _

= .

3 WhaL ul1 would be obLalned lf a palnL vs conLenL 42 was applled aL a Wl1 of 84m?
Ans Clven
Wl1 84m vS 42 ul1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= 8 _

= .8 .

4 WlLh a Wl1 of 130m uslng a palnL conLalnlng 83 vS whaL would be Lhe resulLlng ul1 ?
Ans Clven
Wl1 130m vS 83 ul1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

= .9 .

3 A palnL vS 63 was applled aL a Wl1 of 130m whaL would be Lhe resulLlng ul1?

Ans Clven
Wl1 130m vS 63 ul1?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

= 8. .

vS calculaLlons

1 A ul1 of 33m was obLalned from a Wl1 of 110m whaL was Lhe vs of Lhe palnL?
Ans Clven
ul1 33m Wl1 110m vS?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= _

] X
= 8.8 %.

2 A palnL was applled aL 120m Wl1 1he resulLlng ul1 was 63m whaL was Lhe vs?
Ans Clven
ul1 63m Wl1 120m vS?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= _

] X
= . %.

3 WhaL would be Lhe vs of a palnL lf lL was applled wlLh a Wl1 of 120m and a ul1 of 68m was
Ans Clven
ul1 68m Wl1 120m vS?

We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= _

] X 8
= . %.

4 WhaL was Lhe vs of a palnL wlLh a ul1 of 36m when Lhe Wl1 was 108m?
Ans Clven
ul1 36m Wl1 108m vS?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= _

] X
= . %.

3 A ul1 of 62m was measured from a Wl1 appllcaLlon of 100m whaL would be Lhe vs of Lhe
palnL used?
Ans Clven
ul1 33m Wl1 110m vS?
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

] X
= _

] X
= 8.8 %.

volume calculaLlons

1 WhaL volume of palnL would be requlred Lo cover an area of 300 square meLres Lo a speclfled
ul1 of 63m uslng a palnL of 43 vs?
Ans Clven
ul1 63m vS 43 Area 300m

We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

] X
= . .
= _

= . I.

2 Pow much palnL would be requlred Lo coaL a Lank roof and slde sheeLs Lo a ul1 of 100m? 1he
Lank ls 3 meLres dlameLer and 6 meLres hlgh 1he palnL Lo be used ls solvenL free
Ans Clven
ul1 100m Wl1 100m (same as ul1 8ecause alnL ls solvenL free)
vS 43 u 3m P 6m
Area nr + 2nrh 314 (23) + 2314236 942+19623 11383m

We know LhaL
= _

= .8 _

= .8 I.

3 Pow much palnL would be needed Lo cover a clrcular area of 10 meLres dlameLer uslng a palnL
63 vs Lo a ul1 of 60m?
Ans Clven
ul1 60m vS 63 u 10m Area nr 314 (3) 783m
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

] X
= 9. .

= 8. _

= . I.

4 A clrcular area of 7 meLres radlus ls Lo be coaLed Lo a ul1 of 43m WhaL volume of palnL would
be requlred lf Lhe vs conLenL was 48?
Ans Clven
ul1 43m vS 48 8 7m Area nr 314 (7) 13386m
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

] X
= 9. .
= .8 _

= . I.

3 Pow much palnL would be needed aL 33 vs Lo coaL an area of 230 square meLres Lo a ul1 of
Ans Clven
ul1 60m vS 33 Area 230m
We know LhaL
= _

] X
= _

= _

] X
= 9. .
= _

= . I.

uenslLy and SC exerclse

1 WhaL would be Lhe welghL of 163 llLres of palnL wlLh a SC of 143?
Ans Clven

volume 163 L (1631000)cc 16300cc SC 143
uenslLy(p) 143 g/cc
We know LhaL

. =

= .
= 9 or .9.

2 WhaL ls Lhe denslLy of a palnL lf 73 llLres welghs 973kg?
Ans Clven
v 73L 7300cc m 973kg9730gm


= . cc.

3 WhaL would be Lhe relaLlve denslLy of palnL ln quesLlon Lwo?
Ans Clven
p (denslLy of palnL) 13g/cc p (denslLy of waLer) 1g/cc
We know LhaL



= .

4 lf Lhe welghL of 23 llLres of palnL ls 373kg whaL would be Lhe SC?
Ans Clven
v 23L 23000cc m 373kg 37300gm
We know LhaL




= . cc.



= .

3 A Lwopack epoxy should be mlxed aL one parL base Lo one parL acLlvaLor Lhe base has a denslLy
of 14gm/cc and Lhe acLlvaLor 09gm/cc WhaL would be Lhe denslLy of Lhe mlxed componenLs?
Ans Clven
Cne parL base aL 14g/cc 14g
1wo parLs acLlvaLor aL 09g/cc 18g

1herefore LoLal welghL 32g
1oLal volume for welghL 2cc

uenslLy of mlx

= .cc.

6 A Lwopack palnL ls mlxed aL a raLlo of slx parLs pack A (denslLy 13gm/cc) Lo one parL pack 8
(denslLy 09gm/cc) WhaL would be Lhe denslLy of Lhe comblned parLs?
Ans Clven
Slx parLs base aL 13g/cc 78g
Cne parLs acLlvaLor aL 09g/cc 09g

1herefore LoLal welghL 87g
1oLal volume for welghL 7cc

uenslLy of mlx
= .cc.

7 A mlxed Lwopack palnL has a denslLy of 133gm/cc 1he denslLy of Lhe base was 13gm/cc and
Lhe acLlvaLor 09gm/cc 1he mlxlng raLlo was 31 Pas Lhe palnL been mlxed correcLly?
Ans Clven
1hree parLs base aL 133g/cc 403g
Cne parLs acLlvaLor aL 09g/cc 09g

1herefore LoLal welghL 493g
1oLal volume for welghL 7cc

uenslLy of mlx
= .cc.

8 A mlxed Lwopack palnL has a denslLy of 133gm/cc Mlxed aL a raLlo of 61 base denslLy
143gm/cc acLlvaLor denslLy 093gm/cc Pas Lhe palnL been mlxed correcLly?
Ans Clven
Slx parLs base aL 133g/cc 81g
Cne parLs acLlvaLor aL 143g/cc 143g

1herefore LoLal welghL 933g
1oLal volume for welghL 7cc

uenslLy of mlx
= .cc.