Assign students to evenly numbered groups (if possible). Each student needs their own pencil.

Supply a piece of paper for each group. Call out a common noun. Example: state. Students are to think of as many proper nouns as they can that matches the common noun. To make a competition between teams ask for complete silence. Make sure students are seated in a circle. Lay the paper in front of one student. Each student will get a turn to write a proper noun to match the common noun. The students silently pass the paper around the circle with each child writing their own answer. Give them one minute. The group that named the most correct proper nouns receives a sticker, candy, coupon, or extra points. Play as many rounds as time permits.

19. 30. and making inferences to identify main idea. 1. 28. 11. and construct meaning from print materials. Use a wide range of strategies and skills. 12. using context clues. An interactive Internet site will be used to reinforce the lesson. 2. 29. Write legibly in manuscript to communicate clearly. Content Standard(s): EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) 16. appreciate. Spell correctly in final written products. 27. Demonstrate literal understanding of print material. and presenting and apply mechanics in writing. Monitor the writing process. 21. including using context clues and predicting outcomes. Read materials encountered in daily lives. 3. Demonstrate an ability to communicate in cursive writing. students will review nouns and identify on: common and proper nouns in context. EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) EL(3) ELA(3) ELA(3) . Employ study strategies to gain information. Write meaningful simple sentences and short paragraphs. Exhibit awareness of how text features are used to convey meaning. Demonstrate vocabulary growth developed through reading and listening to literature. 22. to comprehend third-grade informational and functional reading materials. Use a wide range of strategies to interpret. A short story will be written using both types of nouns.Lesson Plan ID: Title: 13232 Proper Noun Race Overview/Annotati During this lesson. 4. including retelling information. speaking. evaluate. to comprehend third-grade recreational reading materials in a variety of genres. Use appropriate reference sources with assistance for a variety of purposes. Know and apply principles of grammar and usage in writing. 3. Use a wide range of strategies. 18. Apply strategies of a skillful listener.

Proper nouns begin with . They can be singular (one) or plural (more than one). Common nouns are usually not capitalized unless they begin a sentence or are part of a title. Common nouns do not need to begin with a capital letter. or idea. Place. Common and Proper Nouns Sentence Strips Have the students randomly draw the sentence strips and have them read them and tell you if they are common or proper nouns. A proper noun is always capitalized. or idea.Common Nouns and Proper Nouns What are nouns? Person. Activity: Battle of the Brains How many common nouns can you think of on a specific topic? 1. etc (Brainstorm and give me some common nouns for each) What are proper nouns? Proper noun is the name of a particular person. Nouns: Grocery Store 3. A proper noun is a name given to a specific person. team. Nouns: Fruits Activity: Battle of the Brains How many proper nouns can you think of on a specific topic? 1. Bobby. Idea (Brainstorm and give me nouns for each) What are common nouns? Common noun is a general name for a person. Example: Miss Webb. Nouns: Famous People 2. book. Example: boy. bike. Name_______________________________________________Date________________ Common and Proper Nouns Nouns are words that stand for a person. place. thing. one half will be common nouns and one half will be proper nouns. etc. Fast Food Restaurants Group Activity: Magazine Picture and Word Search Create a poster board. States 3. place. Nouns: Items in a Jewelry Store 2. thing. place. or thing. shoe. Thing. place. United States of America. thing. West Virginia. or idea. Have the students work in teams to cut out both words and pictures that are classified as common nouns and proper nouns. George Washington.

Happiness is a feeling that is hard to describe. The Giants will not play the Cubs in Orlando. _____________ letters. Does Jimmy really want to move to California? proper 2. ___________ 8. ____________ 9. My grandfather wasn’t allowed in that diner because of his strange habits. Microsoft or Intel? _____________ 5. Each sentence below contains two or more nouns. Underline the nouns and then indicate whether they are common or proper. ______________ . The answers for the first two sentences are done for you. _________________ 10. ____________ 6. Cassy. common 3. An impolite fish asked my brother for a worm. Which is larger. Samantha. They are either all common nouns or all proper nouns. 1. Cats are very valuable helpers on a farm. Amy will travel to Norway and Sweden. and David are playing outside. Her smile became a frown as she noticed the tiny insects crawling out of her sandwich. ______________ 4.