now do you se|| cars |n a recess|on?

Cffer assurance Ŵ nyunda| Assurance

Cne company LhaL exempllfles Lhe leveraglng of Lhls lnslghL ls Pyundal wlLh Lhelr Pyundal

1he promoLlonţ as lL was launched ln Lhe uŦSŦ ln early 2009ţ wasť ƌbuy a new Pyundal and lf
ln Lhe nexL year you lose your lncomeţ you can reLurn Lhe vehlcleŦƌ Whlle Lhe maxlmum
beneflL amounL was only $7ţ300ţ Pyundal galned an lncredlble amounL of credlblllLy and
awareness wlLh Lhls campalgnŦ

ln execuLlng Lhe campalgnţ Pyundal addressed lncome and [ob uncerLalnLy head onŦ 1hey
effecLlvely sald LhaL ºwe are ln Lhls LogeLherŦ" And Lhls was credlble glven LhaL Lhe
campalgn allgned wlLh whaL Lhe company has always sLood for Ŷ ƍAmerlca's 8esL WarranLyŦƍ

, and lord followed sulL wlLh slmllar programs a monLh or Lwo laLer afLer reallzlng LhaL
Lhelr buslness as usual markeLlng approach was lneffecLlveŦ 1he uŦSŦŴbased auLo
manufacLurers falled Lo grasp Lhe consumer psyche ln a recesslonary LlmeŦ

A|ways Around
WlLh Lhe novel ldea of 'Always 1hereţ 8ecause We Care'ţ
Pyundal ,oLor lndla LLdţ Lhe counLry's largesL passenger car
exporLer and Lhe second largesL car manufacLurerţ organlzes
a naLlonwlde servlce lnlLlaLlve called Ŵ 'Always Around'
campalgnŦ 1he campalgn ln lLs mega avaLar was organlzed
for Lhe flfLh consecuLlve year ln 2011Ŧ

1he campalgn sLarLed from ,ay 8Lh and provlded free checkŴups for Pyundal cusLomers aL
convenlenL locaLlonsŦ ln Lhe year 2010 around 90ţ000 Pyundal vehlcles across 7ţ300
locaLlons aLLended Lhe campŦ

1he 'Always Around' campalgn over Lhe years has grown much wlder ln Lerms of locaLlons
and reach and wlll conLlnue Llll uecemberţ 2011 coverlng more Lhan 8ţ000 locaLlons whereln
Pyundal wlll be reachlng ouL Lo around 100ţ000 cusLomers ln an efforL Lo make Lhem smlle
by ensurlng LhaL Lhelr car ls ln Lhe besL of condlLlonŦ Around 7ţ700 vehlcles across 313
locaLlons naLlonwlde aLLended Lhe camp on Lhe launch day lLself on 8Ŵ,ay 2011Ŧ

1he mega 'Always Around' campalgn ls conducLed aL varlous
locaLlons where cusLomers ln Lhelr normal course of llfe
frequenLly vlslL on an everyday basls llke !oggers Þarkţ
Shopplng ,allsţ AparLmenLsţ ,ulLlplexesţ eLcŦ 1he 'Always
Around' campalgn ls Lruly lnnovaLlve one as lL reaches ouL Lo
Lhe cusLomers aL a Llme and a place where lL ls mosL
convenlenL for Lhem and aL no exLra cosLŦ lor exampleţ
whlle Lhe cusLomer mlghL be busy shopplng ln a mallţ hls car
ls servlced and cleaned whlch saves boLh hls Llme and
money as lL ls a free servlceţ and Lhe advlce LhaL he geLs
from Lralned Lechnlclans helps hlm malnLaln hls car even
Along wlLh Lhe camp varlous value added servlces and schemes are offered eŦg cusLomer
8eferral Schemeţ Pyundal AdvanLageţ PealLh CheckŴup Campsţ cusLomer educaLlon Lowards
lmprovlng Lhe vehlcle mlleage/performanceţ lnformaLlon relaLed Lo Pyundal producLsţ eLc
are also parL of Lhls campalgnŦ

1hls year Lhe 'Always Around' campalgn offered a
comprehenslve 17 polnL checkŴup and a Lhorough
examlnaLlon of Lhe vehlcle and servlces such as Lyre and
vehlcle pollshlngţ coolanL and oll LopŴupŦ 1he Pyundal Leam
wlll also collecL suggesLlons and feedback on Lhe
performance of Lhe vehlcle Ǝ afLer sales servlceŦ 1he
cusLomers wlll also have a chance Lo see and LesL drlve Lhe
laLesL Pyundal cars whlch would be Lhere on dlsplay aL Lhe

ckM 51k41£6l£5 u5£u 8Y nuNu4l MO1Ok5
P?unuAl C8, sLraLegy l s al l gned Lo Lhe organl saLl onƌ s ml ssl on and purpose
l n order
Lo br l ng abou L a s us L al ned a c hl ev emenL of bus l nes s ob[ e c L l v es and
pr of l L a bl e c us L omer relaLlonshlpsŦ C8, sLraLegles varyţ howeverţ Lhe
mosL successful sLraLegles used by PyundlŦ
Clear allgnmenL beLween Lhe organlsaLlonƌs purpose and Lhe C8, sLraLegyŤ a
sLrongsLraLegy l s a dl recL refl ecLl on of Lhe companyƌ s purpose and supporLs
Lhe companyvlslon ln dlrecL and easy Lo undersLand LermsŦ
PunuAl C 8, s L r a L eg l e s l s bas ed c us L omer f o c us edŤ L h ey s houl d
ar L l c ul a L e L he poslLlonlngţ evolvemenL and ob[ecLlves of Lhe cusLomer relaLlonshlpŦ
C8, sLraLegles ls senlor execuLlve sponsorshlp and compleLe buy ln from across
LheorganlsaLlonŦ 8oLh sLaff and managemenL Lake Lhelr queues from Lhe execuLlve Leam solL
ls lmperaLlve LhaL Lhe execuLlves are vlslbleţ vocal and acLlve ln Lhelr sponsorshlp of Lhe
sLraLegyŦP u n u A l C 8 , s L r a L e g l e s a r e o f L e n r e a l l z e d f r o m L h e a
c h l e v e m e n L o f s p e c l f l c C 8 ,ob[ ecLl vesŦ 1o be successful ţ l Lƌ s
l mperaLl ve LhaL ob[ ecLl ves are Lhoroughţ measurabl e anddl recLl y aLLrl buLed
Lo supporLl ng Lhe overal l sLraLegyŦ Several common C8, ob[ ecLl ves are base of
PunuAl lnclude Lhe followlngť
PunuAl Sharlng cusLomer knowledgeŦ ÞrospecLsţ cusLomers and buslness
parLnersc a l l o n m u l L l p l e r e s o u r c e s l n v a r y l n g l l n e s o f b u s l n e s
s a n d L h r o u g h m u l L l p l e communlcaLlon channelsŦ lLƌs essenLlal LhaL any and all
resources called upon share Lhesame l nf ormaLl on l n order Lo speak l nLel l l genLl y
and wl Lh a common vol ceŦ SharedcusLomer daLa ensures LhaL each cusLomer
lnLeracLlon ls handled wlLh Lhe same degreeof care whlle leveraglng Lhe same lnformaLlon
across all deparLmenLsţ geographles andchannelsŦ
360 degree consol l daLed cusLomer vl ew usl ng Lhe companyŦ 1he achl evemenL
of as l ng l eţ enL er pr l s eŴ
wl de v l ew of L he c us L o mer r e l a L l ons hl p del l v er s one r e al Ŵ L l me verslon
of all cusLomer lnformaLlonţ ellmlnaLes dupllcaLe daLa enLryţ reduces sysLemslnLegraLlon
complexlLy and empowers sLaff wlLh up Lo daLe knowledge and acLlonablecusLomer lnslghLŦ
8 e p e a L a b l e p r o c e s s e s Ŧ 1 h e a d o p L l o n o f C 8 , a u L o m a L l o n s o f
L w a r e f a c l l l L a L e s consl sLenL processesţ process l mprovemenLs and besL
pracLl ces among al l sLaff whouse Lhe sofLware Lo become more efflclenL ln Lhelr
dally rolesŦ

CusLomlzaLlon bonds approach suggesL LhaL cusLomer loyalLy can be encouraged
LhroughlnLlmaLe knowledge of Lhe lndlvldual cusLomers and Lhrough Lhe developmenL of
oneŴLo onesoluLlons LhaL flL Lhe lndlvldual cusLomer's needsŦ P?unuAl ,C1C8S belleves
lnƌCusLomer ls 1PL klnƌţ and also knows well how Lo make Lhem feel CneŦ 1hey have
anexLenslve follow up programme and prompL servlceŦ 1hls helps Lhem Lo change
Lhelr sLraLegles and cusLomlze Lhelr servlces Lo flL developlng cusLomer needsŦ lor
Lhls purposeţLhey always requesL Lhe cusLomers Lo flll ln Lhelr feedback form LhaL follows
Lhe servlce/repalr vlslLŦ lf a low score ls recelved on Lhelr feedback formţ Lhey would go ouL
of Lhe way Loapologlze for Lhe errorŦ SlmulLaneouslyţ Lhey provlde Lechnlclans who vlslL
Lhelr home placeln order Lo aLLend Lhe lssues and recLlfy Lhem Lo Lhelr saLlsfacLlon levelŦ
lollow up calls aremade Lo ensure LhaL how efflclenLly Lhelr problems were resolvedŦ
ť1he cusLomer ls Lled Lo Lhe company prlmarlly Lhrough flnanclal lncenLlves Ŷ lower prlces
for greaLer volume purchases or lower prlces for cusLomers who have been wlLh a flrm
a longLlmeŦ- As we knowţ Lhe acqulslLlon cosL ls noL Lhe only cosL one faces when buylng a
carŦ lL maynoL necessarlly be affordable Lo malnLalnţ as some of lLs regularly used spare
parLs may be prlced qulLe sLeeplyŦ Pyundal ,oLors provldes very good afLer sale servlces
Lo lLs cusLomersŦlL ls ln Lhe economy segmenL LhaL Lhe affordablllLy of spares ls mosL
compeLlLlve as comparedLo oLhersŦ- lL also provldes lLs long Lerm cusLomers elLher wlLh
sLable prlces or lower prlce lncreases ascompared Lo Lhe new cusLomersŦ- P?unuAl moLors
provldes flnanclal lncenLlves and rewards Lo Lhe cusLomers who brlngmore buslness Lo Lhelr
servlce sLaLlon by recommendlng and spreadlng good word of mouLh LooLhers abouL Lhelr
servlcesŦ-P?unuAl ,oLors provldes free of cosL servlclng Lo cusLomers havlng 1aLa cars
wlLhln a Lwoyear warranLy Llme perlodŦ P?unuAlmoLors also offers an exLended
paldwarranLy programmarkeLed under Lhe brandţ ºlorever ?ours" for Lhe Lhlrd and fourLh
year afLer purchaseŦ 1he exLended warranLy program helps ln sLrengLhenlng conLacL
wlLh Lhe cusLomer and also lncreaseLhe revenue generaLed from sale of sparesţ accessorles
and auLomobllerelaLed servlcesŦ

Pyundal ,oLors lmplemenLed Cracleƌs Slebel AuLomoLlveţ a comprehenslve
cusLomer relaLlonshlp managemenL (C8,% soluLlon deslgned speclflcally for companles ln
LheauLomoLlve lndusLryŦ Seamlessly lnLegraLed wlLh Pyundal ,oLors' dealer managemenL
sysLemand SAÞ backŴofflce appllcaLlonsţ Slebel AuLomoLlve has dellvered slgnlflcanL
beneflLsacross Lhe exLended organlzaLlonţ lncludlng lmproved cusLomer saLlsfacLlonţ
lncreasedrevenue and producLlvlLyţ and reduced cosLsŦ 8y LlghLly lnLegraLlng Slebel
AuLomoLlve and lLsdealer managemenL sysLemţ Pyundal has sLreamllned LransacLlons and
ensured LhaL dealerscapLure cusLomer daLa as a parL of Lhelr normal operaLlonsŦ 1he
soluLlon provldes a 360Ŵdegree vlew of cusLomers Lo Lhe exLended organlzaLlonţ wlLh
approprlaLe vlslblllLy conLrols Loensure LhaL one dealer ls noL prlvy Lo lnformaLlon from
anoLherŦ 1o furLher enllsL dealer supporLţ P?unuAl ,oLors lnvolved dealers LhroughouL
Lhe soluLlon conflguraLlon anddeploymenL processŦ ºlnLegraLlng Slebel AuLomoLlve wlLh our
dealer managemenL sysLemensured LhaL our dealers would lmmedlaLely see Lhe value ln Lhe
soluLlonţ" SreenlvasanexplalnsŦ º1hls has helped us overcome Lhe usual reslsLance Lo change
and galn rapldaccepLance from our dealersŦ" Slebel AuLomoLlve has been closely
lnLegraLed wlLh a wldearray of SAÞ backŴofflce appllcaLlonsţ lncludlng appllcaLlons
lnvenLory managemenLţfulfllmenLţ and parLs locaLlonŦ Þrlclng and Lax calculaLlons can be
ad[usLed for each dealer'srequlremenLsŦ ln addlLlonţ comprehenslve sales and reporLlng
funcLlonallLy bullL lnLo SlebelAuLomoLlve enables P?unuAl Lo dlsLrlbuLe sales LargeLs Lo lLs
dealers and roll up salesnumbers across Lhe counLryŦP?unuAl ,oLors also llked Lhe facL
LhaL Slebel AuLomoLlve provldes mulLlŴorganlzaLlonsupporLţ can be deployed easlly over
Lhe lnLerneLţ and provldes robusL parLner managemenLcapablllLlesŸldeal for Pyundal
,oLors wlLh lLs farŴflung dealer neLworkŦ lurLherţ Lhe userŴfrlendly lnLerface has slmpllfled
Lhe process of Lralnlng 1aLa ,oLors' 10ţ000Ŵplus dealer salesforceŦ Coverlng a counLry wlLh
an area of 3Ŧ3 mllllon square kllomeLres (or abouL oneŴLhlrdLhe slze of Lhe uŦSŦ% also
requlred an lnnovaLlve communlcaLlons soluLlonŦ Pyundal ,oLorsllnks lLs 1ţ600 cusLomer
Louch polnLs wlLh lLs cenLrallzed daLa cenLre ln ,umbal uslng acomblnaLlon of vSA1s and
hlghŴspeed vlrLual prlvaLe neLworksŦ Slebel AuLomoLlve hasalready begun Lo dellver beneflLs
for Pyundal ,oLors' dealers LhroughouL lndlaŦ ºCverallţSlebel AuLomoLlve has Lransformed
our organlzaLlon and made lL Lruly cusLomerŴcenLrlcţ"says SreenlvasanŦ ºWe've overcome
Lhe challenges of relylng on dlsparaLe sources of lnformaLlonţ as well as havlng lnconslsLenL
buslness processesŦ 1odayţ our employees anddealers are much more responslve and
can serve cusLomers more efflclenLly and effecLlvelyŸ drawlng upon realŴLlmeţ cenLrallzed
cusLomer and vehlcle daLaŦ ºCne of our flrsL dealers LolnsLall Slebel AuLomoLlve sald LhaL hls
sales volume doubled ln Lhree monLhs wlLhouL Lhe needfor addlLlonal manpowerţ" he
conLlnuesŦ ºAnoLher dealer sald LhaL for Lhe flrsL Llme he wasable Lo vlew hls enLlre sLock of
vehlcles and how hls lnvenLory was aglngţ lmprovlng hlsconLrolŦ" Slebel AuLomoLlve has also
helped dealers respond Lo cusLomer querles regardlngvehlcles LhaL aren'L ln a dealer's
sLockţ buL whlch can be ordered dlrecLly from Pyundal,oLorsŦ ºWlLhln Lhe flrsL year
of lmplemenLlng Lhe soluLlonţ we are LargeLlng lmprovemenLsof 3 Lo 10Ʒ ln cusLomer
saLlsfacLlonţ revenue growLhţ operaLlng cosL reducLlonţ and producLlvlLy galnsţ" says
SreenlvasanŦ º1hese numbers should lncrease conslderably over

24x7 Road Assistance
Hyundai Road Side Assistance Programme
Hyundai Road Side Assistance Programme is a 24x7
emergency support provided in the event of any
mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic
accident of a vehicle. Ìt is an initiative to increase the
HMÌL's focus on its customers. The Road Side
Assistance Program was launched with the aim of
providing emergency road side assistance services
round the clock to ensure a pleasurable and
uninterrupted journey virtually anywhere in Ìndia.
The program is designed to enhance the customer ownership experience and ensure that
customers get immediate and hassle free service in the event of any car breakdown.

%e sceme wiII be avaiIabIe as a compIimentary service wit new veicIes for two years
starting February 1, 2010, wiIe existing customers wiII be offered tis option at te best
rates. The 24×7 Road Side Assistance program covers services such as: wheel change, fuel
delivery up to 5 litres, taxi co-ordination, opening the vehicle in the event of a key lock-out,
rectifying electrical problems related to the battery and fuse, on-spot repairs for complaints that
can be attended to on site and car towing to the nearest workshop in cases of an accident or

yundai Motor India Foundation Launces CSR
Announces Project Go Green and Adoption of ModeI ViIIages
Cennai JuIy 20t, 2011: Hyundai Motor Ìndia Foundation ( HMÌF) , the Corporate Social
Responsibility arm of Hyundai Motor Ìndia Limited, today further reiterated its' commitment to
Tamil Nadu by launching fresh initiatives. HMÌF launched two new programs¨ Project Go
Green¨ and "Adoption of Model Villages¨ . These two programs are the latest addition to
other ongoing projects such as community development, road safety, education and
On the occasion, HMÌF also welcomed the 7th batch of 120 Korean Happy Move volunteers,
who will be working on upgrading living and sanitation conditions of villages and schools in
the various districts of Tamil Nadu.
As a part of HMÌF's ongoing support to education projects, the Foundation undertook the
following activities.
i) Donation of 450 sets of benches to government schools across the state
ii) Donation of 200 tables and chairs to teachers of 50 schools
iii) Undertaking responsibility of sinking of Ten (10) bore wells at middle schools
iv) Handing out of certificates to the first graduating batch of 50 nursing students who
benefitted from the vocation training scheme of the company
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R. Sethuraman, Trustee HMÌF said, "We at Hyundai Motor
Ìndia Foundation remain committed to developing the community around us. Every year we
add fresh initiatives to our already long list of existing projects while continuing to nurture
and expand them. We are happy that the government has been equally enthusiastic in
supporting our efforts to ensure sustainable benefits to the society. The budgets for these
projects are generated through the sale of our cars. Going forward we shall be engaging our
customers as well to be part of these efforts.¨
"Ì am happy that Hyundai Motor Ìndia Foundation has wholeheartedly taken part in working
together with the district administration to develop the local community. To date more than
54 villages and 62 schools in the state have benefitted from their initiatives. Ì attribute the
success of these projects to their continued engagement with the community and constant
They are a role model for other corporates to follow¨ said Thiru. S. Sivashanmuga Raja, ÌAS,
District Collector, Kancheepuram.
Hyundai Motor Ìndian Foundation has invested over Rupees Twenty Crore in various CSR
projects since its inception in April 2006.
About te Projects:
Project "Go Green"
Project "Go Green¨ is an income generating tree planting project with a difference.
Undertaken along with TÌST, the project envisages distributing one lakh saplings to farmers
in a phased manner. The farmer will plant the sapling on his land holdings and be paid by
HMÌF for its upkeep and maintenance. The proceeds from sale of the produce will add to his
income. Saplings like , teak, jackfruit, mango etc will be given out. HMÌL along with TÌST will
regularly monitor the progress.
Adoption of ModeI ViIIage
This scheme focuses on sanitation and income generation. Five needy villages and three of
their hamlets in the Kancheepuram district have been identified under this scheme. The
villagers will be provided with individual toilets and given lessons in hygiene. Schools will be
provided with safe drinking water. Women's self help groups will be provided support and
guidance to make their projects commercially viable and ensure income for the members.
appy Move
The happy move volunteers comprise of a contingent of 120 students and 20 doctors all
sponsored by Hyundai Motor Corporation, Korea. So far 54 villages and 62 schools have
benefited through this initiative under their health, sanitation and nutrition program. These
students have tiled floors of the schools, built new toilets , increased the level of hygiene
standards in the school community kitchens, renovated and repaired the schools where
They have also conducted medical camps for adults and educated the villagers about
hygiene issues.
From Left: Mr.N.Klshore Kumur(Presldent LIONS club ), Mr. R. Sethurumun(Sr.VP Flnunce &
Corporute Affulrs, HMIL), Mr. S.Slvu Shunmuguru|u,IAS, Mr.B.S.Seo (Exe. Dlrector- Productlon, HMIL);
Dr.S.J.Yoon; Mr.Rukesh S Souns( FSL Presldent)

Dlstrlct Collector Thlru. S. Slvushunmugu Ru|u, IAS, pluntlng u rure tree ut the Suveethu englneerlng
college premlses

Huppy Move globul Youth volunteers

A.Joseph rexon, Dlrector, TIST recelvlng exchunge of MOU to plunt one lukh trees for the yeur 2011

yundai's 'AIways Around' campaign enters tird consecutive year
New DeIi, November 6, 2009: With the novel idea of 'AIways %ere, Because We Care' ,
Hyundai Motor Ìndia Ltd, the country's largest passenger car exporter and the second
largest car manufacturer, is back with its nationwide service initiative - 'AIways
Around' campaign in a mega avatar for the third consecutive year.

Starting from November 8th the 'Always Around' campaign will provide free check-ups for its
customers at convenient locations. Last year around 80,000 Hyundai vehicles across 6,000
locations attended the camp.

This year, the 'Always Around' campaign has grown much wider in terms of locations and
reach and will continue till December, 2009 covering 6,500 locations wherein Hyundai will be
reaching out to around 90,000 customers in an effort to make them smile by ensuring that
their car is in the best of condition. Around 4,000 vehicles across 270 locations nationwide
are expected to attend the camp on the launch day itself.

The mega 'Always Around' campaign will be conducted at various locations which customers
in their normal course of life frequent on an everyday basis like Joggers Park, Shopping
Malls, Apartments, Multiplexes, etc. The 'Always Around' campaign is truly innovative one as
it reaches out to the customers at a time and a place where it is most convenient for them
and at no extra cost. For example, while the customer might be busy shopping in a mall, his
car is serviced and cleaned which saves both his time and money as it is a free service, and
the advice that he gets from trained technicians helps him maintain his car even better.

Along with the camp various value added services and schemes are offered e.g customer
Referral Scheme, Hyundai Advantage, Health Check-Up Camps, customer education
towards improving the vehicle mileage/performance, information related to Hyundai
products, etc are also part of this campaign.

Commenting on the campaign, Arvind Saxena, Sr. V P, Marketing & Sales, HMÌL said, "At
Hyundai it is our belief that owning a car is a special experience; and the experience should
be one of delight. With Always Around campaigns, we offer our customers the most
convenient after sales service. The positive feedback received from the campaign till now
has encouraged us to value add by adding more locations and offering more attractive
schemes and offers.¨

The 'Always Around' campaign will offer a comprehensive 17 point check-up and a thorough
examination of the vehicle and services such as tyre and vehicle polishing, coolant and oil
top-up. The Hyundai team will also collect suggestions and feedback on the performance of
the vehicle & after sales service. The customers will also have a chance to see and test
drive the latest Hyundai cars which would be there on display at the venue.

yundai continues its 'AIways Around' campaign
- Organises a third year mega campaign with South African Safari contest as a special offer

New DeIi, ApriI 23, 2009: With the novel idea of 'Always There, Because We Care', Hyundai Motor Ìndia Ltd, the
passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer, is back again with its nationwide service initiative
campaign in a mega avatar for the third consecutive year.

Starting from April 26th the 'Always Around' campaign will provide free check-ups for its customers at convenient lo
around 80,000 Hyundai vehicles across 6,000 locations attended the camp.

This year, the 'Always Around' campaign has grown much wider in terms of locations and reach and will continue til
covering 6,500 locations wherein Hyundai will be reaching out to around 90,000 customers in an effort to make them
that their car is in the best of condition. Around 2,500 vehicles across 100 locations nationwide are expected to atte
launch day.

The mega 'Always Around' campaign will be conducted at various locations which customers in their normal course
an everyday basis like Joggers Park, Shopping Malls, Apartments, Multiplexes, etc. What makes the Always Aroun
innovative one is that it reaches the customer at a time and a place where it is most convenient for him at no extra c
as well e.g while the customer is busy shopping in a mall his car is serviced and cleaned and this saves both his tim
a free service and the advice that he gets from trained technicians which will help him maintain his car even better.

Along with the camp various value added services and schemes are offered e.g customer Referral Scheme, Hyund
Hyundai South African Safari contest, Health Check-Up Camps, customer education towards improving the vehicle
performance, information related to Hyundai products, etc are also part of this campaign.

Commenting on the campaign Arvind Saxena, Sr. VP (Sales & Marketing), HMÌL, said, "We are committed to provid
with the highest quality product and the best after sales service. We value our relationship with our customers and t
not end after they buy our cars. With the launch of the Always Around campaign two years ago we strengthened ou
relationship with our valued customers and the positive feedback has served as an encouragement for us to not on
service but also value add by taking it to more locations and offering more schemes and services this year.¨

The 'Always Around' campaign will offer a comprehensive 17 point check-up and a thorough examination of the veh
such as tyre and vehicle polishing, coolant and oil top-up. The Hyundai team will also collect suggestions and feedb
performance of the vehicle & after sales service. The customers will also have a chance to see and test drives the l
which would be there on display at the venue.

This year Shell Ìndia has partnered with Hyundai as the recommended oil consumable vendor for 'Always Around' a
the year. There will be active participation from Shell Ìndia at various locations to support this event so that they can
feedback directly from the customers.

|nformat|on techno|ogy |s a cost|y enab|er of customer re|at|onsh|p management.
ßut 6RH programs coup|ed w|th smart techno|ogy and strategy may soon mean
the end of the road for mass market|ng |n the auto |ndustry.
Vass rar|el|rg |s c|ear|y al a crossroads, as corpar|es reco|| lror lre |rell|c|erc|es
lrey perce|ve |r corverl|ora| red|a sperd|rg. Vagaz|re adverl|s|rg pages dec||red oy
11.Z percerl |asl year, lre sleepesl p|urge |r a quarler cerlury. Verr||| Lyrcr |s
pred|cl|rg a 1 percerl dec||re |r u.3. le|ev|s|or adverl|s|rg sperd|rg lr|s year, lo||oW|rg
a s|r||ar la|| |asl year.
Trese acl|ors are rol s|rp|y a rel|ecl|or ol a Wea| ecoror|c cyc|e. Trey're lre resu|l ol
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Embraceable CRM
8ul rar|el|rg execul|ves are oeg|rr|rg lo d|scover lral CRV sysler |rp|ererlal|or--|r
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Corpar|es reed ar approacr lo CRV lral rar|elers--ard
cuslorers--car erorace. Eroraceao|e CRV slarls W|lr a
s|rp|e prer|se: Tre rosl |rporlarl parl ol lre dalaoase
|sr'l lre oase; |l's lre dala. To ga|r lre |rlorral|or
recessary lo erorace lre cuslorer, re|al|orsr|p progrars
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purcrase palrs. Ellecl|ve CRV syslers rusl d|ve deep |rlo lre purcrase dec|s|or
oelore lre purcrase |s rade. Ca|| lr|s purchase-cycle intimacy.
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Cross-platform marketing
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Embraceable CRM
starts with a simple
premise: The most
important part of the
database isn't the base;
it's the data.
nteractive kiosks in
dealerships--or in
alternative sales
venues, such as malls--
are proving to be
excellent tools to begin
to engage consumers in
|r lre pasl lWo years--Forresler Researcr pred|cls rore lrar ra|l ol u.3. rousero|ds W|||
rave |rleracl|ve Tv capao|||ly oy 2005.
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pac|ages |r lrorl ol recepl|ve aud|erces |s vasl|y prelerao|e lo s|app|rg a S2,000
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Rise of telematics
Posl-purcrase, arolrer |rleracl|ve lecrro|ogy--ver|c|e-oased le|eral|cs--car re|p
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0erera| Volors ard Peugeol are relurr|rg ver|c|e ard cuslorer dala lo corpar|es,
Telematics applications
like General Motors'
OnStar system return
vehicle and customer
data to companies,
which enable them to
shape concierge and
maintenance services
for individual
Wr|cr erao|e lrer, |r lurr, lo srape corc|erge serv|ces ard ra|rlerarce progrars lor
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Adapl|rg lo le|eral|cs W||| rol oe easy lor aulora|ers. Trere |s lre orgo|rg d|ll|cu|ly ol
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Tre grealesl cra||erge lor lre rarulaclurers ard lre dea|ers |s lo parlrer arourd lr|s
|rl|rale cuslorer |rlorral|or, so lral lre dala car l|oW sear|ess|y up ard doWr lre
cra|r. 0r|y lrrougr sucr parlrersr|ps W||| lre average sa|espersor oe ao|e lo crall p|ars
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exc|lererl sraped oy lre r|grl va|ue propos|l|or.
Tral, |rdeed, |s lre esserce ol eroraceao|e CRV--lor corpar|es lo oller va|ue lo
|rd|v|dua| cuslorers, ard lo rece|ve |everagao|e va|ue |r relurr.

The car-buying experience is the ultimate American love/hate relationship:
People love to drive away with a new set of wheels, but the process that puts
the keys in their hands historically has filled most consumers with fear and
loathing. Now, one of America's largest and most tradition-steeped industries is
finally catching up with the changing face of customer interaction--largely for its
own survival.
"Profit margins on new vehicles are paper-thin," says Thilo Koslowski, senior
analyst with GartnerGroup's automotive practice. "Manufacturers want to make
sure they are capturing the consumer after the sale of the car and keep the
consumer once they look for another car."
The potential payoffs for the industry are enormous. In general, good CRM
drives out bad sales and marketing efforts and, according to David Nathanson,
director of retail automotive operations for PricewaterhouseCoopers, those
expenditures can reach 30 percent of the cost of a new car.
In an increasingly multichannel world, automakers are discovering with the rest
of the enterprise community that their target audience is uninterested in the
details. "Customers don't seem to remember if they phoned you or wrote you or
visited the dealer, but they do remember the product," says Charles Kirk,
general manager of GM's enterprise customer management (ECM) program.
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Slow Off the Line
Despite the industry's size, there are few CRM software suites tailored
specifically to meet its needs. The vendors that provide back-end dealer
management systems, such as Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP, are only slowing
adding CRM modules, and although companies like Siebel and E.piphany have
some automotive clientele, there is no definitive package.
Until recently, the automotive industry's distribution systems distanced the auto
manufacturers from the end customer. "Traditionally, the real customer for Ford,
GM and Chrysler was the dealer," says Kevin Prouty, automotive research
director for AMR Research. "The Big Three ran marketing campaigns, but their
job was to keep the dealer happy. Once the car was off-loaded to the dealer, the
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) were paid, so other than making sure
the dealer could continue to move inventory, they really didn't have a vested
Manufacturers have lived to regret that arrangement. "By absolving themselves
of all responsibility for customer contact, they're losing a big piece of control of
the channel," says Prouty.
There is little doubt that the charge for a truly vertical CRM solution needs to
start at the top. Dealerships are traditionally extremely conservative in their use
of technology, and even the largest and most modern dealer groups boast a tiny
fraction of OEM resources and reach a small minority of the customer base.
Another problem lies in the relatively small role customer preferences currently
play in the manufacture of automobiles. "Cars today are built primarily on a
'push' manufacturing model," explains Dan Garretson, senior analyst for
Forrester Research. That model makes the transition to a fully customer-centric,
even build-to-order service philosophy difficult. According to Garretson, car
companies are simply unaccustomed to taking ultimate responsibility for end-
consumer preferences. "Factories are incented to keep the factories running,
producing output. The manufacturers produce the cars and ship them off--it's
the dealer's responsibility to sell them."
The trouble is, the sale of that car does not necessarily reflect a satisfied
consumer, or even one who drove off the lot with the car he originally wanted. If
a buyer heads to a local Pontiac dealer hoping to buy a black Firebird with
heated seats and a sun roof, but is forced to compromise on a green Firebird
with plain seats, a standard roof and a $1,000 discount, nobody wins, according
to Steve Waters, vice president of marketing for transportation industry CRM
developer FirePond.
"From a Pontiac perspective, customers do not get the type of experience that
would necessarily encourage them to buy another Pontiac," he says. Meanwhile,
Pontiac's marketing people are now under the impression that green is hot, and
heated seats are not, when nothing could be further from the truth. "If they had
been able to capture individual needs in the conversation that took place prior to
[the sale], they would have been better at understanding demand
segmentation," adds Waters.
Computer Sciences Corporation, the El Segundo, Calif.-based technology
consulting company, is working to help Saturn do just that. CSC is currently
engaged in a 27-month development and deployment program to integrate
Siebel eSales, Reynolds & Reynolds' dealer management system and back-end
manufacturing capabilities to create the Next Generation Saturn Retail System.
The system rolls into the first of Saturn's 500 stores in Q2 2001. "Saturn already
had business processes that emphasized CRM, but they didn't have good
systems support for it," explains Tom Hachiya, a partner in CSC's consulting
group. "You still see a lot of white boards, spiral binders and everyone has their
own methods."
Hachiya says that one of the major goals for Saturn is to get away from what he
calls "organizational Alzheimer's," making a customer's sales, service and
finance activity totally integrated, no matter how the customer, dealership or
manufacturer examines the data. "Yes, we know who you are, we know what
your business represents to us, and you don't have to tell us for the fourth time
what the problem is," he says. "If you fill out a credit application with GMAC
online, we can pick up where you left off, rather than starting over again. If
you've configured a vehicle on the Web, a sales consultant will see it and can
order that vehicle for you."
hanging hannels
Saturn is an anomaly, however, as its retail operations are run in close concert
with the manufacturer. This is not the case for other major U.S. and foreign
makes. For most other automobile operations, franchise dealers, finance
companies and manufacturers are under little obligation to share information
with each other, and in fact may deliberately avoid exchanging and integrating
customer data because of competitiveness and mistrust. "Given the millions of
consumers and the way that the data is dispersed across all these different's a pretty sizeable undertaking," says Doug Gross, managing
director of KPMG Consulting's automotive practice.
Achieving the goal of "the car that CRM built" requires two major steps for the
industry: 1) increasing the flexibility of the manufacturing process and 2)
improving the integration between manufacturers and dealers. Believe it or not,
the manufacturing process may be the easier nut to crack. Forrester's Garretson
points to process changes--such as delaying paint and detail work and seating
installation until the distribution center or even point of sale--as relatively low-
tech, but high-reward customizations the industry could offer.
The challenge will be to pair the singular view of the customer with a singular
view of the enterprise inventory. In order to make this system work, "They need
to be able to see where every single car they have in inventory is--on a dealer
site, on a truck, at a distribution center, in the factory, in the production
sequence," says Prouty.
As for the truly built-to-order (BTO) car, it appears that the problem may
eventually take care of itself, because sooner or later, manufacturers won't be
able to afford doing business any other way. "People from Michael Dell to [Ford
CEO] Jacques Nasser have announced this as the next big thing coming down
the pike," says CSC's Hachiya.
"BTO will probably be the future, because we have to get away from huge
inventories," says Koslowski. He cited GM's $50 billion per year in inventory
costs as an intolerable result of the old marketplace theories. "They are trying to
cut this back to $20 billion by using a better build-to-order model. The ideal
world is to have BTO in place that will require 10 days for the manufacturer to
build the car after getting the order from the customer."
It's the dealerships that may be the heaviest anchor in this process, keeping the
industry from achieving a truly integrated view of the customer. "There's a
cultural issue: Dealers fear the OEMs," says Prouty. Not only do they fear giving
up control of the customer relationship, they worry about the bottom-line impact
of having to stock an ever-widening variety of cars to keep up with increasing
calls for customization.
But GM's Kirk believes that competent CRM management will make build-to-
order more manageable for dealers than the current guess-and-test approach to
inventory. "You can have 1007 varieties of vehicles and 2470 customization," he
says. The key is eliminating options nobody wants to buy. "Consumers buy on a
narrow range of features. We try to do everything for everybody, and of course
that's somewhat inefficient. A way out of having a needless variety of features is
to increase communication: I ask you what you want, and I build it for you."
Manufacturers cannot simply dismiss the dealer channel and their concerns with
a wave of the hand. State laws that govern auto franchise dealerships prohibit
manufacturers from selling new cars to the public, and many restrict the entry of
tech-friendly dot com dealers. Koslowski is unflinching in his assessment of the
situation. "The fact that dealerships are the only ones who can deliver a car to
the consumer has made them feel very safe and has not motivated them to
think about how they can provide a better
customer experience," he says.
The trouble may be a floor mentality that values the satisfied quota more than
the satisfied customer. "There needs to be more emphasis on the serving and
keeping [of customers], as opposed to the continual prospecting that tends to be
the norm in the industry," says Mark Brown, general manager of Reynolds &
Reynolds' eCRM efforts.
Traditional sales representatives bring tremendous potential value to the CRM
process, if they can be convinced to work for the greater vertical good. One of
the long-standing problems in the automotive industry is accurately measuring
demand, and the solution is not merely technological. PWC's Nathanson points to
the Mercedes M-Class car, only available with an automatic transmission in the
United states. No matter how intricate and flexible a configurator or prospect
profiling tool is, Mercedes cannot accurately gauge demand for a stick shift M-
Class, because the customer is never presented with the opportunity to express
interest. A sales representative can note that interest and send it back to the
manufacturer for consideration, but only if he or she believes in the CRM
Randy Rahe, vice president of e-commerce operations for AutoNation, the
country's largest automotive group with 400 dealerships in 26 major markets,
knows from experience that adopting a customer-centric approach can be a slow
process. The company plans, in time, to implement a uniform CRM software
system and customer life cycle process, but to date has only worked to migrate
legacy dealership software and procedures to the parent group norm slowly.
Rahe believes separating salespeople into those who are interested in long-term
customer relationships and those who are effective dealmakers goes a long way.
"Our best stores have individual [sales] departments where all they do is contact
customers and re-market."
But the industry isn't sitting back waiting for Rahe and other major dealerships
to apply CRM practices. New dealer code of conduct certifications--notably the
Ford Blue Oval program--reward dealers who maintain certain approved
business practices. These programs provide a potential entry point to begin
promoting cross-channel CRM policy and practice.
According to Prouty, any foot-dragging by dealers is counterproductive to their
own cause. "What they will get out of [CRM] is feedback on their own community
and the support of the OEM," he says, including a certain level of implied
protection from dot com car sites, and from the cannibalization that results from
customers playing multiple dealerships within the same brand off each other. By
unifying the customer experience and product price, dealers will have to
differentiate on service and customer care, rather than cut into their margins
just to start a relationship.
"Small dealers will be the holdouts, chiefly because the technology is not cheap,
and they really don't have the critical mass to be able to buy a hefty piece of
technology," says Vince Bowey, vice president of solutions marketing for
E.piphany, which has deployed CRM solutions for Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.
"That could change if [OEMs] decide to adopt this stuff in a big way and roll it
out to all of their dealers."
John Lancaster, who operates a five-dealership chain in Madison, Wis., agrees.
"It's just way too cost-intensive for an individual dealership," he says. "It needs
to be done on a much higher level."
ndustry Tune-Up
It is clear that a growing number of customers are not willing simply to accept
the shopping experience offered by manufacturers and traditional dealerships.
Interest in objective, open-access sites like Kelley Blue Book and next-
generation buying sites like remains high. "They need to create a
manufacturer's portal that will have the same level of disclosure as Kelley Blue
Book Online" says Lancaster. "Pricing will have to become rather fixed. What I
believe will have to end up happening is you'll have to get to a single price and
say 'This is the value we create.'"
Kirk believes he can do the independents one better, by offering not only open
pricing and extensive factual data, but offering inventory visibility, as well.
"Kelley and AutoByTel and other guys don't know when I'm going to make
another [car] with a moon roof or how much yellow paint I have," he says. "That
[information] creates the utility to incent the consumer to come back to us."
Tight integration between manufacturer and dealer may be necessary to prevent
information overload or improper levels of customer contact. "It's possible for
one part of the business to do something really stupid, like market you a blanket
proposal while another division is doing targeted proposals," says Bowey. In his
opinion, OEMs "have to be able to tell dealers, 'No, this is a bad offer,'" and have
the enforcement power to prevent the customer from being alienated.
"If you tell Pontiac not to call you at dinnertime, who's going to tell Buick not to
call you at dinnertime?" notes GM's Kirk. "If I post that information against your
name in the database, it's now in a central place and anyone finds it much easier
to apply."
GM has been running targeted marketing campaigns through its ECM program
for about a year, and Kirk says that the company is extremely pleased with the
results. "If I treat you with marketing programs and your name shows up later
in the list of people who bought vehicles, I can draw some causal deductions,"
he says. "We can measure money in versus sales out, which is a level of
instrumentation that we didn't have on most programs [before ECM.] We make
better marketing decisions and marketing investment management."
hat About the Driver?
Customers will know soon enough when the auto industry gets its CRM initiatives
properly implemented. Don't be surprised to see auto Web sites that adjust to
suit a customer's known profile and preferences, in the vein of the chameleon homepage. Envision leading off with a Focus link for a
user browsing from a college domain, and an Explorer splash screen for a
Watch for car manufacturers to try to convince consumers that they are
anything but. One of the vanguards of this effort is GM's Onstar. Although it may
look like a terribly expensive wireless phone service, insiders claim that its life
cycle has just begun. "It's about direct connectivity to the consumer, it's a portal
into the car," says Lancaster, who believes GM will greatly extend the reach of
the service in coming years. Potentially, Onstar could be used to transmit a
vehicle trouble report immediately to a dealership as soon as the car's internal
diagnostics detect a problem or a scheduled maintenance milestone is reached.
The customer can immediately schedule an appointment, without having to take
any initiative. Or a GM partner merchant, wirelessly identifying you as a likely
customer based on GM data, may beam a discount offer directly into your car as
you drive by.
"It's a completely new way of generating revenue--a recurring revenue stream,"
says Gartner's Koslowski. "That can mean more money in the end than
manufacturers are making selling cars to consumers." Koslowski also cites fixed
or near-fixed pricing as a logical outgrowth of a more intelligent auto industry,
with possible discounts for customers who use efficient purchasing channels such
as direct Web sites. "It saves time and doesn't require a sales rep to be involved
in the process," he says.
But avowed car bargain hunters may have a more difficult time of "beating the
system" in the future. One of the major goals of the industry is to build only
those cars that will be sold to the people who want them most, not simply those
who can be bargained down into taking them off the lot. "The industry spends
$15 to $25 billion on incentives to push models they can't find consumers for,"
according to Prouty.
When automakers can individualize the car, they and the dealers can also
individualize the incentives, offering just enough of a price break to seal the
deal, rather than the blanket $1,000 and $2,000 price cuts that are the norm
today. Rather than having to send our hypothetical Pontiac shopper away with
the wrong car, the dealer can quickly come up with a black Firebird that will be
the envy of the neighborhood--and that means the customer will take very little
convincing. "We don't have to incent him to buy it, because that's the car he
wants," he says.
In much the same way that car prices have gone up as a result of better
construction, mandatory air bags and nearly maintenance-free operation, any hit
in the pocketbook should be compensated for by the fact that customers will be
able to buy exactly what they want.
"[Customers] will pay more if they get more value," says Forrester's Garretson.
"The value will be in terms of greater control over exactly what vehicle they
Enjoy your new car market, and don't forget to change your database every
3,000 miles.

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day/700-mile full money-back guarantee, and a 3-month/3,000-mile extended
warranty are thrown in to sweeten the deal.
sticking to used cars makes life a lot easier for iMotors. "There's a patchwork of
state regulation as to who can and can't sell a new car," says Rob Erlichman, the
company's vice president of marketing. A few states, Texas among them, have
made it virtually impossible for a dot com to do new car business within their
borders. Even as a licensed used car dealer, iMotors faces some interesting
challenges as it tries to open doors in new states, such as a Connecticut law
requiring them to have 3,500 square feet of garage space. But the delivery
centers do not offer service; iMotors does its inspection and vehicle rehab at
facilities in Sacramento, Cincinnati and Atlanta, and outsources its extended
warranty business to NAPA. "Some of it, we'd prefer to find a way around and
compromise, so we've got efforts with all of the relevant state DMV and
attorneys general to see if there's not some other way."
start with a Zip
Casual shoppers can start configuring cars and obtaining quotes by providing as
little as a ZIP code (used to ensure that the buyer is near an iMotors delivery
center, where the sale is ultimately consummated), although saving a
configuration and price quote for later consideration requires registration on the
In June, iMotors turned to Octane Software (now a division of E.piphany) to
enhance its targeted customer offer abilities. All customer records, quotes and
purchases are stored in Octane 2000, integrated in the contact center to handle
personal interactions better. "Our customer care specialists continue to build our
data profiles for customers based on what they're inquiring on, so we can
present appropriate selections to the customers toward the goal of getting the
order," says Erlichman.
Even without a single live contact, let alone an established purchase, iMotors
begins making targeted pitches. Assumptions gleaned from a logged and saved
car quote (a request for a price on a 1998 Honda Accord reflects a likely interest
in imported mid-size sedans) as well as ZIP code demographics from registration
data provide the basic customer profile. iMotors will automatically recommend
special offers that crop up from time to time when buyers notice a large number
of a certain vehicle coming through the channel--say, a juicy Toyota Camry, a
fine substitute for an Accord.
Although other used car dealers are adding instant marketing tools to their
arsenal through providers such as Reynolds and Reynolds and,
Erlichman points out that iMotors can help a larger audience of customers
immediately capitalize on supply gluts not on an individual dealer lot, but at the
wholesale level.
uilding Trust
Erlichman explains that his company needs to build trust through relevant, CRM-
enabled communication in order to overcome the consumer perception problems
in his industry. "We start off in a business that people have a fair amount of
distrust for to begin with, and we do it over the Internet, which adds another
level of skepticism," he says. His instincts turned out to be correct--response
rates went up fourfold when iMotors switched to targeted e-mail messaging.
iMotors is now in the process of installing E.piphany to improve the integration of
customer data and marketing campaigns across not only the sales and customer
service channels, but the delivery centers and field car buyers, as well.
iMotors makes a point of contacting customers every three days while their
order is in the queue, and the agent that made initial contact is given the
responsibility of determining the best channel (e-mail or phone) for order status
updates. All automated customer contacts are "branded" with the name of the
agent that first established a relationship with the customer.
No used car deal is ever as good as it seems, so naturally, there's a catch. As of
this autumn, iMotors can deliver the used car of your dreams to a sales center in
one of just six states, although the company plans to add about three dozen
delivery centers to the map by year's end.

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