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"A Taste of Honey" Written By Tim Noonan


FADE IN: INT. APARTMENT -- PRE-DAWN Pitch dark until lights are flicked on to reveal 8 year old DAVEY swaddled in blankets asleep on his bed. MALE VOICE (O.S.) 10 minutes. Davey opens an eye and looks to see the EMPTY DOORWAY, as heavy work boots are heard SHUFFLING down the hallway. He dutifully tosses the covers back and puts a leg to the floor. EXT. CITY STREETS -- DAWN A PICKUP TRUCK makes it way through the various early morning activities, driving past a garbage truck collecting trash, a store owner hosing down the walkway in front of his shop, etc. Davey has his face pressed against the passenger side window. INT. PICKUP TRUCK -- CONTINUOUS -- MOVING DAVEY takes in the city. MALE VOICE (O.S.) Im sorry you gotta come in with me again, Davey...hell of a way for a kid to spend vacation. PULL BACK Man staring at the road in front, Davey out the window to the side. MALE VOICE (CONTD) Im sorry we cant afford no baby sitter... and I dont know how long Chuckll be cool with you hanging around the site... He turns to look at Davey.


MALE VOICE (CONTD) You sure you aint got any friends from school you could be playin with? Davey turns a plaintive face to the man. DAVEY Sorry, Dad. Dad smiles sadly as well, returns attention to the road. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE -- LATER The truck pulls in. INT. TRAILER -- LATER Dad leads Davey into the trailer. CHUCK, looks up from the computer on his small, littered desk, not too happy to see the child again. DAD He wont make a sound, Chuck, just watch TV like he did yesterday. Chuck nods and shuffles some papers around. Davey has taken up his station on the old, ratty couch. His dad ruffles his hair. Be good. DAD (CONTD)

The boy nods as his dad leaves. He leans over to turn on the little black and white portable TV on the end table, and sends a few soda cans crashing to the floor. Chuck looks up reproachfully. Dave sheepishly puts the cans back and watches the TV with muted volume. He steals a glance at Chuck, who has also looked over, the two of them being only a few feet apart... CHUCK You hungry or something? We got some biscuits with jam and honey... He ruffles through the pile of crap on his desk, holding up a white fast food bag. He looks in it.


CHUCK (CONTD) Oh, well, the biscuits are gone. And the jelly. He pulls out a couple of HONEY PACKETS and holds them up. CHUCK (CONTD) But we got honey. Honeys sweet. Like candy. Kids like candy, right? He holds them out to Davey, who takes them tentatively. Knocking into the end table and spilling the cans again as he sits back down. On his look to Chuck... EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE -- LATER A PORTA-POTTY, Davey emerges from it, wearing a yellow SAFETY HAT that is much too big for his head. He looks back to the TRAILER, where Chuck stands chastising one of the workers. He looks to the other direction, to an excavation pit surrounded by chain link fence, a seemingly deserted area. THE PIT Davey passes through a gap in the fence. Its dark in here. A large DRAINAGE PIPE is exposed in the corner. THE PIPE Davey steps slowly in the darkened tunnel. He use his hands as feelers but suddenly he falls straight down. He lands in what appears to be an abandoned part of the subway. He stands and dusts himself off, looking at the cobwebs and archaic architecture, circling until he comes to rest on a... GARGOYLE, seemingly out of place in the middle of the platform, just a foot shy of Davey. He turns his head to examine the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle apes his movement and examines him. Daveys eyes go wide and he takes a step back, the Gargoyle matches his eyes and takes a step forward.


Davey, freaks out and backs up into the wall, the Gargoyle matching him step for step. At a loss for what to do, Davey reaches into his pockets and starts throwing the contents at the Gargoyle: some change, a yo-yo, and finally the HONEY Packets. One of the packets bursts on the Gargoyles stony nose. He pauses, licks it with a giant canine tongue. A huge grin explodes on his face. He picks up Davey and puts him on his shoulders. MONTAGE - DAVEY IS TAKEN INTO THE GARGOYLES WORLD --The Gargoyle flies Davey along the old subway tracks, deeper into the dark... --On the other side, Davey is introduced to other gargoyles, he puts honey onto their noses in turn... -A gargoyle stares meanly at Davey, who screws up his face, then matches the expression. The gargoyle goes neutral, then makes a new face, Davey copies that one... -Davey shows a gargoyle how to use his yo-yo... -Davey rides on the back of a gargoyle as he races the others... -Davey plays hide-and-seek with the gargoyles, one freezes and blends in with the stone as Davey rounds a corner looking for him... -Davey waves good-bye to the gargoyles, as he hops on the back of the original Gargoyle and starts to hover in the air... EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE -- DUSK Davey approached the trailer, just as his Dad comes from the other side. His father shoots him a look. DAVEY I was in the can. His dad nods approval at the use of the vernacular as he puts his arm around him and they head out.


EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE -- EARLY MORNING Davey energetically walks up to the trailer with his Dad. On the steps sits another boy his age. BOY My dad told me I had to come to work with him today. He is not happy. He kicks at the dirt. Dad hands Davey a white bag. DAD Why dont you share your breakfast? Davey nods as his dad gives him a hopeful smile and walks away. Davey turns to the boy, a big smile lights up his face. DAVEY Come on, Ill show you around. ZOOM OUT, FROM ABOVE A busy construction site, the boys walk unnoticed to the excavation pit. FADE OUT: THE END

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