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"Gestalt" Written By Tim Noonan

FADE IN: INT. OFFICE BUILDING -- NIGHT A HAND grips a whiskey glass as the brown liquid splashes in. PULL BACK Behind a desk, a MAN in shirt and tie downs the drink, a lone lamp the only source of light in the darkened office. He fumbles to open the top drawer. He pulls out the bottle, more empty than full, and sets it on the desk. He looks back into the drawer, staring at something as he becomes lost in thought. BAM! A noise from the other room snaps him back. He awkwardly returns the glass and bottle, and shoves the door shut as he gets up. Sarah?! WAITING ROOM The man rounds the corner. The room is lit by a soft florescent glow. MAN (CONTD) I thought you went home an hour ago... The receptionist desk is empty. Confused, he turns and is startled by a figure standing in front of the office aquarium. He puts his hand to his chest as he catches his breath. MAN (CONTD) You scared me. He takes in what he sees. It is a young CHILD, perhaps 8 years old, wearing a WEREWOLF MASK and costume. He slowly turns from watching the fish and looks at the man. MAN (CONTD) How did you...? MAN


He looks at his watch, the boy, then moves towards the main door. THE HALLWAY The man pokes his head out and looks back and forth - empty. The door closes, revealing: DAVID NEMETH, PH.D.: COUNSELING SERVICES. WAITING ROOM MAN/DR. NEMETH Where are your paren...? The boy is gone. DR. NEMETHS OFFICE The boy sits rigidly on the couch as the doctor comes in and flicks on the lights. He sways a bit on his feet, but takes a composing breath. DR. NEMETH Okay, buddy. Im Doctor Nemeth. He offers his hand. Blank stare from behind the werewolf mask. Dr. Nemeth smiles and puts his hand down. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) So, I guess Sarah - thats my receptionist - forgot to lock the front door. The office is actually closed. The boy just stares. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) So, Im going to need to know your parents names so I can give them a call... No response from the boy. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) Okay. Maybe later, huh? Do you have a name? The boy shakes his head, No.


DR. NEMETH (CONTD) No name?! That must be tough. (beat) Thats a cool costume, did you wear that trick-or-treating? The boy nods, Yes. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) It must be hot in there, do you want to take off your mask? No response. Okay. DR. NEMETH (CONTD)

Silence for a minute. Nemeth is still a little drunk and trying to think about what to say next. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) You know, my son used to love trickor-treating... His eyes goes somewhere else. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) His name was Joey... as soon as school started in September, hed start talking about what he wanted to be that year to me and Julie thats his mother, was... He stops and composes himself again. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) We used to go together every year. Until... FLASHBACK - LAST HALLOWEEN NIGHT From behind, Nemeth, as Frankensteins monster, leads an 8 year old boy across the street by the hand. ON NEMETH He stops at the curb. His hand is being pulled by his son. Hold on. DR. NEMETH (CONTD)

He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a flask. He lets go of Joeys hand to unscrew it and take a pull.


As he does so, a group of college girls walk past. They are dressed as sexy nurse, sexy cat, etc. He smiles as he follows them with his gaze. He recaps his flask and is pocketing it when TIRES SCREECHING He looks down, no Joey. He looks into the street... Oh my God. DR. NEMETH (CONTD)

He runs across the street. RETURN TO SCENE DR. NEMETH (CONTD) (to himself) And then Julie...she was so distraught... FLASHBACK - BATHROOM Julie in bathtub, a glass of wine and red rivulets running from her cut wrists. RETURN TO SCENE Dr. Nemeth wipes away a tear as the boy remains motionless. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) You really need to tell me your parents name. He gets up and goes to his desk, opening the top drawer again. DR. NEMETH (CONTD) I feel like I know you... Michael? Juan? Whos under that mask? He has placed his cup and bottle back on the desk. He stops short as he looks into the drawer again. He snaps back to the boy. Then to the desk again. He pulls out an object and clutches it to his chest as the boy stands up and starts to walk over to him. Fear grips Doctor Nemeth. As the boy approaches, he falls back into his desk chair. DR. NEMETH (CONTD)


The boy starts to pull up his mask. Nemeth whimpers. CUT TO: WAITING ROOM The door is unlocked as SARAH enters. DR. NEMETHS OFFICE Sarah comes in with some mail. As she places it on his desk she looks up and screams. In the chair, Dr. Nemeth stares up at her. THE STREET (LAST HALLOWEEN) Dr. Nemeth arrives and looks down... DR. NEMETHS OFFICE (PRESENT) Sarah runs out. His arm falls from his chest. The object falls. THE STREET (LAST HALLOWEEN) Dr. Nemeth falls to his knees beside the mangled body of his son, who wears a WEREWOLF MASK. DR. NEMETHS OFFICE (PRESENT) On the floor: a cracked FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH of Joey and his father and mother in their costumes. FADE OUT: THE END

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