"And They Called it Puppy Love...

" Written By Tim Noonan



FADE IN: INT. APARTMENT -- MORNING An ALARM sounds. BRIAN SOLE (30s) lies on his back with his eyes already open, he looks over to the empty side of his queen sized bed, then to the empty bottle of wine and single glass next to the alarm clock. He sighs and gets up. He stands at the counter, slathering peanut butter onto a piece of toast as he sips coffee from a travel mug. He cuts the piece in half and reaches down. He places it on the nose of his dog, SIDNEY, a beautifully groomed Australian Shepherd. He counts on his fingers. BRIAN One...two... She snaps and starts chomping on the piece. BRIAN (CONT’D) You’re never gonna let me get to three, huh? He takes a bite of his toast, then looks at the dog, now begging, and throws her his half. BRIAN (CONT’D) Come on, we’re gonna be late. She trails him out of their studio apartment. INT. DOG OBEDIENCE SCHOOL - LATER Bryan walks in with Sidney. He gives the receptionist an awkward smile before putting his head down and continuing into the STAFF ONLY section of the facility. BOARDING AREA Brian walks past cages stacked three deep with barking dogs. Sidney calmly walks into an open cage on the ground level. Brian crouches to be eye level. BRIAN See you for lunch. He rubs her head and shuts her in. She curls up and goes to sleep.


MONTAGE - BRIAN AT WORK --He shows a little girl how to hold out her hand with a treat for her puppy after it sits. --He watches an older woman lead her dog through the obstacle course. He nods encouragement. --He mops up an “accident” in his training room. EXT. DOG OBEDIENCE SCHOOL - LATER Brian leads Sidney to his car. He opens the trunk and takes out a small cooler. Sidney sits to beg. BRIAN You know the rule, I eat first... He struggles to open up a tupperware container. The lid gives and he spills out a large portion of spaghetti onto the pavement, a meatball resting like the cherry on top. Sidney goes for it. Wait! BRIAN (CONT’D)

She stops in her tracks. Brian holds up his hand and slowly walks towards her. Wait. BRIAN (CONT’D)

He crouches down. Sidney licks her chops in anticipation. He brings his fork just an inch from the meatball... WOMAN (O.S.) Peighton! No! Stop! A little corgi swoops in and grabs the meatball. Sidney whines as she looks up at Brian. Go ahead. BRIAN

Sidney digs in, the two dogs making short work of the food. A woman catches up to the corgi. WOMAN Peighton. Bad. (to Brian) I’m so sorry.


BRIAN It’s okay, I wasn’t gonna be able to eat much of it anyway. She looks at the mess on the ground. WOMAN Much if it? BRIAN I thought I could save the meatball. Oh. She laughs. WOMAN (CONT’D) Well, again, I’m sorry. Peighton sorta just does his own thing, why we’re here... BRIAN Well, we got some of the best trainers around. He crouches and starts to pet Peighton, coming up with the leash. BRIAN (CONT’D) Try folding it like this. He looks at the woman for the first time, he falters for a second as he takes in her beauty. He shows her how to hold the leash. BRIAN (CONT’D) Makes it more secure, she’ll be less likely to pull free if you hook your thumb like this. WOMAN Thanks. You work here? Yeah. BRIAN WOMAN

WOMAN I’m Cristen. This is Peighton. BRIAN Brian, and Sidney.


CRISTEN Well...sorry again, and thanks for the tip. He nods. She leads Peighton off. He gets out an apple. INT. DOG OBEDIENCE SCHOOL -- LATER Brian walks past Cristen, who fills out paperwork with the receptionist. As his hand touches the Staff Only door he overhears... CRISTEN Can we get Brian for the training? A confused smile crosses his face, he pushes the door open and exits the lobby. MONTAGE - BRIAN TRAINS PEIGHTON WITH CRISTEN --Brian works with Cristen on getting Peighton to “stay” Peighton doesn’t do it. --Brian and Cristen have a conversation as they watch Peighton and Sidney interact in the yard. --Peighton shakes Cristen’s hand. She beams at Brian. He smiles back. --Brian ties a bandana with “Peighton” stitched into it around the dog’s neck. He licks his face and topples him over. Cristen laughs. --Brian shows Cristen how to push down on Peighton’s back to get him to lie down, their hands touch and he pulls awkwardly away. She suppresses a smile. --Cristen hands Brian a tupperware container. He opens it to see spaghetti sauce with meatballs. --Cristen has her hand up. Peighton is at the opposite end of the yard, “staying” perfectly, until she waves him on and he comes bounding over and she hugs him. EXT. DOG OBEDIENCE SCHOOL -- AFTERNOON Brian walks Cristen and Peighton to her car. She opens the back and lets the dog in. CRISTEN Thanks for another great lesson.


BRIAN Sure. (beat) I want to take you on a date. He looks down, struggling but not stopping now that he’s started. BRIAN (CONT’D) And, I don’t know how you feel, but I really like spending time with you... I get excited when I know I’ll be seeing you... Brian... CRISTEN

BRIAN And the more we talk and the more I learn about you, the more I want to learn - you have a little sister who wants to be on American Idol, you still sleep with a light on, you make really good meatballs... Brian. CRISTEN

He looks up sheepishly. BRIAN And it kills me every time we say goodbye because I don’t know what to do. I want to ask you out but I don’t want to cross any lines and... Yes. CRISTEN

BRIAN I just thought - yes? She nods yes. CRISTEN What time you off from work? His face goes red. The two start making plans as we pull back, revealing the building with it’s sign: “Puppy Love Dog Training.” FADE OUT: THE END

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