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Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan

Applicant recent photo paste here
Do not use Pin or staple

1 Type of Weapon applied for


Revolver Sports

Shotgun Protection

Rifle Display


2 Reason For Need Of Arms License Other

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3 Application Type New Duplicate Renewal Gratis Re-validation of Manual License/Conversion Transfer/Inheritance

Applicants First Name Applicants Last Name 5 Applicants Name to be on the Arms License 6 Applicants CNIC 7 Fathers Name 10 Current Mailing Address 11 City / Village Police Station 12 Permanent Address 14 City / Village Police Station 15 Profession / Occupation 17 Do You Claim Exemption From The Payment Of Licence Fee? 18 Weapon Caliber/Bore 19 20 Yes Cartridges Weapon No 21 No
( if yes, please attach copies of all license / Information of the weapons with this form)

Applicants Contact No

Date of Birth ( DDMMYYY) 8

Gender Male 9



Tehsil District 13

Postal / Zip Code


Tehsil District 16

Postal / Zip Code



(If yes give reasons)

22 Do you already possess a weapon? Old License No. 23 19 18

OLD Approval Reference 24 Old Booklet No./Card No. 27 19 18 30 DCO/ DC/ Political Agent Information Validity Date of Old Licence 29 19 18 Branch Date Registration No. Date of Expiry of Old Licence 26 19 18

22 Date of Issuance of Old Licence 25 19 18 28 19 18

( Please attach copies of all license / Information of the weapons with this form)

Last Renewal Date of Old Licence

Weapon Retainers Information (Please fill Blue Caption incase of Renewal/Conversion/Re-validation)

Retainers First Name 31 Retainers Last Name 32 Retainers CNIC 33 Retainers Father Name 36 Permanent Address 37 City / Village District 34 Date of Birth ( DDMMYYY) 35 Gender Male



38 I hereby declare that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that furnishing false information will result in summary rejection of my application Retainers recent photo 39 Applicants Signature 40 Applicants Left Thumb
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Do not use Pin or staple

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Official Use (Comments) 41

Approved Not Approved

Official Seal & Signature

All colums should be filled in English using capital letters only. Thumb Impression and signature should not exceed out of rectangle allocated for it. If space provided for certain field is not enough than write below the allocated space. Paste one photograph of applicant on the form and attach one. If weapon retainer is different form the applicant then paste one photograph of retainer on the form. All photographs should have blue background and clearly written name and CNIC,S number of the person on back side. Name of Applicant to be printed on the card should not exceed from 25 characters including space Applicants Father Name should not exceed from 27 characters including space

Please make sure to attach following documents with the form/s otherwise application will not be entertained.
IN CASE OF NEW LICENSE 1 2 3 Copy of CNIC Two recent passport size photographs Certificate of Profession / Service DUPLICATE 1 2 3 4 5 6 Application Copy of FIR Affidavit Bank Certificate Copy of CNIC DCO / DC /PA Report TRANSFER / INHERITANCE 1 2 3 4 5 Application Death Certificate Affidavit form all legal heir with copies of CNIC Bank Certificate DCO / DC /PA Report


1 2 3

Application Copy of License issued by Provincial Government Copy of CNIC

Renewal /Re-validation/Conversion
1 2 3

Application Copy of License issued by MOI Copy of CNIC

Note: -

Arms License Section has the right to reject the attached documents if not found upto the required standards if not found up to the required standards.

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