Nemesis Service Suite

Release history: -------------------------------------------------------------___________________________________ NSS.exe - 23 June 2009 - Added support for latest Nokia BB5 phones via USB (Virtual USB device) - Windows 7 support ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta - 05 May 2008 - Fixed bug that prevented NSS to comunicate with the new Nokia Connectivity Cable driver(affected VUD device) - New future - ability to retrieve original product code and warranty data from our server. Should be helpful when restoring the phone in original condition before flashing in NSU Note: This feature is implemented in NSS, but not fully operational on our server yet. Hopefully it will take 1-2 weeks to be fully ready ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta - 13 July 2007 - Added BB5 phone RX2 line support for faster flahing. In order to use it Federal One device should be updated to the latest build - There is a check box 'Use Phone RX2 line' in flashing Options Tab for BB5 - Added support for latest flash loaders pack - 7.16, please update your 'Flash' directory - Fixed USB support for E61i and E65 - Fixed bug on N73 and 6680 read ask file - Added new phone definitions in NSS.ini - Some small bug fixes on reading BB5 simlock status - Added protection for read ask files via USB on not supported models (N95) ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta - 27 June 2007 - Bug fixed on reading ask files via F1 on N91 and N93 - Vista support is fully restored - Force change to Local Mode implemented on reading BB5 ask files and writing rpl files via USB - Changes to PM write in BB5 mode on F1 device - authorization of each transaction implemented, if SX-4 is connected locally will be used for that, otherwise NSS will connect to our server - UI improvments to allow easier location of current device in use tooltips and large, device specific icons - Updates to IMEI data write in the Flash/Advanced menu - now if you are unable to read UEM imei, you can enter the IMEI from the back label

8 .Bug fix on imei truncation in BB5 more in the SpLocks menu . Just select 'Manual'. New versions and models could be supported by updating the ini file and adding new patch definitions in the Dct4Plus folder.Bug fix on reading ask file via USB when imei is damaged.Bug fix on uploading the RPL file in USB mode when error was shown on succesfull upload .01 Feb 2007 .6.7. Now it is possible to read the phone hw details and make some test on the hardware .Nemesis) .Bug fix on reading of the Production Edit data in BB5 USB mode.12 April 2007 Changes affecting F1 device in DCT4 mode: . NSS will save a valid RPL file as a backup. Available on all devices(LPT.ram.5. now an error will be generated and file will not be saved . you will need to select at least MCU file in the File Selection Tab .supported all phones defined in the Dct4Plus.9 . now the product code could be read correctly from the phone in the Phone info menu ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1.Nemesis) .exe Beta 1. Then you can proceed as normal with "Load RPL File" .2610.6030.F1.Utility to update F1 firmware via NSS server added to the NSS package ___________________________________ NSS.0. by pressing the Read button.38. if not selected you will get your file calculated on our server realtime. No need to select flash files for that feature. you can upload locally stored rpl file.0.Read BB5 ask file in USB and FBUS mode will print more detailed information for the process and show errors .38.38. When the 'Use RPL file' is selected.exe Beta 1.F1. then enter Asic Type and IMEI.6060 etc). fbus etc.Proper detection of simlock protection type implemented in DCT4 menu .11(some wd2 phones will not connect and backup data might be corrupted.10 .15 March 2007 This version contains mainly bugfixes . Available on all devices(LPT.The backup function has be re-written.0. Internet connection and valid account is needed for that(2610 not supported for server RPL upload) . but if you want to erase custom area or upload RPL file. You can use this file later to restore the phone if needed Supported ASIC 2.The Advanced Tab in the Flash Menu got a makeover.Uploading RPL files have two options . please use the server to repair) ___________________________________ NSS. now on every flash if 'Safe Flash' is selected or every click on 'Read' in the Advanced Tab. then click 'Read' to generate correct BCD imei.local and server. instead of ask file as before.Standalone DCT4PLUS unlock/lock/CS repair implemented .Standalone unlock/lock support for all DCT4/WD2/TIKU models with static and dinamic session key.ini file (1112(b). cbus.and still calculate RPL file.

F1 .Due to popular demand we have changed the appearance and the handling of the Flash Menu File selection Tab..Fixed bug on NSS crashing while flashing BB5 .bug fix on NPC upload on some phones with large certificate (N80.BackUp and Restore of the Rap3 certificate implemented.exe. erased flash.4 .38.exe Beta 1. Security WD shutdown in 2 min during call. allowing faster loading of the FfApp.Ability to update Sedna Os via NSS.0. How to use: Upload RPL file with F1 device.38. NSS will first try to find a SX4 card plugged locally to the PC.07 Dec 2006 .14 Nov 2006 . for now only NPC will be restored with the 'Write' button(only F1 device) ___________________________________ NSS.38.44.etc).5 .This is internal release .on rebuilding the security area after BB5 RPL upload. so product selection . To do it. if not then will try to connect to our server .New add on. the security area will be rebuilt at the end of the process. Now the Market Combo will show extended info.0. please update your 'Flash' directory . use the 'Sedna' button in the Device Info Tab -> Device Mainanance Make sure you have Enabled Advanced Features first .exe Beta 1.6 .New optiomized version of Sedna RTOS.Added support for latest flash loaders pack .0. ST_SECURITY failed.exe Beta 1.02 Dec 2006 .New feature . etc.BKP file.38.7 .Diamond Application Bug fix regarding SP lock calculation . Affected devices . This will replace the need of original equipment to fix problems caused by damaged PM. Please use the Read/Write in the Logging group ___________________________________ NSS. mainly bug fixes ___________________________________ NSS. To use just check the backup box in the Certificate BB5 menu.Changed the way extraction of CP is performed on Nemesis device .exe Beta 1.sea .New feature: Rebuild of the BB5 security area. NPC and some important PM values will be saved to .04 Nov 2006 . changed flash.Dct4Plus unlock is finally released for public use.0. Internet connection and F1 device required . the phone Mode could be read/changed from the quick access bar(under the speed desktop settings) ___________________________________ NSS.Internal release.6.

This feature can be enable from the Settings page of the Device Info menu.0. FfApp. to delete selection you can use the newly added buttons( with rubbish bin icon ) to remove MCU selection ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1.Last used mode selection is now saved after closing NSS.exe Beta 1. so on next start the same mode will be selected.2 .0.BB5 Helen partition command added ___________________________________ NSS.Added support for N93 flashing .20 Oct 2006 .59 is required for proper operation of this feature ___________________________________ NSS.A number of bug fixes regarding Scanning of new devices and .This is internal release .25 Sept 2006 .3 .0. If selected.31 Oct 2006 .8 .0.1 .This is final stable release .0.New driver for all usb devices .sea min version 0.38. fixes and new features.exe Beta 1. It will allow NSS to self update its own dll's for critical bugs.F1 and Diamond to address compatibility issues with other products used on the same PC.Production Data Edit activated for BB5 .will be much easier .38.38.02 Oct 2006 .exe Stable Release 1.Nemesis.exe Beta 1.Diamond Licences menu fully activated.Ability to flash CP + PPM only. After upgrading to the new version of the driver we don't recomend installing of old versions of NSS Please check for additional steps required to update to the new driver at the end of the installation of this version .0.Bug fixed on error caused by the simplified fbus handler of DCT4PLUS generation of phones in content extraction . Very usefull if the user works mainly with the same generation of phones ___________________________________ NSS.Automatic Online Update function added.38.23 Sept 2006 .0. instead of closing NSS will continue running in the system tray and check continuosly for available updates .37.Support added for detection of nai type of cp files by the auto file selection utility in NSS ___________________________________ NSS.0 .

ini file and then called again for faster flash opertaion.fixed bug on crashing while reading bb5 ask file in NSS logger mode via USB on 3250 .0.exe Beta 1.16 Sept 2006 . .37.fixed bug on DCT3 flashing. by dropping down the combo and selecting one of the previosly saved desktops.dll that was causing crash of NSS when flashing 32+ phones the same time with Nemesis ___________________________________ NSS. just enter the name of the file(from Temp dir!) in the 'Phonebook File' box. then enter the name in the option box (top right corner) . NSS will request user to input start/end address or section/key to be able to read full PM or single key .fixed bug on Range checking for Read and Write in the Permanent Memory Tab in the Phone Info menu.Multilock on Nemesis fully working ___________________________________ NSS.37. All setting from the Flash page could be save to a .0.ability to perform AFP manually. All setting will be loaded automatically . How to use: sellect files and choose settings.exe Beta 1. then click Save.fixed bug on Multiflash start in BB5 mode. On frest start you can select your saved file.exe Beta 1. now you can dissable/ enable this feature in the Options Tab for BB5 as well as DCT4 modes . 'Upload' button added in the After Flash Tab. select 'Upload saved Phonebook' and click 'Upload'.37.7 .21 Sept 2006 .6 .208) . make sure you restart your pc if you use LPT device(driver ver 1.11 Sept 2006 . caused by incorect RAM type detection .4 .fixed bug when 'Enable' was pressed for a second time after Diamond was allready opened Prodigy device driver.Ability to check the status of the Diamond NSS application and read and write new licences ___________________________________ NSS. Please note that all settings from the Options and After Flash Tab will be used for manual upload. To upload failed phonebook temp file.0.All Tabs from the Security menu and the Advanced Flash Tab from the Flash menu are not available with Nemesis device .5 .37.After flash processing on BB5 activated .UI behaviour .fixed critical memory leak in pdg4flsc.Save/Load current desktop option added.29 Aug 2006 .fixed bug when open failed on F1 and Diamond the same time .exe Beta 1.0.Dct4Plus Fbus comm rewritten (internal use only) ___________________________________ NSS.

in case you have an unlock code from the operator.Support for BB5 simlock upload .bug fix on Read Single PM section in BB5 mode . and increase the build for each new Beta version. Also reading of the BB5 simlock server version implemented ___________________________________ NSS.New version naming of the NSS software. please put "VudOn=0" and to use advanced features just click "Enable" button.bug fix on application crashing when the Test Result was clicked instead of the Test Description (Testing Tab/Tools menu) . when we have keys larger then the maximum FBUS transfer frame .0.37.Read SP lock info on BB5 extended .37.Read SP lock status on BB5 activated in Fbus and USB mode .0 to save some confusion to users . No box is required. case of bad flashing and the simlock in the PM is damaged .128k page convertion on USB and Fbus BB5 flash added ___________________________________ NSS.0.0. Now we will have constant Release.3 .Added Erase/Write timing print on BB5 USB and Fbus flash .NSS support BB5 loging mode. To dissable the VUD(Virtual USB Device) and use NSS as software for Prodigy LPT. but the unlock counter is locked (3 times wrong code entered) .Improved FBUS comunication on BB5 and DCT4 . The software can read ASK file and upload RPL file.ini file.DCT4 support enabled when NSS is used with Diamond via USB .exe Beta the Keypad Codes attempts counter and the Fbus Codes attempts counter are shown as separate entries in the Details List.Changes to the USB flashing with Diamond only.exe Beta 1.via USB only or with F1/Nemesis box What a simlock rebuild RPL file is usefull for: . ___________________________________ NSS.0.37. . You need only CA-43 or DKU-2 usb cable.20 July 2006 . Diamond will no longer be opened on program startup.37.27 July 2006 .exe Beta 1. We will keep this version as 1.03 Aug 2006 . For the last 1 year we we were increasing the Build for each new version. To use NSS with Diamond. Nemesis just put "VudOn=0". instead you have to press 'Enable' in the advanced features group in Device Info tab.Full Fbus support via USB connection for DCT4(when supported)/BB5 .bug fix on Read PM for DCT4.0.14 Aug 2006 .2 .0 .1 . the soft will start as a virtual USB device. Make sure that you have "VudOn=1" in the NSS.Read/Write PM menu updated to support read and write of PM with user defined range.___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1. .

bug fixed on save of converted 128k page file .Read StartUp Self Tests added for DCT3 .0..0.bug fixed on wrong selected product file.Mcode calculation added and Enable FTD on full flash All credits for these solutions go to DK. to prevent accidental change by user intervention .Save Phonebook before flash & Upload the saved file after flash added This function will work on LPT device and Slot1 only on Nemesis.The Factory Settings Tab activated for DCT3 .Progress bar added on Fbus and USB BB5 flash(Nemesis.ini file. Now its possible to select manually a 128k page file.Factory Resets and Format File System Page added .vpl definition files ___________________________________ NSS.12 July 2006 .36 .Run Single Test activated . To add new definitions.exe.locking of the controls in the Flash Page while flashing added. if we work with 128k page flash .exe Beta 1.TIKU or WD2.rebuild splocks AFP option added . please update your NSS.exe Beta 1.bug fixes on wrong detection of 6230 after CP flash and failed CP extraction because of that .after flashing and after mode change timeouts are now read from corresponding product file and are used during flash . This will allow virtual UART and Flash comunication with BB5 phones that support USB communication via . and if the product has been declared as BB5. F1 and Diamond) .New handling of products for BB5 and DCT4.bug fixed on error uploading pp file after flash if the user selected manually a Market file . etc) . Al. will not be listed in the products list in DCT4 mode.14 June 2006 . so we can add them in the officially released file for the next version .0.USB flashing for BB5 activated with Diamond .bug fixed on ADL flashing.bug fixed on custom erase block. some advanced features to be added in near future .128k page convertor bug fix related to wrong detection of 128k page file. when the product code was not read from phone or not existing in data package .The Product type box in the Flash page will show type and phone model for easier navigation of the flash files .Auto file selection updated to support BB5 products with .35 . g3gg0.Update Device Firmware Button added to the Device Info Page(Prodigy only) .Virtual USB Device support. kontact .0. the convertor will not try to convert it again . If a product has been explicitly declared as DCT4. . if Diamond is present. We will appreciate if you share your changes with us.Bug fixes on the FAT16 page convertor regarding Flash chips with larger address space(3220. when completion of the ADSP process was terminated earlier then needed ___________________________________ NSS. 6020.Diamond support in NSS. it will be excluded from the file selection in BB5 mode.

0.Load back up RPL and Custom Erase .some DCT3 mbus functions are enabled (scan.0.Page convertion to 128k page flash chips support added.Auto selection of DCT3 flash files and Scan button activated ___________________________________ NSS.0. this is basically the old Menu Editor application integrated in NSS. so think before using the functions on the Advanced Page ! ___________________________________ NSS.32 . If you use the 'Load' button.Bug fixed on PPM file auto selection .33 .31 .flashing with 3+ Nemesis boxes the same time will be much more stable .Bug fixed when 'Timeout!' was showed while flashing .16 Feb 2006 . Better user interface and updated PPU/PP parser . please send us any files that you suspect have been converted with errors ___________________________________ NSS. FAT16 and flash page headers relocation is not tested on many different phones.Improved multidevice support .DCT3 flash enabled .DKU2 cable .0.Flash Page re-designed for easier use .17 March 2006 .flashing and FAID update after flash are working . PP upload Reset to Full Factory . you will need to restart manually with the 'Exit' button.11 March 2006 .0.Product Profile Uploader for DCT4 added. The converted flash file is left in the product directory.New Advanced page . the phone will be auto restarted to restore the permanent area zone. still in testing (Diamond required) . Pressing the 'Exit' button if the phone has been already restarted or not in flash mode will stall the driver for a long time.exe Beta 1.0.exe Beta 1.0.23 Feb 2006 .0. might create some problems.exe Beta 1.Some after flash options added: PPC reset.Bug fixed regarding erase of some flash chips ___________________________________ NSS.34 . read info) .exe Beta 1.DCT4 Advanced page has some new features.Restore phone permanent area from backup rpl file added Please make sure you select mcu file and press Flash with FlsBoot .bug fixed on CP flash of MM devices Note: The Advanced flash page is only for experienced users ! Please do not use it if you need explanation how to use it ! After erase.BB5 FBUS flashing support activated for Nemesis and F1 device .

new version of the prodigy lpt driver.29 Jan 2006 .0.28 Jan 2006 .0. ___________________________________ NSS.bug fixes on PM read/write .some bugs fixed regarding erase.0.0.added device extended info print and start up tests on the flash loaders directories .23 Jan 2006 .support for 3 new types of backups .0.0.007 ___________________________________ NSS.28 .ask file into the default backup path: '\Backup\ask\'.51.'SafeFlash' support added for TIKU(6.192) .24 . This version will support only the asic2 compatible phones.12 Feb 2006 .some UI bug fixes .exe Beta 1.exe Beta Beta 1.'SafeFlash' partially implemented. Files will be saved as <imei>.improvments on backup rpl func .Scan button added in the Flash Menu ___________________________________ NSS.RTTI support and dinamic RTL usage removed .bug fixed regarding ppm language list .option selected first in the Flash menu.26 . It will back up the phone data to <imei(esn)>.ask(rpl.exe Beta 1.16 Jan 2006 .0. rpl and pm.exe are no longer needed.0. you can delete old files in your system32 folder if not needed by other programs ___________________________________ NSS.runtime files for NSS.0.25 . Please make sure you use the latest flash loaders pack: v.27 .7) and WD2 ___________________________________ NSS. in coresponding sub-dir .0.26 Jan 2006 . Then you can use the Restore button in the Eeprom menu .exe Beta 1.bug fix regarding Content Exraction check result ___________________________________ NSS.MM Flash support .ask.exe Beta 1. Each of them has a sub directory in the 'Backup' folder. please make sure that you update your one (1.30 .

0.0.Skip Erase Area check boxes are activated .0.21 Nov 2005 .further extended flash devices information ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1.added detailed print of all flash devices fitted in the phone ___________________________________ NSS.exe is compilied with latest version of the compilier.Read single PM section added .exe Beta 1.exe Beta 1.19 .0.APE flashing added.0.bug from the previous version regarding waiting completion message on non APE phones fixed .exe Beta 1.fixed bug on flash data backup function .bug fixes with saved directory for PM file and RPL backup .14 Jan 2006 .Proper printing of FlashID's and UEM IDs on multiflashing fixed (NMS only) ___________________________________ NSS. Please check the runtime folder in Tools dir to update your system .Win98 prodigy driver is updated to support the latest DCT4 flash packs (not tested) ___________________________________ NSS.23 .0. requires to have manual or .0.22 Nov 2005 .21 Nov 2005 .fixes on latest flash pack support .0.fixes on production data write ___________________________________ NSS.16 .0.small UI improvments ___________________________________ NSS..0.17 .exe Beta 1.exe Beta 1.13 Jan 2006 .20 .some fixes on read pm .0.0.NSS.22 .21 Dec 2005 .

adsp flash will be done by using the default Phoenix ADSP driver hhkusb.bug fixed on 1100 flash file name selection .0. and the flash files selection boxes will be filled based on product ini file Limitations: At the moment default Phoenix dir is const: "C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\products\".auto selection for the flash files added.exe Beta 1.sys.14 .13 Nov 2005 . ___________________________________ NSS.11 .ADL Variant and User File edit boxes added.33 support added for LPT device.16 Nov 2005 .bug fixed from previous Beta. the actuall flash is not implemented yet ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1.0. Whats new .dll at the end of flashing ___________________________________ NSS.exe will have compatibility with other 3th party tools installed on same PC.0. please update you system with the latest prodigy. The Skip Erase Area X check boxes don't work yet. for now only the auto(or manually) selected files are shown.12 . ___________________________________ selection at least of ADSP and APE Variant file to proceed.13 .15 Nov 2005 .0.sys (in drivers/lpt dir).0. The user can select product and product code from drop down list.exe Beta 1.17 Nov 2005 . with Erase error on full flash on enter of CP or PPM flash .Bug fixed regarding of not destroing an old event handler and multiply printing threads for a same flashing process . The ADSP function was rewritten from scratch.0.exe Beta 1.0.ADSP flashing support added.0.Flash pack 3. no yet read from the Registry.0. Copy the driver manually to your \system32\drivers directory and restart . By this NSS.Fixed bug from previous version that caused crashing in ntkernel. So far tested only on 9500 and 7710 ___________________________________ NSS.exe Beta 1.0.15 .12 Nov 2005 .

the source code was updated to latest changes .0.0. and then re-open it multiply time fixed . you can browse the other tabs.Crashing on flash operation fixed .UI improvments .Some changes to the SP lock function.full flash. instead of manual selection.exe Beta 1.6 .7 .0.0.exe Beta 1.UI improvments .8 .05 Nov 2005 . all controls will be irresponcive __________________________________ NSS. while doing a long operation for example . not fully working on all phones yet .first release. The priority is as folows: LPT->USB->NMS __________________________________ NDS.0.ability to close open device.0. when trying to open second device unsuccesfully . and also new debugging method implemented . Please Note that while you have 'Busy' status in the opened device status bar.08 Nov 2005 . press buttons without interruption of the flash process.exe Beta 1.09 Nov 2005 .exe Beta 1.Locking of the interface implemented.07 Nov 2005 .0.CP flash and extraction enabled ___________________________________ NSS.10 Nov 2005 .Framework debug re-enabled __________________________________ NSS.Sp lock function fixed.9 . not much is working but ok for initial testing with all supported devices LPT.changes the way a new device is opened. very early Beta.small UI improvments __________________________________ NSS.Bug fixed on loosing the curent interface ptr.. all connected devices will be scanned and the first that respond will be opened.0.exe Beta 1.0. USB and NMS. locking will still have problem on some new type of phones .0.10 .

in the framework B-phreaks. 2005 .

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