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Ive applied to Fine Arts (Foundation) and Sculpture degrees simoultaniously because I need guidance in choosing a particular way , though my interest goes in the direction of sculpture, and threedimensional art in general. I have been passionate about arts since primary school, where my favorite lesson was the drawing class and since then I have pursued this interest. I studied Graphic design at the School of Fine Arts in Brasov, Romania, as well as attending classes in life drawing and portraiture. As hobbies I like winter sports, playing tennis , hiking, though I can rarely find any time for these. I love to travel and I have lived and worked in Paris and Hamburg which gave me the opportunity to experience the art works of these cities. I remember the sculpture of the french artist Cesar Baldaccini, and the american artist Calder, exhibited in many of Pariss public spaces and galleries. The romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi made a deep impresion on me and I realised how the romanian traditional sculpture influenced his masterpieces. Not long ago I've discovered Tony Cragg's work and I admire his dedication for working with classic materials such as metal, stone, wood but in the same time using modern materials and technology( computer assisted processing ). I am trying to understand the ideas behind the artworks of different sculptors by studying their sketchbooks , which I think open a window to their creativeness and personal thinking. Similarly to them , I am trying to evolve ideas through sketches and I have lived in London for 2 years and have been attending life drawing classes with a group of local artists from North London .Recently I visited CASS Foundation Sculpture Park and Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I was absorbed with the techniques and processes used in sculpture. I am currently on an Art Foundation course where I had the opportunity to experience different disciplines in art and design, for example sculpture and ceramics, and this made me even more determined to continue my studies and progress onto a Fine Art degree course. The acceptance as a student at a degree in Sculpture and Fine Arts would be a great thing for my future, the beginning of a journey that I've looked for

from the first steps made in drawing from childhood till the first touch of Henry Moores sculptures. Thank you. I'd like to mention that my Foundation degree course ends in 7th June , which means that I will have my Portfolio completed around the end of March. If possible I would appreciate to be interviewed at the end of March. I am open to any suggestions regard the interview.