APPENDIX  J  -­‐  Debriefing

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Thank  you  for  par;cipa;on  in  this  research.    The  main  purpose  of  this  research  was  to  look  at   aCtudes  towards  members  in  interfaith  rela;onships.
In this study you read a sheet that provided a number of statistical facts. Some of you were given a statistical sheet that indicated Christians are the largest religious group in Canada, others that non-religion is the fastest growing group in Canada. Next you read about a lucky wedding date 11-11-11. The article mentions three different couples: a Christian couple, a non religious couple and an interfaith couple of Christian and no religion. We expected to find that those people that were exposed to a statistic sheet that indicated numerical strength of a group other than their own, would feel threatened and express less liking towards the outgroup and interfaith couples. The nature of the research question was not fully disclosed as we felt pre-knowledge of the statistical manipulation would influence or change the attitudes we were measuring. You also completed an identity measure, a behavior measure and question regarding perception of threat. It is our hope that this will provide insight into how these variables are related to attitudes. Your ratings will remain confidential and anonymous. It is our hope that this study will help supplement research in the area of attitudes towards outgroup members. References to key articles: Jackson, L.M., & Husnberger, B., (1999). An intergroup perspective on religion and prejudice. Journal for Scientific Study of Religion. 38(4): 509-523. Corneille, O., Yzerbyt, V.Y., Rogier, A., & Buidin, G., (2001). Threat and the group attribution error: When threat elicits judgements of extremity and homogeneity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 27, 437-446 If you have any further questions, you can contact the researcher at or Dr. Haji at If you have any questions regarding the ethics of this study you can contact Officer, Dr. Shelly Watson at (705) 675-1151 ( at Laurentian main campus or the Research Ethics Board Chair, Dr. Richard Rinaldo at (705) 728-1968 x 5583 ( at Georgian College. Please do not discuss the purpose of this research with others until April 2012, as some of your classmates may participate in this study. Results of this study will be complete by April 2012. ___ yes, I would like to receive a summary of results when the study is complete. ___no, I would not like a summary of the results when the study is complete. You may want to print a copy of this form for your records.
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