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April-May 1970

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10Ie reports, You or all remind d to r .je\O\ "California ing Reporting Requirem nrs ond In tructlons, " doted 25 Ocl 69, and our I Iter , "On Time, Aeeure , Properly Prepgireo Reports, " doled 7 Feb 70. A EDITORIAL

Membership in Civil Air Patrol carries wi h It certoin obligalions and responslbll! iOl. Since CAP is on auxiliary of U. S. Air Force, its mem en are encovrog d, and ot times required, to r h modified uniForm of the USAF. With recent c enges in e in5ignia or CAP uniforms, il is 0 len nol r adily apperent wh th r he uniiorm is thot of the USAF or C P. It is herefore imperative thot each member wearing his or h r uniform exhlbl the ri nd bearing I I e m with proper un;Form and personal OPP ranee. Correct insi nio must ee warn in the prop r locatIons and th appropriate unif rm should w n f r the duty bem9 pe ormod (you shouldn" weor blues on a search mission any more than you would wear a ligh 5ui to wing conFerence). 8101 r uniforrm re Fine for social occcslons but should nol reploce the basic unl orm fOl" CAP m ings and func ions. Th uniform represents the orgonlzatiOf) and wh n you ear It you are saying, "10m proud 10 belons to Ihe Civll Air Patrol. "






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April - May 1970



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When the comrronder of Sacramento Volley Group .4 recently pinned the silver bars of First Lieutenant on ndrito Wescott, he didn't realize that on the back of those bars was m rked, "Mod in Seoul, Korea." The gold bars that he replaced, hod they been so marked, would have soid, Fort Leonard Wood, Minouri." This is the second time that L • Wescott has used the "hand-me-downs" From her son, Coploin Don Id C., US Army. Copt. WescoM is presently Artillery Control Officer and Aerial Artillery Spatter for the Headquarters Boltery, 6th Bottolion, 11th Artillery, at Due Pho, Viet Nom. U. escott's only commen was thot it is a little disconcerting to always be outranked by someone whose diapers you hove changed so many times I Three members of the Wing steff received promotions lost month. A v ry surprised and pleased new Lt. Cot., Bob Thomas (White Bear 64 , was presented with his rank at the Communications Conference in Salinas. SHit smiling t Col. Thomas' surprised re ction, , e tobles turned on Bruce Gordon (Whi Bear 44), who was coiled forward to receive his First Lieutenon bars ••. At c..remonies at Wing H adquarters, Hug Taylor (Cadet Activities section) 1.110 presen ed wl,h Captain rank imignia. Congratulations to you 0111 C IHornio Wing is issuing codet officer identification cords for all cadets with Ih ronk of Warrant Officer and above. Uni have been mailed opplicotio forms or these ID earth ... Over 60 codets in Col ifornio ave been selected to participate in 14 special summer activities. A newstock of Strata Blue '150.45 paint for vehicles is ovcilable for $3.00 per gallon, FOB Burbonk or Fullerton. A standard purchase is four gallons, so units ore encouraged to pool their orders. There is on eight-week Infonnotion Officer's conference being held Wing Headquarters on Wednesday evenings, continuing until 20 May.

CWO Dick Thompson, California Wing Operations stoFf, possed oway recently after heart surgery. Mr. Thompson was oclive in all phases of CAP, Flying many search mlsstons . Squodron 93, Group 7, won two trophies In 0 drill competition held at Long Beach lost month. Five ccdet squodrons, with 62 cadets, par icipated. Coptoi j ck Hade of Squodron 65, Group 7, wos presented with the roup's perpetuol trophy for his service. A joint meeting of Group 150nd the Air Force Association wos held recently ot Group 5 headquarters in Alhambra to amiliorize AFA members with CAP. A pon I of CAP ofFicers outlined c search and rescue operalion and the cadet 'Ioff gave e highlights of lost yeer's cod t ctivilies. Th Group 15 drill t am was inspected by AFA elfle and then gave a demon !rotion of t eir preclsi n rill. The meeting was concluded with 0 tour of the Group 15 fa iii ies, incl ding exhibits 0 SA equipment.

y 1970



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hove Command - Unit commanders should assure Ih I members being promoted odequale service 'im and ining nece~sory to wear the proposed rank. II 1& essential that personnel in commiuianed r nks knc;l\Y the proper military cuslorr6 and uniform requiremen s to be a cr it to CAP and to obi a handle themselves p rlv und r any mlillary siluation


Co t Acth"'!i~ - Spaces re still available for lile Aerospace Career &plo tory Sinor. This three-wee coo gins at am' I n AFB on 26 July and participon ravel throughout Ih United Sitl s. Crit rio ore. Milchell word, 15-19 years 0 d, mole. and attendonc at 1970 sel ction board. In co ets should write or radio CWCA immedi 'Iy Two sle !Ire also va'lable for be Spiritual Ufe Ceef rence , A Type A Ceder Encampment for cbou 150 cadets will be Id 01 Vandenberg AFB beginning Ih cond week In Au sr , Crl eric outlined in CAP 50-10 will rollow..,d. with priority given to code who need on encampment for their Mitc:hell Aw rd. Several 0 her loco ions or be'ng investigaled 10 II ON acldl ional to on opportuni to a lend a Type encampm nt , The dates and locations or rhe 1970 Cadet Specio] Ac i'iti s ore as follows: ACES, amill'on AFB, 26 July - 14 Aug; AFASC. AF ACDd m ,6-10 July; ATCFC, Williom1 AFB, Ariz.., 3-7 Aug; CfC, Kessl r AFB, Mi» •• 27 July -7 Aug; COS, Maxwell AFB. Alo .• 17-28 Aug; FAACOP, Oklahoma Cily, 0 10'1 6-10 July; lACE. 20 July - 1 Aug.



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recent survet of CAP a rer f on v"hicle accidents OWJ hoI a maj rHya ere ccurring during u at r h n on rches , This is I, ved 10 DeCOUIe aircroh 000 vehicles or operated unde dose supervhion d r ng SAR ctivities. Commanders are asked to mak sure pilols and drivers are qu lIfied and are orooerly authorizea he use 0 Ii aircroft ar vehicle.







Oeeretlero - The Ooeretlc sec Ion reports Ihal the on-time rtp orting of qu rterty and annual reports has been poor. Be sure ~ has been submi ed.
Financ - If you carry any CAP" or t efl or de lruclion of t ~ valuable, A lip 10 this secnen by the locol fire in a plestic bog lnsid t e refTigero un·if is the mosl -ereef and safe $ection OT a for dinner! ril


rds in your car, you or running he and orten trreelececble , records. chieF uQgesl th r cords be stored
ready 10 I n;part Ihem ogain. This person's home - just don boi I them •


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A solute this month to 0 man who is probably the oldes member in the Wing, i not in CAP nationally. WO Marion L. "Pop" Mayo, Squadron 15, Group 15, Is 92 and still octive In CAP communicotions os W!,ite Bear 639, Chonn 17. Mr. Mayo has hod a long and colorful life, trying his hand as 0 blacksmith, forest lOnger, pnvat detec iv ,!nJc driver, and fisherman. Before h turn of the centvry, he soiled around the to liverpool, England, on 0 cargo ship. Durin th 19205, Mr. Maya opened a blacksmith shop in bock of his home in Azusa, where. he worked until abou 1960. He has been ember of Squa ran 15 lor about 15 yeo ,serving as transportation officer and supply officer. He loves 10 monilor the CAP radio and keeps up to dote n the ne s in this way, as it is difficull for him to at nd m tings now. His activities in CAP have also n diverse r including com uoicati ,." ond ground seorch and he has even flown os a cbserv r , Lt. Col. eiser, I9 time friend, keeps him infonned of h 10 t.

T e Bear Fac is offering odv rtising, both clossifictd and display. CI ,sified advertising rotes are 10 cents per word, with a minimum char of S 1.00. Your no e nd address, or your name and phone umber (or radio call si n will be Induded free of charg. <k must be typewritten or hand printed neo Iyond must hove payment inclu d. Standard abbreviotiam (sue :IS CAP, FCC, or VHF), series of numbers such as S50.oo; 29,000; or 48%), nd nyp nated ords, {such os ARC- 1, T-34" motor-driven count as one word. The Government Printing Office Style Manual will be the reference on such matters.
Display advertising i§ offered ot a cost of S50 .00 per yeor (six insertians) or $10.00 per single insertion for on od 2 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches in size. Half page ods are $25.00 per insertion and full page ods are $50.00 per insertion. Display copy should be comera-ready but need not be in finol published charge of $5. 00 is charged for rough-draft ods. size. A mak up

Mak ehec poyable to California Wing, Civil Air Patrol. Moil copy to Bear aCB, Advertising Deportment, Post Office Box 692, Golete, Coli fomia 93017. Deadline for IheJune issue is 1 June. Contact White Beer 44 or W ite Bear 56 for ossistonce in placing your ad.

Spec are still y liable for the National Staff College at Mal<Well AFB, Alabama, 11-17 July. The cours is open to all senior mem er commissioned and warrant officers and po tz Award cadets. BOOs on Acodemic Circle will be a F red and books, registration, 0 d tui Ion fees ore paid by the CAP Corporation. It will cost about 530 for meats and quart rs. Return the following form to California Wing eociquarters: I would
resrve Signed: a place Iike 10 aNend far me.


ational Dete

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is summer. Unit

Please _







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The prinling. cent nl cnJ IT1C eop of the ,.ewsl II r ere a m mben should lake pri in rcoding i each month. Keep up the good

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to you.


nd let us know if w~ can be of on

William S. Whipple. l!Lt.,USAF No ionol e dquorlerJ Editor: I receiv d your firsl edition of OUI newsletter several days ago. I would Ii e 0 my congro ru 10lions to you and our stoff for a i b w II one. Hoving been the dilar For th Squadron 31 p p r, CAPSULES, whil c civ;Jian me ber f lhol unit, I know v ry well Ihe pmblcmi y04.Jface and Ih chore it is to aublish such 0 po er. 1 am sure lhot with the close cooper lion of all m mbers of Colifoml W·ng •.• there ii a reason why tlli~ publication cennor be a definite success. The Coli ornia Wing. beln as largo on spreed out 5 It is, certainly necd~ this IYIl of in 0 I "'nforma jon posser." extend PFC elrh J. Weber Svc Blry. 71h Bn, 16th Arty • CAP \'/0 Weber. Formerly il orton Coder Squadron 31. Group serving with the Uniled Stoles Army in Europ . - Ed. Editor: unifann I would lilee to attend the upcoming for meellngs and conferences? PociFic Region Conference. A Senior Member • T blue uniform Is proper weer for both mole and female memben whe ottnding conferences. Afte, 1700 ours. or after the fonnol mee in9. the unlfcrm will not be wom u"less soeciOcally required. The blazel unlfonn may e "liar after 1700 ours.- Ed. Editor· The n emerg must corry re grossly FebNOry new11eller sloled Ih t "Effective I March 1970, 011 personnel must have c)' services standard or trainee card to participate on missiom" and "all aircraft on observer in oddition to the pilot." It is my opinio t I these requirements impractical. What is the proper

od on pe de

of or! thc plj




inc on,

air int
CO, 10




The requiremen ro rec ive on ES card re to pass certain "phose' rests nd 10 possess a fir,t aid c rd. These tests are dIfficult 0 adminiller, hav obsoilltely nothing to do ith th em r ncy servic we are supposed to be rendering, de not improve tho quality of our services and are extrem Iy dlfficul 0 process for grading ••• A first old cord Is cerrolnl)' desired but hardly a necesiOT}' item or on ES cordhold r , Th em rgency services cord Itself is dimcult to obtain, proves nolhlng, which ctuoll discouroges good members to the point wh re they leave the program ... (th yllire 01 "bucki" the system' nd rial quit. This leaves us wllh the i"fedor members who stick II out becouse h y wont 10 "belong."



May 1970



Poge 6

.•• The observer requirement further hinders our operational effectivenen. Using my squcdro 05 an example: au of 87 members only 20 pi lob and raur observers hove the prized ES cord~. eorly 011 20 pllors have their own e lrerefr , This meeos t at even with 100% observer turnout 16 pilots rem In grounded or must splil and fly two pilots in one plane thus grounding ighl aircraft per missioo ••• 1 believe CAP has losl sigh of Ihe fucl tho we r a volunteer organizalion. I bell v •.. CAP needs to recNiI and keep quality personnel in order ta be an e'fec'live e er

2/lt. Patrick G. Quinn
Son Femondo Airport Sr. Sq. 35, Group


• All tests required for efTlergenc servic cards. except the observer exa ,are locelly adminls ered a d red d and hove if cl ppliccbilrty to merger>cy services, The Phose II 51 'Nhich you menrion is no requlred fer ES retings. A firs1 aid cord is presenlly required only for 'Peclollies where knowled of Ihe subject is ben Ilelol or essential (ground rescue personnel. for example). The ES trainee cord ees prove ttl I Ihe member i lnteresred in oeveloping his skills Ild has h d a leas on lementory IOtroauctian 10 the 10 he Is 10 be performing. T s ndord cord indicates he m moor Is proficient i the special~. e degree of skill depending on mem r hi el. California is one of Ihe few 51 res where Civil Air Patrol is slill the primary search or9Oni20 ion. If we Ish to keep this s rus, w must demonstrate thor we re m effieie,,1 han group of untro ine d , undiscipline.! private pilo s , If w don't exhi it skilled, disciplined, professional. ond efFie!enl tea work. we'r gain '0 find ourselves wimoul a job. Rules, especially those re i 9 S R, are mode for rhe bencOI nd sofety of all porticiplln Individuals who isregord Ihem are ndan ring oth r personnel, com romising the mission, and damaging CAP's tepu rion. A pilot's prim ry r sponsibility is flying his elrcref - nor 100 ing out a window. One airplane wi h two plio s on board is rwice as efficient os two oirct'Oft wit ani the pilot. A case of "torget fascination" by the pilol can put an a!rcrof into a mountain in nosh. er It is unfortunate thol members feel they have to "buck the syslem" 10 get heir ES cords. Since I January 1970, 227 new cords (including five to your unit) have been issued to personnel who hove cooperated with the system. A number of members have gone rom storl to standard stalvs in this time. Your squadron has on enviable reserve of 63 potential should be grounded for lock of personnel! _ Ed. alrerew members; no airplane



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.10, t OItOi'''' 11 .-.11 I.H.,. "" .. t d..IQrlGIIDn f'Vt!I'I


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lyp"."U Ot pt'"''''' tHldtl nm ~ 011. pag_ I'\a.......-_ •• t the Ynd lIh .. hl-s ,_ w,rhheld ~ on tr.. bal • oJ '110(. DYOIIobI.,c;:nd ,.I.'fIGf1c.·~,.• ill P'"'"'~ 51 TM- fllftor •


mu.-'. law


be d,u~l.

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, 01 101.

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I COLLECT CAP potch • and Insignia, <quad,on p" .. :hpJ • .2!.!! • bbons. e e, m Int ,es eo n ~ (pre-I960) CAP m "val and t gu!a Ion s, '01'111. 'P. buy. 0' bona ... (X .0.1. M, • A oyler. lOGOCI H Dr • San'" Borba.o. Calif. 93105.

tvoll ,ekin us

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- Com lere clrfram~ ,n good c d,tion N ee ds n.... and .ome engine wOt to mo eo Ine trainIng oifCTa • Good ,.-cbu.!dlng peal c, ,,,, eod Is. 1500.00'0 CAP .mil. Con "CO, hI! Bear.44 er 805·967-3174.

April - May 1970 THE C.A.P. UI~IFORM



This is the First of a series of articles designed to serve as a reference for proper wear of the CAP uniform. For detailed inFormation member; should refer to CAPM 39-1, "Civil Air Patrol Uniforms," dated 18 Feb 70. The minimum bosic uniform for mole and femole seniors and codets which will satisfy most accasians is listed below. Members may obtain and wear other uniforms authorized in CAPM 39-1 on on optionol bosls . Minimum Bosic Uniform - Male: Matching ton shirt and trousers, blue belt, blue mght cop, block shoes on socks, and insignia (CAP identificotian badge, cop and collar insignia. shoulder patch, and shoulder or sleeve rank insignia). Minimum Basic Uniform - Female: Blue and white striped service uniform (cotton/ polyester), blue flight cop, neutral nylon hose, block shoes, and insignia (CAP identification bodge, cap and collar insignia, shoulder patch, and shoulder or sleeve ron insignia). Variations from the uniforms, uniform combinations. and insignia contained in CAPM 39-1 are not authorized. TIle service uniform is worn when engaged in normal duties as a CAP member. It is worn while attending local. area, or no tiona I Functions. CAP members wi II not wear the uniform: I) at any meeting or demonstration carried out or sponsored by on organization, association, movement, group, or combination of persons that 0) the Attorney General of the United States has designated as totalitarian. Fascist. Communist, or subversive, b) advocates or approves the commission of acts or force or violence to deny other; their rights under the Comtilution of the United States, c) seek to alter the form of the U. S. Government by unconstitutional means; 2) under any circumstances that would tend to bring discredit or reproach upon the uniForm; or 3) when engaged in civilian employment. Each member of CAP must be well-groomed and assure that his personal appearance at all times reflects credit upon himself and the CAP. Wher uniforms are worn, they must be clean, neat. correct in design and speciFication, and in good condition. Men will be clean-shaven, with hair neat and closely trimmed. Women wit I have their hair neatly arranged and shaped to present a conservative feminine cppeoronce, hair may touch but not fall below the bottom of the collar. Cosmetics will be conservative and in good taste. Pencils, pins, combs, cigarettes. honkerchlefs, jewelry, etc., will not be worn or carried exposed on either mole or female uniform (wristwatches, identification brccelets, and rings are permitted, but females may not wear earrings). When purchming uniforms from commercial sources. make sure each gomet purchased contains a certification label to insure it meels specifications. WING CONFERENCE The 1970 California Wing Conference will be held 18-20 September in BakersField at the NEW Bakersfield Inn, scheduled For completion in July. Room rotes will be $10.00 - S12.00 for singles and $12.50 - $14.00 for doubles. PLAN TO ATIENDI



Apri I - May 1970



Page 10

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Governor Ronald Reagan presented the Gen. Carl A. Spoatz award to Codet Col. Mike A. Taylor lost month. Ceremonies at the Store Capitol were 0150 attended by Col. Howard Brookfield, w1ng commander, and Cadet Taylor's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taylor of Santa Barbaro. Mike joined the CAP codet program in 1963 in Hawaii. He has been ve active in CAP, inclUding summer activities in lACE, where he visited NorwaYi CAP Glider Encampment, where he soloed a glider; and the CAP Flying Encampment, where he earned his private pilot's license. He was deputy wing commander at the Ccllfomlo Wi g Summer Encampment lost year, his seventh encampment. Cadet Taylor is presently on the stoff of Centrol Coost Group 11 and is the chairman of the California Wing Cod t Advisory Council. He is a junior in college, majoring in nuclear engineering and minoring in mathematics.

ted, net

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A Johnson Messenger 3, serial number 48468, complete with 026.620 CAP (Channel 2) crystal, was stolen in Phoenix, Ariz., in the laller port of Morch. There Is reason to believe Ihol Ihe redia m"y have been tron porled to Colifornia. Keep an eye out for this equipment and if you have any 'nformetton or i whereobou 5, contact any California Wing relay stotion or the wing commander by radio or letter. The gear is owned by Col. Swaim, Pikes Pee] 6, in Colorado











May 1970 REVIEW

ACCIDENT The annual California Wing Communications Conference was held in Salinas last month. As usual, Cop+. Jack Riley, Group 10 commander, did a fine job of orgoni,ing. Some of the subjects discussed in the meetings were communications operations, administration, and engineering, and plenty of time was allotted for doing what comes naturally to communicators - talking. The Communicator of the Year Award was presented to a team - Bill and lois Varni (White Bear 25). Most CAP rodio operators have hod an occasion to work with W6 25 on VHF, HF, or teletype. As 01 temate net control station for California, they handle scores of messages each month and their dedication to gel'ting the word through shaws in the long hours and constant attention given the job. We know working multiple channels on a busy evening ls about as easy as putting the lid on a barrel full of snakes, but Bill and lois do on admirable job. Congratulations and thonk you to two wonderful members. All radio stations operating on HF Channel 5 are reminded that they MUST observe other wing's net times. Do not transmit during these times unless you have emergency trafFic that can be handled no other way, and always ask permission from the wing net control station to use the channel. The following list shaws the present PST for all nets on channel 5. Daylight Savings Time usually affects only Hawaii, which changes to 10 p.m. PDT. Clip this list and post it near every HF transmitter to remind your operators. 7:00 n.m, - Group 11 net 8:30 a.m. - California Wing morning 5:30 p.m. - Group 5 net 6:00 p.m. - Washington Wing net 7:00 p.m , - Oregon Wing net -PST "*PDT net 7:30 p.m. 8:00 p. m, 8:30 p.m. ~9:00 pvrn, 9:30 p.m. ** 10:00 p.m. - Nevada Wing net - Pacific Region net - Calif. Wing net - Hawaii Wing net - Alaska Wing net - Hawaii Wing net

The Following is a resume 0 California this year, released by Blythe: The pilot of a Beec during touch and go's" ond cause the pi lot rec'!ived no injuries. ditch Son Miguel Islond! Cessna in about 20 feet of water.

14 miles east of Paso Robl the ground with left wing while s~ Again Truckee: On landing, Cess no injuries but much damog

Sacramento: The pilot of a craft on a foamed runway when tl1 gear collapsed on landing, but c landed during pilot 17 miles northeast of Imperi unjured, but the croft eros Shingle Springs: Pi lot of a crosswind landing. ,I No in Riverside: A Cessna 150, escaped injury, but the airc

2 rnl les south of lone Pine. when he lost oil pressure in Flight. but the aircraft sustained substanti 19 miles SE of Sanfo Barbara Hell-Porter STOl made a hard Ion Helicopter incidents were 01 operated by the Santo Monico PoB Pier. Minor injuries resulted. Thn sustained substantial damoge and blade hit 0 tandplpe while on a s last RPM during auto-rotation,dom NOTAMS new airport, Tenco, is ope 121°31'W ••. Unicam is nOW ovaile! surveillance approoches are avella until further notice .•. Palm Deser Gillespie Field, Son Diego, camm and grcvel ..• Tower- requency far plex (or transmit 122.5) ..• San Co tower hours 0700 102300 local (no has two frequencies: 124.0 for run

Some ather news: A reminder to teletype users: use the break symbol (Bn between the heoding the the identifier and between the text and the signature •.• Cal. Ben McGlashan has resigned as director of communications, Pacific Region. Col. McGlashan recently returned from a round-the-world trip ..• A personal message from Brig. Gen. R. N. Ellis, notional commander, to all unit commanders: "My congratulations to your communications personnel for splendid efford put Forth in CAPCOM 70 communications exercise. Preliminary evaluation of the test reflects significant improvement over CAPCOM 69. This display of teamwork and cooperation serves to insure the success of our emergency service tasks. " ... A Radio Operators CertiFicot of Praficiency has been developed by Notional to oward to members who complete the higher more complex levels of learning and proficiency in the field of electronics and CAP communicotions •.. Co lifomia Wing placed first in Pacific Region and eighth in the nation in the 1969 communications point score evaluation based on cAPR 100-9. Single-sideband (SSB) capabilities continue to grow in Civil Air Patrol use. CaliFornia, with 99 SSI> stations, has more thon ony other single wing, and more than the entire Rocky Mountain Region. Pacific Region has 228 sse stations, second only to the Middle East Region, which has 232.












ACCIDENT ;alinos ob of rlons j for


The following is a resume of some of the accidents that hove occurred California this year, released by the California Department af Aeronautics. Blythe: The pilat of a Beech Bonanza "inadvertantly retracted during touch and ga's" and caused substantial domage to Ihe aircraft, the pi lot received no njuries. ditch

Ihe gear although to

md to for to , the as ob.

Son Miguel Island: Cessna In lost power on takeoff, cousing he pilot in obout 20 feet of water. Na injuries; substantial damage to oircrart. operation, substantial aircraft damage

14 miles eost of Paso Robles: During agricultural the ground wilh left wing while spreying. No injuries;

hit to plane.

Truckee: On landing, Cessna 1B2 ran onto soft grolJnd ond nosed no injuries but much damage to aircraft.


lUST J have 'on IS the only

Sacramento: The pilot of a Cessno 210 did on admiroble job of landing his craft on a foomed runway when the gecr refused to come down and lock. The gear collapsed on landing, but caused only minor damage. No injuries resulted. landed during pilot 17 miles northeast of Imperial: unjured, but the croft crashed The pilot oFa Navy F8 bailed out and in on uninhabited area and assumed ta.laled.


Shingle Springs: Pi 10 of a Beech Bonanza "lost control and hit a ditch crosswind landing." No injuries were reported but the craft was damaged. Riverside: A Cessna ISO, taxiing in high, gusty winds, escaped injury, but the aircraft sustained damage. flipped aver. The

g net an net net , net net 19 net

2 miles south of Lone Pine. The pilot of a Novion mode a forced landing when he lost oil pressure in flighl. No injuries resulted in the wheels-up landing but the aircraft sustained substanlial damage. 19 miles SE of Santa Barbaro: No injuries were reported when a Fairchild Heir-Porter STOl mode a hard landing at on oil well lease site. Helicopter incidents were also reported, one a which was a Hushes 300 operated by the Sonia Monico Police Department which sank off the Santo Monico Pier. Minor injuries resulted. Three miles west of Castroville, a Hiller 12-C sustained substcntlcl damage and passengers received minor injuries when the rotor blade hit a standpipe while on a spray run. At the Hughes Airport, a Bell 470 lost RPM during auta-rolation, damaging the oraft but causing no injuries. NOTAMS A new airport, Tenco, is open 13 miles NW of Sacramento, at 3Bo46'N by 121 °31'W ..• Unlcom is now available at Fallbrook Airport neor Oceanside •.• No surveillance approaches or available 10 Son Fronclsco , Oakland, or San Jose until further notice ••• Palm Desert Airport, south af Palm Springs, is still closed ••. Gillespie Field, San Diego, commissioned a new runway, 9R-27L, 2760' lang and graveL •. Tower frequency for lnke Tahoe Volley Airport is now 118.4 simplex (or transmit 122.5) •.• San Carlos tower is 119.0, ground contra! 121.8, tower hours 0700 to 2300 local (no simplex, 50 transmit 122.7) ..• Son Jose tower has two frequencies: 124.0 for runway 30l and 120.7 for ru way 30R..

e ... ;Jion. anders: e .work to nd nuni-

I use.

CAP CALENDAR April 22 24-26


Wing SARCAP General Meeting, Wing Headquarters SW Sectional Meeting, The 99's, San Jose May

2-3 3 8-10 '6


16-17 17
/22-24 22-24

23 27

Group 3 Survival Seminar (Mountain Rescue Team) WW I Antique Aircraft Fly In & Airshow, Livermore Group 9 Field Surviva I Training Pacific Region Conference, Stardust, Las Vegas Armed Forces Day - Parade at Torrence, 10 a.m. Group 7 SAR Group 3 SARCAP 6th Annual West Coast Nationa I Antique Airplane Assn. Fly In, Watsonville Hayward - Las Vegas Air Cruise & Proficiency Race Group 4 SAR General Meeting, Wing Headquarters Memorial Day June

20-21 27-28
30-3 Jul


NEC, Anchorage, Alaska Porterville Maanlite Fly In Group Commanders Meeting Aerospace Education Workshop, Cal Poly July



Monterey Peninsula - Takeoff point for Powderpuff Derby Independence Day - Frontier Day Fly In Jamboree, Prescott, Ariz National Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Ala. September



Wing Conference,


Send your activities for the Cclendor to: The Editor, Bear Facts, P.O. Box 692, Goleta, California

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