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• September 1970


August - September 1970



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Edi or:


1~[ A\ J[ JL


would like to attend the California Wing Conference. Whol is the proper uniform? Also, when we soy the Pledg 0 Allegiance, do We solute the flog? A Senior Member • Allhough Ihe uniform for conferences Is normally Blues, the Wing Commander has designated Ions 1505's for men and catIon/polyester pins ripes) for women. Blues will b ece ptobl<!. bUI it will probably be HOT 0 er there! T e room will be celled to 0 enlion when the col guard enters. Personnel will remain 01 attenlion hil e giving t e Pledge. Do 01 solvt Ih colon. Remain or oHe"tion unlil you or given he order for "at ease" or "seats." - Ed.

LE- ERS· 1I..nt end ~ ....r k you do, too. 0" ... If you """. , boll don be flogt ... bl•• fn Inter... ' of f 01 pallcy. ~ roll~ng ...,j,ementt. .". ut. 1)"11 ,• ., mult be tyP'l"""III'"Of homi p'f"'ttd ru.I'r. "0' o~."t ~ ~ long. ?)'\II 1.'It fS ""'It be • $ned and un" dulO'lDJlon t1 ; ftow.illlef. If rt. •.,d., IJIIlllh.A"" nam. whhh.ld, 0 feQ.; ..., to 0' FfK1 'Will b. han-orecl. .fa II b. on.w.,..,d GIl the bo,,,, 0 spoee GYOHcabl. ami rel.-Yance f'O I • _01 •.., p. .) n... Ed.,., II ho ... f .... 1dod,l ... on I." ...~ lib. II' ted. 51 n.. EoII .... ,., ,.... ,._ tip, to aaarpt .. If .ama da.. no1 aUK,f rhe1., .....,I"Q_
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MaTI Thh F",m To,
&oor Fccn


om ClO 800 692 CalHomla93017






f. I, N e, ~



• ..

August - September 1970


Page 2

Membership retention, both senior and cadet, is on the upswing, and we feel this Is indicative of on increase in esprit de corps. Our major deficient at this point is the safety program. We hove a new Wing safety officer and he wi II soon be implementing his program. We hope each unit commander will appoint a safety oFFicer and form a unit safety pion. With increased interest by members in the progrom. we have encountered some problems by actions token out or channels. Although we know they mean well, difficulties OCClJrbecause members don't know the oyerall program. By squadrons sending their questions or comments to groups, answers mey be reodi Iy available. If the group feel correspondence to Wing is in order, such referral is encouraged. Remember, roo, that letters and radio traHic between units S ould corry infoflTlOion copies to group an orea ommands concerned, so hat veryone remains lnformed. If am m r feels he Is r celving insufficient assistance 0 ter rollowlng e proper channels, he mey ¥lri eo leller to the edito 0 Bear Facts. The 1970 California Wing Conference may well be the I st of its kind for o few years. ext year we plan to hold 0 strictly social event. In lis place, we wi II have four or five seminars throughout the yeor and held in various sections of the stote. All Wing storr sections will be represented and everyone wi!' e invited to attend a Full-doy workshop session. We will be colling on the field for more activiti as of all types. All units will soon receive some material on the new Civil Defense/Natural Disaster agreement. Coming soon will also be a schedule for 1971 SAR schools, to help increase our capability in thh. area. Unfortunately, the burden has been falling on only a sm II number of rated emergency services personnel who participate in missions. Those personnel who hold ES cords should remember hot they are accepting a responsibility and must participate in missions. We are concerned about why some units ore r iline to meet rhese obligations, even thou h they have a n mber of rated p nonnel on the ros er. If you are not goil)9 to participate, don', request a cord; it is not 0 status symbol. The Colifomia Wing has accepted he responsibility for nooncing the funerol expenses for Jon romer, who was killed while flying on a search mission. We would like each senior to assess himself ~I and each codet 25~ to help us in this prcject , If we r ceive more thon is needed, we will earmark tf,e surplus 10 be used for 0 simi lor occosion. We hope this never hoppends, hi t we 011 know searching is dangerous. Send your contributions, poyable to Califomio Wing, to my a ttention a th Wing's address. Considerable comment has been mode on the General Aviati n category membership. I is this command's policy that GA members must meet the same training requirements as regular CAP members and they must have on ES cord 0 participate in seor ch missions. For GA members who wish to transfer to regular membership, they must folio", the same procedures as any new member, except that they do nor poy Notional dues; wing and unit dues are still required.

August - September Bear Rescue



Page 3

WARRC 090 was coiled for a Beech Bononz.o en route from Phoenix, Ariz.., to Orange County airport. The new Chino search bose facility was given a short war oul un il the plan was locoted on the gTound 01 its des inotion. port. no. 42-108 was activated for a Citobria on a local fligh: om Oakland airIt, loa, wcs located on the mmp, but not 01 i intended destination.

42-110- A Cessna 177 disoppccred on a fIighl fro To oe Volley to fresThe oircrc t was located on the second doy of the s rch by a crew from Sq. 35, Lt. Timo hy Anderson and CWO Ho McAllister. This errort bro ght a per~onal " ell don "from CAP commander Gen. Eilts. rhe loe lion is 38°47' by 120 01 '30" 2-131 is search was activated for 0 PA 22 which depaTted Re ding opparently h oded or Reno. Th seorch wos hampered by the unc r i tyof a o'rcraft's rau e. II YOS suspended a er ana week.


Du to Ihe change in deslgnotion of the estern erospace Rescu and Recov rl Center (WARRC) to the 42nd Air Rescue, mission numbers wi" begin with "42" insteod 0 WARRC ond the facility will be known as Western escue.

• California and Or gon Wings have lust signed a mutual assislonce agreement similor to thaI with Nevada. It defines boundaries of normal responsibility and procedures to be used for joint operations. Our operational c:opobilily olong our northern border should be enhanced b)' this ogre ment.

A An important chong has been announced by Notiono I Hecdqocrters concerning requirements for oircrews on SAR or CD missions. EHectiv immediately, all olrcrew members, mission pilots and mission observers, must be senior m mbers at least 21 years old. The 21 year 0 minimum also applies to Lond Rescue Team and Surface Teom Leaders. Requirements for other specialties ore unc nged. Underoge members (now holding Mission Pilot r Missi n Observer rotings moy serve 01 the search bose in another capacity until 31 December; after Ihot a search bose roling will be required. Ground team leaders may still serve as leam me bers. Bose personnel must check age on eircrews medicals) before making on assignmenl. Upon reaching 21, Minion Pilot ratings may be reinstated with Ihe some requirements as a lale renewol.
A eard too often: "I know whot it soys in lhe book, but Joe said thot Harry old him thaI ••. " Books are nol perfect and procedures a chonge, but corrections and chonqes in opera 'onal procedures will come from h Wing Depuly for Operotions. A no ice 0 all chances ill be puolished in Bear F crs, and urgent changes will be prec 0 d by formal mdio mffie. Periodically, chonges III be compiled nd published as revhions to e in Em rg.:ncy S rv'e s Manual or os written policy Ie rs and irec ives from Wing 0 erorions , 0 her sources of information should be used j I coution. A 0 ovoid onfusion, Wing is now Issuing seporal I inee cords to those memb r5 already holding slondard cards who request ne ratinQ5 (bom cords wi II have e some um r}, All presently-issued trainee cords 01' be ren wed for on year. e train e cards will expire one year from the date a issu and will be renewable only by reapplication.

August - September 1970



Page 4

T 00 many messages are passing through our hands whi ch show up ot their destinotions with words or punctuation changed or left out. This sometimes chan~ the m aning. Consider the Following: Woman withour her man is dangerous. Woman. without her. man is dangerous. When you are copying trcffic , if you are unsure of any port - ask. When you are sending traffic, send fills exactly as you said it the first time. Ler's strive for accuracy.


Double. dau Ie, toil and troublel Have you heord how many storions are Talking at the some lime 101ely? There ore a Few Iricks 10 avoid Ihis. 1) The proword "over" is very useful; if you haven't heard ii, il is ' your rurn to tal k yet. 2) If you need to break i 10 a conversalion, wail for the speaker 10 finish beFore you soy, "Ilreak." Then walt until you ore acknowledged. 3 listen closely before you speak. During a conversation with another starion, wait one or Iwo seconds before you repl y. How's Ihal agoin? deportment: "Your modulation has increased due 10 the decreased ottenuotion of the propogotion." We think he meont , "You're louder." "Roger! Soyogoi01" Means - 111 Speak Englishl



Too much traffic is being sent Priority when Routine would do. Ask yourself this question before you tock Priority on 0 message: "Would I owoken my commander at 2 a.m. to give him this piece of troffic." That's the nature of Priori ty.

** **

The FCC has recentl y announced changes in the use of certain CB channels. Channel 9 is now set aside For emergency communicotions only and on emergency condilion has been spelled out In detail. All operators of CB equipment should become familiar with rhe lerest changes to these regulations.

Col iForni0 Wing has requested authorization to operote FM on Channel 6, with on increase in power output to 30 w!Jtts. Approval is expected in 6 to 9 months. It looks favorable enough that the Communications Section advises unlts to be on the lookour For inexpensive FM equipment Ihal might come available.

A new application form (Cal Form l00RLA) For radio slaHon Iicenses has been released by Ihe Wing Communications Sec ion. A procedure explaining in detail tile steps for eampleting Ihis form has been wri tlen and two copies sent to each uni t commander. Local reproduction of this procedure letter is cuthor ized but local reproduction of the form 100RLA is NOT authorized and after 1 Nov. 1970 all applications for new stolions, modifications, and renewals must e submitted on the form doted 1 January 1970. The new form has been created to provide more rapid processing of appl lcctioos , furthering the professional ism of the California Wing Cornmunicatiom program. Information on linear amplifiers far CAP radio stations will be in the next issue.



Page 5

Co IiFaf"nla ing will hold its ninth annual Conference at the Coso Royale Mo or Inn in Bakersfield, 18-20 September 1970. For those familiar with Bakersfield, th CWoORoyole is I e recently and very ollr clively remodeled Hacienda '" orel. So ers iald was chosen as the conference sile so as to be convenient for the mCK people. alternating ends of the state, yet out of the immediate Los Angeles area for hose comin rom the north. In line with suggestion mode by members a t r last year's conference , the general culline for the conference will be similar, but incorporating minor changes in fonmal which will, it is hoped, improve th effectiveness af the conFerence. A brie, general au line

the conference




Genera I session Luncheon Section meetings Awards benque Church service Section meetings


• • Adjourn by noon

The enerol assembly will provide the opportunity for all attending to hear a brief summery of the lorest developments in each section, and to gain a beller understanding of the total progrom. General Ellis has tentatively accepted on invitation to be the speaker at he awards banquet. The Registration Form is available on the DOge opposite. It should be complered end. with yeur check moiled promptly to California Wing Conference at the address given. Everyone must register. Pre-registration prizes will be awarded during the luncheon. Registration Luncheon Banquet. . Pre-Registmtion $ 4.50 $ 4.25 $6.50 (in eluding Luncheon and Banquet)


. $12.50

The room reservation form is available on the poge opposite. It should be completed ond, with your check, moiled promptly to C050 Royale Motor Inn. Reservations should be received at the C:lSORoyale on or before 8 September. The first 90 reservation requests will be placed in the Coso Royale, and additional requests will be placed at Ihe Royole Palms Motel, about one-quorter of a mile from the Ccso Royale. These are affilioted Motor Hotels, ond are each very nieely eppelnted. For those who desire to make their own arrangements, there or several motels nearb from which 10 choose. Directions 0 the Caso Royale: Leave the Freeway ot Bruncloge Lone; eos on Brundage lone to Union Street; south on Union Street to the Coso Royole. For those of yo who Iy in, you con lond at either Ilokersf'ield Air Pork or • M adows field. The Air Pork "s closer and a continuous shuttle service will be voilabl from Fri 0)' afternoon. If you choose Meadows, contact Group 14 White Bear 123) and transportatIon will be awaiting your arrival.

CONFERENCE REG ISTRATIO Enclose check and moil to: California Wing Con erence P.O. Box 6190 Burbank, Co Iiforn io 91505

---------------------------------------- Rank -------------Address ----------------------------------------------------City ------------------------------ ZIP ---------- Unit --------------Registration Luncheon Banquet Pre-Registrc tion Package My check number amount of $ $ 4.50


S 4.25 S 6.50 $12.50
Wing Canfe renee, is in the


, mode to California


MOTEL RESERVATION Enclose check and moil to: Coso Royale Motor Inn 251 South Union Avenue Bakersfield, California 93307

am ROlJalr 'lllotor

1'1 'I




1(: ....

0"· .." ,." King 'iz' 8,,11 Twin D ubi.. B,·tl Suit s,
"f:!.UIl 1:U111 $:!',.',lI

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" Room» ...I,.,.II,ld,fuu,.,t l

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FOR "l N'CHT"'S AFTER' _.It'!

OR I her.h,



" •• h,'. nn,.1

Silfned f'n:F. SHill' flAil WI 1.111SI: I'()P L 11''.:1'', 1C'lfl~1 ~:"Tt:IIT.\ 1S\n:"T

I:""~I ~~:I(VI t: FIIF.I: rAKK1NG II SQn:T Knn ~t:F.TISG R OM


ugust - Sep ember 1970


Page 6

HEMOPHILIAC RECOVERING AFTER SURGERY An eight-year CAP member, WO Elwyn ennedy, Son Diego Senior Sq. 57, has opened a poth for major surgery for hemophiliac petlenrs , Beeouse their blood lacks the ability to clot, surgery has been nearly impossible or them. A new drug, AHG, made surgery possible for "Kenny" and he is now recavering. He is the unit's fiscal officer and is active in CAP communicotiom. However, he witl need a total of 12,000 pint'S of blood during the next four months. One unit of AHG tokes three pint$ of whole blood. Kenny is presently receiving 50 units of medicine per day, a requirement which will gradually toper off. If you can danote blood to help replace thot used, have your bloodbonk credit your donation to Elwyn Kennedy, University Hospitol, Son Diego. RADIO STATION CALL BOOK CaliFornio Wing will be making a new compuler run listing all radio stcrlons in the stote. Two l lsts will be available, one by unit a ossignment' and one in olphanumeric order. Cost will be S 1.50 per list. Units or individuols desiring copies should send a postcard (no money giving name, unit offiliation, and type of list{s) desired to Bear Facts, PO Box 692, Goleta 93017. Lists will be available For delivery at the Wing Conference. REEDPIGMAN SCHOLARSHIP Applications for the Reed Pigman Commercial Flight Course Scholarship must be received at Co lifornia Wing Headquarters by 7 October. The scholorship includes all instruction, quarters, and meals at the flying school at Ardmore, Oklo. Interested male codets should apply through their unit commanders on CAP Form 95. Refer to CAPP 20, Scholarships and Grants, Dec. 69. MT. LAGUNA TOUR The third Saturday of each month is group tour doy and 25 CAP members visited the 751st Radar Squadron, on Air Defense Command radar site. Mt. 1..0gune stands as radar sentinel for the southwestern United Stotes. The tour included an introduction on how the mission of the 751st is accomplished, including how they track and identify aircraft. Cadets visiting the fire stotion found themselves decked out in firefighting gear and holding hose lines while the big engine pumped water to them. The security police explained the problems of such a Facility being in a main tourist oreo . Organized the bose. groups who are interested may arrange for a tour by contacting

NOTES FROM AEROSPACE EOUCAliON In response to a recent survey, the following activities were reported. los Angeles Group 1 hod 19 cadets and 3 seniors tour the ,A ir Force Academy at Kirtland AFB; classes are being held in observer training, ground rescue, and flight ground school. a scholarship has been established for 2 cadets for FAA ground school. Sq. 90 in Son Francisco ho.s toured 0 new 747, the COOlt Guard Air and Radio Station, and the Son Francisco Airport Tower.

August - September



Page 7

HELICOPTER RESCUE BRIEFING Ir you are in a position during a search ml$Sion of re<Juesting rescue by helicopter, be sure you provide as much information 05 possible. Include Ihe exoc t coordinates of the incident, the altitude of Ihe site, temperature, wind direction and velocity, whether or not the helicopter will be able 0 land, how many persons must be picked up, and how For the helicopter will have to trove I from the site 10 where the rescued will be token. These suggestions were pari or a briefing given by Moj. John Morris and S I. Jocks or the 5th de . 42nd AR 01 Edwards AFR. Sixty-Five seniors and cadets, representing units from Son Diego to Son Francisco, attended the cless , Maj. Morrir. briefed the personnel on the helicopter, its ccpeblli ries and limitations, communications equipment, and availability. Sgt. Jocks dernonstrcted he rescue equipment on board and basic procedures for using Ihe hoists and For disarming eiection seats for rescue. Col. John link, at the brieFing. MOUNTAIN commander, and Maj. F. W. Schnee were also present


Six CAP members have earned the California Wing Mountain Rescue patch. At ceremonies attended by Iheir Fomilies and friends, Bill Davis, Kip Fisher, Gory Kitt, Joe B)'rd, Pal Robinson, and Mary Ann Rothero received their patches. They will continue Iheir trolning with field sesslens. FCC LICENSES COST MORE I A new or duplicate to operate aircraft radios creased were the fees for cial services. However, and Brown Bears are still Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit, necessary and CAP equipment, will now cosr $8.00. Also inbroodcost and TV, amaleur, citizens, ond most commerthe SAR and CAP radio slot ion licenses (White, Block, exempt From fees. --

AEROSPACE EDUCATION SPEAKER Mr. Carlton J. King will speak a cadet units in the Southem California areas as port of the aerospace education troining program of the new CAP cadet program. Mr. King's lectures ore on aircraft engines, theory of flight, and on Apollo flights. To arrange for on engagement 10 speak r6 your group, contact Mr. King at his home address, 2685 Foreman Ave., Long Beach 90815, or through the Cal lfornlc Wing Aerospace Education a fice. SQUADRON 150 ANNIVERSARY Long Beach Squadron 150, one year old and 50 members strong, held on anniversary party to celebrate the occasion. Sq. 150 has 15 aircraft and nice headquarters facilities, still expanding.

0ge 7

August - September 1970 CADET NEWS


Page 8

C/Sgt. Joseph Monaghan, Sq. 79-Gp 10, has been appointed to Ihe Air Force Academy 01 Colorado Springs. Special "congralulations" ceremonies wer attended by Sgt. Lem Baggie, USAF R. crui ri 1 I. I 1.'2 Crabb , Sq. 79 commander; Maj. Allan Wallert, Sq. 79 chaplain, and Capl. Jack Riley, Group 10 commander. ...... A combined cadel marching unit from Squo rons 46, 79, and 133 mode their firsl public appearance n .he Watsonville 4th or July porode. Th ir division contain d 10 at er m re ing units, nd the ceders merc a away wilh 1st place. The hod IUSI campi led 51 days of security duty for the owder Puff Derby at Monlerey. A$ gue.stsof rhe U.S. oval facility rhere, Ihe bose command t orranged for many clesses , i clud·ng link Iraine ,and ori nlalion lights in Naval oircro • C Capt. Christ;" Olson, G n. Carie L e Ch nn 1.1 t Sq. 117, r en I)' started nying lessons under the Zonto-Group <I ighr scholors lp , c/eopt. r In Sanford, winn r of Ih mal iwonis-G oup schola hip, will stort his I sson~ soc ... New officers of the CWCAC will be install ad ot Ih Ving ConFerence. Elected 01 Ih June council me ting were: Bob Westerman, chairman; Dove Maca, vlce -cl airman; Nara Lashlee, secretory-recorder; and Wolter Alia, pori imentorion . .... Cilsi Lt. Mertin Miller, Santa Mario Sq. 105, and c/TSgI. Jim Luntzel of Morin Counl)' Codel Sq. 137, received word that they were accepted to Ihe Air Force Academy. ..... Sq. 137 also received its irst Amelio Earhart Award, presented Claire Fagley. a Code I

,... Code teven Formanek, Sq. 55, Gp 3, hod a mernoro Ie June. He vos awarded a special honor for his 01.1 standing citi2enship by the Americ n Legion, receiving a cerri leer ,m dol, a d SSO savings bond; graduated from Mt. Miguel High School; comple d the requirements or his Silly Milchell Award; and joined the U.S .A.F. 01.1 to his high se re 01 the entra c exorn, he wos given his preference and will attend electronics schoo aner basic training 01 Lcckle d AFS. A whirlwind tour a California was given 0 eig I Ne Zealand cade and their tv/a es orts and tnr Ja nese c dets and on escort os port a tn InternOlionol Air Codel Excho g prog m. Arriy n9 22 July 01 Travis, the co ets began Iheir tour. Included was a visi to I e Minuteman on TItan missll control centers dl Vandenberg AFS. e group then reported to Los Angeles, where Group 13 invited them to see search cperortoos 01 a Group SARCAP. After flying a sorlie os observer, the code were presenled with "honorary" observer wings. A 15-hour marothon lour of Disneyia d greo Iy Impressed the ceders. Following was a tour of the NBC focililies; e North American-Rockwell plant. where the cadets sow Apollo and 12, nd the "cleon rooms;" and the Air Museum 01 Orange County Airport. The code ~toy wi h e fa Ilies of CAP me bers and were hosted by Lt. Col. ~vies and Spootz Cadets Steve Ringlee and Mike Tcylee . After leaving CollFornio, they lew 10 Washington. D.C., to continue their lour.

August - September



Page 9

Wing Emergency Services Manual A revised and expanded edition of the California Wing Emergency Services manual will be publish d and distributed through groups to all units 01 Ihe Wing Conference. In addition to the personnel information contained In the present manual, the new manual contains sections dealing .. i h all aspects of training for and conducting SAR and CD missions in California. A few pracedurol chonges outlined in the manuol will become effective at Wing on 1 October. Manuals should be distributed and reviewed by all commands immediately after the conference. Mission Control Officers he Wing Commander has delegated his detailed r sponsibllity for centrol of SAR nd CD missions to a MI5sion Control Ofricer (form rly Alert 0 leer}, Th M'ssion Caardinalor arks under the Mission Control Officer. The Mission Con rol OF icer is re onsible for initiating and closing a minion on for selecting the search bose(s) wilh the ossistance of the group co manders. Selected operarlons 51'0 f members serve one-man h shifts, during which they are on 24hour coil. All mission-related inquiries and problems should be directed 0 the officer on duty. Scheduled for August: Copt. R. Hermonn, White Sear 19, 213-446-6348 or 213-620-1830 ext 355; for September: 1/Lt. B. Gordon, White Bear 44, 805-967-3174 or 805-967-5511 ext 284; for October: Moi. G. Bollinger, White Sear 151,805-943-4278 or 805-272-2878. CDO Agreement The CAP-California Di50ster Office C DO) agreement makes possible CAP participation in civil def~nse and natural disaster missions on 0 basis very similar 10 our more familiar SAR missions for the Air Force. Every ttempt has been mode to make SAR an COO procedures iden icol. As with SAR missions, participation is permi ed 0 LYa ter a mission number is issued. For CD, this mission number i\ Issued by Wing rother than Western Rescue. Fuel and other reimbursement comes from tho State instead of fhe USAF. An added emergency services specialty, General elper, will permit cadets to participate in CD missions at age 15. A CD identification card will be required for all participants. Supplies of COO Form 99 hove be n distributed through groups ond current ES cord holders must submi t the completed Form 99 and a 1" II I" phoro for the card. BEARFACTS tv'ooiling At he present time, the Beer Facts stoff has no focility for automatically adding new members to its ffiCliling Ilst. Whenever a new ember joins your unit ond he wishes 10 r ceive 0 copy 0 this newspaper, he should either send a past card or the " he • e of Aoddress" form cente ln d in each issue with the required information. Send them to the Bear Facts past office box in Goleta for prompt otten 10fl. Be sure 10 keep us informed 0 your currenl address, too. Communic.Qto~: Are your transmitters secure enough thot you insure only authorized personnel con use them? Remember tha your own children may be indoctrinated to rne "NO-NO's" but their Friends may not be.









SAR Stations

Now Authorized

California Wing has just received h FCC license for mobile seorch and rescue sterlens • Shortly, mobil l lcenses will be luued to those personnel who ,",ove submltteo opplicolio s , Thes stations will ope rote on FAA rodio frequencies 122.9 MHz and 123.1 MHz. 122.9 can be used during training mission' authorized by CaliFornia Wtng Headquarters, while 123.1 will be used only during actual (authoriz d) seorch and rescue mission . Stations licensed for t i~ service must use FCC type-ace p ed equipment and must be able 10 operat on both frequencies. Mobile AR srotlons may contact other mobile SAR ,tot ions, fixed SAR stations, OI1d oirctO licensed 10 operet on FAA frequencies. Request these lie nses on Form 100RLA ond Indicate "This is on applicolion for SAR license" on the top of he form. Send Ihrough channels to California Wing Headquort rs , ottention CWC.

Id a of the mont comes lre Lt. Col. ki on a rospoce career guidance and counsel assist coders in selecling school courses and To ob oin FAA educational publications and 800 Independence Ave., S.W .. Washington,

McPh reson, Group 4. Compile a ing for use by unit members. II co ro prepare Ihem for their careers. order l enks , write to the FAA at D.C. 20553. AE.

Send your AE news to Ihe Bear Focts , Attention Copt. Edwin Vincent, 20-Y or CAPer, Posses Away

Copt. Edwin E. incent, Long Beach Squadron 65, possed away at his home in Inglewood lost month. Copt. Vincenl joined CAP in 1950 and held many assignments, including bose exchange officer , southern district fisccl officer and Col ifornia Wing direct r of materiel. He was owarded the Meritorious Service Award for his work throughout the wing. His wife, Major Mildred Vincen , serves in Squadron 65 as adjutant. Notes fr m Wing

Lt. Col. Clifton R. Brooks, Sr., has joined the Wing ~taff as ossls ant Wing medical officer. It. Col. Mieho I Morrison is the new director of sofely. Major Howard Wilde will be handling the oc~ive dulies wing chaplain, so ell correspondence 10 thet affi ee should be addressed 10 Major Wilde. Wing choploln Lt. Col. Waver has moved to the Palm Springs area, and will continue to serve in thor section.






The California Deportment or Aeronautics onnounced approvol of three rescue beacons thet op orentl y m t he state standord$. However, a speciel me ting wos held wi th Ih monuf cturers to air some of Ih problems being encountered. When more stable information becomes oveila le the Beer Facts will let you know. M anwhll , he Nove ber deodllne for Ins oiling t ese beacons on commerciolly-used clrcrof approoe e! and no word of on extension of time as ean indicated - and 0 porentl r no beocons hev been "for sur" ap ved.

CAP Calendar
AUGUST 8-16 11-21 14-15 14-16 Califomia Wing Cadet Encampment, Vandenberg AFB. U. S. Notional Soaring Championships, EI Mirage NEC, Savannah; Ga. Santa Monico, Calif., to Independence, Ore , , speed race, sponsored by the Ninty-Nines. SEPTEMBER 12 18-20 18-20 Group 11 Cadet Activities Seminar, San Luis Obispo California Wing Conference, Bakersfield Reno-Stead, Nev., National Championship Air Races OCTOBER '9-10 NEC, Washington, D. C.

NOVEMBER 28 Group 11 "Dining-In" to commemorate anniversary of Civil Air Patrol the 29th



ObstuVe radio silence during othln' wings' net times.



6:00 PM - WASH. WING ···6:30 PM - CAUF. WING CADET
7:00 PM - ORE. WING 7:30 PM - NEV. WING

··10:00 PM - HAWAII WING



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