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But I Do Not Account My Life Of Any Value Nor As Precious To Myself, If Only I May Finish My Course And The Ministry That I Received From The Lord Jesus, To Testify To The Gospel Of The Grace Of God.

ACTS 20:24 (ESV)

WARM GREETINGS I thought as the final update of the year I should write about the State of the CRU@UKZN ministry and how do we all fit into the bigger picture of what God has done, is doing and is yet to do at UKZN and other KZN campuses. But I want to begin by thanking you so much for your continued support. When David commissioned Solomon to build the house of the Lord, “the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly and made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart...” I thank God for your willingness and wholeheartedness in giving.
CRU@UKZN INTERNSHIP TEAM 2011 [From left-right] Mdu, Lauren, Erica (Edgewood), Alyssa (Westville), Kate, and Anele (Howard, I was also at Westville)

As you may know, I’ve been Intern with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) doing campus Ministry for the past two years. When I joined to do internship we were only present at Westville Campus (UKZN). Through prayer and God’s provision of more laborers from the US we were able to launch at Howard College Campus (2010). This year we began with another God’s provision of laborers from the State but this time with an addition of my friend Mdu, another South African Intern. As a team of 6 (4 American ladies and 2 SA guys) we were able to successfully launch a growing movement at Edgewood campus and had student leaders committed to see CRU at PMB campus. We praised the Lord for all He has done on our campuses and mostly for raising up local laborers. It has been in my heart that God raising African Missionaries who will be a blessing to the nations. We’ve been receiving the gospel for a very long period of time and that’s a blessings and the working of the Lord for sure; but as Abraham was promised to be blessed so he can be a blessing (Genesis 12:1-3) I see African blessed enough to be able to bless other nations. On that note, we are able to share that on the first of October, four of our students from the UKZN Westville campus (Bafana, Thandeka, Thah, and Sli) committed to giving one year of their life in serving the Lord in our ministry, joining in the internship program with CCC. Three ladies will be working one campus and Bafana has a heart for the orphanage we’ve been partnering with (Ukukhanya). It is a big decision for them, especially since graduating from varsity in our African culture tends to mean your family will now be looking to you for support. All of us are following God’s call in serving even though we know negative repercussions may come. However, these wonderful (quality students) are excited about their decision and even more excited to serve the Lord! It has been a real blessing to walk this journey with them as they hear the voice of the Lord and follow. They are now putting their faith in Him as they begin the journey of their next year. Pray for them as they start raising support and beginning their training. Before going further I will mention that I have also decided to join CCC full-time. After these two years I have clearly felt the passion for students. I want to make my life count and I don’t want to do what everyone else can do. I know this will be an adventure, a fun one especially since I know I have God on my side and a team that is standing by holding the rope for me to help varsity students encounter and grow into a relationship with Christ. It is our goal that we help them in their walk with the Lord; build and maintain healthy relationships in life; find God’s agenda in their field of study; leave campus with skills to benefit the world and help them acquire and pursue a Vision for

NEXT YEAR’S CCC TEAM (2012) At our closing function Bafana, Slindile, Thandeka, Thandekile, and Anele

To support my Ministry Bank: Absa Account Name: Campus Crusade for Christ Account Number: 1500231366 Branch name & Code: Brooklyn 632005 Reference: 20141/ Contributors Surname & initials

We are not receiving any intern from the States next year and that means next year here in Durban we have a team of locals only doing ministry on campus. We praise God indeed for that. Please be praying for the five of us as we raise a team of ministry partners who will commit to giving financially and pray for us as we Win students to Christ, Build them up in their faith and Send them to do the same. CRU@UKZN is really becoming a sending base for the nations. November 20th , 8 of our students and Alyssa and Mdu took off for a mission trip to Botswana for 10 days. They were helping the University of Botswana Crusade ministry with Evangelism and they got a chance to serve in the community. They said God really opened the doors for them while they were there. They were able to get a slot on the University Radio and shared the gospel basically. They say God was not an issue but transitioning to Jesus really was a new thing to many students they had conversations with. We praise God for the work done in Botswana.

Botswana misson trip team from CRU@UKZN

I’ve been helping out with organizing the mission trip and helping to train out new intern on Raising Support. My grandparents back home in Hammarsdale have gone to my uncle’s in Mpangeni due to my granddad’s health reasons. He is diabetic and going blind. He has been attending massage classes and has drastically improved in health. Praise the Lord! So I’ve been travelling from campus to Hammarsdale to make sure my women cousins are doing well, it works best for me since church for me is that side and much better because I get to fellowship weekdays and there are home cells and prayer meetings almost every night. And I’ve enjoyed leading a bible study in my church every Friday afternoon before youth services. And my passion for youth ministry has led me to lead teenage ministry in my church. We meet with teens every Sunday at 8am for an hour before the main service. The past 6 months we’ve been doing a back to basics series of studies on Salvation and the story of the bible. I thank God for affording me this opportunity to make a difference to young people.

Teenagers from church after breakfast session


Praise God for raising up labourers to help in the mission field reach more future leaders. Praise God for the success of the Botswana Mission Please pray with us for the sustenance of what God has done in Botswana Pray for 5 Campus staff for next year as we raise funds to be able to minister next year. Pray for Spiritual growth of students even during the holidays when some may not have a solid biblical community of believers around them

INSTITUTE OF BIBLICAL STUDIES On the 20th of November I had to go to Pretoria for two weeks of intense bible training called (IBS), the course is on Bible study methods. It is very informative, and interesting. It has helped me a lot in my walk with the Lord and the way I approach God’s word. And I appreciate the privilege of acquiring methods and right material to help me in my walk with the Lord and to minister effectively. MINISTRY PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT The whole of December I will be travelling around, from Johannesburg the first week meeting people who can join my ministry team then back to Durban. As I have to raise more funds now that I’m joining full-time. I’m so excited to see God continue working in the lives of students next year and beyond transforming them to be better leaders of this world. All for His own Glory!!! Without your continued support, it would have been very hard in ministry. I thank God for bringing you into my life and ministry. ☺

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