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French living style - elegant, decorative and

French living style elegant, decorative, casual, accessories, home 'laissez Iaire
that the French borrowed term that was originally used in the political-economic
context, apply just as well be on the liIestyle and the style oI living in our western
neighbor. Charming, casual and a little playIul, but in no case strictly ordered and
perIect, these are the essential Ieatures oI French living. But this charm and
permeability will be transIerred to their own well-considered interior design. We give
tips on how to come regarding the interior design simple French Ilair in your own Iour

The kitchen cooking, such as country-
The importance oI French cuisine Ior a budget can not be overestimated. AIter all, is
the French cuisine particularly inIluenced by the concept oI 'haute cuisine as one
oI the most versatile and inIluential in Europe. Not least because oI the UNESCO
'Cuisine Francaise 2010 has recognized as an intangible world cultural heritage.
This claim must also meet the kitchen equipment. In the heart oI the action is the
dining table. Rustic wood causes typical country house atmosphere that lends
romance and elegance and is ideal Ior communal cooking and eating. OIten, a
Iireplace adds to the impression oI a Iamiliar comIort. Cheese, bread and wine can be
served with a stylish ceramic or earthenware dishes Irom Mauviel copper. All these
elements created an ensemble that gives a kitchen on their Iunctional signiIicance
beyond an almost homely and tranquil character.
The living room elegant and decorative
The main residence oI the representative signiIicance oI each house or apartment at
any results Irom the Iact that visitors usually stay here very long. Classic Iurnishings,
Irom majestic to simply stands in the living room, especially in the Ioreground. Small
light bistro tables and rattan chairs are real French exports and provide a welcome
addition to the rather splendid Iurnishings. Ancient heirlooms, Ilea market purchases
but also Iound in the interior design equally their place. It is placed primarily on
couch and chair on delicate Iabric covers value. Serve with so-called medal padded
chairs, which are especially characteristic oval backrest. Strip wallpaper in muted
colors, and even wallpaper with subtle Ilower patterns give the room a warm and
welcoming atmosphere. Colors like white, lilac and pink light and airy, not only on
the wall, to Iit particularly well with the desired character country house. There are
also green accessories, which the French style may additionally underline: Dried
lavender bunches, but also generally a lot oI green plants provide a beautiIul indoor
climate and a pleasant Iragrance.
The bedroom great comIort
Not only Ior singles but also Ior couples to enjoy French beds and more popular. They
are extra wide Ieature (up to 1.80 m) and with only a mattress. Especially in the case
oI intimate togetherness does not interIere with crack, which Irequently interIere with
the typical German double beds or single beds pushed together in the sleeping
comIort. Full jewelry are also the metal legs and the decorations oI the bed Irame at
the head 'sleep like a king is a Iact oI liIe here. Here also, Ior the walls in bright or
pastel tones especially.
The bathroom with great eIIect accessories
Anyone who does not shy away Irom larger investments may also sometimes attach
importance to luxury: terracotta and natural stone mosaic Iloor are absolute eye-
catcher, getting used to, but could be Iree-standing bath historic French style is here
translated into the modern age. But it`s also less expensive and with some accessories,
such as soap. The 'Savon de Marseille is a traditional natural soap and very popular
all over the world. Their production Irom natural ingredients, the inviting aroma and
aesthetic packaging are in the bathroom, very attractive. Serve with glass bottles,
special soap dishes in the French country style, iron toilet paper holders, soap dishes
and cast iron decoration in Iloral design.
LiIe in the French style oI living means transIer, especially, elegance and comIort
perIectly reconciled, and the country-house living in their own premises. Rustic wood
Iurniture predominates, adds, however, with bright-Iriendly wallpaper and lots oI
green. By the elegant and decorative Iurnishings to tranquility draws Irom the kitchen
to the bathroom and also reIlects French Ilair back in all its Iacets, Irom the bistro
table and chair Ior the medallion. More inspiring can hardly be oIIered Ior the interior
design under the slogan 'laissez Iaire.