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Madeleine Leininger ( Transcultural Theory in Nursing)

Creator of the Transcultural Subfield of Nursing Became aware of the importance of caring to nursing in the year 1940 First professional nurse in the world to earn a doctorate in anthropology

She first used the terms transcultural nursing, ethnonursing, and crosscultural nursing Care as the main component to

knowledge nursing and practice Culture Care theory Person Nursing should focus ahead of traditional nurse-patient interactions To expand international nursing care policies and practices Environment The concept of culture is closely related to society/environment, and is a central matter of her theory Environment Framework is defined as being totality of an event, situation, or experience. Health

Health is a key concept in Transcultural Nursing Need for nurses to have knowledge that is specific to the culture in which nursing is being practiced. Health is both universal and diverse Nursing 3 types of nursing actions o Cultural care preservation/maintenance o Cultural care accommodation o Cultural care repatterning/restricting Reduce cultural stress and conflict between client and caregiver Transcultural Theory in Nursing Concept culture in Leiningers theory Cultural Diversity a key component of Leiningers theory

A similar concept is that of cultural diversity