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spy missions or paintballing sessions . • Some people may groan at the prospect of a 'team event' as they conjure up images of being really embarrassed in front of their colleagues .they can be as active as you like. • Alternatively why not all just hit the pub on a Friday lunch time and get everyone together in a relaxing environment! .benefits of a good old team building event • Team Building events will bring your staff together and get colleagues who may not have previously spoken chatting between themselves.they many even see another side to a colleague they previously didn't get along with. Then. • Events can include treasure hunts. when they return to work they will have something to laugh about! • Some team building events can be really affordable and if you choose a good events company to organise your office's day out you will be able to tailor your event to suit your company. they don't have to be like this.but unless you have a really annoying boss who want to make you feel silly. depending on the workforce. Many events will get staff working together using vital team skills which they could then bring into the office .

Don't compromise the ability of the team by leaving it to try and finger out what it is to deliver. background. Make sure that policies and procedures are still relevant. So what's getting in the way of successful team working in your area? Fuzzy goals or objectives If a team does not know with absolute clarity what it is to deliver. When riles are not defined things fall down a track and when things fall down a crack no one wins. professional disciplines have different preferences. Get clear on who is doing what. Make a point of thinking about the other person's preferences when interacting. Something has not gone as expected and everyone is saying that they thought that someone else was doing the task that was so critical. . Roles are not defined Just imagine a scenario. The key is to aim to get a clear decision making process on the team that everyone understands. One thing is certain you will get some decisions wrong. chances are that at best it will deliver something of little value or at worst nothing at all. Policies and procedures that are past their sell by date Organisations. It requires team members to rely on each other. Trouble is people often forget this and fail to adapt their style to move closer to the people they are interacting with.what stops teams from working effectively? Teams when working well together have the potential to deliver great results. Bad decision making Taking decisions as a team is different to taking decisions individually. a concept that might be alien. People don't interact with each other appropriately We all based on our experiences. Trouble is these policies and procedures can easily become onerous our out of touch with current practice. especially big organisations need to have some boundaries and protocols which are typically set out in policies and procedures. Make it crystal clear.

You have to establish control. • Be consistent in your message.10 steps to building a great team Following these simple ten steps will help you bring your team together to achieve your mission and vision as their manager and leader. • Hold pre. and they will reward you with greater effort and pride in their work. Show a willingness to listen and help solve their challenges at work. Spend the time to establish standards for your team members to adhere to. Give them clear direction. • Understand that the foundation of a great team is trust. This is your team. If you don't give them this opportunity. your venue and your standards. and be consistent. you'll frustrate them to no end with confusion. • Take Control. A team will never support their leader if they don't trust him or her. This is a powerful exercise that brings focus to your team before during and after their scheduled shifts. but you do want to ensure that they know EXACTLY how you want things done. Your team must understand that your are the leader and what you say is the final word. You don't want to make robots out of them. People that do things right for you deserve praise. . Nothing is more vexatious for a team than mixed messages from their leadership. • Give public praise. and aren't certain that their leader is willing to do anything that they might ask of one of their team members.and post-shift meetings.

Identify specific behaviors. reward it." This is one of the most devastating. . make a point to introduce them to your shining stars.10 steps to building a great team Following these simple ten steps will help you bring your team together to achieve your mission and vision as their manager and leader. Never commit to something that you can't fulfill. and then find a way to monitor and reward the top performers. When someone of value to your company is on premise. Identify an area where all team members seem to be struggling to succeed at the level you want.or post-shift meetings and publicly offer a reward to those that deserve it. Introduce your team to your customers and other people of influence. Too often I've heard managers say things like. it's your responsibility to set the example and do the same. Reward team performance. deconstructive approaches one could take toward building a team. Stay true to your word. We're all human beings and want to feel important. If you expect others to do their job and keep their commitments to you. "You're so lazy. as you're establishing the standards for the rest of your team to operate by. Announce the example in one of your pre. This will let your best employees know how valued they are and that you trust them personally with your most prized assets your customers. When you see examples of great teamwork in action. You need to pick up the slack and do more to help the team. Track performance.

often ones they would have never have had chance to notice in the normal work environment. . the team create a meal together that they can all sit down and enjoy at the end. Cooking activities are used by many businesses to help lift employees' spirits and to reward them for their hard work. Activities such as corporate cookery classes can help staff get to know each other . low-stress activity which still promotes problem-solving and good communication. Team Building Cookery Classes Corporate cookery classes are also attended by many businesses to entertain clients as an alternative to a bland restaurant or outdated boozy lunch. In the last year alone. These activities are popular as they offer an enjoyable.even shy people can get involved as there is the shared focus of the cookery task. At the event.Corporate cookery classes are growing in popularity. It also helps employers get to know staff's strengths and weaknesses . A number of businesses also choose cooking classes as an end-of-year treat or a change to the usual turkey-and-tinsel Christmas party for staff. one major cookery centre reported a 67% year-onyear increase in bookings.

You can have all the incentive plans in the world in place in your business. but if you don't know what makes your staff tick. (and feel). Plus keep in mind that businesses thrive on building and keeping win-win relationships. you could lose your key people and that is definitely not something you want happening in any type of economy. and they want to know." . . customers. then what kind of message are you sending? Now is the time for you to be having conversations to find out what excites and motivates them. And to top it off employee morale is at an all time low. overwhelmed. as a team leader. If you want to know what it takes to keep them happy campers. So. how do you keep employee morale up in a down economy? Getting and keeping clients happy right now is always a number one concern. company sales are down. what keeps them going. Because if you don't. then you are going to have to ask them. they go mentally stale.2 steps to motivate your team "Teams do not go physically flat. just trying to keep things going. resigned. layoffs are eminent. are grumpy. you are dead in the water. and basically on auto pilot and not paying attention. If you. and employees. but what are you doing to make sure your employees are happy and productive? Your team members want to know two things: they want to know they matter. job security is dictated by numbers. and the remaining staff is overworked. they are making a contribution.Vincent Lombardi In the midst of this recession in our country.

2 steps to motivate your team "Teams do not go physically flat. they go mentally stale. Keep in mind you are building trust with your employees. you want to do your part to keep them happy. 2. I'm not just talking about buying coffee and donuts for the team every Friday here. and working as a cohesive team. positive environment for your employees." . There are three kinds of motivators: money. If you have valuable employees.Vincent Lombardi 1. time. Be willing to make the changes necessary to create a happy.basically which one of the 3 motivators I mentioned above that gets their creative juices flowing. You need to know each individual's particular personality and what they need to hear or get from you . Remember it costs more to hire and train new employees than to retain the great ones you already have in your business. Ask questions and be willing to listen to their answers. Which one puts a smile on your team's face? Here are 2 basic steps to keeping your employees from going mentally 'stale' and unproductive: . productive. and recognition. productive.

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