Branding of Xeal Cola

Target market: our main target market is consisting of youth mainly school, college and university going students. We will also target office going professional who have a positive feelings towards their lifestyle and who wants to enjoy their life. We will also target those people who have a positive perception and want to hang out with their friend. Our brand Xeal which means enthusiastic and which will in tern goes with the young generation. Youths are mainly fun loving people who want to enjoy their life at their own way, and the Brand Zeal cola also goes with them. So Xeal cola will represent the youth and enjoy of life which will also brings happiness to the life.

Brand Element
Brand name: Zeal cola Slogan: XEAL makes it impossible to I- M- POSSIBLE Tagline: Good till the last drop. Logo:

Brand personality: Excitement.

In order to create awareness we should provide a unique taste as well as to promote the product heavily. which have different packaging for the different target group. . In order to create brand awareness we have to position our brand as a distinctive product in the minds of the consumer. The ultimate awareness about the brand comes from Brand recognition and Brand recall.Brand Character: Xanti Brand awareness: In our country Cola drink is a product consumed by all classes of people regardless of age sex and income.  Brand recognitions: The instant brand recognition is coming from the logo and from the image of the advertising and brand Character and also our flashy packaging and our shape of the products bottles.

 Brand Benefits: Excitement with a touch of cool and enthusiasm. Colorful packaging and unique design of bottle. So our Brand Xeal cola will represent the one way of enjoying the life. Life is what we believe in” Positioning: We will position our brand as a means of enjoyment of life. and youth are the sign of enjoy and they want to enjoy their life in many ways. Brand Character and from the logo and here too our unique packaging comes into hand and our bottles shape. Brand Image: In order to create a successful brand we need to create a distinctive brand image in the minds of the target customer. Enthusiast. Brand promise: “Zeal. Uniqueness of Brand associations: touch of style with unique taste that makes you cool!!!!!! Brand quality: High quality in taste and style of catchy look. As long as our main target market is youth. easy to handle. Xeal cola . Brand recall: People can easily recall the brand by restoring the advertisement. The ultimate Brand image is dependent on Brand attributes and Brand Benefits. and different look of the bottles targeting to different customer group (for boys and girls). Excitement.  Brand Attributes: Unique taste and Flavor.

brand character which will bear the sign of youth. Through Ethnocentrism: Another reason for buying the zeal cola would be the consumer ethnocentrism. They got their self satisfaction when they got the opportunity to help others. They always want to do better for their country. Since Xeal cola cola is a desi brand that will create ethnocentrism appeal for the target .will also provide ultimate refreshment and makes them cooler. So our particular brand Xeal cola will provide them the opportunity to help others. So we will attract our target market based on the philosophy that 50 poisa will be donate to the government fund to help stop the eve teasing which is a very talked issue in our society. color. They also attract to our brand through taste. When the youth will know about that they will consider to purchase the zeal cola other than any other cola which will gives them the opportunity to do something for the victims of eve teasing. The reason for being attracting to the Brand: We have already known that our target customer for Xeal cola is the youth generation and our brand represent enjoy. Through CSR: Among the youth there was always a tendency to help others. They will be very much loyal to the brand when they heard that for each purchase they donate 50 poisa to the welfare of the poor people and intern they also get psychological satisfaction by consuming the Xeal cola. packaging and unique design of bottle. Our unique design of bottle and packaging will ultimately draw their attention towards the brand. We always see when there was a disaster the youth are the first who come to help those victims. So our positioning for youth will be “enjoy the life with a sip of XEAL”. To the youth ethnocentrism means a lot. So the youth will attract to our brand because our positioning will goes with their lifestyle.

Xeal is developed with this entire new concept and the target market and the target market can attach it with their lifestyle. Labeling: Our packaging will contain big label of our “XEAL” brand name and will also provide the manufacture information (in small front) as well as the manufacturing and expiring date. We also come to know that advertisement quality is poor and the message is not appealing to the target market. It will also contain the maximum retail price. (Thin about the label color). So keeping on this mind we will come with a unique design of bottle and unique packaging. Packaging: From our research we have come to know that packaging and design of bottle matters a lot for the consumer purchase motivation and decision. From our analysis we also found that the positioning of the parent brand Suncreast cola does not relate to the target market.customer. So keeping on this mind we have decided to come up with an individual brand Xeal cola which contain unique taste. innovative design and packaging and more target customer focused approach. The packaging will consist of mix with different color and scenario. they ultimately contribute to the improvement of the country. Solution to the failure of the parent brand: From our research we had come to know that Suncreast cola which is the parent brand can not able to grab the market share due to its poor taste. They know that when they purchase the Xeal cola. packaging and design as well as distribution problem. These are the major reason behind the failure of the parent brand suncreast cola. .

Nondon. He goes to . brand name. he tries to do lots of thing but end up being a dummy. It will be also available in the school. college and the university cafeteria. Our creative advertising. brand character will create awareness in the minds of the customer. So for Zeal cola we came up with a new distribution strategy. logo. The concept of Television commercial is given bellow: TV Commercial: Scenario : A sad story of a guy who is unsuccessful in doing anything correctly. Our advertising will create distinctive image in the minds of the target market and through that image the customer will feel the longing for the product. So we will do the intensive distribution and try to make available the product almost everywhere which will create consumer purchase and trail for the product. The distribution channel would beManufacture Whole seller Retailer Customer. A life with all signs of failure. PQS. In order to distribute the zeal cola we will implement the pull strategy. We know that consumer product the availability of the product will carry a great deal for the success of the product. Almas. slogan. Our different strategy such as associating the brand with CSR and Ethnocentrism will create awareness and ultimately and provides a drive to the customer to ask for the product to the retailer. Zeal cola will be found the entire retail store as well as the departmental store like Agoara. Shopno and so on. Meena bazaar. For zeal cola we will follow the traditional distribution channel. where the customer will ask for the product to the retailer.Distribution: From our analysis we have also found that the distribution of suncreast cola is not good and it was not that much available. Advertising: Our electronic media advertising include both the Television commercial and Radio Commercial.

The other friend replied nothing and gives a zeal cola to his friends and says that eta try kor taholei bujbi amr cool thakar rohosso ke.POSSIBLE” . zeal hovering around him. a one with a high confidence. Radio Advertising: We will also conduct radio advertising because now a day’s radio becomes a popular medium for entertainment to the youth. he goes to propose the girl and surely he come out with a big “YES” from her. one asking another – “ dost tui sobsomoi eto cool ar fun loving thakis kevabe je meyera tor pichu chare na. The dummy gives a sip in our “Xeal” cola and transforms into some new. excitement. Channel.M.propose his love of life and comes out with a slap. talk shows etc. Boishakhi TV. popular dramas. to promote our product because these channels have high audience reach and frequency in the country. Then the RJ said Zeal cola the ultimate cola ja apnake rakhbe dinvor cool and enthusiast. He sits disappointed and upset and their comes his friend with a cola in his hand and keeps it in front of him. In the first three months for both types of TV. Electronic media Ad (TV): For electronic media we are going to use both broadcast TV and cable TV. Prime time is the best for getting maximum audience exposure because during the prime time most of popular program like news. We will allocate different times to advertise our product to reach different targeted customers so that we can get the best results from our TV ad. So we have selected NTV. unintentionally. are telecasted. ATN. Our radio commercial isScenario: the scenario would be two friends are talking. we have selected the prime time which is from 8pm-11pm to transmit our ad. At last another dark voice will appear and says that Zeal cola “XEAL makes it impossible to I. and goes to receive a call of his. Now.

There are many radio channels in our country which are Radio Foorti. Kaler Kontho and The Dialy Jugantor at the day of re-launching the product. Radio Today and Radio Amar and ABC radio. Print media Ad (newspaper): We have decided to put our print ads on different newspaper one week before the launch of the product and it will continue for next 3 months. “Xanti” and our brand celebrity model “John (main vocal of black band)” both holding our cola in one hand and giving a thumps up in other hand. Bangladesh Protidin. We have decided to put our ad at the back page of weekly Daily Star magazine which has a very high audience exposure. From our searching we have found that Prothom Alo have the maximum audience exposure in respect to reach and frequency. Magazine Ad: We will also promote our ad in magazines. bus. terminal etc. The Daily Star. We are deciding to promote our product in FM radio channels which are Radio Foorti. Now-a-days Kaler Kontho is the most popular newspaper and has the 2nd highest circulation in the country. Radio Today and so forth. Since it is .Radio media: We will also promote our product “Zeal Cola” in radio. We will also promote our product in the national newspapers like Prothom Alo. Print media’s creative strategy We will high light our brand character in our media strategy. Another popular and also cheapest newspaper is Bangladesh Protidin which is mainly selling in public place like road.

Face book Community: We will also create a community for Zeal cola as well as a fan page in face book.a weekly magazine so we have decided to give our ad 2 times in a month (6 times in 3 months). He also works for spoke person. Celebrity Endorsement: Our celebrity endorsement will be Jon (the lead vocal of black band). It will help to create awareness as well as the market coverage. It will also increase the word of mouth about the brand which will intern make the brand stronger in the market. . On that community there will be a discussion board and the members have the chance to do chat with others through online and can also share their minds.

cash discount. we will include prizes like Chocolates.Consumer promotion: In order to involve our brand to our desired consumers. Cell phone etc inside the cap. college and university. we will promote the brand with occasional promotion like. Sponsorship: In order to increase awareness and market coverage we will sponsor different kinds of concert in front of the public as well as gaming competition that was organized by School. . The prize will be put under the cap of the bottle and it will entirely base on the luck of the customers.

This strategy will help us to gain the market acceptance and increase the image of the product which in tern makes the product more acceptable to the customers. Xlounge. We know that lounge is a popular meeting place of the young generation. . Sprite. RC Lemon (very strong competitors because of similar low pricing strategy to capture the lower class market. New Year night: We will arrange a concert featuring the New Year night which will be sponsored by Xeal cola. green marketing etc. So far it is a popular meeting place for youth we choose that place for the concert. distribution will all solely be customized to target our targeted young female group. color. Mojo. We will arrange it in Robindro Sorobor which is situated at Dhanmondi.Cause related marketing: In order to increase the image of the brand we will also do Cause related marketing by associating the brand with different social issue such as AIDS. Which in increase the exposure of our product as well as generate awareness among the target market. H2O. which is also our one of the main strategy) Coca Cola. Mynt. Brand Name (parent brand): New Suncrest cola Target market: Lower income and lower middle income people. taste (soft touch). Pepsi. Lounge Display: we will also promote our product through lounge display. The design. Competitors in our target market (strong competitor): RC cola. 7-up (direct competitors) Strategies for launching New Suncrest cola Lower income and lower middle income people. against eve teasing. Future plans of extension of our Xeal brand: we have plans to launch a new brand targeting solely the young female segment with a brand name G-Xeal. shape the packaging. We will place our product in the most prominent lounge in Bangladesh such as Cozmo lounge.

The pricing of New suncrest cola will be similar to our main strong competitors’ RC cola. Packet Size 250 ml (Pet Bottle) 500 ml 1 liter 2 liter Price (Tk) 12 20 35 68 PLACEMENT Placement is accomplished through efficient and sufficient channels of distributions. So it will be a great challenge for New Suncrest to launching in rural areas. Instead of some international brands. For New Suncrest cola. PRICING OBJECTIVES The pricing objectives of New Suncrest cola must be identified in order to determine the optimal pricing.There is lots of popular soft drink brands exist in the market. are doing a lots of advertising. Some of the local brands like mojo. the pricing objective is to maximize the market share. There are various channels through which New Suncrest can distribute its output. some local brands also very popular. . RC lemon and Mojo. pran cola etc.

So first we have to make some attractive teaser ad which actually creates a positive impact on customer’s mind. marriage ceremonies. 1. The following strategies should be used for promotion purpose: TEASERS: Last few years we did not watch any kinds of attractive advertisement of New Suncrest cola. political groupings (jonoshoba) etc. Indirect Distribution The company should use the indirect marketing channel PRODUCER DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER WHOLESALER CONSUMER 2. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION New Suncrest cola should use the both indirect and direct distribution channels to make sure the feasible availability of the product.We can apply the push strategy to sell New suncrest cola. SPECIAL POINTS Other than these some special points should also be looked after by direct sales vehicles such as hotels. The teaser will be run for around 5 to 6 months on various channels and billboards will also be used for this purpose . To cut the cost the management should implement direct distribution to retailers where there is possible and feasible. That would not be possible in Pepsi or Coca cola. shops. so we can easily give retailers our product with comparatively lower prices. New Suncrest cola is a local brand. In the first phase teaser will be launched to create curiosity among the people. We can give our product with lower prices to retailers for promoting our product to our desired customers when they come to buy cola barbarizes from the retailers shop. PROMOTION Suncrest cola can mix of these activities is important to communicate the brand and message to the target market. Direct Distribution The less the channel members the less will be the cost and vice versa. Most of the rural peoples do not remember the brand.

if I will go to any shops in some areas. NEWSPAPERS: There should be the newspaper advertising campaign for creating the brand awareness in the introductory phase . Some people told that the taste was not so good. a cola rejuvenated to New suncrest cola. I see RC cola and Mojo is available and customers buy those brands that are in easy reach. He is watching something which is getting down from the sky but the product is not shown. When Shakib Khan promotes the product. So we can hire one of them to promote our product. with our New suncrest cola we try to increase our production. For example. We have to make a change in taste and flavor.Bill Board: We make a teaser ad where a thirsty man watching to the sky. Brand Personality: In this phase promotional ads will be launched to persuade the target consumers. people will be encouraged to buy Sun Crest cola. When people watch the ad daily. They like actor and actress of the cinema very much. So we make sure to increase our production and availability of New Sun crest cola. We just want to influence the people by informing that we are coming with a product which can full fill his thirstiness. For example blame against New Suncrest cola was that it was not available in all areas. Lower class people like Bangla Cinema. Actors are very famous in rural areas. So first. In the side of the bill board there are some written things to attract the people. The production of old suncrest cola was lower than other competing brands. Awareness: In the second phase awareness regarding the brand and previous misconceptions will be corrected. So we can choose Shakib Khan to promote Suncrest to lower class people. That is. We inform consumer that we are coming with a new flavor which they must like. So there is a need that awareness should be created through ads that there is nothing wrong in selling the brand name New Suncrest cola.“ Apnar trishna metate asche………. We have to take risk to launching it high for lower income group.. there will be a curiosity to taste the product. That can remove the blame. So it was not available everywhere before. Shakib Khan is now very famous actor in Bangla Cinema.opekhkha korun”.

So we can give our ad in those two papers mainly. We can also consider others popular local news papers BILLBOARDS As an effective promotional tool billboards should also be used. We will place in bill boards mainly in bus stops. So we need to do our competition between these times. People are often going to those places and it will attract them. Every ceremony and festivals is most probably lasting for one or two weeks. The cost is only two taka. near to colleges and universities. TVCs Now a day’s TV are available in all areas. So. Radio ad: Radio is a popular form of mass media in rural areas. Time frame will be shorter. People of all areas having no TVs can also watch it in different shops and other places. We can also arrange the competition in different festivals relating to our branding philosophy. The most popular radio channels like Radio . Further. The time is depending on different occasions. musical shows etc should also be targeted in order to communicate the message to the people and we will also target many private channels too. The most important slots of the most viewed channels like BTV should be booked and the entertainments programs like dramas.Now a day’s ‘Bangladesh Protidin’ and ‘Amader somoy’ are more popular for lower class people. near to areas of haat. which are getting fast popularity. like asking my customers to note a comment for our brand and put the coupon in the basket and the lucky winner will get a lucrative price. So we can use radio as marketing tools to promote Suncrest cola in rural areas. specific promotional budget should be allocated on TVCs. rail station. The main purpose is to grasp the attention of the large population in shape of individuals and families by familiarizing them with the brand. SALES PROMOTION In the beginning phase New suncrest cola should use different competitions in schools. It will act as one of the most effective promotion tool. college and universities. we can promote mainly in different annual ceremony of school. colleges and universities with rewarding New Suncrest cola’s T-shirts as prize and other lucrative prices.

ABC Radio etc. Why people buy Suncrest: There are several reasons for people to buy Suncrest. Promoting in special occasion: As our lower income people are mostly in rural areas. there will be a “haat day” once or twice in a week. they buy the product and tell others about the product. In that day different people are come to a particular place to sell their product. Radio Today. so people buy it and people know about our brand. people must buy New Suncrest Cola. A “haat day” is a tradition of our country. to satisfy the demand of different consumers. We can also promote our product in a “haat day”. but we can be more .Foorty. Most of the people are going there to buy products. Different size of bottles: As mentioned earlier we will launch bottles of different size. Other Promotional techniques: Colorful packaging: Lower income people always like colorful packaging. We can send our product to those areas. ▪ It is available than others ▪ more attracting packaging ▪ promote as local brand ▪ Reasonable pricing ▪ Different bottles ▪ New Suncrest cola is a local brand so we can use our connectivity to push retailers to promote our brand on behalf of us. We know mainly in rural areas and some urban areas. in the middle of the cinema. Cinema halls as we know for lower earning market segment are an entertainment place. should be booked in proper time and popular program targeted for radio ad Promotions on Cinema halls: I will promote my brand at the start of the cinema. Radio Amar. When they see a new product with colorful packaging. They will not promote freely. Ensure availability: If our product will be available in rural areas than other brands.

ethnocentrism to get customer loyalty. We have also discussed necessary strategy to modify our existing product. reducing the price to retailers with flexible way. We have also discussed about advertisement and other media strategies to promote our product. At this project we have discussed about the entire necessary brand element that is needed to brand a product.flexible with our pricing strategy with retailers. . We also talked about different types of strategy such as CSR. Here we also come up with a new individual brand under the parents brands with more customer focused approach which will help us to gain more market share. Conclusion: In this project we have given all the necessary details of the branding of a product as well as the necessary things to modify a existing product and re launch that into the market. depending on our strategy and the situation. So with all our effort that was discussed throughout the whole project we believe that our individual brand xeal cola as well as the modified brand New suncreast cola will gain the market popularity.

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