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Lesson Plan Subject Class Date/ Day Time Theme Topic : : : : : : English Year 5 Bestari (Advance level ) 2nd

July 2011 ( Wednesday ) 8.45 9.45 am World of knowledge Colours Listening and speaking Reading and writing

Focused Skills : Integrated skills:

Curriculum specifications : 1.3.3 : Listen to all the words and demonstrate understanding of their meaning by matching them to pictures and spoken words. : Sing songs and pronouncing words clearly : Give short replies when naming objects pertaining to colours

2.1.4 2.3.2

3.3.2 : Read and understand simple sentences. 4.4.2 : Complete simple descriptions with the missing words ( with guidance given in the form of words and pictures ) Lesson Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to ; 1. Give short replies when naming objects pertaining to colours correctly. 2. listen and rearrange correctly the sentence strips according to the song heard. 3. listen and fill in the blanks with the missing words correctly.

Educational Emphases : CCTS Moral values Multiple Intelligence Language content: Grammar items Sentence patterns : Adjectives ( colours ) : A ball. A brown ball It is a brown ball : ball, box, table, chair, pen, bag : Song, powerpoint slides, mahjong paper, sentence strips, Bingo cards and CD : Pupils have already learnt colours and objects. : 1. Pupils might be making noise during the group work. 2. Some pupils are reluctant to speak in English during the pair work : Making associations Arranging and sequencing : Co operation and self confidence : Musical and verbal - linguistic

Vocabulary Teaching aids Previous knowledge Anticipated problems

Stage / Time Set Induction 5 mins

Content A mystery box Q& A : T : What is this ? S : A box T : What is the colour of the box? S : Blue

Teaching- learning activities 1.Teacher shows a mystery box. 2. Teacher asks the pupils about the box and its contents. 3. Pupils answer the questions briefly.

Rationale As a warm up activity. To arouse pupils interest and introduce the topic.

Remarks A colourful box and objects.

Presentation 15 mins

Vocabulary : Colours -blue ,brown, green, pink, grey Objects: -ball, chair, box, table, bag, pen Q & A (Drilling): T: What is this? S: A ball T: What colour is the ball? S: brown T: Can you find me a pencil? What is the colour of that pencil? S: grey Sentence Patterns: A ball A brown ball It is a brown ball.

1.Teacher shows the lyrics of the song on powerpoint and asks pupils to sing the song 2.Teacher plays the song 3. Pupils sing the song along with the teacher. 4.Teacher asks the pupils to identify the colours of the objects mentioned in the song. 5. Pupils identify colours of the objects as instructed. 6.Teacher shows the pictures of colourful objects using the powerpoint and introduces the sentence patterns to be taught. 7. Pupils state the colours of the objects. 8.Teacher asks pupils to name the objects in the

To encourage pupils to identify the colour of the objects.

Song A Brown Ball In the Box ( Appendix 1 ) Powerpoint slides. ( Appendix 2 )

To familiarize pupils with the sentence patterns.

CCTS: Making associations Moral Value: Self-confident Practise 10 mins Pairwork Bingo cards

classroom and state their colours.

1.Teacher distributes Bingo cards to each pupil. 2.Teacher explains how to play the games: How to play : Each pupil gets different cards. Each pair takes turn to say the objects on the card and cross them out, until one of them got BINGO! 3. Pupils get into pairs and Play the game.

To encourage pupils to use the sentence patterns.

Bingo cards ( Appendix 3 ) Words list ( Appendix 4 )

Word list
A grey bag A green book A brown chair A pink book A blue pen A brown ball A yellow pencil A green table A blue chair

CCTS: Making associations Moral Value: Self-confident, cooperation. Production 25 mins Group work: sentence strips ( Manila cards )
Brown ball in the box Theres a brown ball in the box Tra Brown ball in the box Tra Pick it up and put it back

1. Pupils get into groups of 4 2. Teacher distributes the manila cards and explains the task: Rearrange the sentence strips ( Manila cards ) 3. Teacher plays the song.

To train pupils to listen attentively

Song (Appendix 1) Manila cards Sentence strips ( Appendix 5 ) Worksheets ( Appendix 6 )

Pair work: Picture cards

4. Pupils listen to the song, rearrange and paste the sentence strips on the manila cards in the correct order based on the song heard. 5. Pupils present their task. 6. Teacher distributes a set of worksheets to a pair of pupil and explains the task : Pair work: Listen to the statement given and fill in the blanks with the correct colours of objects. Task : Pupil A read the sentences based on the pictures given. Pupil B listen to the statement and complete the sentences. Then they exchange the role with another set of worksheets and picture cards. 7. Pupils take turn to complete the worksheets.

Picture cards (Appendix 7 ) To check on the pupils understanding

There is a green book on the brown chair

CCTS: Arranging and Sequencing Moral Value: Self-confident, cooperation

Closure 5 mins

Song ( repeat ) Moral value : Co - operation Self - confidence

1. Teacher sums up the lesson by revising the learning points and instilling the moral value to the students. 2. Pupils sing the song again with correct

To revise lesson and instill moral value. To impress pupils interest.

Song (Appendix 1)

pronunciation. Prepared by: Mala Azian Bt. Hashim (SK Lepan Jaya) Noor Hasliza Bt. Ahmad Abd Halim (SK Bertam)