Workplace training, development and career management activities in Bangladesh.

As of late, market is going competitive day by day, so that many countries are trying to sustain in the market by using their competitive advantage. Human resource is the most unique resource to make it competitive advantage. After the Second World War 2, the training program, development and career management have become widespread among organizations’ in many countries. And they do believe

that people are unique resource which is also a competitive advantage for their company. An organization can have new technology and equipment for their productivity but they can achieve long term objective only if they were able to make proper use of the creativity factor of their people. So, the employees need training to develop the skill of the employees to achieve long term profit. To motivate the employee trough their career. And to meet employee and organizational goal. For developing countries they need to provide the workplace training, quality training and development, career opportunities. These are very important for any company to compete with the competitive market.

Training and Development Training: It is the process of providing employees with knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to successfully perform their current job. Development: Process that provides employees knowledge skills and attitudes they will need to perform jobs at present and jobs they aspire to in future. Career planning & development: giving employees assistance to develop goals and the opportunities to realise them. (DeNisi & Griffin, R., (2005), Dessler et al. 2004) As a develop country, Bangladesh has many growing industry and organization where thousands of thousands people are working or we can say that here is creating many job works. So that Bangladesh needs more trained workers or high skills employee to sustain in the global competitive market that it can take competitive market. After the liberation war 1971 the population growth is high in Bangladesh. If we compare to other countries that we have strong human resource but we don’t have much quality employee or high skills employee. So here no question is “How important workplace training, development and career management is?” We are just going to discuss about some few booming sectors where is high level of practicing of workplace training,development and career management activities. 1.RMG 2.Labor centre

Throw the development of current employees the department reduces the company’s dependents on haring new workers . HR department is also an effective way to meets several challenges including employee obsolescence. international and domestic diversity. By meeting these challenges the department can. there knowledge. For example: The long term development of human resources as distinct from training for a specific job is of growing concern to HR departments of SQUARE .4. Apprenticeship training .English proficiency. So that they are creating the HR Department to evaluate and maintain employees. maintain an effective workforce. Affirmative action and employee turn over. The employee benefits from increased continuity in operations and from employees who fail a greater commitment. 2010) There are many types of method practices in SQUARE . In those sectors need high skills labours and workplace training and development.Animation 5.we discuss that method at bellow: On the job training On the job training is a training that shows the employee how to perform the job and allows him or her to do it under the trainer’s supervision Job rotation Job rotation is a training that requires an individual to learn several different some in a work unit or department and performer each job for a specified time period. (reportbd.if employees are developed properly the job openings found throw HR planning are more likely to be filled internally promotions and transfers also show employees that they have a career not just a job. technical challenges.Others If we analyse these sectors then we could be able to find how workplace training development and career management activities leads in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh HR practice is now strong and after the 10 to 15 years it will increase than today. Now many company realised to train their employee. In RMG sector many company is already practicing the HR and obvious they are developing the workplace training and development. By developing the employees technical skils.

 Consultation  Communities of practice  Lesson study  Mentoring  Reflective Supervision  E-learning  Video conference  Communities of practice  Lesson study (Wikipedia.2010) Most of the sectors in Bangladesh workplace training for woman is high now a days. like SQUARE. development and career management activities may change in . sewing technician. In next 10 to 15 years Bangladesh will increase other development such as management games. Apprenticeship program combined of the job and classroom training to prepare worker for more than eight hundred occupation such as computer operator.Organization will provide more opportunities to develop the career. organization is also moving with them to meet the organization goals and its called career management.In many university has HRM programs to develop those thing and to practicing.Call centre. university programs. outside seminars.( Dessler et al.Professional development. 2010) There are many other methods that are already practicing and will be practicing in next 10 to 15 years in Bangladesh.2010). (reportbd. Labor. Animation and the many other sectors need more trained people. In any sectors we can see the woman who works equally. For RMG. Day by day in Bangladesh HRM is now popular subject to study. role playing etc (Dessler et al. The people are now more focused on career planning. This practice will be more in next 10 to 15 years in Bangladesh. 2004). BAT. 2004). There are many courses taken by many companies where train the people for job (BRIDDHI.And many organization is already did. so that I think the workplace training.Apprenticeship training provides beginning worker with comprehensive training in the practical and theoretical expect of work required in a highly skilled occupation. So the organization is not moving backward.

.com/articles/67/8/HRM-practice-of-SQUARE/Page8. available at way which are discussed above.d [online] visited/retrieved on 05/04/10.d [online] visited/retrieved on 05/04/10. BRIDDHI. Dessler. 2.html 3.. References: 1. Human Resource management. n. http://en. . B. Australia. Pearson Education.2010.wikipedia. (2004).(online)visited/retrived on 04. Not even only Square is practicing those activities of HR.Professional development.Rahimafroze. n.J. 2nd ed.Griffiths..Wikipedia..available at.Lloyd-Walker. available at http://www.reportbd.doc 4.there are also many multinational company who are practicing those such as BAT. G.04.

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