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Kristin Markham Ms. Caruso ENGL 1101 25 October 2011 Genre Recreation Picture this, you are driving in your car and you turn on the radio. You can’t seem to find a song that you like so you keep switching through the stations. All of the sudden you hear a beat that you like with some catchy lyrics. You soon learn that the song playing is called “Stereo Hearts” by the Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine. It soon becomes one of your favorite songs that you love to jam out to. Currently “Stereo Hearts” is in position six on the HOT 100 Billboard charts. This statistic shows that this is a pretty popular and well liked song. There have been other popular songs written by the Gym Class Heroes like “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Taxi Driver”. The difference between these two songs and “Stereo Heart’s” is that they have not been as popular or as well liked by the bands audience. These other songs by the “Gym Class Heroes are also not love songs and even other love songs cannot compare to this one. Another popular love song is “It Girl” by Jason Derulo, but this song is only number 18 on the HOT 100 Billboard charts. Now “Stereo Hearts” is a seemingly well liked and popular song but does everyone know the true meaning behind it?
Beth Caruso 11/14/11

10:35 PM In order to convey your ideas more succinctly, work on taking out the other songs and just introducing this one.

“Stereo Hearts” is a song written for a girl and some would describe it as a love song. In the song the artist compares his heart to a stereo that “beats” for the girl he is singing about. Most people who listen to this song would find it so catchy and like it because of what the artist

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is singing about. But what is the artist really singing about? Does anyone ever know the absolute meaning to a song?
Beth Caruso 11/14/11

10:36 PM You end on the same note here as you do in the previous paragraph. Work to combine them.

This is a pretty stereotypical love song. The singer sings about his feelings for a girl and everyone thinks it is so adorable and then girls across the world want a boy to write a song like that for them. In reality nothing is as great as it’s made out to be. Love songs are written for many different reasons, most of them will never be understood by the listener. Someone could have a broken heart that needs fixed and the only way to tell that person how they feel is to write a song or there could be no reason for the song, it could purely be to write a popular song that makes the artist a lot of money. For whatever reason an artist writes the song it is up to the listener to determine how they want to translate it. After listening to or reading the lyrics to “Stereo Hearts” anyone could assume that the song writer and his “lover” are perfectly happy and content with one another. This is a perfect example of misconception. The first time I heard this song I was completely fooled too. Most songs take awhile to grow on me but I loved this song from the moment I first heard it. I liked how it was a love song but not like every love song you hear, it can make anyone want to get up and dance. The lyrics are so clever how the stereo is a metaphor for the artist’s heart. Just like me and most of the

Beth Caruso 11/14/11


other fans of this song have been fooled by the Gym Class Heroes. The singer’s audience sees this song as being so seemingly perfect and not knowing that that it was written for all the wrong reasons. This song has been recreated into the form of a letter. It is a letter written from the girl who the song has been written about/for. The woman who wrote this letter is named Jody. She wrote it to Adam Levin, one of the writers and singers of “Stereo Hearts”. What the song does

PM So far, you only talk about the song itself, rather than the letter. The next paragraph is when you begin talking about the letter, which should be the main focus of your paragraph.
Beth Caruso 11/14/11


PM Combine these two sentences.

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not share that this letter does is that Adam cheated on his girlfriend and now he is writing this song for her trying to win her back. Jody is writing this letter stating how much she hates the song and never wants him to write a song about her again. In the letter it states how Adam and her were engaged to be married while he cheated on her. She mentions how he keeps trying to talk to her but she doesn’t want to talk to him. Jody shares how she has moved on from their relationship and that things will never be the same with them. This letter really shows how hurt Jody was and still is from what he did to her. This could definitely be described as a hate letter
Beth Caruso 11/14/11

10:40 PM Rather than just saying what is in the letter, convey why as well.
Beth Caruso 11/14/11

after looking at the context. This letter could have gone one of two ways, it could have been written as a hate letter like it is now or changed into a letter written about how much the girl loves the song. If the letter was about how much the girl loved the song then it would have a completely different context. Making the girl love the song is so expected and it would not prove the point that the hate letter gets across. Whenever a person thinks of a love song they get all sappy and romantic. No one

10:40 PM Use more specific language.

Beth Caruso 11/14/11


PM Informal.

ever thinks that the artist singing a love song has ever done anything wrong. Girls and women around the world would kill to be the girl that that artist is singing about. If people knew the truth behind the song then there would be no women in the world wanting that situation for them self. I had to recreate “Stereo Hearts” into a hate letter because it shows how things can be so easily misinterpreted. A simple love song that people around the world listen to has a completely different meaning than what they think it does. This song recreation is in the form of a letter to make it personal yet distant. This could be written in the form of a letter, email or even a text. If this was in the form of an email it would be a little too casual and it wouldn’t be able to be hand written. Also, if she wrote an

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email he could get in touch with her too easily and it wouldn’t be hard for him to respond to her and to even continue to bother her about how he still wants to be with her. If it was in the form of a text he would be able to text her back right away and she wants to be distant from him. A letter is more distant and harder to respond to. It is also said that writing letters can be therapeutic for some people. The song “Stereo Hearts” is a popular love song by the Guy Class Heroes. It is a typical love song that is constantly played on the radio. Millions of people around the world love this song for what they think it is. This song had to be recreated into a letter to show what it really is. This letter exposes the artist’s true meaning behind the lyrics, which most people do not know.
Beth Caruso 11/14/11


This seemingly perfect love song is now being seen as a tragic story of a guy cheating on his girlfriend and writing her a song trying to make up for what he did. This song had been misunderstood for so long but now the truth is finally coming out in the letter. It truly shows how any song can be so easily misunderstood.

PM Kristin, You have some great ideas, and you certainly have a well-thought-out re-creation, but you only talk about the content of it in one paragraph. For your revision, I would suggest you expand the ideas in that paragraph and talk more about why you included certain ideas. There is quite a bit more to say. Also, work on the language you use. Much of your paper is still quite informal because of your language and your tone. Work to revise wording, phrasing, and even sentence structure. Let me know if you’d like any help with any of this. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do in your portfolio! -Ms. C

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Kristin Markham Genre Recreation

Dear Adam, I can’t believe you would ever write a song for me, especially one that is completely untrue! You cheated on me with your hairdresser for a year without telling me. Don’t you even think this song changes things, I will never forgive you. You told me you loved me and said you wanted to marry me but that entire time you had been seeing someone else. This entire song is a complete lie, “my heart’s a stereo, it beats for you” you forgot to mention it beats for your hairdresser as well. “I only pray you’ll never leave me behind” well that’s too bad because I’m already gone. I have never felt so betrayed in my life and I never want to hear from you again! You meant absolutely everything to me and now you mean nothing. This is the last time you will ever hear from me again. Stop calling me, texting me, emailing me, or writing letters to me. It is over between us! Have a nice life, Jody

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