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WTF is this mad Hungarian guy talking about?

Have you ever wondered why certain concepts, rituals, and beliefs in our society are repeatedly reinforced at multiple levels? After some extensive research into science, history, archaeology, societal structures, and universal spiritual beliefs, one soon realizes that this reinforced drek is not the truth behind our existence. This website is my effort to educate and expose the truth in this regard. Science has proven the existence of a shared field behind our reality, our history is obviously lacking, all religious concepts are derived from a common ancient belief, and society and the control structures distort the truth to serve a minority of rich elite at the top. I know; thats a mouthful, but there is enough evidence to choke a dinosaur. Many of us are waking up to the truth about what we are and why we are here. The reason this is important at this time in history is obvious. At the present rate of technological advancement, we will have to develop these more subtle aspects, or we may likely destroy ourselves and the planet. The next few decades had better make us aware that at some level, we are each other and a part of our environment, because no matter what we believe personally, everything affects and interacts with everything else. The sense of separation we all feel is a false perception which is required to facilitate experience. There is endless evidence for this, once we clue in and learn how to look. We view things from the wrong perspective, quite simply because we have the fundamental principles upon which our reality is based on ass backwards. Consider that in a metaphysical sense; I am a star in my conscious center, so are you, and so is everything which is aware of itself in physical manifest reality. It is a manifest reality generated by conscious energy patterns, which cascade from individual experiences, into a consensus or shared reality. There are other cycles or levels of conscious reality, vibrating at higher frequencies which are above the physical planes of existence. At these higher levels, these same energy patterns are all that is required to provide multiple levels of conscious reality which we know as spirit realms, or the metaphysical planes. On our level matter clings to these patterns to manifest our physical reality. This is an energy imprint if you will, which we think of esoterically as a reflection, scientifically as a vibration, and spiritually as word or as an image. The entire nature of existence is an infinite pattern; a type of living holographic likeness, created by and from consciousness and this malleable energy from which all is formed. Some call this dark matter and dark energy, the ancient alchemists called this energy the ether, and the scriptures call this the waters of life or simply the light of God, let me explain. While the devil is indeed in the details, here is a brief overview of some of my subject matter. For those who are easily offended, easily amused, or firmly entrenched in dogmatic beliefs; Im going to rattle the cage a little, and ruffle some feathers to make my points, it cant be helped. Try to consider it a necessary burden to expand the parameters of free thought, and not an assault on what we currently believe; although it most certainly is, like I said it cant be helped. What I suggest is that no matter what we currently believe, for the most part we bought a bridge to nowhere! What I propose is that we are not so shit hot and that we have misunderstood the construct of our reality, due to this perspective which is in error. This failure stems

from a view which only supports the physical and material aspects of our experience, and gives little or no value to the invisible minutia playing out all around us. If our scientists cant hammer on it, put it in a beaker, or market it, the assumption is that it doesnt exist! The crux of this problem starts at the beginning, with what we have termed the big bang. We must ask ourselves; Could a universe which sprang from an unexplained singularity, which big banged for unexplained reasons, create an infinite cosmos? Does this take an initial proto-consciousness into account? And of course why would it randomly do so by fluke? Or was this the work of God as the Bibles tell us? These are really big fundamental questions. Somewhere as per usual, the truth lies in the middle! To myself and many others the concept which embraces the random/fluke approach through a strictly left brained attitude, fails to explain this any better than the religious beliefs. Religion tells us it was an old man on a throne in a cloud, with a big finger poking through the clouds and a voice like a keg sized loudspeaker booming commands. It doesnt take a whizz kid to see that they both have the initial premise wrong. One has it wrong because it only considers the material aspects of our existence, the other because they deny the physical evidence, and only consider the spooky forces. A bit of both I would propose will again help us, although this is not the standard method. We tend to think of things as one way or the other rather than as a duality. This same dilemma can be applied to the old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, or its cousin the seed or plant first question. These elemental first questions are still a mystery to our society, no matter where we look for a reasonable answer! The similar question to our own experience would be whether the light body or aura or vibe a person really is; results as a by-product of the biology? Or is it as we are discovering 180 degrees the opposite, and the consciousness and spooky forces can better explain the biology? This view suggests that the chicken is the eggs way to experience itself or have a journey, as is the plant the seeds way to have and maintain a journey! We know so little about consciousness, yet it is the crux of our existence. What color is consciousness? Can consciousness reflect, vibrate or emote? What is the source of consciousness, can it be measured? Why do we equate our conscious state to conditions of gravity? When we walk into a room and receive a positive or negative vibe, or give one, is it a fictional concept? Is consciousness a mortal and finite component of our biological experiences, or does our energy imprint vibe on after we shed our mortal shell? Everything alive has an aura, or field of influence, a bubble of energy, a light shadow, and emits a vibe. Yet none of these forces are considered in our explanation for life! I strongly suggest, and can repeatedly prove, that this applies at multiple levels of our visible and non-visible spectrum of reality. This unseen yet ever present energy which exists in an outside space/time state is a major player! Simply put; when we include this duality between the physical and metaphysical planes, as the visible and invisible aspects of local and non-local consciousness, we see how everything is one thing in multiple dimensions. In this overview or larger perspective which encompasses the whole, we understand better how everything is indeed one model or holographic reflection, infinitely expressed, and more importantly connected. Maybe the ancients had it right; As Above So Below anyone? Somebody

knew how this all works, long before we did! I believe the local version sounds more like in Heaven as on Earth, I repeat this is all the same premise. Everything in our universe came from a point or singularity, and at the quantum level remains entangled although separated by the fabric of space and time and dimension, or individual perspective to see it another way. I believe we have proven this, we just havent fully reckoned with the information and the implications yet. This same fractal nature of our existence goes right up to the question of why we have a universe. Did the singularity which existed without reason, or expanded without reason, cause the big bang? Or was the singularity merely the result of the field of our universe, as the same thing in two states? There is a fundamental difference which revolves around whether the singularity was conscious? Your inner scales should be tipping, and your invisible antennae should be starting to wiggle if you possess two functioning lobes! I believe we have been looking at this all wrong The most ancient information about the nature and act of creation and our reality, claims that something preceded both the seed and plant, and the egg and chicken, which was a conscious energy pattern of ethereal vortices. Not only are the seed and plant, or chicken and egg, one thing in two states, but I would suggest so is our universe a single thing in two states. I like to call this dot and wave. We are also this one thing in two states of existence; it just depends on your point of observation, as does everything becomes a point of where you observe from. Whether you are looking out from within, or in from the outside for example, this explains a lot! This whole monkey show is a fractal holographic matrix for conscious experience, where the perspective it is observed from becomes the zero-point of the program, one of the shared field, and one of the individual perspective. This makes us both the observer and the observed which is an odd state caused by this local and non-local perspective. This singularity or original spirit was a consciousness is what this implies foremost, and it makes short work of deriving some sense out of the entire program. Simply put, as one thing in two states, the universe was and is conscious; and I suggest we are the proof! It seems as though our physical reality breaks down over time, on both the large and small levels, the consciousness assembles as the yin and yang unfolds. As our lives develop and break down physically, we also assemble consciously. As the universe and its components atrophy, the universe consciously organizes itself into ever more complex patterns. It turns out that the gateway to life really is death, and that the death is rebirth, at all levels. But dont be afraid, it is a perpetually developing whole, and the part we are talking about, never goes away! The conscious observer we are; was always here in various states, above and below this experience. The closest description I could find was that as a spirit we experience ALL the moments at once and simultaneously, beyond the conception of man. I dont have room here, but that there is a record of our experience written in the fabric of space/time as we disturb this energy through our conscious journey is a fact borne out by our life flashing before our eyes when drowning, or near death experiences, or clairvoyance and spiritual information or experiences. And to our western spiritual belief this is known as the book of life and our Bible tells us; all things are contained in the book of life. To eastern spiritual beliefs this is known as the Akashic Record, the presand Egyptians called it the Hall of Records, once again all faiths encompass this concept

in a very similar fashion. The threat is always the same too; removal from the book of life! We are in way, universal sensory organs, for the universe to experience and observe the activity from and the entirety of the program or activity is what we call God. But once again Im talking about not just the individual experiences and physical interactions, but this invisible subtle minutia which propels the process. Just as the dark matter supports the stars, planets, and galaxies in space like invisible scaffolding, and the dark energy drives the expansion, so this energy supports the physical and material at our level. This energy is conscious is the bottom line. We swim in this conscious light energy like fish in a pond, unaware of the waters of life all around us. Is any of this hitting home for you? So how again are we a star as the ancients suggested? Thats easy! We are a singularity ourselves in our own conscious way, a soul, spirit, or heart-spark, or image, of the cosmos. A singularity is the inverted version of the whole. Each conscious being is an inverted reflection of the entire cosmos. A star indeed! This is why and how we access seemingly impossible knowledge and forces by going within when meditating or practicing deep reflection and prayer. Acts of clairvoyance, unexplained instincts and gut feelings, astral traveling, trance states, healing and all manner of religious experience can all be attributed to this inner reflection of the whole. Now let us re-visit why this is so. Why would seeds, eggs, people, and our universe, need to experience themselves? The reason is simple; we are the activity of the thing! And the thing is always in a perpetual state as a center in the now. I can shed some additional light on this for some. Scientists now know that observational science has a major flaw thanks to the study of quantum physics. While conducting experiments they learned that particles remain as particles when observed, but are waves or energy when not observed. What they realized was that there is no impartial observation in this regard. The observer inadvertently becomes a factor or part of the experiment, so impartial observation does not exist as such. The conclusion is that particles (matter), and energy (waves), are one and the same thing and only show or hide themselves according to conscious observation being applied! The true nature of matter becomes exposed as nothing more than a construct for observation and experience. Yes folks; we live in a matrix on a holo deck only on a grand scale! So to answer an age old question; not only would a falling tree in a forest not make a sound if no one were there to observe it, but our universe would be nothing more than waves of energy, with no consciousness to collapse the wave functions into particles and possibilities to create physical reality. Yes physical reality exists, but only because consciousness interacts with it. This is creation defined, and everything conscious does this to varying degrees. Our environment is this energy which contains all the potentials, and is malleable to conscious interplay. If you look up the word Tetragrammaton as the unutterable name of God in the beginning of the Hebrew Bible, and are a fan of science fiction, a light bulb comes on! Tetra represents geometry (perhaps sacred geometry), and a grammaton could easily represent gravity wells and waves. Like I keep saying, somebody long ago knew this, and tried to tell us as best they could. If you do some in depth study of the science of emotion and interplay between each other, these concepts fit well to explain the sensations we feel, and the effects they cause.

I cover this in detail in my books. We really are a star of the great star. Now let us be a center and a dot and wave and put this together and boggle the mind a little! When we place our point of observation in the cosmos, remotely or otherwise; everything expands away from that center, no matter where you place it. Now remember that at the quantum level, particles are only particles if we observe them, if we dont they turn inside out and exhibit themselves as waves. Put on a philosophers hat, or think like a guru for a minute! Anywhere I place myself on the planet, also instantly becomes the center of the experience, as it does for any conscious being. Whether a fruit fly, or a rabbit, or a human being, every being perceives its location in the shared matrix as the center of the experience, according to its timescale or vibrational plane. This perspective of each conscious being firmly having the sense that the experience is revolving around its point of perception, although there are countless trillions of other centers we perceive as the environment, can only be explained in one way. The proof is in the pudding; or the primordial goo to see it another way, we are all one thing at some level, experiencing itself from endless dimensions and points in time. Try to look at each being as a dimensional aspect at some fundamental level of a single thing or singularity to be more precise. You and I are the view from way inside the microscope, or from inside, the other view being so immense we would have to back up from the entire universe until it was the dot that started it all! It is all an exercise of where you look from, and your perspective of the conscious observation of yourself oddly enough! This view goes a long way to explain the religious concepts in my estimation. Time better understood explains and fits hand in hand with this more developed view. Developing an expanded construct for time, takes more time than I have here.(full pun intended!) In short, time doesnt exist. It is a fabricated concept, which is based on conscious experience and our ability to remember the past moments, and plan for the future moments, when as I have stated there is only a perpetual state of the now. This is more than a little significant, and here is why. You spiritual thrill seekers who want facts and evidence to achieve this in a left brained fashion are going to enjoy this! Think about this for a bit; what things that we know of in our reality, live in an outside space/time condition, and are seemingly not like us in this way? Ask yourself what things live in a state where all the moments are all in the same location? While the list is big, let us consider just a few of the more obvious ones. At the tiniest most basic levels of our existence, the matter in our physical reality, at the scale of the tiny bits which comprise atoms; are formed from this unbound energy that lives in an outside space/time condition. At the boundary zone of our reality, the waves and vibrations of energy which exist on a metaphysical plane, permeates ours, and are responsible for our physical reality. A rather curious analogy Deepak Chopra uses for this would be that something we cant see is doing something we dont understand. Concepts which employ non-locality, entanglement, string theory, quantum foam, worm-holes, time travel, folding space and hyper dimensional travel all require that time be a force that can be negated in some fashion. Many have entertained an alternate view similar to this about how reality works, and most of them like Tesla and Einstein and many others we herald as genius looked at life this way. Simply put Tesla was 100% correct; and we owe our society a full review of his theories and works in a modern context. I believe the man was light years ahead of the

pack, and so do many academics far above my capability to comprehend his work, but my point is this. Teslas theories dictated that matter was not in a steady state as was widely accepted at the time, but rather a cascade of energy or photons, which constantly replaces itself like the water in a waterfall, creating the illusion of a steady state reality. The truth in fact is just that, there is no such thing as the steady state reality we experience, were it not for our conscious perception at our timescale that this is so. The hollow empty reality of atoms themselves proves this same point in that an atom is 99.99999% energy, and bugger all bits or particles, and here is a big hint. Just like in space, there are vast empty spaces between the nucleus of an atom, and the wee electrons whizzing around it, and basically this same sort of energy field creates the illusion of solid matter! But the fact remains it is mostly this energy or light we cant see at our scale that drives our reality and it relies on our perception. Lets get back to how the fantastic could possibly affect our reality in a more tangible way. The idea that we could tap into these harmonics and vibrations to extract endless energy as the free energy proponents suggest, is much more logical than we are led to believe by the mainstream. On another level we can better relate to, this is how solar energy is collected, or how a hydro electric dam works, or in essence how many of our technologies function. An M.R.I. for example uses quantum particle theory to image or map the body by this means. So if the fact that atomic structure is a hologram of a timeless energy pattern doesnt cut it for some skeptics, we can go to the universal or cosmic scale for some further evidence for things which exist in an outside space/time condition. To name but a few more obvious cosmic examples; black holes and singularity, and dark matter and dark energy, are also not visible to us because they are in a similar condition in regards to space/time. Speed also distorts time, and great distances traveled through the cosmos at high rates of speed alter time for the traveler. As well a further conundrum in this regard is the view to an observer. Because time is different for the observer, than for the traveler, the faster the traveler goes, the more he seems frozen in time to the observer! Try and wrap your head around that! For example one estimate claimed that a trip in a spaceship to a nearby sun and back could be achieved in approximately 12 years at of the speed of light. But here is the rub. For the occupant of the craft, the 12 years remains 12 years. For the associates who sent the spaceship, some thousands of years would have elapsed! The reality is that time also is not as fixed or linear as we perceive it to be. In fact it is we who are fixed and travel at a fixed rate through time. To many things other than us; time doesnt mean the same thing, and to realize this fully is a big step and takes time!! (I know, very punny!) To review; a singularity initiated the universe, so the singularity becomes the fundamental building block of creation by default, and it lives in an outside space/time state. Then recently in the last few decades at most, we learned that this same phenomenon of singularity and a black hole (or black sun, get it?), is responsible for galaxy formation, most of them if not all, and is now more correctly viewed as the engine for our galaxy by some brave pioneers! At last a correct perspective in regard to cause versus effect! Now some speculate that a singularity lives at the center of our sun and other stars! It is not as far out as you might think, and the logical progression and conclusion of the

fractal holographic theories. This also suggests that at the core of the earth we have a singularity or small star as the engine, and perhaps metaphorically a heart spark. This follows more closely what the ancients believed, and explains sacred geometry, and earth chakras and energy points. We have them, why wouldnt the earth? This also bumps into other cutting edge future science who now considers that atomic structure may be based on tiny black holes or gravity wells, and that black holes may indeed be everywhere! If you think about it, this also explains the energy better; since atoms leak and spin at insane speed, the new science understands that that is why we see them. Energy in a perfect state of flux is not visible because it is in perfect balance and not detectable to our perception, so it doesnt leak. Although at some level, all of this is perceptible! The ancients told us (Sumer 7,000 8,000 BC) that the even older information they had preserved from a super society which was destroyed in a cataclysmic flood, described man as a star whose body and physical manifestation and experience, was the planet which revolved around it. Holy crap; I sort of am a star! In fact the more we learn about the nature of our reality through science, the more we can accept that everything sort of is this holographic reflection or resonance (either way a vibration), of the initial activity! This pulse being reflected at multiple levels is creation, or dot and wave, yin and yang, the in and out breathing of the universe, or the unutterable word Tetragrammaton. Try this on for a mouthful to contemplate your navel on; We are a single consciousness, spirit, or vibe, fractured into a self feeding and self developing (or evolving), hologram, with gad-zillions of perspectives to view its self from. Each individual dimension of space and time, contributes by individual evolution which develops the whole through this process. This is akin to cells in a body having individual experiences, which contribute to a larger living being of which they are not aware of. Another example would be insects in a hive or colony working as individuals, but connected and part of the whole colony. So while the concept is simple at root, the variety of manifestation is endless and complex, which again is what we see. We just dont tend to look at the earth as an insect colony for humans, although it sort of is, or we could say we are individual cells on the body of the earth. So am I babbling, or do I have a point we can use to put all this fantastic theory about the nature of reality to some purpose? The conscious living hologram improves and evolves is the gist of what I am saying! Only my argument entails evolution as the ultimate proof of creation and this light energy or field we all share. If what I am saying has any factual basis, what benefit does this esoteric understanding have to benefit you and me? This only gets better! Consider these points: 1) The concept of Creation and Creator becomes better understood, explained, and verified, as the act and process itself. Just as the point of any individual is our experience or journey in a material vehicle, as a fractal, it is the same. The circumstantial evidence for this is found everywhere. 2) Our individual spirit component is also verified and better quantified through scientific principles borne out as facts. The basis for an outside space/time component at the level of our conscious experience, verifies our soul and that which connects it.

3) No more man on a throne who needs my hard earned money, but rather an original spirit or consciousness as singularity. No big brother mentality, automatic morality (if I hurt you, I hurt me in effect), and no my God is better than your God, or selective paths to heaven for exclusive members. A concept which includes everyone and is based on the correct reality of our condition, and a see it as you will and live and let live philosophy. 4) The evolution of our consciousness (which is the real point), allows for higher levels of conscious expression, awareness, through this better developed concept. To better connect to the whole allows for perks like meditation, prayer, and blessings, gratitude and love, which we are now learning is actually beneficial to physical matter. At a starter level that is creating and manifesting our physical properties. This concept is what we have known as all manner of religious, occult, and esoteric experiences, through out the ages! All the true acts of healing, clairvoyance, prophecy, miracles, blessings, and ALL manner of heart felt spiritual experiences, all seem to have a common denominator, which doesnt care what brand of church you belong to. In fact it (you), adjusts the experience to suits your beliefs, which is also proven and should speak volumes regarding selective paths. The 100 names for God, and the 100 explanations for the creation and our humble beginnings, are but one creator and creation, described or interpreted in 100 ways! Still more mind boggling is that the creator and creation are but one thing in two states, which creates this pulse at the highest levels of the fractal. We already know that we can reach infinity in a finite space by constant division, just as we can collapse a reality by conscious observation of it; as shown in particle/wave experiments. We collapse the wave functions into particles to singularity and this is a freaky proven fact of spooky forces! The long and the short of this as far as the religious beliefs goes is this; one can conclude that this simple principle which we all interpret differently, has developed our concepts of religion from this universal force. This is all one concept and you can call it what you will, this is again not the point. If you want proof I am correct; it can be found in how all religions treat each other, even though we are brothers and sisters in all beliefs. We so dont get this! What becomes exposed is the how and why life works this way, which allows for a connection and a channel to explore. With true knowledge comes the ability to utilize this information in more substantial ways. The bomb here is our pineal gland and the ages old practices of deep meditation. Many may retort; so what, many people meditate and pray. My question is; how many take this to the multiple levels we are capable of? Or again better yet, the levels we might yet evolve to achieve? There are multiple levels of consciousness, some are no longer physically manifest and are a reflection or record of the activities, or the pattern being created from the activities. This gets deep, so forgive the short version. The thing is that this energy field or waters of life is conscious, which select individuals who experience strong spiritual experiences can verify. Some see God, some see Buddha, some Jesus, Mohammed, or a light being, some experienced Zen, and some see relatives, Elvis, or an alien! My point is this is all the same phenomenon,

and this might make us consider each others views more. Instead of endless debate and war about our version of God, we could take comfort that we embrace a similar concept from a differing view, thats all. Maybe we could learn to share, since all these versions are nothing more than aspects of the same thing. Thousands of years before the advent of any version of organized religion and snake oil salesmen, our tribal ancestors had visions and spoke to the spirits, and drew information and knowledge from this shared field. We see this in many ways, but really it is all this same conscious wave energy which seems to be a collective conscious total of all the individual contributions. A two-way reflection or resonance feedback loop. Somebody knew how this works; there is no other plausible explanation. Call it an Is-ness not to sound too Dr. Suess-ish about it! This something is everywhere in and of itself by definition, a singularity, and both a beginning and an end, the first and last, the Alpha and Omega. The thing we all know exists in our soul, because it sort of is US! The thing that connects us all at a fundamental level, much the same as insects in a colony. While most of us believe in something, it is the standard explanations which no longer make sense in a more modern context that we cant relate to! Take a closer look at the new science, much of which is nothing more than future science ahead of the filtered information that is meant for public consumption for the worker bee population. Almost daily we learn that we have much of it wrong. The same can be said of the bulk of the religious beliefs. The overwhelming majority are nothing more than government for the soul and a dis-empowering control structure, to keep us from realizing what we are, and why we are here, and mostly; how it all works. And sorry, but Gods un-appointed business agent, always seems to need my money. We are encouraged not to look because we may discover that the guardians of the great truth, may really be the keepers of the great lie! Thank you for being a pioneer, and seeker of truth, because once we get this fully and the bulk of us agree on it some similar fashion, a 100th monkey effect will be achieved, and the consensus reality we experience will evolve and change. Most people live in fear of change and just wont go there! To conclude, Im sorry if I rattled your cage too much, it is a process that starts with the breaking of poorly laid foundations for what we believe, and we tend to dislike having to reconsider and challenge long held beliefs. If I failed to contradict myself a little, stirred up some shit perhaps, and shook some foundations of belief a bit, I sincerely apologize, because that would mean I was pointless and ineffective. Only when we shake the proverbial tree, do we get the fruit! This time I suggest we eat the entirety of the apple, and wink back at the serpent, by the way; the tree of life is only another step of awareness away. Sincerely; Attila the mad Hungarian Wellness, truth, and love for all.