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/****************************************************************************/ /****************************************************************************/ /* */ /* This file contains list of possible errors that can occur in */ /* MapInfo Professional Version 9.

5 */ /* */ /****************************************************************************/ /****************************************************************************/ 301 "Syntax Error: ^0." 302 "Cannot access graphic object." 303 "Incorrect number of arguments to function." 304 "Not enough memory to complete this operation." 305 "^0: argument ^1 has invalid type." 306 "Numeric values required." 307 "Help file not found or could not be opened." 308 "Help file is damaged and cannot be used." 309 "Error: attempt to divide by zero." 310 "Error writing preferences file." 311 "Table ^0 is not open." 312 "Error: expecting Browser Window." 313 "Error: expecting Mapper Window." 314 "Error: expecting Grapher Window." 315 "Error: expecting Layout Window." 316 "Too many Group By clauses." 317 "Invalid column reference in Group By: ^0." 318 "Table ^0 does not have graphic information." 319 "Field ^0 does not exist in table ^1." 320 "Cannot create index from table ^0 because it is not a base table." 321 "No columns in table ^0." 322 "Cannot update a view." 323 "Cannot insert into a view." 324 "Cannot delete from a view." 325 "Cannot update column ^0 because it is a derived column." 326 "Number of columns in selection must be equal to number of columns being in serted." 327 "No edits pending for table ^0." 328 "Workspace ^0 was not completely opened." 329 "File is not a valid table, workspace, or application." 330 "Cannot load ^0. Version ^1 of MapInfo can load it." 331 "Unable to create a new window." 332 "Cannot update columns of a joined table from different base tables." 333 "Could not evaluate label expression." 334 "Selection cannot be accessed as a table." 335 "More than one paragraph selected." 336 "Cannot import this MIF file. Version ^0 of MapInfo can import it." 337 "You can only reshape regions, polylines, and arcs." 338 "You can only break regions that contain a single polygon." 339 "Only regions containing a single polygon were broken." 340 "Warning : %s layer -- Different value for spherical." 341 "Warning : %s layer -- Different value for coord shifts: %d." 342 "External library does not contain ^0." 343 "Window is not a Map window." 344 "KillWindowData: Window data already removed." 345 "Insufficient memory for %ld unique values." 346 "There are too many individual values in this theme: ^0.\nThe maximum MapIn fo can handle is ^1." 347 "No data records with values." 348 "A field name can contain only letters, numbers, and '_'. It cannot contai n spaces or punctuation marks, and it cannot begin with a number."

349 "Error getting file." 350 "Unable to save workspace." 351 "Cannot automatically compute the join." 352 "Cannot create index for join." 353 "Unable to open temporary index file." 354 "No graphic data to join with." 355 "Cannot eval expression for column ^0." 356 "adding key failed." 357 "PICT import not implemented on this system." 358 "Could not open Cosmetic layer." 359 "Unable to copy graph to clipboard." 360 "The table will be named %s instead of %s." 361 "The name Selection is reserved. Choose a different name." 362 "A table named ^0 is already open. Choose a different name." 363 "Field ^0 already exists." 364 "Selection interrupted." 365 "PrintPageSetup: unsupported window system." 366 "File ^0 not open for access." 367 "File #^0 not registered for access." 368 "Unable to open ^0. Too many files open. " 369 "Error EEXIST." 370 "File ^0 not found." 371 "Error ^0 opening file ^1." 372 "Error in MIF file; line ^0." 373 "Unable to access %s file." 374 "Invalid record length %d in %s file." 375 "Record length in %s file is not fixed." 376 "MapInfo can print to the selected printer only at its maximum graphics res olution." 377 " Please use Printer Setup to change the resolution." 378 "Too much data to copy to clipboard." 379 "Not enough memory to copy to clipboard." 380 "Cannot export table ^0 into DXF format; table does not have any graphic ob jects." 381 "Warning: label ^0 redefined." 382 "INCLUDE file ^0 not found. Skipping." 383 "INCLUDE file syntax wrong. Skipping." 384 "Preference class %u not known." 385 "Warning: No end quote on string constant." 386 "Cannot open table." 387 "Cannot open index." 388 "Cannot access index file." 389 "Unable to create index." 390 "Index for field ^0 already exists." 391 "Symbol font too complex. Need %u byte buffer." 392 "Invalid symbol font request." 393 "Unable to locate symbol font file." 394 "Computed cols for strings can't work yet." 395 "Unresolved identifier \"%s\"." 396 "Error creating Motif Window data structure." 397 "The objects on the clipboard seem to be from a different version of MapInf o. They might be pasted in the wrong location." 398 "Unable to read segments." 399 "Unable to allocate memory for %d segments." 400 "<<bad expr>>" 401 "Invalid join condition in WHERE clause." 402 "Unique fields in MIF file are too long." 403 "Past end of search set" 404 "Error fetching record." 405 "Table ^0 not found."

406 "Unable to create MapInfo table from file. Please check that the file is v alid and available for write access." 407 "Save window as not implemented on this system." 408 "Unable to save window contents. Check for sufficient memory." 409 "Syntax error. Please correct and try again." 410 "Too many column references in Group By or Order By clause (%d maximum)." 411 "Syntax error in Group By or Order By clause." 412 "List of tables to select from is not valid." 413 "Unable to allocate memory." 414 "Variable or Field ^0 not defined." 415 "Unable to save window as PICT file on this system." 416 "Table ^0 does not contain any graphic data." 417 "No active Legend." 418 "Table not found." 419 "Create error: for computed col." 420 "File is already open." 421 "All field names must be unique." 423 "Total record length must be no longer than %u bytes." 424 "No fields from old table used." 425 "Unable to create selection file." 426 "Open file dialog error." 427 "Save file dialog error." 428 "object not inserted." 429 "Too many data values to graph. Try graphing a subset of the rows, or fewe r columns at once." 430 "No rows or columns to graph." 431 "No rows or numeric columns to graph." 432 "Warning: file ^0 already registered." 433 "Someone else is using this table, or table is read-only." 434 "Insufficient memory to edit table." 435 "Someone else is currently editing this table." 436 "Not enough memory to modify menu." 437 "Updating edit ID file failed." 438 "Table is Read Only. Cannot add/delete objects." 439 "Adding key failed." 440 "Selection set '%s' not found." 441 "Cannot create derived index for join." 442 "Cannot perform geographic join." 443 "Unable to open Index file." 444 "Unable to register UserItem window class." 445 "Unable to register PopupMenu window class." 446 "Unable to register Bitmap Control window class." 447 "Create Points works only on tables with two or more numeric fields." 448 "Cannot perform edit." 449 "Exact match not found." 450 "No addresses found." 451 "Address number not found." 452 "Streets do not intersect." 453 "Cannot create key for optimization index." 454 "Cannot open index file from which to optimize." 455 "Selected object is not a boundary or rectangle. You can only merge to a b oundary." 456 "More than one object is selected. You can only merge to one boundary." 457 "Selected object/layer is not editable. You can only merge to an editable boundary." 458 "Active window is not a map window." 459 "No active map window." 460 "No objects on clipboard to merge." 461 "No boundaries found on clipboard to merge." 462 "Not enough memory to merge boundaries."

463 "Merge resulted in a boundary with no polygons -- merge ignored." 464 "Unable to allocate memory for Datastore." 465 "Invalid style value ^0." 466 "Try opening file %s from within the application." 467 "Floating-point exception: %s." 468 "Invalid" 469 "Denormal" 470 "Divide by zero" 471 "Overflow" 472 "Inexact" 473 "Unemulated" 474 "Square root of negative number" 475 "Stack overflow" 476 "Stack underflow" 477 "Raise(SIGFPE) was called" 478 "Unknown exception" 479 "Internal error: %u." 480 "The indexes of map %s are damaged; all data is intact. Please pack the gr aphics of this database to correct this problem." 481 "Cannot complete autolabels. Not enough memory." 482 "Specified multiple tables but no Where clause." 483 "You can only perform dynamic joins on base tables." 484 "Cannot create link index." 485 "Cannot open link index." 486 "Groupby Key not created successfully." 487 "Cannot open search set." 488 "Orderby Key not created successfully." 489 "Unable to GET group by rec ^0." 490 "Unable to UPDATE group by rec ^0." 491 "Group by record not added." 492 "Seek failed - Seeked to ^0." 493 "Read failed. Seeked to ^0." 494 "This expression is not numeric. Please correct it and try again." 495 "This expression is not logical (true/false). Please correct it and try ag ain." 496 "Cannot remove all original fields from the table." 497 "Unable to create new table." 498 "Not enough memory or not a base table." 499 "An error has occurred while reopening the table. Please try to reopen the table manually." 500 "No objects found in layer." 501 "Unable to access index for field ^0." 502 "Unrecognized keyword ^0." 503 "Cannot read table ^0. Version ^1 of MapInfo can read it." 504 "File is not a valid table." 505 "Unable to open table ^0." 506 "Unable to load printer driver %s." 507 "Cannot find a view window." 508 "Invalid key type: ^0." 509 "No objects in Cosmetic layer to save." 510 "dbc error = %d." 511 "Error: math operation on string." 512 "^0 without End ^0." 513 "Unable to activate the digitizer." 514 "When the digitizer control points were entered, the tablet was a different size or resolution. Use Digitizer Setup to enter new control points." 515 "To use the digitizer, you must enter at least three control points in Digi tizer Setup." 516 "To use the digitizer, you must use Digitizer Setup to enter control points that do not lie in a straight line."

517 "^0: Unknown dialog failure; possibly invalid file names for the current pl atform." 518 "Error with hardware protection key. Please contact your MapInfo distribut or." 519 "The hardware protection key is not installed. Please install it and resta rt MapInfo." 520 "Unable to open clipboard." 521 "The file does not appear to be a valid Excel version 2 through 5 worksheet , or the workbook does not contain any data worksheets. Please make sure the fi le is in one of these formats and try again." 522 "The file does not appear to be a valid Lotus 1-2-3 release 1, 2, 3 or 4 wo rksheet. Please make sure the file is in one of these formats and try again." 523 "Cannot access file ^0. Please be sure that this file is not open in anoth er application." 524 "Cannot access file %s for reading. Please be sure that this file is not o pen in another application." 525 "Cannot access file %s for writing. Please be sure that this file is not o pen in another application." 526 "There are no printers installed in your Windows environment. Use the Cont rol Panel to install a printer." 527 "Invalid Coordinate Transformation. Please be sure that each set of points defines a rectangle." 528 "Named range ^0 is not defined, or explicit range is not valid." 529 "Range \"^0\" is too large. Limit is 250 columns." 530 "Database structure does not match table definition; please open database a s its native type." 531 "Coordinates exceed MapInfo limitations. Please reset coordinate transform ation." 532 "Spherical coordinates exceed the size of the Earth. Do you wish to reset the coordinate transformation, or continue?" 533 "Invalid magnitude. Magnitude must be between .01 and 99999999." 534 "Invalid polyline at line %ld." 535 "Block undefined at line %ld." 536 "DXF file contains more than the maximum number of 250 fields." 537 "No attributes found in selected layers." 538 "Polyline contains too many vertices: line %ld." 539 "DXF coordinates violate MapInfo limitations: line %ld." 540 "Unexpected ATTRIB entity found in DXF file: line %ld." 541 "Unknown DXF Import warning." 542 "Unknown error reading DXF file." 543 "Error reading temporary blocks file." 544 "Syntax error in DXF file: Tables section, line %ld." 545 "DXF Import canceled by user." 546 "Unknown error creating temporary files." 547 "Syntax error in DXF file: line %ld." 548 "Unknown DXF item code: line %ld." 549 "Line too long in DXF file: line %ld." 550 "Invalid integer in DXF file: line %ld." 551 "Invalid real number in DXF file: line %ld." 552 "Unknown error reading temporary file." 553 "Error opening DXF file." 554 "Internal error creating DXF table." 555 "Internal error opening map layer." 556 "Internal error opening new table." 557 "Unknown error adding object to database." 558 "Attribute could not be found." 559 "Unknown Internal Error in DXF Import." 560 "DXF file does not contain a header section. You may need to specify a coo rdinate transformation." 561 "DXF file does not contain a tables section. All objects will be considere

d to be on layer \"0\"." 562 "DXF file does not contain a blocks section. Attribute information will no t be read." 563 "DXF file does not contain an entities section. File is invalid. No objec ts will be created." 564 "MapInfo does not support inserts nested more than 8 levels deep. Deeper n estings will be ignored." 565 "MapInfo supports a maximum of 240 DXF layers. Your DXF file exceeds that limit." 566 "Index for field %s in table %s must be updated." 567 "Named range %s in Excel file %s has been deleted." 568 "Named range %s in Lotus file %s has been deleted." 569 "DXF file contains too many attribute tags." 570 "Too many Order By clauses." 571 "Invalid column reference in Order By clause: ^0." 572 "Invalid Group By clause." 573 "Cannot read all of table %s. Version %s of MapInfo can read all of it." 574 "You will not be able to edit table %s. Version %s of MapInfo can edit it. " 575 "Too many constants in subexpressions (Maximum is 255)." 576 "Cannot minimize/maximize this window." 577 "File is not a valid application." 578 "Invalid number of columns generated by subquery." 579 "Variable ^0 already defined." 580 "Variable ^0 not defined." 581 "Unknown command: ^0." 582 "Cannot run a program while debugging another." 583 "Only polylines can be smoothed/unsmoothed." 584 "WKS named range spans more than one worksheet." 585 "Could not store all WKS formatting information." 586 "LMBCS group number not supported." 587 "Unable to allocate memory for error system." 588 " Too many errors. Error information has been lost." 589 "No records were selected." 590 "Invalid window identifier: ^0." 591 "Bad file mode." 592 "Command unavailable: ^0." 593 "Invalid Graph Type: ^0." 594 "Invalid Axis Tick placement: ^0." 595 "Invalid Graph Axis clause." 596 "Invalid Axis Labels placement: ^0." 597 "Invalid Graph Series number: ^0." 598 "Invalid Graph Wedge number: ^0." 599 "Unrecognized command: ^0." 600 "Invalid view layer." 601 "Invalid Layout Frame Contents: ^0." 602 "Width must be positive." 603 "Invalid Add command: Add ^0." 604 "Invalid Remove command: Remove ^0." 605 "Error: Multiple references to layer ^0 in Set Map Order." 606 "Invalid units: ^0." 607 "Invalid pan direction: ^0." 608 "Invalid layer display mode: ^0." 609 "Invalid Show command: Show ^0." 610 "Invalid database type." 611 "An identifier" 612 "A string constant" 613 "A numeric constant" 614 "An unrecognized token." 615 "Found [^0] while searching for [^1]."

616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629 630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638 639 640 641 642 643 644 645 646 647 648 649 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 ." 660 661 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 ct." 679 680 681 682

"On Error: GoTo target not zero or label." "Invalid Alter Control command. There is no active dialog." "If without End If." "Invalid Exit command." "Invalid Exit command. Loop not active." "Loop control variable not numeric." "Loop control variable not defined." "ElseIf not allowed after Else." "Case Else must be the last case." "Resume: must be Next, zero or label." "Invalid Error command." "Invalid assignment target: ^0." "Error running application ^0. Execution canceled." "Invalid redefinition of ^0." "Invalid variable type: ^0." "Invalid Sub procedure name: ^0." "Unable to allocate memory." "Unable to reallocate memory." "^0 error occurred: ^1." "Too many CoordSys parameters specified for projection ^0." "Not enough CoordSys parameters specified for projection ^0." "Subroutine call has too many arguments." "Subroutine argument ^0 not defined." "Subroutine argument ^0 is wrong type or size." "Premature end of source file." "Could not execute -- program could not be run." "This command is not supported on this platform." "^0: invalid format string : ^1." "^0: argument ^1 out of range." "Invalid paper units: ^0." "Invalid distance units: ^0." "Invalid area units: ^0." "^0: invalid window number of ^1." "Open File: Invalid file format." "^0: Could not fetch object from the current row, argument ^1." "The object in argument ^0 cannot be a ^1." "Select filename with write permission." "The buttonpad cannot be wider than ^0 buttons." "Error: expecting ButtonPad Window." "No clip region defined for this mapper." "Could not convert object to clip region." "QELib is no longer supported. Use Server_ODBC functions." "^0: system call failed." "MGRSToPoint Function failed. Make sure the argument is a valid MGRS string "Invalid time units: ^0." "No expression is specified for row percentage calculation." "No valid mode specified." "File #^0 is already open." "^0 clause is not appropriate." "Specified format is invalid." "Field name ^0 cannot be used - it is a reserved word." "Table reference ^0 in subexpression is not allowed." "Subexpression failed." "Aggregate function ^0() may only be used as a result column in an SQL Sele "Cannot reference both a variable and a table for new object." "Invalid position." "Cannot access file ^0 for reading." "Cannot access file ^0 for writing."

683 "Cannot perform this operation on table ^0." 684 "Invalid variable type." 685 "Len clause must be specified for random access file." 686 "Unable to find program variable." 687 "No variables defined in program." 688 "Bad record length." 689 "Expression does not evaluate to a column or table name." 690 "Invalid Preserve command: Preserve ^0." 691 "Invalid Dialog command." 692 "Invalid Event command: Event ^0." 693 "Unknown function: ^0()." 694 "Expression does not evaluate to a character string." 695 "Invalid dialog control type: Control ^0." 696 "Invalid channel number." 697 "Application does not respond." 698 "Cannot initiate link." 699 "Process failed in other application." 700 "Expecting ^0." 701 "Expecting ^0 or ^1." 702 "Subroutine or function already defined: ^0." 703 "Sub procedure or Function ^0 does not match Declare." 704 "Bad return type for function." 705 "Cannot call a function." 706 "Invalid constant declaration." 707 "Subroutine or function not defined: ^0." 708 "Parameter type is not supported for library calls." 709 "^0 is an invalid identifier." 710 "Cannot save empty file ^0." 711 "^0 is an invalid command in a Sub procedure or Function." 712 "^0 is not valid outside a Sub procedure or Function." 713 "No prototype declared for Sub procedure or Function ^0." 714 "Missing database type." 715 "Missing delimiter." 716 "Unresolved label reference: ^0." 717 "MapBasic program containing function has terminated." 718 "Cannot create an index on a currently edited table." 719 "Found [^0] while searching for Elevation, Handles, or VisibleOnly." 720 "Print command failed. Unable to evaluate expression." 721 "This tables contains unsupported field types; see the MapInfo reference ma nual." 722 "Incorrect tables are joined." 723 "No Join specified between tables ^0 and ^1." 724 "Custom legend label order is only allowed for Individual Value themes." 725 "Invalid range value for custom order." 726 "Incorrect number of ranges specified for custom order." 727 "Invalid coordinate system: ^0" 728 "^0 fields are not supported in version ^1 tables." 730 "Valid offset values are 0 - 32767." 731 "Valid inset values are 0 - 50." 732 "Invalid range: ^0." 750 "Object has too many vertices. They will be ignored." 751 "Cannot breakpoint. This program is being run from another program." 752 "Unable to open program source file." 753 "Unable to write application file. File may be in use or read-only." 754 "Unable to create table definition file ^0." 755 "Unable to prepare table ^0." 756 "Cannot insert a frame object into a map." 757 "Cannot include datatype clause if updating existing column." 758 "Cannot update existing column using Add Column Values." 759 "The image must have at least three control points."

760 "The image control points cannot be in a straight line." 761 "Unable to unlink table ^0." 762 "Conflicts found during commit." 763 "Table ^0 is a seamless table; export not supported." 764 "Metadata operations are not supported for table ^0." 765 "Invalid fieldlist in query table ^0." 766 "Invalid value for parameter." 767 "Table ^0 is not a WFS table." 768 "Unable to refresh WFS table. File ^0 not found." 769 "Invalid Geocode token ^0." 770 "Country code required for Geocoding operations." 771 "At least one other input besides Country code required for Geocoding opera tions." 772 "Number of times or distances ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive and le ss than or equal to ^1." 773 "Max Candidates must be a positive value." 774 "Password required when user name specified." 775 "Invalid Service. Expected geocode or isogram." 776 "MapMarker Service does not take user name or passwords." 777 "Missing Into Variable." 778 "Missing Service clause." 779 "Repeated token ^0." 780 "Invalid ^0 handle ^1." 781 "Could not create connection." 782 "Expected Time or Distance - not ^0" 783 "Invalid Offset Clause" 784 "No attributes passed to Set Connection" 785 "Expected Dictionary attributes: All,Address, User or Prefer" 786 "Invalid Attribute for function ^0" 787 "URL is required." 788 "Failed to get response back from the server." 789 "Failed to get address candidates abck." 790 "Failed to get the longitude and latitude values." 791 "Batch Size value of ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive and less than or equal to ^1." 792 "Simplification Factor value of ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive and l ess than or equal to ^1." 793 "Propagation Factor value of ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive and less than or equal to ^1." 794 "Maximum off road distance value of ^0 is too large. Values must be less tha n the equivalent of ^1." 795 "Speed values must be less than the equivalent of ^0 per ^1." 796 "Distance value of ^0 is too large. Values must be less than the equivalent of ^1" 797 "Time value of ^0 is too large. Values must be less than the equivalent of ^ 1." 798 "Distance value ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive." 799 "Time value of ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive." 800 "Invalid Set Style command. Expected Pen, Brush, Symbol or Font." 801 "Index for non-array, non-type variable." 802 "Subscript out of range." 803 "Type index out of range." 804 "Invalid Pen clause." 805 "Invalid Brush clause." 806 "Invalid Symbol clause." 807 "Invalid Font clause." 808 "Unable to link to external library ^0." 809 "Invalid or missing argument list." 810 "Subroutine call has too few arguments." 811 "Attempt to ReDim non-array variable."

812 "Unknown error encountered." 813 "Invalid variable name: ^0." 814 "Mapper has no editable layer to create objects,\nor editable layer is not visible." 815 "MapBasic-defined menu commands cannot be executed when a program is being debugged." 816 "MapBasic applications cannot be executed when a program is being debugged. " 817 "Cannot perform this operation on field ^0." 818 "Found: [End ^0] while searching for [End Program] or [End MapInfo]." 819 "Found: [End ^0] while searching for [End Program], [End MapInfo], or [End ^1]." 820 " ** Event not received in debugging mode: %s." 821 "[End ^0] found without corresponding ^0 statement." 822 "Continue statement may only be executed from the Command Window." 823 "Cannot perform this operation on this window." 824 "Cannot access table ^0." 825 "Cannot access file ^0." 826 "Invalid access type." 827 "Invalid value for Alter Object Info." 828 "Invalid attribute for Alter Object Info." 829 "Invalid layout window for Alter Object Info." 830 "Invalid centroid for Alter Object Geography - centroid must be inside regi on." 831 "Invalid value for Alter Object Geography." 832 "Invalid attribute for Alter Object Geography." 833 "Invalid object type for Alter Object Info." 834 "Invalid object type for Alter Object Geography." 835 "Use Alter Object Node to manipulate geography for regions and polylines." 836 "Invalid value for Alter Object Node Set." 837 "Alter Object Node Add failed." 838 "Alter Object Node Remove failed." 839 "Cannot open this table with name ^1: table is already open with name ^0." 840 "Cannot delete file ^0." 841 "Invalid Dialog ^0 command. There is no active dialog." 842 "Invalid call to the ReadControlValue function. There is no active dialog. " 843 "Invalid call to the TriggerControl function. There is no active dialog." 844 "Cannot rerun ^0 while an application is executing." 845 "Create Text command: Invalid Justify clause." 846 "Title clause not allowed for this Dialog Control." 847 "Invalid polygon number." 848 "User-defined error: ^0." 849 "File size exceeds maximum of %dK." 850 "Not enough space to edit file.\rClose other text windows and retry." 851 "Invalid clause [^0] in [^1] command." 852 "Cannot parse expression." 853 "Could not find MapBasic application: %s\n." 854 "Could not convert data." 855 "Cannot GET/PUT variable length string in BINARY mode." 856 "Too many levels of recursion." 857 "Unable to read application file." 858 "Found Resume while not processing an error. Application terminated." 859 "Rename failed. File\r\"^0\" may already exist, or directory is read-only. " 860 "Can only store up to %s significant digits. Your number will be rounded." 861 "In this field, you can only store numbers whose exponent is between %s. P ossible data loss." 862 "Cannot rerun ^0 because the previous run could not be terminated." 863 "Cannot run ^0 because the file is already open."

864 865 866 867 868 ." 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922

"Cannot remove file\r\"^0\"\rCheck access rights." "%s\r is not a MapBasic program." "Cannot use Alter Control Title for EditText or RadioGroup controls." "Alter Control Value out of range." "Cannot use Alter Control Value for Button, GroupBox or StaticText controls "Resolution must be an integer in the range ^0 - ^1." "Cannot create error file." "Cannot join a table to itself." "Line longer than 256 characters." "Column ^0 is not indexed." "Tables have not been specified for 'Find' command." "Do not use ByVal for Array, Type, String or Alias parameters." "The file is password protected. Please unprotect the file and try again." "Table cannot be saved because it has too many fields (maximum is ^0)." "Subquery was invalid or did not return any values." "Subquery returned more than one value." "Cannot read database row." "Cannot write database row. Possibly out of disk space." "Cannot delete database row." "Error getting file." "Could not open program file." "Could not save %s." "Invalid string length." "Type ^0 contains no fields." "Invalid projection type: ^0." "Invalid datum: ^0." "Invalid ellipsoid: ^0." "Table ^0 is read-only." "Invalid label ^0." "Cannot save edits now." "Cannot insert an empty object into a table or layout." "There is no object for the matched item." "Missing '=' in assignment to ^0." "Cannot assign to array or type variable: ^0." "Maximum array size exceeded." "Polyline too complex." "Region too complex." "Cannot execute %s.\rOut of memory." "Cannot execute %s.\rFile not found." "Cannot execute %s.\rPath not found." "Cannot execute %s." "Empty table name is invalid." "Datatype mismatch in expression." "Cannot use .MID extension for a MIF file.\rChoose another extension." "Cannot join more than ^0 tables." "Cannot use an uninitialized ^0 variable in an expression." "Attempt to create a buffer with zero area." "Domain" "Range" "Singularity" "Overflow" "Ploss" "Tloss" "Underflow" "You can only perform this operation on region type objects." "Only one subquery is allowed in an SQL Select statement." "A handler must be a Sub procedure without parameters." "Cannot use an array or user-defined type in an expression." "Menu ^0 not defined."

923 "Cannot open file ^0." 924 "The currently active window cannot be saved." 925 "Error in Open/Save dialog, error code = ^0." 926 "No active legend to customize." 927 "MapInfo Runtime can only be run with a single MapBasic application." 928 "Cannot create an RPC server." 929 "Cannot register MapInfo RPC server service." 930 "Cannot get host address for machine: ^0." 931 "Error creating TCP RPC client for ^0." 932 "Error calling RPC procedure ^0." 933 "You cannot pass more than 16 parameters to an XCMD or XFCN." 934 "You cannot pass non-scalar parameters to an XCMD or XFCN." 935 "Functions are not allowed as RPC clients." 936 "MapInfo can only print documents that are displayed in windows. Open the documents and print each window separately." 937 "Do Script object must be a MapBasic application." 938 "No MapBasic application number specified." 939 "No MapBasic application with that number." 940 "No MapBasic application name specified." 941 "No active MapBasic application with that name." 942 "No MapBasic global variable number specified." 943 "No MapBasic global variable with that number." 944 "No MapBasic global variable name specified." 945 "No MapBasic global variable with that name." 946 "Unable to access that MapBasic global variable." 947 "The specified object does not have that property." 948 "One or more parameters were not recognized." 949 "MapInfo requires System 7.0 or later. Please contact your Apple dealer fo r an upgrade." 950 "Unable to access transaction file for table ^0." 951 "Unable to update table ^0." 952 "Server Connect: ^0 Error: ^1" 953 "Server Execute: ^0" 954 "Error deleting object" 955 "Server error during ^0: Error: ^1" 956 "Connection number already in use." 957 "Unable to allocate data access connection." 958 "Data access driver requested is not available: ^0." 959 "Invalid server operation: ^0." 960 "Unsupported data type for column(s): ^0" 961 "The connection number is invalid." 962 "The statement number is invalid." 963 "Layer is read-only and cannot be edited." 964 "File ^0 already open in different mode." 965 "Expression too complex." 966 "Table ^0 has been changed by another program and must be reopened." 967 "Sub procedure or Function ^0 too long." 968 "Operation is invalid on table ^0 while it has unsaved changes." 969 "DXF Error: ^0" 970 "Subquerys are only allowed in Where clause of SQL Select." 971 "Expected Add, Set or Remove in Node clause of Alter Object command." 972 "Incorrect index file version." 973 "Program cannot run because required resource was not found. Executable fi le may be damaged." 974 "Alter Object cannot operate on an uninitialized object variable." 975 "Invalid CommandInfo attribute." 976 "Cannot add duplicate value to unique index." 977 "The centroid must remain inside the region." 978 "Add Column with an aggregate function requires a numeric datatype." 979 "Cannot add temporary column ^0."

980 "Unable to update column ^0." 981 "Cannot find ButtonPad ^0." 982 "Unable to load external cursor resource." 983 "Unable to load external icon resource." 984 "No appropriate target objects are selected." 985 "Weighted averages cannot be used with a target from another table." 986 "The target must exist for this operation." 987 "A target for Combine must consist of a single object." 988 "Normalization table character %s cannot be converted." 989 "Function ^0 failed." 990 "Cannot set target district." 991 "There must be exactly one selected object." 992 "Failed to read [Link] section from project file ^0." 993 "Unable to open project file ^0." 994 "Unrecognized line in project file ^0 line ^1." 995 "I/O error reading project file ^0." 996 "MapInfo requires a Color QuickDraw equipped Macintosh." 997 "MapInfo requires a Macintosh equipped with a 68020 or higher processor." 998 "Cannot find %s" 999 "Function not supported on this platform!" 1000 "Threshold must be an integer in the range ^0 - ^1." 1001 "Mask Size must be an integer in the range ^0 - ^1." 1002 "Filter index must be an integer in the range ^0 - ^1." 1003 "Unable to retrieve capabilities from the Envinsa Routing Server." 1004 "Unable to retrieve results from the Envinsa Routing Server." 1005 "The specified URL may not be an Envinsa server or the server could not pr ocess the request: ^0." 1006 "The server returned data in ^0 format rather than the expected format." 1007 "The specified server is already in the list." 1008 "The buffer size is too small." 1009 "The Envinsa server failed to authenticate the specified User ID and Passw ord." 1010 "Unable to connect to the Envinsa Server ^0." 1011 "Unable to connect to the MapMarker Server ^0." 1012 "Error: Speed value of ^0 is invalid. Values must be positive." 1013 "Expected either a table or variable for output." 1014 "Output into variable requires point on." 1015 "The value ^0 appears more than once in the isogram request." 1016 "Geocode item \"^0\" requires a string which cannot be converted from \"^1\ "." 1017 "Geocode item \"^0\"requires a string or integer which cannot be converted from \"^1\"." 1018 "Geocode string item \"^0\" cannot be stored in \"^1\"" 1019 "Geocode string or integer item \"^0\" cannot be stored in \"^1\"" 1020 "Geocode coordinate item \"^0\" cannot be stored in \"^1\"" 1021 "Major Roads Only is not set. " 1022 "Envinsa issued the following error: ^0" 1023 "Envinsa issued the following delivery failure error: ^0" 1150 "This operation is unsupported on the selected table, \"^0\"." 1151 "Unable to read Oracle workspace name string from table metadata." 1152 "Unable to merge table \"^0\" to its parent workspace." 1153 "Unable to refresh table \"^0\" from its parent workspace." 1154 "Unable to disable versioning table - ^0." 1155 "Unable to version-enable table - ^0." 1156 "Unable to remove Oracle workspace ^0." 1157 "Unable to create Oracle workspace ^0." 1158 "There are no open Oracle 9.x or 10.x connections." 1159 "Can not remove selected Oracle workspace ^0; it is currently open in MapIn fo." 1160 "You can not remove the 'LIVE' workspace; select a different workspace."

1161 "You can not delete an Oracle workspace that has a child workspace. Select a different workspace." 1162 "Conflict exists and conflict resolution was not executed/committed." 1163 "Conflict exists and not all conflicts were resolved." 1164 "Conflict exists and unknown conflict resolution code was given." 1165 "Conflict exists and conflict resolution failed." 1166 "Table,\"^0\", is not version-enabled" 1167 "The conflict on this table cannot be resolved interactively on an Oracle9i server. You have to use automatic processing to resolve the conflict(s)." 1168 "The spatial object has ^0 nodes which is greater than the maximum ^1 suppo rted by the server table." 1200 "Found: [^0] while searching for [PushButton], [ToggleButton], [ToolButton] , or [Separator]" 1201 "Incompatible definition of Global ^0 in ^1." 1202 "Error reading global variables from ^0." 1203 "Error reading global patches from ^0." 1204 "Error writing global patch from ^0." 1205 "Error reading external library information from ^0." 1206 "Error reading external library patches from ^0." 1207 "Error writing external library patch from ^0." 1208 "Error reading user-defined types from ^0." 1209 "Error reading user-defined type patches from ^0." 1210 "Error writing user-defined type patch from ^0." 1211 "Incompatible parameter list for ^0 in ^1." 1212 "Error reading call patches from ^0." 1213 "Error copying ^0 from ^1." 1214 "Error reading Sub or Function ^0 from ^1." 1215 "Duplicate Application specified in project file ^0 on line ^1." 1216 "Error reading parameter list for ^0 from ^1." 1217 "Error reading local variable names from ^0 in ^1." 1218 "Error copying module-level variables from ^0." 1219 "Error writing ^0." 1220 "Unresolved Sub or Function ^0." 1221 "Error patching reference to Sub or Function ^0." 1222 "Error writing global variables to ^0." 1223 "Error writing user-defined type ^0." 1224 "Error writing table entry for Sub or Function ^0." 1225 "Error writing table entry for external library ^0." 1226 "Error writing symbolic information." 1227 "Error writing file header to ^0." 1228 "Missing Main Sub in ^0." 1229 "Error reading Sub and Function patches from ^0." 1230 "Raster registration dialog is already open." 1231 "Raster registration dialog is not open." 1232 "You have to enter at least three control points for the raster image." 1233 "Control points are in a straight line. Enter control points that are more spread out." 1235 "Insufficient disk space for MIF export." 1236 "Found [^0] while searching for [FastEdit], [Readonly], [Undo], [UserBrowse ], [UserClose], [UserDisplayMap], [UserEdit], [UserMap], or [UserRemoveMap]." 1237 "Too many radio buttons in dialog box." 1238 "Help not available. Unable to open help file." 1239 "Help not available. Unable to initialize help system." 1240 "Error writing ^0. File may be corrupted." 1241 "Error reading ^0. File has bad header information." 1242 "Error reading ^0." 1250 "Requested size is too big. Please choose a smaller export size." 1251 "Invalid ID; must be in range 1 - 4." 1252 "You can't redistrict on this type of field; use a character or number fiel d."

1253 "The file %s is missing or damaged; MapInfo is unable to start. Please cal l Tech Support." 1254 "There are too many districts in this table: ^0.\nYou must have fewer than ^1 districts." 1255 "Server Fetch canceled by user, Data may be Incomplete." 1256 "District name ^0 is not unique. Use a different name." 1257 "Invalid district name: ^0" 1258 "You can't revert a table while it is being redistricted. Close the redist ricter, then use File->Revert." 1259 "Close the ^0 Browser to close the ^0 table and end the redistricting sessi on." 1253 "The file %s is missing or damaged; MapInfo is unable to start. Please cal l Tech Support." 1260 "SET SHADE: Layer is not a thematic layer." 1261 "SHADE: Selection not in this mapper." 1262 "SHADE: Invalid range value" 1263 "Invalid method for varying size: [^0]" 1264 "Invalid method for varying color: [^0]" 1265 "CREATE STYLES: too many or too few style tools." 1266 "CREATE STYLES: inflection point out of range." 1267 "Invalid escape character in Like." 1268 "Invalid escape sequence in Like." 1269 "Define symbol ^0 not a valid identifier" 1270 "The total length of the Group By fields must not exceed 255 bytes." 1271 "The total length of the Order By fields must not exceed 255 bytes." 1272 "Bad height for bitmap id ^0." 1273 "Bad height for bitmap file ^0." 1274 "Bad width for bitmap id ^0." 1275 "Bad width for bitmap file ^0." 1276 "Missing Application or Module information in project file ^0." 1277 "Print file ^0 is not printable. Run \"Print Setup...\" to choose a new fil e." 1278 "No print file defined. Run \"Print Setup...\" to choose a new file." 1279 "No Charset clause in object file. Please recompile all modules." 1280 "Attempt to link object files with mixed charsets. Please recompile all mo dules." 1281 "Combine cannot use text objects or layout frame objects." 1282 "Version must be 100 or 300." 1283 "Unsupported character set: ^0." 1284 "Unable to initialize the help system." 1285 "Operation canceled." 1286 "Out of disk space while saving table ^0. Database corruption possible." 1287 "Out of disk space while editing table ^0. Please revert your changes to a void database corruption." 1288 "Duplicate Sub or Function ^0 found in ^1." 1289 "Export window has got bad depth" 1290 "Export window is too large. One of the dimensions exceeds 8192" 1291 "Export window was unable to obtain the XImage for the given window" 1292 "Missing module name in project file ^0 on line ^1." 1293 "You cannot Split, Erase or Overlay objects with a linear object." 1294 "An error occurred overlaying the objects" 1295 "Cannot create dynamic temporary column ^0 using other dynamic temporary co lumns." 1296 "Invalid Define statement." 1297 "Invalid control ID ^0." 1299 "Filename exceeds ^0 character limit" 1300 "'%s' is shaded by the redistricter. Close the redistricter before removin g this layer." 1301 "No items in listbox to drag." 1302 "No items are selected to be dragged."

1303 "The Cosmetic layer can not be dragged." 1304 "To drag this selection, the theme's data layer must also be selected.\r\rN ote: a theme's data layer is the first non-indented layer BELOW it in the list." 1305 "Can not drag themes that have different draw rankings." 1306 "A mapper may only have one editable layer." 1307 "Date window must be a number in the range [0,99]." 1308 "Column references in Order By clause must be in the query expression list when used with a Group By clause." 1309 "Unsupported or invalid Microsoft Jet Version ^0." 1310 "Unable to initalize OLE 2 subsystem - OLE functionality will not be availa ble. Please rerun the MapInfo Installer to fix this problem." 1311 "Table %s already exists." 1312 "file ^0 already exists." 1313 "DXF file does not contain layer %s." 1314 "Keyword ^0 is not available for importing from ^1 file" 1315 "Keyword ^0 is not available for exporting into ^1 file" 1316 "Invalid spline at line %ld." 1317 "Invalid mline at line %ld." 1318 "Valid label offset pointsize values are 0-50." 1319 "Incomplete or invalid label sub-clause." 1320 "In Set Format statement, found [^0] while searching for [Date] or [Number] ." 1321 "In Set Format Date statement, found [^0] while searching for [US] or [Loca l]." 1322 "In Set Format Number statement, found [^0] while searching for [9,999.9] o r [Local]." 1323 "The Noselect clause requires the Into clause." 1324 "Invalid handler routine: [^0]." 1325 "The RemoteQueryHandler must be a Function without parameters returning Str ing." 1326 "Invalid menu item id in call to ^0." 1327 "Invalid menu item handler in call to ^0." 1328 "Unable to allocate memory for global MapBasic program." 1329 "No items in search info list." 1330 "Table ^0 cannot be deleted or renamed because it is open in a seamless vie w." 1331 "Attempt to open table ^0 seamless failed. Opening as normal table." 1332 "Attempt to convert table ^0 to seamless failed. Table will remain non-sea mless." 1333 "Server Connect Cancelled." 1334 "Unable to load library ^0." 1335 "Library ^0 was not found." 1336 "Unable to load ^0 because it is not a 16-bit library." 1337 "Unable to load ^0 because it is not a 32-bit library." 1338 "Unknown datatype reported from DBMS" 1339 "ODBC Error: ^0." 1340 "Array dimension exceeds allowable maximum value." 1341 "SET SHADE: Cannot change theme type for an existing theme." 1342 "Microsoft Access Error: ^0 " 1343 "The Microsoft Jet Engine is not available for error information." 1344 "^0: There is no current label found for layer ^1." 1345 "^0: Object ID ^1 is invalid. IDs are always positive." 1346 "^0: Anchor Position ^1 is invalid. Valid values are between 0 and 8." 1347 "^0: Offset ^1 is invalid. Valid values are between 0 and 50." 1350 "Invalid column number for ^0." 1351 "Error during commit occurred where Mapinfo rowid = ^0." 1352 "Cannot reorder fields in an Access table." 1353 "Cannot modify fields in an Access table." 1354 "Cannot rename fields in an Access table." 1355 "Field ^0 not found in Access table."

1356 "Microsoft Access tables are only supported with 32 bit versions of MapInf o." 1357 "Invalid affine coefficients -- transformation is degenerate." 1358 "Map cannot be rotated while containing a raster layer." 1362 "Collection object can contain only one region object." 1363 "Collection object can contain only one polyline object." 1364 "Collection object can contain only one multipoint object." 1370 "Cannot find interpolator named ^0." 1371 "Error creating grid file: ^0." 1372 "Error creating grid file during interpolation process." 1373 "Error processing clipping region." 1374 "Error persisting grid parameters." 1375 "Cannot set grid properties for layer because it is not a grid layer." 1376 "Cannot find grid's source table as specified in its metadata.\nRe-interpo lation is not possible." 1377 "^0 is not a grid table." 1378 "At least one source data point is required to create a grid." 1379 "Cannot create grid based on ^0 table because it has a width or height of zero." 1380 "Crystal Reports for MapInfo Professional is not available on your system. " 1381 "Cannot Create Report. Table ^0 is not open." 1382 "Out of OS resources" 1383 "Bad format" 1384 "Access denied" 1385 "Bad file association" 1386 "DDE busy" 1387 "DDE fail" 1388 "DDE timeout" 1389 "DLL not found" 1390 "File not found" 1391 "Missing file association" 1392 "Out of memory" 1393 "Path not found" 1394 "Sharing violation" 1395 "Unexpected shell error" 1396 "Unable to launch Crystal Reports. Shell error: ^0." 1397 "Warning: Cannot export Multipoint object(s) into DXF format." 1398 "Warning: Cannot export Collection object(s) into DXF format." 1400 "Error creating style." 1401 "Error creating feature." 1402 "Error getting column data." 1403 "Error initializing MapInfo table information." 1404 "Error adding record to attributes cache." 1405 "Error initializing attributes cache." 1406 "Error creating attributes cache." 1407 "Error adding object to layer." 1408 "Error initializing layer." 1409 "Error creating layer." 1410 "Error creating MTF file." 1411 "Error writing layer attributes." 1412 "Error writing layer features." 1413 "Error writing layer styles." 1414 "Error writing layer header." 1415 "Error writing layer." 1416 "Error writing MTF file header." 1417 "Unable to create file: ^0." 1418 "Invalid Coordinate System: ^0." 1420 "Need continuous grid type." 1421 "Invalid value specified for ^0."

1422 "Error: expecting Mapper Window." 1423 "No regions found in layer." 1426 "Operation did not produce a valid result." 1427 "Warning: Object(s) removed during Thin operation." 1428 "Gap Maximum Area must be a positive number" 1429 "Warning: Voronoi only works on point objects, selection must contain at le ast 3 point objects." 1430 "Warning: Operation did not produce a result. No errors detected." 1431 "Cannot Split, Erase, or Overlay with Point, Collection, Text or layout Fra me Objects." 1432 "Warning: Convex Hull requires 3 input nodes to produce result.\n " 1433 "Cannot Enclose Text, Points, Collections or layout frame objects." 1434 "Convex Hull cannot use text objects or layout frame objects." 1435 "Check and Clean can only use closed objects - regions, rectangles, rounded rectangles and ellipses." 1436 "Limited output - some input objects did not produce results." 1437 "Check Region did not find any data problems." 1438 "Cannot Snap/Thin linear and closed objects in the same operation." 1439 "Cannot Snap/Thin Point, Multipoint, Collection Text or layout frame object s." 1440 "Cannot use Cartesian Operations on Lat/Long data. ^0" 1441 "Cannot use Spherical Operations on NonEarth data. ^0" 1442 "Can't Buffer layout frame objects." 1443 "Split With Polyline Cutters must be Polylines." 1444 "Split With Polyline Cutters must form contiguous section polyline." 1445 "Can't Disaggregate Text objects or layout Frame objects." 1446 "End Node Radius must be greater than or equal to Internal Node Radius." 1447 "Objects Disaggregate can't use both All and Collection switches.\nIgnoring all but First switch." 1448 "All or part of Object(s) invalid. Results may be incorrect." 1449 "Target Objects must be Regions or Polylines for this operation." 1450 "Legend frame ^0 size is invalid: its dimensions are too large." 1451 "Error initializing Legend document." 1452 "Error creating Legend frame ^0." 1453 "Unable to update frame ^0 position." 1454 "Unable to update frame ^0 title." 1455 "Unable to update frame ^0 subtitle." 1456 "Unable to update frame ^0 title font." 1457 "Unable to update frame ^0 subtitle font." 1458 "Unable to update frame ^0 style text." 1459 "Unable to update frame ^0 style font." 1460 "Unable to update frame ^0 border pen." 1461 "Unable to update frame ^0 style." 1462 "Error: unable to add new frames." 1463 "Error: unable to refresh frame ^0." 1464 "Invalid USING clause; Frame From Layer ^0." 1465 "Invalid column identifier in USING clause; Frame From Layer ^0." 1466 "Invalid label expression in USING clause; Frame From Layer ^0." 1467 "Unable to save as legend metadata.\nCheck table file permissions." 1468 "Legend frame ^0 size is invalid: it has zero dimensions." 1475 "Unable to initialize graph engine." 1476 "Unable to locate template file ^0." 1477 "Graph dialog/type mismatch." 1478 "No series is selected." 1479 "No series data to graph." 1480 "No group data to graph." 1481 "Scatter graphs require exactly 2 columns." 1482 "Bubble graphs require exactly 3 columns." 1483 "Area graphs require at least 2 data groups." 1484 "Line graphs require at least 2 data groups."

1485 "Surface graphs require at least 2 series and 2 groups." 1486 "Histograms require exactly one column." 1487 "The maximum number of series a graph can have is ^0" 1488 "The maximum number of groups per series is ^0" 1490 "Error: Unable to rotate ^0 objects." 1491 "Error: Invalid type of object for anchor point." 1494 "Error: selected node must not be a start or end node" 1495 "Error: Split at Node requires one object to be selected." 1496 "Error: Split at Node requires a polyline object to be selected." 1497 "Error: Split at Node requires the selected polyline object to have only on e section." 1498 "Error: Split at Node requires only one node to be selected." 1499 "Error: node specified is out of range." 1500 "Failed to load MAPI DLL." 1501 "Failed to get function entry point in the MAPI DLL." 1502 "Cannot mail this type of data." 1503 "Unknown MAPI failure." 1504 "MAPI failed: Insufficient hardware requirements." 1505 "MAPI failed: Could not find file to mail." 1520 "Could not find supported Web browser on your system." 1521 "Could not find supported Web browser in your path." 1530 "Unable to open encrypted table. Invalid key." 1531 "Unable to export an encrypted table." 1532 "Unable to save encrypted table to workspace." 1540 "Dialog tried to display in MapGen mode." 1541 "MapGen: Dialog Message <%s>." 1542 "MapGen does not support \"Run Menu Command\"." 1550 "\nThe MapInfo Oracle OCI Database driver (^0) failed to load." 1551 "\nThis is most commonly caused by not having an installation of Oracle's O CI driver, which is necessary for the MapInfo Oracle OCI Database driver to load ." 1552 "To fix this issue, please install the Oracle OCI Database driver or rerun the MapInfo Professional Installer to remove the MapInfo Oracle OCI Database dri ver." 1553 "Clicking \"OK\" will allow you to run MapInfo Professional without the abi lity to open Oracle tables through Oracle's Oracle Call Interface." 1555 "\nThe MapInfo ODBC Database driver (^0) failed to load." 1556 "\nThis is most commonly caused by an incomplete installation of MapInfo OD BC Connectivity Support." 1557 "To fix this issue, please rerun the MapInfo Professional Installer to repa ir or remove the MapInfo ODBC Connectivity Support." 1558 "Clicking \"OK\" will allow you to run MapInfo Professional without the abi lity to open remote database tables through ODBC." 1560 "\nIf you need more information, please contact MapInfo Technical Support." 1561 "Requested DataLink driver ^0 version is not compatible with this version of MapInfo." 1562 "Unable to fetch records into table." 1563 "Unable to update DBMS database from edits made to ^0." 1564 "Unable to read connection string from table metadata." 1565 "Unable to read query string from table metadata." 1566 "Unable to reestablish connection to DBMS database." 1567 "Unable to translate the Spatial Constraint." 1568 "Unable to recreate local table ^0." 1569 "Unable to download only the OBJECT from an DBMS table. Select an addition al attribute column." 1570 "GDI resources are very low. Close some windows or applications before try ing to open any more windows." 1571 "Someone else is currently editing this linked table. Unable to refresh li nked table ^0." 1572 "Cannot create a map on this linked table. Use 'Make DBMS Table Mappable'

and reopen the table." 1573 "Unable to read original record" 1574 "^0 cannot be made mappable because it does not contain the Spatialware SW_ GEOMETRY column." 1575 "Cannot upload Object - ^0 object type is not supported in this table." 1576 "Cannot use requested connection for Linked Table. Make a new Connection " 1577 "Unable to get active environment, ODBC may not be installed. " 1578 "Invalid connection handle. " 1579 "Invalid SQLQuery. " 1580 "Use SCROLL=YES on server_connect for scrollable cursors. " 1581 "To use Informix Universal Server, ODBC driver must be at least version 2.8 . " 1582 "Cannot Open Table for Live Access. A single numeric key column is require d on the table." 1583 "DBMS Table or View ^0 not found in Database." 1584 "Table ^0 is not mappable" 1585 "Live DBMS access not yet implemented for this database. Use Linked Table." 1586 "The Projections in the Mapcatalog and the USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA are diffe rent." 1587 "The keyword Object cannot be translated because the table is not mappable. " 1588 "The SQL statement has failed damaging the connection. Close all tables tha t use this connection and disconnect using the File>Close DBMS Connection menu o ption. You may reconnect to the database and resume operation.\n^0" 1589 "Attempting to insert Per Row Style into a connection that does not support this feature. Update the MAPCATALOG to support Per Row Styles." 1590 "Table ^0 is not a basetable" 1591 "Missing or Invalid MapBounds option." 1592 "Unable to fetch Oracle sdo_geom_metadata for column ^0 in table ^1. Oracl e table not mappable." 1593 "Oracle Spatial Reference not supported for SRID ^0. Oracle table not mapp able." 1594 "Column ^0 not found in DBMS Table ^1." 1600 "Expression \"%s\" is already in the Resulting Columns listbox." 1601 "Menu command ^0 is not supported in MapInfo Desktop." 1602 "^0 command is not supported in MapInfo Desktop." 1603 "^0 function is not supported in MapInfo Desktop." 1604 "MapInfo Desktop can not run MapBasic Applications." 1610 "Not enough memory to start file \"^0\"." 1611 "File \"^0\" not found." 1612 "Path not found for file \"^0\"." 1613 "Invalid executable file \"^0\"." 1614 "Access to file \"^0\" denied." 1615 "File name association incomplete or invalid for file \"^0\"." 1616 "DDE error while starting \"^0\" (^1)." 1617 "Error starting file \"^0\". Required DLL not found." 1618 "No application associated with file \"^0\"." 1619 "A sharing violation occured while starting \"^0\"." 1620 "Unknown error starting file \"^0\" (^1)." 1621 "Invalid hotlink id: ^0" 1622 "Missing required Using clause." 1623 "Invalid Using expression." 1650 "Unable to run non-ProView MapBasic Application." 1651 "MapInfo ProViewer does not support Integrated Mapping." 1652 "^0 command not supported in Proviewer." 1660 "Unhandled exception (^0): ^1" 1661 "Error loading assembly \"^0\". ^1" 1662 "Could not find class \"^0\". ^1" 1663 "Could not find a public, static method named \"^0\". Check method name an d signature."

1664 "Could not convert arguments for method \"^0\". Make sure the MapBasic Typ e fields match the class constructor arguments. ^1" 1665 "Ambiguous call; multiple methods exist with the name \"^0\". Consider giv ing method a unique name." 1666 "Unhandled exception in external method (^0): ^1" 1667 "Assembly \"^0\" depends on a newer version of miadm.dll than is currently running (^1)." 1700 "Field ^0 is read-only." 1701 "Missing command ID." 1702 "The Spatial Object string in the TAB file metadata is bad" 1703 "The Database Coordinate System could not be set" 1704 "Oracle Error: ^0." 1705 "Unable to close DBMS connection because there are Live Access tables conne cted." 1706 "The maximum percent curved text may overhang must be within 0 to 100 perce nt." 1707 "Unable to get a valid projection." 1710 "The specified object does not support M values." 1711 "The specified object does not support Z values." 1712 "M-value for this node is not defined." 1713 "Z-value for this node is not defined." 1720 "Multiple geometries in the Annotation Text field are unsupported.\n" 1750 "A target for Voronoi must consist of a single object." 1751 "The current selection has no records containing map objects." 1800 "XML Library Load Error: Required XML Version Unavailable." 1801 "XML DOM Document Parsing Error: ^0" 1802 "XML DOM Document Save Operation Failed." 1803 "XML DOM Document Save Operation Denied Access." 1804 "^0 Object Type not currently supported for Operation." 1805 "WMS Error." 1806 "The server issued the following exception: ^0" 1807 "The following error was issued while attempting to access the server: ^0\n (^1)" 1808 "The server returned no data in response to the request." 1809 "Unable to retrieve capabilities from the WMS Server." 1810 "The WMS Server returned HTML data rather than the requested format. The s pecified address may not be a WMS server or the server could not process the req uest.\n^0\n" 1811 "The server returned data which was neither in the requested format nor a r ecognized service exception:\n^0" 1812 "Error accessing temporary file:\n^0" 1813 "WFS Error." 1814 "Invalid argument passed to DLL function." 1815 "An error occurred connecting to the server. HTTP status code is ^0." 1816 "The server returned HTML data rather than the requested format.\n^0\n" 1817 "Unable to retrieve capabilities from the WFS Server." 1818 "The WFS Server returned HTML data rather than the requested format. The s pecified address may not be a WFS server or the server could not process the req uest.\n^0\n" 1819 "^0" 1820 "In response to a DescribeFeatureType request, the WFS Server returned an i nvalid feature type." 1821 "The WMS Server does not return GetFeatureInfo data in a format supported b y MapInfo." 1822 "The WMS Server returned data in ^0 format rather than the requested format of ^1." 1823 "Unable to retrieve feature information from the WMS Server." 1824 "The WMS Server does not support GetFeatureInfo requests." 1825 "Cancel Clicked." 1826 "There are no queryable layers in the WMS table for the GetFeatureInfo requ

est." 1827 "Unable to read WFS Table Description XML file." 1828 "Unable to retrieve WFS Server GetFeature." 1829 "An error occurred while processing the GML returned from the WFS Server." 1830 "An unknown error occurred while trying to parse DescribeFeatureType schema ." 1831 "The WFS Server returned capabilities in an unsupported version: ^0." 1832 "The layer is not supported because it has more than one Feature type." 1833 "Unable to process this layer's schema." 1834 "An error occurred processing the layer's schema: ^0." 1835 "Unable to retrieve the map image from the WMS Server." 1836 "Error processing schema: unable to locate included element." 1837 "Cannot import this layer. A record has more than one object." 1838 "An unknown error occurred processing the content." 1839 "The specified URL is not an Envinsa 4.x Routing server: ^0." 1840 "The specified URL is not an Envinsa 4.x Location Utility server: ^0." 1841 "Bad URL provided: ^0." 1842 "Only MapMarker Java Core version 4.0 and greater supported. Version ^0 fou nd: ^1" 1843 "The URL provided is not a valid supported ^0 server: ^1" 1844 "MapMarker Server error (code = ^0): ^1" 1845 "WFS Transaction error: ^0" 1860 "Error: Unable to draw graph because the dimensions are too large. Try decr easing the resolution or page size." 1870 "Table ^0 is not a FME table." 1871 "The output directory does not exist or cannot be written to." 1872 "Unable to start FME session." 1873 "An error occurred while using the FME session: ^0." 1874 "An error occurred while using the FME reader: ^0." 1875 "An error occurred while using the FME schema: ^0." 1876 "Invalid arguments when processing an FME request." 1877 "No layers of the selected format were found in the selected dataset(s)." 1890 "Only Map windows can be saved to GeoTIFF format." 1891 "The map window must be in a projection that has an EPSG code." 1892 "The map window contains at least 1 raster image that is rotated. Try turni ng on Raster Image Reprojection." 1935 "The pen style file contains too many pens." 1939 "Spatial object is not supported on the database." 1940 "This table already exists in the database." 1941 "Coordinate System is required to create a table on the database" 1942 "Can not save the table on a databse that does not have the MAPINFO_MAPCATA LOG." 1943 "Failed to update the MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG." 1944 "Unable to create server table." 1945 "Unable to create unique index on the server table." 1946 "Unable to create spatial index on the server table." 1947 "Unable to spatialize the server table." 1948 "Unable to update Oracle spatial metadata." 1949 "Table ^0 already mappable in the mapcatalog." 1950 "Invalid raster library calling parameters." 1951 "Error generating Mac PIXMAP." 1952 "Unable to create palette for raster image display." 1953 "Error loading DLL's for raster library support." 1954 "Image file open error." 1955 "Bad image tracking handle passed to raster library." 1956 "Raster engine DLL was not loaded." 1957 "Raster engine error: ^0." 1958 "Raster API was unable to obtain palette." 1959 "Raster engine was unable to recognize image file format." 1960 "Missing MapBounds coordinate values."

1961 "Invalid MapBounds values, The rectangle must be valid and within the coord inate system bounds." 1970 "Printer driver file not found." 1971 "Page margins must not equal or exceed the page dimensions." 1972 "Error: Printing and exporting to metafiles does not work for windows conta ining\ntranslucent images on Windows 9x due to operating system limitations." 1973 "Error applying relief shading to table ^0." 1974 "Error: Need to provide a supported projection." 1975 "SHADE: No default theme metadata in table." 1976 "SHADE: Default theme metadata failed." 1977 "Error: You must enable Enhanced Rendering to use that option." 1990 "Maximum number of ButtonPads already defined." 1991 "Cannot rename a currently edited table." 1992 "Unable to refresh linked table." 1993 "Metadata maximum key length ^0 exceeded." 1994 "Metadata maximum value length ^0 exceeded." 1995 "Invalid metadata traversal ID ^0." 1996 "Invalid Metadata Traverse command." 1997 "Invalid Metadata command." 1998 "^0 is not a seamless table." 1999 "Invalid character in Metadata key or value."