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Topics for the day:

• Meaning of Sukkot – Forty years in the wilderness.
• Isaac’s life Gen 22:2-13
• Isaac’s character

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Why do we need to stay in tents during the feast of
Sukkot? The Sukkah or tent reminds us of Israel who
wandered through the wilderness on their way to the
Promised Land. They had been set free from Egypt
(bondage) and came out under the authority of
Pharaoh (Satan) and had to learn to submit under
their new Mater, YHVH. This was not and easy road
and there were no short cut to the Promised Land,
they had to face the Wilderness and this was the
place where they were cleansed from their Egyptian

Leo zg:az-ag
`Duell in hooths [or seoen dogs: oll uho ore notioe Yisro'èlites duell in
hooths, (a() so thct uour qenerctions lnou thct I mcde the children o[ Yisrc'èl duell
in booths uhen I brouqht them out o[ the lcnd o[ Mitsrcuim (Equpt). I cm uour
Elohim.' ¨

The number four represents the work of the Messiah and where you see the number four,
forty four hundred est, you know that there is a connection to the Messiah doing His work.
Y’shua existed with YHVH right at the beginning and everything was created through Him. He
was also present at the time of the Exodus and this is why this connection is valid. He is also
known as the Word that cleanses and the wandering through the Wilderness was to cleanse
His people from their pagan ways and to teach them His Ways. Y’shua is the Son (bar) of
YHVH and , *D “bar” means: son, purity, cleanness, pureness. it is He that cleanses us
from the inside from our “Egyptian” (pagan) ways so that we can be prepared and ready and
acceptable to live with Him in a permanent dwelling place (Sukkah), the New Jerusalem. This
life in which we live now is the Wilderness. This is the place where we are challenged and
where our characters are changed according to His word.

In the Wilderness they received many things from YHVH:

• Divine Protection – Cloud and Coulomb of Fire
• Supernatural food and water – Manna & Water from a Rock
• The Ten Commandments – Instructions on relationships
• The Torah – Instructions on Set-apartness
• The Tabernacle – Presence of YHVH

1.1 They received Divine Protection

YHVH gave the Israelites divine protection during those
difficult years in their Wilderness experience. Why were these
years difficult? Because they were still saturated with Egypt
and that caused them to long back to the luxuries of Egypt and
caused them to murmur and complain. They needed to be
cleansed from their “old habits” that pulled them down and
needed to adapt to YHVH’s way of living before they could
enter into the land of rest.

YHVH knew that they would face difficulties and He knew that
they need protection and guidance. He gave them a cloud by
day and a pillar of fire by night to lead them through the

Ex 13:21
"And YHVH uos going he[ore them in o pillor o[ cloud hg dog to
leod them on the uog, ond in o pillor o[ [ire hg night to gioe them
light, thct theu miqht trctel bu dcu cnd bu niqht"

The cloud that led them during the day represented the Spirit. The Spirit is linked to water as
seen in Gen 1:2 where the Spirit of YHVH moved over the face of the water. Later on we see
water coming from a rock when Moses hit it. The water (Spirit – Living water) came out of the
Rock (Ab-ben – Ab - Father & Ben -Son).

Word picture
Water is the word “mayim” – C¨C – (mem-yod-mem). The Father is the
origin of the Word (closed mem on the right) and the Son is the Revealed
Word (open mem on the left). It staes in Isa 45:15 that YHVH hid Himself
from us and He can only be found through the revelation of His Son. The
Spirit (yod) right in the heart or centre of the two “mems” and holds
everything together. These Three are One and through Them come the
basis of life and the power to sustain life. We all consists of water and need
water to live. We come from YHVH and need YHVH to exist and live.
Water – Word (Torah) &
Fire – Spirit
We need Water and Fire in
our lives to live. We need
Torah and the Spirit to live
effectively for YHVH.
‘Anan” is the word that is mostly translated as 'cloud'. This word was first used where YHVH
made a covenant with man after the flood. He promised that the world would never be
destroyed (cleansed) by water again. The bow in the 'anan (clouds) in Gen 9:13-17 is the
token or sign of that covenant.

Exo 1o:1o
It hcppened, cs Acron spole to the uhole conqreqction o[ the children o[ Isrcel, thct
theu looled toucrd the uilderness, cnd behold, the glorg o[ Yohueh oppeored
in the cloud.

Clouds represent YHVH’s presence and were also found within the Tabernacle. The next
Hebrew word translated as cloud puts the crown, so to speak, on the Messiah.

Cloud - “nasiy”. This word is translated as - “cloud, prince and
ruler” and it's verbal root means “to rise up or to lift up”.

Y’shua is our Prince of Peace that is lifted up and exalted above all
principalities and He wears the crown as the King of kings and Ruler
over all and He established the covenant between YHVH and man and
will come on the clouds and this will be the sign of His coming.

Now we look at a “cloud” with different eyes because it was a sign of
His Presence and a sign of His covenant where He led and protect His people through the
wilderness. Clouds are formed out of water and water is used
for cleansing. Water is also part of one of the Names of
YHVH, “HaShem” C*. (Shin-mem), where the mem
represents the water for cleansing and the shin represents
‘fire’ for purification. These two letters also represent the two
judgments of YHVH, the first judgment by water (Noah) and
the Second judgment will be by fire (still to come).

Reo 1:¬-S
Behold, He comes uith the clouds, ond eoerg ege uill see Him, ond those
uho pierced Him uill see Him, ond oll the kindreds o[ the eorth uill uoil
hecouse o[ Him. Eten so, Amen. 8 1 om the Aleph ond the Tou, the Beginning
ond the Ending, sogs YHVH, uho is ond uho uos ond uho is to come, the

Comparing these two mediums we see that water is not as
destructive as fire, it is used for washing, cleansing and is a life-
giving source and we cannot live without water. Fire is on the other
hand destructive, not very compatible with humans as seen with
water, but it is used to prepare food on, gives heat in winter, melt
metals, purify and construct things. It is something that makes your
life more comfortable and is possible to live without. In the same
way, the Israelites lived without the Spirit (only Moses had the Spirit),
and they only had the Word (Torah – water) which enable them to
live. We on the other hand have the Spirit (fire) and it is easier for us
to follow YHVH and live for Him BUT WE DO NEED THE WATER
(Torah) because you will die without it.


1.2 They received Supernatural Food & Water

YHVH provided for His children they were never in need. Manna is
also called “bread from heaven” and is a symbol of the Messiah,
being the true Bread from heaven that you need to feed your soul.

The Rock that gave water is also a picture of Messiah; the Rock
gave water after being struck by a rod and in the same way Y’shua
poured Himself out as living water after being struck by death. The
“living water” is a sign of His Spirit He gave to
us after He ascended into heaven. This He
announced on the day of the ‘Water Pouring Ceremony” in John 7:38-
39]. The word for rock is the Hebrew word “aben” and is made up of the
words “Av” or Father and “ben” or Son. The Rock also has a future
implication and it is described in the book of Daniel where a Rock will
struck the statue’s (World System) feet and will destroy it. This is a
prophecy that will be fulfilled at Messiah’s Second Coming.

We need His Water which is His Word and we need His Bread, which is His Word. John 7
describes “Living Water” that will flow from His innermost being and this is the Spirit that will
cause the Word that will flow from His followers when they have received His Spirit.

1.3 They received The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments was the first Instructions given by YHVH
to His people just after they left Egypt (bondage). We are to
embrace the Ten Commandments just after we accept Y’shua as
out Master and Saviour. The purpose of the Ten Commandments is
to restore relationships. The first five commandments are about
knowing how to have a good relationship with YHVH and the
second set of five deals with how to have good relationships with
other people.. The number two (two tablets) means “Restoration of
Relationships” and the number five means “Grace”. It is through
YHVH’s Grace that He gave us these Instructions so that we might
know how to follow Him and how to live together in harmony. These
Commandments still apply, even after the Coming of the Messiah
because YHVH never changes and man is still man and without
these (as we see today) the world is in chaos.

1.4 They received The Torah

After Moses went up the first time, he went back a second time, to
receive the Torah or instructions concerning their culture, their set-
apartness and their cleansing. These Instructions he wrote down on
scrolls and put it next to the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of
Holies. The Torah is a broader explanation of what YHVH wants and
more detail guidelines in living a life that is pleasing unto Him. The Torah
is the “safe boundaries” that guide our steps so that we do not fall into all
sorts of sin and temptations.

Pso 11o:1og Your Word is o lomp to mg [eet And o light to mg poth.

What was abdominal to YHVH still is today and everything YHVH despises is written in the
Torah. The Torah contains everything defined as sin and man will not know what sin is
without the Torah. Y’shua, His Disciples and Paul all quoted from the Torah and they referred
to it as the Word or the Law. If you reject he Torah you do so because of confusion and you
are confused because you do not know what is written inside the Torah.
1.5 They received The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle represented the Presence of YHVH among His people and the Tabernacle is
the symbol or “blue print” of how YHVH approaches His people and how His people can
approach Him. He gave the Tabernacle because He wanted dwell among His people. The
only problem was, that His people was full of sin and
because of that, they could not stand before Him without
being consumed by His Holiness. This is why the
Tabernacle “pattern” was given so that man could go
through the steps of “Holiness” in order to be prepared
to come into the presence of the King.

The Tabernacle was a portable structure and could
move with the people until they reached the Promised
land. This is prophetic of YHVH’s Spirit indwelling His
people who are His Tabernacle as they are being
prepared for His Second Coming.

1Co o:1o
Or do gou not knou thot gour hodg is the Duelling Ploce o[ the
Set-oport Spirit uho is in gou, uhich uou hcte [rom Elohim, cnd uou
cre not uour oun?

The purpose of the Tabernacle among His people was to be a sign to them that He is present
and the Tabernacle lead the way (following the cloud) and in the same way we have the Spirit
as a sigh of His presence and we are led by His Spirit through the wilderness (life). This was
one of the main reasons Y’shua came to the earth to sanctify man so that man could be
sanctified and receive His Spirit to indwell and lead man.

/ / ì
ìs s: :: :· ·' 's s | | | |· ·

Isaac’s life began as the son of a believing father called Abraham. It’s
not Isaac’s life that was so impressive that we can see good examples
and values for personal application, but it was what happened to Him
that is most amazing. He was the “object” of His father’s character and
faith and this is where the wisdom is hidden. Isaacs’s life represents
the Lamb of Elohim, where Abraham took Isaac to the mountain to be
sacrificed. He obeyed the command of YHVH and this is the faith Paul
was talking about; faith that resulted in action.

In the same way YHVH used Y’shua as the “object” to reveal YHVH’s
heart and character through what He did through Y’shua’s life. Y’shua
is YHVH manifest in the flesh. Y’shua said: ”..i[ uou hcte seen me, uou
hcte seen the Icther.” Just as Isaac submitted under his father’s
instruction, so Y’shua was obedient unto death, following His Father’s instructions and it was
the OBEDIENCE of Y’shua that led to life and His EXAMPLE to us to show us what it means
to be a bondservant of YHVH and to follow Him unto death.

Joh S:zS
Y'shuc there[ore scid to them, "When gou hooe li[ted up the Son o[ Mon, then
gou uill knou thot 1 om he, ond 1 do nothing o[ mgsel[, hut os mg 1other
tought me, 1 sog these things.

Through His obedience He expressed His Father’s heart and the Plan of YHVH was
accomplished. It was the “Word” of YHVH that became flesh and “played off” in real life in
front of the whole world to see, so that YHVH’s Character and His love and will could be
expressed and revealed. Love is not something you believe in, it is something you give.
The name Isaac means “laughter”, the expression of joy after receiving a long awaited
promise given to Abraham. This promise was ultimately fulfilled in Y’shua Who came and died
for us. Isaac also means “mockery” and this is precisely what they did with Y’shua before they
killed Him, they mocked Him and called Him the King of the Jews.

T Th he e V Vo oi ic ce e W Wa al lk ki in ng g

Isaac had a brother Ishmael who’s name means, “Elohim will hear”. The word “hear” is the
word “shama”. This word ¸C*“shama” is first found in Scripture where Adam and Eve
sinned and hid them selves from YHVH. They hid themselves when they “heard” the voice of
YHVH walking in the Garden.

Cen g:S And theg heord the Voice o[ YHVH Elohim uolking in the Corden in
the cool o[ the dcu. And Adcm cnd his ui[e hid themseltes [rom the presence o[ YHVH
Elohim in the middle o[ the trees o[ the Gcrden.

This is a strange way of describing His “voice walking”. Can a voice
walk? Yes it can if the voice is the Word of YHVH, also known as
Y’shua the Messiah. He was the Voice that came to them and He is the
Mediator between YHVH and man and the “point of contact” when
YHVH needed to speak to His people. In the Book of John it describes
Y’shua as the Word through whom everything was created and the
Word Who became flesh and dwelled (walked) among us. [John 1:1-3].
When there is a Voice, it means that there needs to be someone who
Listens. If no one listens, there is no need for a Voice. If you ignore the
Voice, you ignore YHVH’s authority and you will not be directed by Him
and will continue to be an unchanged person who have sinned and
whom “hide” yourself in confusion or ignorance.

“Shema” consists of the Name of YHVH “Shem” with an “Ayin” or eye added. His Name
represents the two judgements and it is connected to the eye that is watching.

zCh 1o:o ¨1or the eges o[ YHVH diligentlg seorch throughout oll the eorth,
to shou Himsel[ strong on hehol[ o[ those uhose heort is per[ect to Him. You
hcte ccted [oolishlu in this, so [rom nou on uou shcll hcte bcttles.¨

This gives us the deeper meaning that YHVH is warning us by instructing us to listen, and He
is searching those who will listen to His Voice and who’s hearts are after Him. The end result
will be that those that will hear His Voice and will do according to His Instructions, their “fruit”
will be seen by YHVH, and they will be saved in the Last Day.

Joh 1o:g-a
The doorkeeper opens to him, ond the sheep heor His Voice, ond he colls
His oun sheep hg nome ond leods them out. (a) And uhen he puts [orth his
oun sheep, he qoes be[ore them, cnd the sheep [ollou him. Ior theu lnou his toice.

Joh 1o:z¬-zS
Mg sheep heor Mg Voice, ond 1 knou them, ond theg [ollou
me. (z8) 1 gioe eternol li[e to them. Theg uill neoer perish,
ond no one uill snotch them out o[ mg hond.

Y’shua is the One that will hear and will avenge all sin and judge all beings. He
is the Torah and the measuring stick that will measure all people and all their
works. Even the brother of Isaac points us directly to the Messiah and that He
is the One that will deal with sin. Ishmael was not YHVH’s plan for Abraham,
but through this we see that He even uses what we do wrong, to glorify and
proclaim His Name and plan.

Y YH HV VH H’ ’s s p pl la an n v vs s. . H Hu um ma an n R Re ea as so on ni in ng g

Isaac’s life gives us insight in understanding what must have
gone through Abraham and Isaac’s minds when he was obeying
the terrifying thing YHVH commanded him to do. This also shows
us to be obedient to YHVH’s Instructions even if we do not
understand the logic behind it.

Cen zz:z
(z) And He soid, Toke nou gour son, gour
onlg one, 1sooc, uhom gou looe. And go into
the lond o[ Morioh, ond o[[er him there [or o
hurnt o[[ering upon one o[ the mountoins
uhich 1 uill nome to gou.

The word*7 ”har” means “mountain” or “high place”. It is constructed by a “Hey” and a
“Resh”, “Hey” 7 means; “what comes from” or “light” and “Resh” * means; “human
reasoning”. Very interesting. If Abraham was a “reasoning” “Resh” person that questioned
everything and who first needed to think if it made good logical sense, he wouldn’t have acted
upon the Instruction of YHVH and he wouldn’t have been known as the “father of faith”. True
Obedience is without reason and without questioning and is based upon faith, trusting the
One Who gave you the Instruction. YHVH is higher than man and He knows what will happen
in the future and have planned everything according to His Will and Purpose. We must not
question Him as if to say that He does not know what He is doing. I like the slogan “Just do
it!” We should listen to what YHVH wants and just do it in fath, believing that everything will
work out for the good for those who love Him.

Eph 1:11 in uhom clso ue hcte been chosen to cn inheritcnce, heing predestinoted
occording to the purpose o[ Him uho uorks oll things occording to the
counsel o[ His oun uill,

YHVH’s will and plan is not up for human decrement, we are not His judges to speak against
His Plan or Will. We murmur and complain about many things and yet we rae mere
instruments in the hand of YHVH.

Rom o:zo-z1 But uho ore gou, O mon, to tolk hock to Elohim? Shcll thct uhich
is [ormed scu to him uho [ormed it, ¨Whu hcte uou mcde me lile this?¨ (z:) Does not
the potter hooe outhoritg ooer the clog, [rom the some lump to moke one
oessel [or oolue ond onother not [or oolue?

YHVH is higher than us and His thoughts are not our thoughts and we should get in line with
Him and accept His wisdom. He will enlighten “Hey” those who are willing to accept His
Standards. The “mountain” or “High Place” is related to an Altar. An Altar is usally used to
bing an offering and “Altar”, is the word “areale” *x*7 and consists of the two words
“har” and ”El”. “Areale” then means; mountain or high place of Elohim. The task YHVH asked
of Abraham was like a great mountain before him, but on top of that mountain, he found
YHVH in Person.

Every great thing YHVH asks us to do, especially if it does not fit our reasoning and logic, if
you obey, you will find YHVH in that situation. You will have to give up something precious
like Abraham had to give up Isaac, and you have to put it on the altar, sacrificing those things
that is between you and YHVH so that He can enlighten you and bring you closer to Him and
elevate you to a higher spiritual place, where He is. Think about it!

· · ì
ìs s: :: :· ·' 's s ( (+ +: :· ·: :· ·| |· ·· ·

As I said earlier, there is not much about Isaac’s character described in the Scriptures. There
are more written on how he received his wife than any information about himself and what he
was like and what he did. This puts the emphasis on the story on how he got his wife
Rebecca, who is a picture of the Bride of Y’shua. Rebecca was barren and unfruitful, but
Elohim gave her a promise that she will be a great nation. She was part of
this promise that was given to Abraham and Isaac. We as the Bride of
Messiah also share in the same promise and we will be fruitful in Him,
even if we started of being “barren” in the world.

Isaac met his wife through a servant (Holy Spirit) that was sent to look for
certain attributes in the “bride to be” of His Master. She offered to give Him
water as well as His Camels and that is a picture of spending time in the
Word (water) with the Holy Spirit and also water the servants (camels) of
Elohim who carry His “Good News” through the Wilderness.

She was not perfect and her name reflects that. The name Rebecca
means; “to clog up” or “entangles” or “to lay snares”. We as believers
seem to have this problem where we tend to “clog up” the work of the Spirit or “entangle” the
truth with our own interpretation or wisdom, or “lay snares” through our confusion for other
believers. But there is good news, Rebecca (Bride) conceived from the “seed” (Word) she
received from he husband (Y’shua) and the promise that was given to Isaac (Y’shua) came
into being through her humble act of receiving His seed (Word).

Jos 1:z1
There[ore puttinq cside cll [ilthiness cnd oter[louinq o[ etil, receioe in meekness
the implonted Word, uhich is ohle to sooe gour souls.

We will also bring forth fruit and multiply if we are willing to humbly receive His Word and let it
grow within us. If we receive the Truth, our children (disciples) will look like our Master, but if
we receive the seed of the World (man made religion and confusion), our children will look
like their father, the father of lies (Satan). Be careful of the seed (Word - doctrines) you
receive, because you might reproduce bastard children that is not children of YHVH and who
will not follow and obey Him.

How does all of this link to the Feast of Booths?

The Feast of Booths is part of the “preparation cycle” that we as His bride need to prepare our
selves for His Coming. It is a preparation process for serving the servants of YHVH in
equipping them with His Word and to work in unity together so that we have one goal in this
life; to obey YHVH through faith so that His Plan will be fulfilled through us.

We saw that human reasoning is contrary to faith and destroys YHVH’s Plan and purposes
and we have to obey Him with “blind faith” trusting that everything will work out the way He
planned it.

We also saw that even our mistakes can be used to glorify YHVH and the mistake Abraham
made resulted in his son Ishmael and YHVH will even hear those who made mistakes. The
descendants of Ishmael became Israel’s enemy and the consequences f our mistakes are
tailor made by YHV to bring us back into His Will and Plan. Nothing we can do will stop His
Purpose to be fulfilled and He is in total control and He even uses our mistakes to correct us.

Even when life looks tough and it seems to be like a “wilderness”, YHVH has provided
everything we need for our journey unto the Promised Land. He gave us His Word, the Bread
of Life and the Living Water we need to survive. He also gave us His divine guidance through
the help of His Set Apart Spirit and He guides us by day and by night, all we have to do is to
follow. This path is to learn to listen to the Voice of YHVH (Y’shua and His Spirit) and to follow
Him and to trust in the hope of our Salvation.