Sukkot - The Feast of Booths

Day 4.

Topics of the day:

• Moses´ Life
• Moses´ Character
• Messiah´s Character resembled in Moses´ life.

i i a a. .s s· ·s s' ' . . | |· ·

Water, water, water. Water everywhere. Moses’ life is saturated with
water. His name has water in it (mem) C, he was drawn out of the
water and that is what his name actually means. He lead the Israelites
through the water (Red Sea), they were cleansed with water for three
days before they received the Ten Commandments. Moses hit the rock
it gave water to the people in the wilderness. I think water is very
important here.


His Name
“Mem” = Water
Moses = Drawn from
the water

the water
M Mo os se es s’ ’ n na am me e

¬co “moshe” or Moses’ name, has the meaning “drawing out of water”. If you turn his
name around, cc¬ , it is “HaShem” the Name of YHVH, associated with the two
judgements of YHVH.

R Re es st to or ra at ti io on n o of f t th he e S Sp pi ir ri it tu ua al l S So ou ul l – – N Na as sh ha am ma ah h & & N Ne ep ph he es sh h

The letter “Hey” 7 represents “light” and is also the sound of a breath. YHVH gave man his
first breath by breathing into man (Gen 1). Breath is the word “nashamah” meaning “spiritual
soul”. After YHVH breathed (nashamah) into man, he became a living soul (nephesh). In
other words; man has two souls; a spiritual soul “nashamah“ and a fleshly soul “nephesh“.
Nephesh is the same word used to describe living animals. Animals in Genesis are called
living creatures (nephesh). When man sinned, he felled from “glory” of Elohim and lost his
“nashamah” or “connection to YHVH”, and this left man only with his nephesh or fleshly soul.
The nashamah of man was his ability to “connect” to YHVH and to interact and have a
relationship with Him. The nephesh is man’s desires and personality that makes you unique
among others. Since we lost the nashamah, we no longer have the desire for spiritual things
or for YHVH. To be “born again” is to receive the Spirit of YHVH or the “Breath (Ruach) of Life
that is your nashamah that will make you conscious and alive to YHVH and His ways.

Abram’s and Sara’s names were changed to Abraham and Sarah by adding a “Hey” to their
names and this is quite significant to describe them receiving YHVH’s Spirit or “Breath”.
Abram changed to Abraham - C7*Dx Sara changed to Sarah ¨7**
This is why animal blood could atone for man’s sin in his fallen state because man fell to the
same soulish level as animals. YHVH’s Plan is to restore man’s “nashamah” so that he can
be lifted up to a “spiritual” state where he can commune with Him again. This spiritual
restoration work was done through Y’shua first coming by pouring out His “Spirit” onto man.

For man to receive the Spirit (nashamah), he needs to repent and accept Y’shua. The word
for repent is “hatishuvah” :+cn¬ and can be split in two by separating the “Hey”, the
word “tishuvah” :+cn - “Hey”, ¬ meaning “return to the” - “Hey” ,
or “return to the nashamah”.

R Re eb bi ir rt th h

In Moses’ name, read from the left to right it means, “Hey - Shem”, or “Restoration of spiritual
breath (Hey) in His Name (Shem)”. To do this you have to “come out from the water” or
(moshe). To come out of the water is a symbol of being born or to be “born again”. This goes
hand in hand with the symbolic meaning of baptism and the receiving of the Spirit.

In the beginning YHVH’s Spirit hovered over the water, YHVH let the land came
out of the water to be the basis and foundation for all life He created. In the same
way Moses came out of the water to become the basis and foundation of all
spiritual life YHVH created.

YHVH gave the foundation for spiritual life through His servant Moses in the form of the Ten
Commandments and the Torah. Moses was known to be the greatest profit among all the
prophets and is a picture of Y’shua. First He created all physical life and through Moses, He
created (restore) spiritual life.
Moses is synonym to the Ten Commandments and the Torah because
YHVH gave it to man through him and the Brit Chadasha (NT) refers to
the Torah as the Law of Moses. This new spiritual life is based upon the
foundation that YHVH laid through His humble servant Moses.
How could the Torah be annulled if it is the basis of this new
life? Coming out of the water resembles the birth process of a
baby born into this world and accepting the foundation of YHVH’s word (Torah) is
the “food” and nutrition a newborn of YHVH needs to grow up into spiritual

L Li iv vi in ng g W Wa at te er r

Torah means “instruction” and “flowing like water”. This links up with
Moses’ name associated with life giving water. Y’shua said on the last day
of Sukkot that He is the living water of Whom Moses was a foreshadow.
Water is the word “ma-yim”,co , “mem-yod-mem”. The letter “mem”
symbolises water and the “yod” symbolises the Spirit. If we look at the
word in Hebrew letters, we see the “life” or “Sprit” is coming out from the
centre, right between the two “mems”. The Spirit of YHVH is the Life that
is the centre and core of YHVH’s Living Water or Word.If we look further
we see a “closed mem” c and an “open mem” o, The “closed mem” represents the mysteries
of YHVH and His greatness that is still to be revealed. The “open mem” represents the
revelation that we have received through revelation of His Spirit.

M Mo os se es s - - A A f fo or re es sh ha ad do ow w o of f M Me es ss si ia ah h

Moses’ life is a perfect picture of the Messiah Who was to come from his
birth, where all the babies under the age of two were killed, right to where
He was the saviour of the nation out of bondage (Egypt). He came down
two times from the mountain where YHVH was and brought two sets of
instructions. In Moses’ name is the “water” c and “fire” z symbols that
confirms the two judgements on the earth (second is still to come). The
Messiah came down from YHVH to bring the first set of instructions, restoring the broken
relationship between YHVH and man. He will come a second time from YHVH, with the plan
of the tabernacle, the same as Moses, to bring us the second set of instructions. In the
second set is the instruction of how to live in YHVH’s ways and to be like Him. If you do not
conform to His ways, it is impossible to live with Him.

We call His ways the Hebrew culture; this is where all things will be restored to how it was
before sin entered the Garden of Eden. The one language will be restored and spoken by all
people, everybody will live in peace together and YHVH Himself will live in the New
Jerusalem and will rule and reign from the City. Read Zec 14.

Zec 1a:o-11 (o) And YHVH sholl he King ooer oll the eorth
. 1n
thot dog there sholl he one YHVH, ond His Nome one. Iootnote:
za:z(, Dcn. z:aa, Ret. ::::=. (:o) All the lcnd shcll be chcnqed into c desert
plcin [rom Geblc to Rimmon south o[ Yerushclcuim, cnd she shcll be rcised
up cnd inhcbited in her plcce [rom ßinucmin's Gcte to the plcce o[ the Iirst
Gcte cnd the Corner Gcte, cnd [rom the Touer o[ Hcncn'èl to the uinepresses
o[ the sotereiqn. (::) And theg sholl duell in her, ond there sholl he no
more utter destruction
, hut Yerushologim sholl he so[elg

YHVH started with Abraham and then used Moses to start the process of establishing His
culture on the earth.

R Re ec ce ei iv vi in ng g t th he e S Sp pi ir ri it t

Moses came out of the water and received instructions and was equipped to lead the people.
Y’shua also came out of the water and then He received the Spirit.

Mot g:1o And hctinq been immersed, uent up
immediotelg [rom the uoter, ond see, the heooens
uere opened, ond He sou the Spirit o[ Elohim
descending like o dooe ond coming upon Him,

Joh g:g (=) Y'shuo onsuered, "Trulg, trulg, 1 sog to
gou, unless one is horn o[ uoter ond the Spirit, he is
unohle to enter into the reign o[ Elohim.

In John we see the water and the spirit symbols again. If you haven’t
received the water or the Spirit, you cannot enter the Kingdom of YHVH. The water connects
to Moses and the first instructions given; the Ten Commandments, cleansing water, and then
the Sprit (revealing the Torah), equipping the people to be able to live like YHVH and to
become His set apart people, establishing His Culture (way of Life).

Without the cleansing water (Ten Commandments), you are unclean and not set-apart and so
unable to come in His presence, and without the equipping power of the Spirit (Torah), you
are unskilled to live like Him and become like Him and does not know Him.

You don’t need the Spirit to interoperate the Ten Commandments, it is straight forward, but
you need the Spirit to give you the strength to walk in His Ways and to guide you and help
you to understand the depth of the Torah. Without the Spirit, the Torah is dead letters, and
you will not understand how to implement all that is written therein. Searching the Torah with
the Spirit, you will find YHVH and the revelation of Him.

These are like the two trees in the Garden, the tree of good and evil and the tree of Life. The
Ten Commandments and the Torah shows us good and evil but the Spirit reveals true Life to
us, and the revealing Power is the Spirit.

Eph 1:1g-z1
(:=) Ior this recson I too, hctinq hecrd o[ uour belie[ in the Mcster cnd uour lote
[or cll the set-cpcrt ones, (:ó) do not cecse qitinq thcnls [or uou, mclinq mention o[
uou in mu prcuers, (:;) thct the Elohim o[ our Mcster Messich, the Icther o[
qloru, uould qite uou c spirit o[ uisdom ond reoelotion in the knouledge o[
Him, (:8) hooing the eges o[ gour understonding
heing enlightened, so thct
uou lnou uhct is the expectction o[ His ccllinq, cnd uhct cre the riches o[ the glorg
o[ His inheritonce in the set-oport ones, (:o) cnd uhct is the exceedinq qrectness
o[ His pouer toucrd us uho cre belietinq, cccordinq to the uorlinq o[ His miqhtu
strenqth, (zo) uhich He urouqht in the Messich uhen He rcised Him [rom the decd
cnd sected Him ct His riqht hcnd in the hectenlies, (z:) [cr cbote cll rule cnd
cuthoritu cnd pouer cnd mcsteru, cnd eteru ncme thct is ncmed, not onlu in this cqe
but clso in thct uhich is to come.

Paul understood the Torah, and based upon the Torah’s foundation, he wrote Ephesians. The
Spirit reveals the Messiah in the Torah, through having your eyes being enlightened. There
are no “new” revelations, but only the mysteries of what has already been written are revealed
through the Spirit. In these mysteries, you will find the Messiah, His plan for you and His plan
for the world.

/ / a
a. .s s· ·s s' ' (
(+ +: :· ·: :· ·| |· ·· ·

Moses was a humble man, if not the most humble man that ever lived. He is also the man that
saw YHVH face to face. And in this is the key if you want to see YHVH face to face; you have
to humble yourself.
Humble is the word “anah” and it means - looking down; to depress literally or
figuratively, abase self, afflict (-ion, self), chasten self, deal hardly with, defile, exercise,
force, gentleness, humble (self), hurt, ravish, weaken.

Torah 7*1D is a feminine word (ending on a “hey” and thus a response from the Bride.
It comes from the verbal root “yarah” that means, “to flow as water” or “to rain”. It also
means “to throw”, “shoot an arrow”, “cast”, “pour”, “to point out”, “to direct” and “to teach”.

Sin means “to miss the mark”, and this shows us that we need the Torah to help us to aim
properly and hit target every time. The Torah being water flowing down and rain falling down,
is a symbol of humility and you will only receive this “Living Water” if you humble your self and
submit under the One Who is the Source of it. This harmonizes with the “water” aspects found
in Moses’ name and Moses’ character. One who receives the Torah will be able to give the
Torah and will have a fountain of living water flow from their inside for all to drink from.

Joh ¬:gS-go
((8) ¨As the Scripture scid, out o[ His innermost sholl [lou rioers o[ lioing
uoter." ((o) And this He soid concerning the Spirit, uhich those belietinq in Him
uere cbout to receite, [or the Set-cpcrt Spirit ucs not uet qiten,
beccuse Y'shuc ucs
not uet esteemed.

His water is His Word, The Torah, and it is His Spirit, Who will teach you all things and will
help you to be set apart and grow up into maturity so that you will be able to disciple others.
This is one of the main reasons of Y’shua’s First Coming – so that we can receive His Spirit
and be equipped to walk in His Way’s and continue His work.

How does YHVH make us humble? First of all, arrogance is if you refuse to submit under His
authority. He humbles those by leading them through the wilderness, through trials and
tribulations, so that He might see what is in their hearts. He also does it with the humble if you
read the book of Job.

Deu S:z And uou shcll remember cll the ucu uhich YHVH gour Elohim led gou
these [ortg geors in the uilderness in order to humhle gou, to prooe gou, to
knou uhot is in gour heort, uhether gou uould keep His Commondments
or not.

If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice, but if you squeeze a
believer, Satan comes out. Your true character will manifest when you
are out of your comfort zone and when you are desperate. What do
you do when you are under pressure, do you break the Torah to make
something else happen? We are all actors who can act holy and make
as if we are following Y’shua perfectly. Nobody should see what you
are really thinking or what is going on in your inside, so you hide it
behinds a “mask of pretend”. When you are in a corner and when the
pressure is on you will find out what is really in your heart. Sometimes
you get an outburst and you see what to lay before YHVH so that He can deal with it. The
problem is not having the outburst; the problem is not repenting and not trying to change for
the better. To change is an effort and nobody likes it, but if you choose to change before the
pressure is on, it is easier to deal with situations and to change for the better. All you need to
do is to make a choice and to ask YHVH o help you to reach that goal you set for yourself. By
doing this you work as a team together and you will have greater success.
Involve YHVH in your life, especially with your flaws and mistakes and
fleshly issues, He will help you to get rid of it so that you will become
more like Him. Paul said the Torah is a mirror and if we look in the
mirror, we see the Messiah and we also see what we need to become
like. We need to pick up the mirror of YHVH and look what His Son looks
like so that we can ask Him to help us to become like Him.

Col z:zo
(zo) ¨1 hooe heen impoled uith Messioh, ond 1 no longer
lioe, hut Messioh lioes in me.
And thct uhich I nou lite in the
[lesh I lite bu [cith in the Son o[ Elohim, uho loted me cnd qcte Himsel[ [or me.
8::o, z Cor. ó::ó, z Cor. :(:=, Eph. (::;, Col. ::z;, : 1ohn a:a.

If you choose not to be humble you will be grouped with the proud. Pride is what caused
Lucifer to be cast down from heaven. What does the Word say about the proud and what will
happen to them?

Rom 1:zS-gz And eoen os theg did not think it uorth- uhile to possess the
knouledge o[ Elohim, Elohim gooe them ooer to o uorthless mind, to do
uhot is improper, (zo) hctinq been [illed uith cll unrighteousness, uhoring,
uickedness, greed, eoil: [illed uith enog, murder, [ighting, deceit, eoil
hohits: uhisperers, ((o) slonderers, hoters o[ Elohim, insolent, PROUD,
BOASTERS, deoisers o[ eoils, disohedient to porents, ((:) uithout
discernment, cooenont hreokers, unlooing, un[orgioing, ruthless: ((z) uho,
though theg knou the righteousness o[ Elohim, thot those uho proctise such
DESERVE DEATH, not onlg do the some hut ALSO APPROVE o[ those uho
proctise them.

Heh 1o:go Ior ue lnou Him uho hcs scid, ¨Vengeonce is Mine, 1 sholl repog,
sogs YHVH." And ogoin, "YHVH sholl judge His people."

Note that the people who do unrighteous acts are those who are grouped with the proud and
it is because of their pride that they refuse to submit under YHVH’s ruling and His Instructions
and they follow their “nepheshly” animal instincts. You can stand on the sideline and say: “but
I cannot judge anybody, what they do is right for them…” This attitude will land you a front
seat on the way to destruction and that is why we need to discipline our children, because of
this fact. If you turn a blind eye and do not react, you make yourself guilty of the sin you are
ignoring and “approving” for the sake of peace and the relationship with that person or your
child. Repent and react!! Use the Word and let the Word judge them, do not use
your own wisdom. By doing this you will help them to know the Truth and walk in
it. Your children are your responsibility.

Deu o:¬ cnd gou sholl impress them upon gour children, ond sholl
speok o[ them uhen gou sit in gour house, ond uhen gou uolk hg
the uog, ond uhen gou lie doun, ond uhen gou rise up,

You will be humbled, either by choice and free will or by circumstances and
pressure form YHVH’s wroth. The choice is yours.

Php z:1o-11 thct ct the Ncme o[ Y'shuc eoerg knee should hou, o[ those in
heooen, ond o[ those on eorth, ond o[ those under the eorth, (::) ond eoerg
tongue should con[ess thot Y'shuo Messioh is Moster, to the glorg o[ Elohim
the 1other.

These two are interconnected and you cannot see YHVH if you do not humble yourself. To
humble yourself can be seen as worship, as well as an attitude. In the Hebrew culture work is
seen worship and you should worship continually by everything you do. Having this attitude
every day, working and worshipping YHVH, is the way to stay humble. By doing this, you will
not only “see” YHVH inside of you, but others will see Him in your life. YHVH is expressed
through your “changed character” and “changed culture” of set-apartness.

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