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1 Lesson Plan for Thursday April 7, 2011 Teacher: Cody Rae Gruber Level: Advanced 1B Date/Time: 10.00 am-12.

00pm 4/7/11

Goal: To understand and correctly use passive voice vs. active voice. Objectives: Students will be able to 1. Write sentences in the passive and active voice using vocabulary from the unit. 2. Rewrite sentences in the passive voice that have been incorrectly written and tell why the sentences are incorrect. 3. Watch and understand a movie clip and write sentences in passive voice based on comprehension of the clip. Theme: Odd Jobs Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure Warm-up Passive or Active Voice? Interaction Time 10.00-10.10

Ss will do a short online quiz with T-Ss sentences where they must choose either active or passive voice. (It will be projected on the screen). For example: A new book _______ by the company next year. Ss choose between will publish or will be published 10.10-10.40 Ss will review vocabulary from Unit 4 and 5 by writing sentences on butcher paper. T will divide Ss into 2 groups. T-Ss Ss must 1) write 5 sentences (in the themeodd jobs) using the vocabulary words 2) put a blank where the vocabulary word will go and 3) write 3 of 5 sentences in passive voice and 2 in Ss active voice. (They must indicate which is which). Then groups will switch papers and each group must complete the sentences written by the other group. Ss will look at a picture of people Ss working and dining in a restaurant

Activity 1 Vocabulary Review and Passive voice sentence writing

Activity 2 Passive Voice Corrections


2 Activity 2, continued Passive Voice Corrections (p.221 in Fun with Grammar). In small groups, Ss will come up with a few sentences related to the picture in passive voice. For example: The tray is being carried by a waiter. Then, T will give Ss a list of sentences (Fun with Grammar p. 222) that are incorrectly written in the passive voice. In their groups, Ss must rewrite the sentences correctly and tell why they are incorrect (Ex: awkward or verb is not used in passive). When groups are finished, Ss will write the sentences correctly on the board. T asks if Ss know about Indiana Activity 3 Joneswho is he? What kind of job(s) Indiana Jones Movie Clip & does he have? Is it an odd job? Passive Voice Sentences T will pass out p. 220 worksheet from Fun with Grammar. T will go over vocabulary words that students will encounter in the clip or need to write about later on. Words are: boulder chase exchange flatten follow hole idol Indians opening replace sand skeleton spear spiders squash stones surround whip Ss will then watch the first 12 minutes of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then, in groups, students will answer the questions on p. 220 based on what they saw in the clip. Answers must be in passive voice. HW: workbook pages 34-35 Wrap-up Exit Cards: write 1 thing you learned HW assignment & Exit and 1 thing you still have questions Cards about






Materials: Internet, markers, butcher paper, Fun With Grammar pgs 220-222, Indiana Jones movie clip, index cards, Audio CD for Unit 5 Anticipated Problems: This lesson might be a little grammar heavy, but I hope the movie clip and vocabulary activity will make it more fun. Also, it was hard to find activities that were related to the grammar point (passive voice) and the theme (odd jobs)

3 that would be very relevant for students. I hope the students dont find the activities too easy or too difficult. Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): I will do the pronunciation activity from the book on page 61. Also, Ss wrote an essay recently and I would like them to do peer reviews, so they could also do this if we finish early (instead of doing it this coming Monday). Post-Lesson Reflections: Overall the lesson went well. The students really enjoyed the Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark movie clip. However, I think I need to show them some examples of when passive voice is used in real life. I gave them some verbal examples (customer service, averting blame) but I will try to find some realia to help illustrate the point.