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Lesson Plan for Monday February 28, 2011 Teachers: Cody Rae Gruber Level: Advanced 1 Date/Time: February

28, 2011 ---10.00 am-12.00pm Goal: Students will understand and correctly use the different verb tenses studied thus far (simple present, simple past, present progressive, past progressive, present perfect, past perfect, future (will, going to, simple present). They will use the four skills in a variety of different manners to accomplish this goal. Objectives: Students will be able to 1. Students will listen to a brief clip about actress Natalie Portman and answer a few short comprehension questions. 2. Read an article from the New York Times and underline the various tenses learned so far and circle unknown vocabulary words. 3. Write sentences using each of the above listed tenses 4. Match each tense with its correct sentence in a game (explained below, Activity 3).

Theme: The Future of Film

Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Warm-up: Listening Comprehension & Verb Tense Review Activity/Procedure Ss will watch a video clip about Natalie Portman and answer the following questions in group discussion: 1. Why was Natalie Portman so successful? (2 reasons) 2. What two qualities does Natalie say she likes about herself? 3. What does the reporter say is the biggest difference between Natalie Portman and Lindsay Lohan? A brief review of the tenses learned thus fara matching game done on the internet s/games/grammar/perfectpast/tenses%20 match.html Interaction Time 10.00T-Ss 10.15


Activity 1: Reading Comprehension

Students will read an article from the NY Ss Times. They will highlight each verb tense they recognize and then answer the following comprehension questions: 1. There are several movies nominated for the Oscars. What does the author say is the reason for these movies surprise success? (Many babyboomers went to see these movies. They are not for kids or young adults) 2. Now that older people are retiring, what are they doing with their spare time? (Going to the movies). 3. Name at least 2 reasons why older adults are seeing movies more often (older movie stars, better food, reserved seating, and more adult like movies) 4. Where do theaters make most of their money? (Concession stand) 5. What is something the author says older movie goers find very annoying? (Texting teenagers) 6. Name two ways ArcLight Cinemas and AMC Cinemas are trying to get adults to come to their theaters (hint! It has to do with food!! (Serving ahi tuna sandwiches, red pepper gorgonzola dip, and seat side food and cocktail service) Ss will compare their answers Ss with their neighbors T will go over the article with Ss, T-Ss answering any questions about vocabulary and verb tenses


Activity 2: Writing sentences Ss will make their own sentences on in different verb tenses butcher paper. Each paper will have a T-Ss different heading (ex: simple past) and Ss will, in groups, move around the room to each paper making their own sentences (1 sentence/person). T will read each sentence when Ss are done, making corrections if necessary Verb Tense Tic Tac Toe (See layout of 11.15-11.55 game on last page) Ss will apply what they have learned about the verb tenses in a game. In groups, Ss will choose a team name. Each turn a different S will write a sentence. Ss must make sentences for the box they choose, in the tense that is written with that verb. If they write the verb correctly, they can place an X or an O in the box. If it is not correct, the other team takes their turn. Ss must connect four boxes in a row to win. Exit Card: 2 things learned, 1 thing still confused about HW: Pg 17 ex 2, pg 18-19 ex 4 Materials: Butcher paper, markers, computer, chalk, chalkboard, overhead with reading comprehension questions, overhead, projector, exit cards (index cards)


Activity 3: Verb Tense Tic Tac Toe


Anticipated Problems: Not sure about the timing of these activities. They could take longer than anticipated. Also, if the technology fails, I will have students watch the video on my personal computer. If that doesnt work, there is a similar exercise in the book (critical reading with questions) that Ss could do. Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): Last week Ss had an essay to write. It is their first draft. I would have them switch essays with a partner and give each other some feedback.

Post-Lesson Reflections: This is one of those days when things didnt go as planned. One of my activities centered around the game of Tic-Tac-Toe. I thought this was a universal game, but apparently it is not! No one in the room (from Korea, France, Israel, and Japan) had heard of this game, so the grammar point, which was incorporated into the game, was somewhat lost because no one understood why Xs and Os were being drawn on the board. So I realized what was going on and explained the concept of the game, and then it got much better. This is why we should never assume anything!!

Verb Tense Tic Tac Toe Ski (Present Progressive) Watch (Past Perfect) Drive (Simple Past) Play (Present Perfect) ????? (Past Progressive) Travel (Present Progressive) Cook (Future, will) Write (Past Progressive) Think (Present Perfect) Provide (Simple Past) ???? (Simple Present) Jump (Simple Past)

Drink (Simple Present) Start (Future, Simple Present)

Going to (Future) Exercise (Past Perfect)