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Lesson Plan Teacher/s: Cody Rae Gruber Date/Time: Monday March 21, 2011 10.00-12.


Level: Advanced 1 Goal: To identify and correctly use gerunds as a noun, subject, object, or object of a preposition and to use either a gerund or infinitive correctly. Objectives: Students will be able to: 1. Identify different types of gerunds (noun, subject, object, object of a preposition) 2. Write sentences using different types of gerunds 3. Use either a gerund or infinitive correctly

Theme: I Beg to DifferConflict Resolution

Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Warm-up What is Conflict Resolution? Activity/Procedure Interaction Write the word conflict on the board what do Ss think this word means? Have T-Ss them write synonyms around the word. T will mention difference between the CONflict (noun) and conflict (verb). Ss Do activity 2 on pg 43 (Ss will describe a time they begged to differ with someone and how they resolved the issue). T will write the following sentences on T-Ss the board: Someone was talking during the test and Talking is not allowed during the test T will ask if there is a grammatical difference between the two Then, Ss will read the introduction on gerunds on pg 46 T will write the following sentences on the board: I enjoy taking classes on conflict resolution and I am taking a class on conflict resolution o How is the word taking used differently in both these sentences? Then Ss will read and complete Time 10.0010.15

Activity 1 What is a Gerund?


Activity 2 Making Sentences with Gerunds Matching Game

survey on pg 44, Dealing with Ss Disagreement. In groups, they will then find and classify all the gerunds in the survey as either the ing form of a verb used as a noun, subject of a sentence, object of verb, or following a preposition Gerund sentences w/ envelopes Ss will get in groups of 2. Each group Ss will receive an envelope containing sentences that are missing the gerund or infinitives. Ex: The sentence My father was made when I went to bed without _____ should be matched with brush my teeth. Ss would have to change brush to its gerund form brushing Writing examples of noun, subject, object Ss on butcher paper (keeping with theme of conflict resolution/disagreements). Ss will go around the room in pairs and write different examples of gerunds as nouns, subject, or object on butcher paper (Each pair will write 2 sentences). T will go over the sentences at the end. Ss will listen to a short listening comprehension exercise that focuses on the theme of begging to differ. Ss must first listen and then write what they think the subject of the conflict (example: a mother and daughter arguing about the daughter staying out late) T will also discuss any idioms that come up in the T-Ss activity (ex: You snooze you lose) Exit card- Ss will write one thing the Ss-T learned and 1 thing they still have questions about T-Ss Ss


Activity 3 Writing sentences using gerunds in different forms


Activity 4 Listening activity about conflict resolution




Materials: Textbook, survey on pg 44, gerund sentences in envelopes, butcher paper, markers, CD player and CD for listening exercise Anticipated Problems: These activities may take more or less time than anticipated. Also, since these students are advanced, I am not sure if this is a review for them, and if so, if it will be too easy. Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): I have a 4 activities planned, so I think if one activity finishes faster than anticipated there will still be plenty to do. However, if all 4 are finished and there is still time left, there are exercises in the workbook Ss could do in pairs.

Post-Lesson Reflections: Teaching gerunds was harder than I thought it would be! Students found it very challenging, and this is a capable group. However, I think most of the activities went well and helped students grasp the concept. At the end of the lesson I think they were just starting to get it. We might have to spend 2 weeks on this.

My father was angry when I went to bed without ________________ Brush my teeth Our parents think we are too young to get married, so we have decided ______________ To wait John, having spent to years in Paris, is very good at _______________ Speak French My mother taught me to never go to bed before ______________ Say goodnight Dont worry about the stove; I remember_______________ Turn it off

I was upset that he cut in front of me in line, so I decided ______________ To yell at him __________ wont solve your problems, but it might make you feel better. Cry I believe in _____________ when you are in a fight with someone you care about. Try to make a compromise Not _____________ angry is sometimes hard if someone is very rude to you. Get He needs to stop _________ other people for his issues and take responsibility for his actions. Blame

Anna always avoids ___________ with my friends and me. Go out Every time Lisa sleeps late, her mother says she is _________lazy. Be Joe always accuses his little brother of __________ his toys. Hide ___________ at people rarely solves an argument. Scream