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Lesson Plan Template Teacher: Cody Rae Kedy Level: A2A Date/Time: 10.17.11 10.00-12.


Goal: Objectives: Students will be able to 1. Correct errors to their own sentences 2. Summarize one section of a reading jigsaw activity 3. Summarize the main idea of a listening comprehension task Theme: Technology Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure Each Ss will choose 3 of their best Warm-up sentences from their HW assignment Go over HW and write it on the board with their name. T will read each sentence and ask for feedback from the class, and provide corrections for article use T has made a list of sentences with Activity 1 incorrect use of articles, written by Error Correction: Articles students. Individually, students will go A, an, the, and over each sentence and rewrite where they think the article is incorrect. Then, in pairs, students will compare answers. T will then ask each pair to read what they think the correct sentence is. Activity 2 Reading Jigsaw Interaction Ss-T Time 10.0010.30




Ss will read an article from the New Ss York Times about iPhones. Ss will be divided into groups of 3, with each group getting one page. Ss must first read their page individually, and then discuss in their groups what their page is about, and any vocabulary questions they have. In their groups, one student will be the group scribe and together


Activity 3 Listening for the Main Idea

Wrap-up Exit card HW: Article Review

Ss will come up with a short written summary of their section. Then, as a whole class each group will explain what their section is about. Link to the article: pinion/you-love-your-iphoneliterally.html? scp=5&sq=iphone&st=cse Ss will listen to a dialogue about tech Ss pets and summarize the main idea in a few sentences. Each Ss will compare what they have written with a partner. Ss-Ss Then, Ss will listen to the dialogue again and fill out the chart on pg 112 of Ss their books. **This will be similar to the listening section of the midterm!** Ss will write 1 thing they learned and 1 thing they still have questions about on an index card.


For HW, students must write in the correct article that has been blanked out of the Materials: markers, Article Correction worksheet, New York Times article, listening CD Anticipated Problems: Ive only done a reading jigsaw in workshops, never with students before, so Im not sure how the students will respond.

Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): If students finish early, I Have another listening activity to do with them. If things go later than planned, the listening activity can be postponed until the next class.

Post-Lesson Reflections: Overall, I am pleased with how the lesson went. Students really got into the error correction, I think because it was about their own sentences. The reading jigsaw also went well, although at the end during the class discussion, I had a hard time getting volunteers to explain what their section of the article was about. However, they were able to complete the task and also did a nice job writing the summary. We didnt get to the listening activity, which is fine. The next class can begin with that instead.

Error Correction Worksheet 1. I bought an computer yesterday. 2. He wanted to get new bike for birthday. 3. Since I had headache last night, I took my medicine. 4. My husband likes to walk in the Central Park every day. 5. Much of information is available on the Internet. 6. My sister said she wants the iPod. 7. Do you want to go for walk with me on Broadway? 8. In Japan there is lot of people on the train. 9. I need to buy an apples for making the pie. 10. The progress in medicine is important.


Steve Jobs 2.0

With ___ resignation of Steve Jobs, Apples new CEO is Tim Cook, about whom little is known. What is the Alabama-born former COO like? The Daily Beast looks at what ___ Internet is saying.
August 25, 2011 2:09 AM EDT After Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple yesterday, COO Timothy Cookwho oversees the companys supply chain, manufacturing, and other operations was immediately chosen as his successor. Relatively little is known about ____ Alabama-born executive, who also serves on the board of Nike and previously worked at computer giant ____Compaq. Mr. Cook isnt the showman that Mr. Jobs is, but people who know him call him ___ "operational genius" who was responsible for crafting Apples current supply-chain system and helping to transform the company into one of ____ most efficient electronics manufacturers today. The Alabama native, who majored in industrial engineering at Auburn Universityhe is ___ big Tigers football fanand earned a masters in business administration at ___ Duke University, was being groomed to become a top executive at

Compaq Computer Corp. when Mr. Jobs recruited him in 1998. ___ fitness fanatic who often arrives at ____ gym by 5 a.m., Mr. Cook had been known to quote _____ cyclist Lance Armstrong in Apple meetings.