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Lesson Plan Template Teacher: Cody Rae Kedy Level: A2A Date/Time: 10.3.11 10.00-12.


Goal: Objectives: Students will be able to 1. Understand the meaning of phrasal verbs in textbook 2. Write sentences using phrasal verbs 3. Play a game using phrasal verbs that are correctly conjugated Theme: Personality Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure Each Ss will write 2 sentences from the Warm-up HW on the board. Go over HW Then, T will go around the room and Ss will read their sentences. T will ask class if everyone agrees with what is on the board, and if not, to have the class offer suggestions for correction. T will: Activity 1 o Write turn down on the board Introduction to Phrasal what are different meanings? Verbs Turn down blankets Turn down radio or heater Turn down someones offer o Write the following sentences: o Ask Ss what they they think each verb means. She called me up at 7.30 to ask if I heard the news. John called on Mary with a bouquet of roses, but she turned him down because he isnt her type. He was Interaction Ss T-Ss Time 10.0010.20



disappointed, but hell get over it. We cant put off the test because there are only two classes left till the end of term. I was about to go home when Tomona turned up. Ive always looked up to my parents. I hope they never look down on me. Sometimes when I was younger they had to put up with me! Activity 2 Writing sentences with phrasal verbs Using butcher paper and markers, Ss Ss-Ss will get into groups of 2 or 3. Ss must write 5 sentences using phrasal verbs from the book, leaving a blank space where the verb goes. Then, Ss will switch papers with another group and will have to fill in the blanks with the correct phrasal verb. Students will then join the group that has their paper and confer to see if everyone wrote down the correct phrasal verb. T will walk around the room throughout this activity, offering suggestions and making sure everyone is on the right track. Ss will be divided into Team A and Ss-Ss Team B. One member from each team will compete during each round. Ss must read the sentence on the projection screen and restate the sentence using the correct phrasal verb. For example: John wants to take Mary on a date. John wants to ask Mary out. (See PowerPoint for the complete game). Students get 1 point for saying the correct PV and 1 point if they can conjugate it correctly. If one student makes a mistake, the other student has a chance to answer and get points. 10.4511.15

Activity 3 Phrasal Verb Game


Wrap-up Exit cards, HW

Ss will write 1 thing they leared about T-Ss PVs and 1 thing they are still confused about


HW: Write 5 original sentences using PVs of your choice. Make sure to conjugate correctly!! Materials: butcher paper, markers, phrasal verb PowerPoint game, computer projector

Anticipated Problems: This lesson will involve a lot of technology, so I hope the projector works. I will bring my own computer just in case. Also, phrasal verbs are difficult, so this might be a tough lesson for students to get.

Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): Students will be doing a lot this class. If we do not finish the game (go through every slide) that is OK. We can look at the rest of the slides the next class, or I might design another activity out of the ones we dont finish. Post-Lesson Reflections: Both the phrasal verb writing activity and PowerPoint game went great! Students were really involved in both, and although they found phrasal verbs to be difficult (especially the more abstract ones like to look up to, as in to respect), they tried really hard and had fun. The game was quite exciting and became quite fast paced at times. I would definitely do something like this again.