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Lesson Plan Template Teacher: Cody Rae Kedy Level: A2A Date/Time: 10/20/11 10.00-12.


Goal: To review the main grammar points from Units 7-9 for the midterm exam Objectives: Students will be able to: 1. Write relative clauses using appropriate relative pronouns (that, which, who, whom, whose) 2. Write sentences with phrasal verbs discussed in class 3. Write the correct article (a, an, the, or ) 4. Write original sentences using articles correctly (a, an, the, or )

Theme: Technology & Travel

Stage/Aim/Skill/Microskill Activity/Procedure Warm-up Review the grammar Progress Check Review HW Progress Check on pages 119-121 of textbook o Ss will write answers on board Activity 1 Relative Clause Review Crossword Puzzle o o Interaction Time 10.00-10.30 T-Ss 10.30-11.00 Ss will be divided into groups Ss-Ss A or B Students in group A get a copy of worksheet 27a, and group B gets worksheet 27b (A has the words going down and B has the words going across). In their groups (of 2 or 3), they must write clues to their words using relative clauses T will give an example on the board: a machine that sends written information that is received by a similar machine (answer is a fax). When Ss have finished writing their clues, Ss should work with Ss from the other group. They must take turns reading the clues they created and their partner will guess the word

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Activity 2 Phrasal Verb Review Game

Activity 3 Choosing the correct article (a, an, the, or )

Wrap-up Final questions and HW

(See activity instructions handout for full details) o Ss will get into groups of 2. o Each pair will have a sheet of butcher paper and markers o Ss will look at the chapter about phrasal verbs and write 10 sentences using phrasal verbs of their choice o They must leave the space where the PV goes blank. o Example: I want to ______ ______ my mother with my new iPhone! (call back) o When Ss have written their sentences, they will tape their papers to the wall When everyone is finished, each pair will go around the room and write the correct PVs in the blanks (they cant do their own!) o Ss will get a worksheet where they must choose the correct article o http://www.learnenglishfeelgoo o Then, they will get into groups of 2 and compare their answers with a partner. o Each group will then write 5 sentences of their own, with a blank for a, an, the, or Students have come with questions about the midterm. These questions can be addressed now. HW: Study for midterm on Monday!








Materials: Relative clauses crossword puzzles A and B, butcher paper, markers, tape, article review worksheet Anticipated Problems: These activities may take longer or shorter than expected. I havent used the crossword game before, so Im not sure how that will go, or how difficult it will be.

Contingency Plans (what you will do if you finish early, etc.): If the lesson finishes early, I will have students read the reading comprehension passage on pg 115-116 in the book and answer the questions at the end. If its running late, Activity 3 will be a good review and can be completed for homework.

Post-Lesson Reflections: Students really enjoyed all the activities. The crossword puzzle was a good review for relative clauses, and students really tried their best to write their own clues. The phrasal verb review game went extremely well. Students have written their own PV sentences before, but usually in small groups. This activity that involved the whole class constantly circling the room was very lively. In the end, there were some sentences that students couldnt figure out, which provided a good avenue for discussion. Todays class was a good indicator that students are ready for the midterm exam this coming Monday.