This pack has been put together to provide and guide you through the requirements needed to successfully complete the Catering Control Assignment. Your requirement is to fully and correctly complete every section in this folder as per assessment criteria. This folder must be returned fully completed to Regency Cookery Division to be formally assessed on the given date. Important: Read through the whole project at least once before you attempt any of the exercises. Take note of the information given to you. Exercise sheets are provided in some sections as an example only, you are required to generate your own work. The project contents must be typed/word processed, hand-written material for some sections will only be accepted if it is neat and easy to read.



The requirements for this section are: To carefully read the assessment sheet, and correctly follow the criteria for each section to enable you to successfully complete the project.



Assessment Sheet Student Name:_______________________ Group Number_________ Menu Originality of menu & logo Originality of menu content Culinary balance of menu content Pricing strategy Clarity of font and menu descriptions Quality of final menu presentation Correct Spelling Total Standard recipe Cards Quality of overall presentation Food specifications Accuracy of overall costing. adaptation relevant to the proposed menu Floor plan: equipment specification Floor plan: quality of drawing’s presentation Total Staff allocation . percentage & menu price calculation Clarity of written methodology for food preparation processes Adherence to metric measurements of food products & number of serves Quality of food presentation: photos or drawings Total Culinary balance sheets for all menu items/Menu Evaluation Total Yield Test Correct cost per kilogram Correct total cost Correct saleable weight Correct new cost per kilogram Correct cost factor Total Kitchen Design – not to scale Floor plan: Weekly roster and working times for individual staff members Duty description for staff members Total Essay Components Introduction/personal profile Restaurant profile Customer profile Bibliography Total Project Presentation Presentation folder Correct spelling and grammar Total Assessment Total points achieved Total actual points achieved Final grade Lecturer:__________________________ Due Date:_____________ Possible mark 4 pts 4 pts 4 pts 4 pts 4 pts 2 pts 2 pts 24 pts Achieved Mark Roll No:_________________ 2 4 4 4 2 pts pts pts pts pts 2 pts 18 pts 5 pts 5 pts 1 1 1 1 1 5 pt pt pt pt pt pts 2 2 2 6 pts pts pts pts 4 pts 4 pts 8 pts 2 pts 2 pts 4 pts 2 pts 10 pts 2 pts 2 pts 4 pts Possible Mark 80 % Achieved Mark 3 .

Distinction 91 – 100% = 73 points Credit 81 – 90% = 65 to 72 points Pass 70 – 80% = 56 to 64 points Fail = below 65 points 4 .

TITLE PAGE The requirements for this section are: 1) Your name 2) The name of your Restaurant 3) The name of your Lecturer 4) The due date for this assignment Notes: 5 .

CONTENTS Assessment Assessment Criteria Sheet Title Page Content Page Introduction/Personal Profile Restaurant Profile Customer Profile Business Logo Design Menu design Entrées Main-courses Desserts Menu Evaluation and Culinary Balance Standard Recipes Yield Test Kitchen Floor Plan Design Example 1and 2 Job Description and Roster (Kitchen) Catering Control Rostering Catering Control Roster Catering Control – Customer Profile Bibliography 1 2/3 4 5 6 7 8/9 10 11 12/13 14/16 17/18 19/20 21/22 23 24 25 26 Note: a contents page will need to be included in your assessment 6 .

Style of presentation -Type of cuisine that you have selected for your restaurant -Include personal influences such as: Your practical skills Social background. Notes: 7 . Specific interest. commodities Economical constraints Demographics of your customer profile Availability of produce Geographical constraints. Knowledge of ingredients.INTRODUCTION/PERSONAL PROFILE The requirements for this section are: A short essay of 300 words justifying: -The choice of ingredients .

the seating capacity and the reasons for the style of menu you are offering. the décors. Notes: 8 . the size.RESTAURANT PROFILE The requirements for this Section are: A short essay of 300 words describing the type of establishment. the location.

CUSTOMER PROFILE The requirements for this section are: To submit hours of trading: Days per week Times per day Average number of customers number per service period Average customer expenditure per head per service period Average total revenue per week.(food sales only) Notes: 9 .

Trading Day / Opening Time Days trading Lunch Times Dinner times Mon 12-2 6-9 Tue 12-2 6-9 Wed 12-2 6-9 Thu 12-2 6-9 Fri 12-2 6-9 Sat 12-2 6-9 Sun 12-2 6-9 Expected customer turnover Average customer per service Lunch Dinner Mon 50 60-80 Tue 50 60-80 Wed 50 60-80 Thu 50 60-80 Fri 50 60-80 Sat 50 60-80 Sun 50 60-80 Expected revenue per day per week Average expense per customer per lunch Lunch Dinner Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total per day Weekly Total 10 .

the logo should identify the establishment you are creating. The logo needs to appear on your menu. Notes: 11 .BUSINESS LOGO DESIGN The requirements for this section are: Design a business logo for your restaurant. Explain in 100 words the reasons and influences leading to the selection of your design.

poultry. 1soup and or 1 composite salad can be included) 6 Main-Courses (A selection of meat. different selling prices need to be included. Notes: 12 . A variety on one dish is acceptable. The menu must be typed/word processed. seafood. You must design a menu suitable to be presented in an A La Carte Restaurant. Main-Course items need to include accompaniments. Mornay. and vegetarian dish must all be included) 6 Desserts (A selection of hot and cold desserts) The menu must be presented as a section of your folder on A4 paper. Kilpatrick. Investigate as much as possible the availability of local and fresh ingredients. Sauteed Kifler Potatoes. Each menu items must include a selling price on the menu card. as much as it is possible in English. although it must be shown under one heading. The menu must not contain a duplication of the main ingredients between entrees and main courses Each dish on the menu must be appropriately described. for example: Oyster Natural.MENU DESIGN The requirements for this section are: To produce a menu comprising the following menu items: 6 Entrees (A selection of hot and cold. for example: Slow Roasted Salmon Fillet with a Peter Lehman Barossa Shiraz Grenache Beurre Rouge.

Notes: 13 . In 100 words to assess the overall contents of your menu as per the balance evaluation sheet.MENU EVALUATION AND CULINARY BALANCE The requirements for this section are: To analyse the menu items as per the balance evaluation sheet.

Menu Item Culinary Balance / Evaluation Name: Group: Menu Item Ingredient Colours Lecturer: Major Ingredients Major Flavour Hot / Cold Light / Heavy Cooking Method Texture of Main Ingredients WHITE/2007 MENU PLANNING FORMAT 4/12/2011 .

selling price and food cost %. Select 2 items from your entrees.STANDARD RECIPES The requirements for this section are: Prepare and cost six individual menu items on standard recipes cards. and include a portion cost . Notes: 15 . Select 2 items from your main-courses Select 2 items from your desserts. Each standard recipe must be for 10 serves (portions) Include ingredient specifications All standard recipes must be in metric weights Include all accompaniments and sauces Each standard recipe must be accompanied with the correct method of preparation and picture All standard recipes must be typed/word processed All standard recipes must be correctly calculated.


Method of Production ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Photograph Presentation Suggestions: 17 .

Select one item from your standard recipes. or whiting.YIELD TEST The requirements for this section are: To correctly conduct and record a yield test on an uncooked product. total prices Trimmed weight and saleable weight New cost per kg and the cost factor. eg. fillet of beef. Weight correctly the product before and after processing. Record all percentages Cost per kg. potatoes. beans. Notes ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 18 .

60 GRADE: COOKING TIME: COOKING TEMPERATURE: PREPARATION TIME: A1 N/A N/A N/A Details Weight kg 18.00kg $8.500kg 4.000kg 13.33 $2.93 $1.20 $147.500kg Weight % 100% 75% 25% Market value per kg Total value $147.YIELD TEST SHEET ITEM BEING TESTED: TOTAL WEIGHT: COST PER KILO: TOTAL COST: Pork Loin 18.500kg $10.20 Cost factor Total weight Trimmed weight Loss in trimmings Cooked weight Loss in cooking Bones and trim Saleable weight Labour cost 13.73 New Cost per kg: _____________________ 19 .60 Cost per kg $8.

KITCHEN FLOOR PLAN DESIGN The requirements for this section are: To design a commercial kitchen suitable for your establishment and adapted to your menu. Include the following information: A floor plan to the kitchen Cold and hot preparation areas Major equipment placement and identification Appropriate refrigeration/freezer space Staff entry. services and exit from restaurant Commercial dishwashing area Crockery storage Dry good storage Notes: 20 .

Kitchen Design Examples 21 .

Customer per hour. Notes: 22 . ROSTER AND CUSTOMER PER HOUR The requirements for this section are: To provide a specific job description for all full time or casual positions in the kitchen. The information submitted in this section must correlate to the customer profile trading days/hours. Furthermore kitchen staffing need to reflect the skill levels required to organise and prepare the selected menu items.JOB DESCRIPTION. A working roster showing specific hours for all services. lunch/ dinner during your trading times.

KITCHEN ROSTER Position Service/ Hours Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total 23 .

Catering Control Rostering / Customer per Hour Number of Cover Lunch / Dinner / Total Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Total number of working hours per day average customer per hours per day _________ _ _________ _ __________ __________ _________ _ _________ _ _________ _ Position Monday L_______ D_______ T_______ Tuesday L_______ D_______ T_______ Wednesda y L_______ D_______ T_______ Thursday L_______ D_______ T_______ Friday L_______ D_______ T_______ Saturda y L_______ D_______ T_______ Sunday L_______ D_______ T_______ Total hours worked per day Average customers per hours per week Total number of covers for the week Total hours per week ____________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ Total_______________ _________ _ Total number of covers per week:__________ Average customers per week:__________ 24 .

Catering Control Roster Monda y HEAD CHEF SECOND CHEF CASUAL KITCHEN CLOSED CLOSED 9AM-3PM RDO 12 hrs 50 4.28 OFF 9-5PM 21 hrs 145 6.17 9-3PM OFF 12 hrs 55 4.62 25 .17 CLOSED CLOSED 9AM – 3PM RDO Tuesday Wednesda y 9-3PM 9-3PM Thursday RDO 9-3PM Friday 9-5PM OFF Saturday 9-3PM 8-3PM Sunday 9-5PM 8-4PM HAND Average hours worked Average customers per day Customer per hour per day Total hours worked per week Head chef 34 hours per week Second chef 27 hours per week Casual 24 Hours per week Kitchenhand 21 hours per week Total 106 hours Total hours worked per week Total customers per week Customers per hour per week 106 490 4.90 9-3PM 9-5PM 30 hrs 95 3.17 9-3PM 12-4PM 18 hrs 95 5.17 RDO RDO 12 hrs 50 4.

Catering Control .Customer Profile OPENING TIMES Monday Lunch Dinner Close Close Tuesda y 12pm2pm 6pm10pm Wednesda Thursda y y 12pm-2pm 12pm2pm 6pm-10pm 6pm11pm Thursda y 70 people 90 people Friday 12om-2pm 6pm-11pm Saturda y 12pm2pm 6pm11pm Saturday 80 people 120 people Sunday Close Close EXPECTED CUSTOMER TURNOVER Monday Tuesda Wednesda y y Lunch Close 50 60 people people Dinner Close 60 70 people people CATERING CONTROL ROSTERING ROSTER FOR ONE WEEK Position Monday Tuesday Friday 80 people 100 people Sunday Close Close Wednesda y Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Hrs Worked Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Chef 1pm-5pm RDO Cook 1 1pm-5pm 11am2pm 5pm10pm 11am2pm 5pm10pm RDO 5pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm RDO 36 hours RDO 5pm11pm 39 hours 26 .

10 RDO 6pm11pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 11qm2pm 5pm11pm 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 54 Hrs 200C 3.Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Lunch Dinner Cook 2 RDO 11am2pm 5pm10pm 5pm10pm 12pm3pm Apprentice 1pm-5pm 11am2pm 5pm10pm 11am2pm 5pm10pm 6pm11pm 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 38 Hrs 130C 3.75 Kitchenhand 1 Kitchenhand 2 RDO 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 6pm12pm 39 Hrs 160C 4.70 RDO 36 hours RDO 35 hours RDO 35 hours RDO 38 hours Total # of hours per day Total # of covers per day Customer per hour 12 Hrs 0 0 29 Hrs 110C 3.42 11am2pm 5pm11pm RDO 11am2pm 11am2pm 5pm11pm 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 12pm3pm 6pm12pm 48 Hrs 180C 3.55 27 .79 Total hours per week Total covers per week Customers per week 220 Hrs 780C 3.

BIBLIOGRAPHY The requirements for this section are Include a detailed list of all the research material you use to put this project together. and show the correct date of publication. Sydney. Ma Cuisine. Angus and Robertson. The bibliography must be in alphabetical order. August. acknowledge people which are helping you with the project. 2000 GAILLARD/2004 MENU PLANNING FORMAT DRAFT 4/12/2011 . Example: Escoffier.

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