Let There Be Light For Christmas and Always

In the beginning There was “Let there be light” And light was the beginning Of all created things And God made stars And set them In the expanse of the sky To give light And when Pharaoh let the people go

God went ahead of them In a pillar of fire To give light in the night The Lord is my light And my salvation Whom shall I fear He is the light And WE are the light Of the world A city set on a hill That cannot be hidden We let our light shine Before men Who see our good deeds And praise our Father in Heaven Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews We saw His star in the east And have come to worship Him And still the stars shine In the darkness While little ones find delight In shiny new toys And in stars Come see the stars, mommy Let's lie down in the grass And see the stars! Oh, little one The grass is so cold

And I haven't the time To look at stars But the time we don't have keeps passing Help me put up the tree, child Aw, mom, can't we just skip it It's so much work And I don't care About having a Christmas tree No Christmas tree? A relief, I suppose We are so very, very busy This time of year Would like to go To the candlelight service At the church But you know It's Christmas eve And we haven't finished the shopping Shhhhhh, take a breath Take a look into the past Who is that girl? Is she me? A child too old To be delighted by toys Disillusioned with Christmas She has found the twinkling tree So quiet Too early for the family to awaken On Christmas morning She sits by the tree Colorful lights blinking slowly With neither words nor thoughts She understands the meaning

And experiences the peace and joy of the season And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands And among the lampstands Was Someone Like a Son of Man His face was like the sun Shining in all its brilliance Then the angel showed me The river of the water of life On each side of the river Stood the tree of life And the leaves of the tree Are for the healing of the nations They will see His face There will be no more night They will not need The light of a lamp Or the light of the sun For the Lord God Will give them light Behold, I am coming soon! Merry Christmas! Love always, RoseDQ (Brenda C.) December 2011
(With passages from: Genesis 1:1-3 and 16-17, Exodus 13:17-21,Psalms 27:1, Matthew 2:2 and 5:14-16, and Revelation 1:12-16 and 22:1-7)

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